1. Speaking of bread, what is your opinion on the whole debate around phytic acid in wholegrains, legumes, seeds and nuts? The keto/carnivore LSWMs who worship Weston A. Price claim that it’s bad because it inhibits mineral absorption and that you must therefore use sprouting and/or fermentation preparation methods to make these foods digestible.

    On the other hand, you have people like Dr. Michael Greger of nutritionfacts.org who will cite numerous studies showing that phytic acid actually has health benefits.

    What do you think?

    • >The keto/carnivore LSWMs

      There’s a term for such people: Morons.

      Some of these people actually report getting an anaphylactic reaction upon eating vegetables. Their diet is so healthy, it eventually makes them allergic to vegetables.

      And so once they’re unable to eat plants, they will just defend their retarded diet forever.

      Nobody outside the United States even knows what phytic acid is. You’re an idiot if you waste your time worrying about this stuff because some low-grade morons on the internet who made themselves allergic to vegetables tell you it’s bad for you.

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