My regimen for 2019

Posting it here, to motivate myself to follow through with it.

  1. 4000 IU per day of vitamin D. See here for evidence.
  2. Daily high dose Vitamin B12 supplement. Methylcobalamin may be preferable.
  3. Daily 500 milligram of Vitamin C.
  4. Weekly consumption of oysters or mussels, for haeme iron, vitamin B12, omega 3 and zinc.
  5. Weekly consumption of seaweed.
  6. Regular jogging and weight lifting.
  7. Regular glass of dark beer. Regular meaning one per evening, with more for special occasions.
  8. Psilocybe mushroom microdose when desirable.
  9. San Pedro cactus microdose for social occasions. Why San Pedro? Because the sacred cactus stimulates dopamine release, in addition to functioning as a 5ht2a agonist. Both are friendly spirits, but the character of the cactus is subtly different from the mushroom. The cactus is more extraverted than the mushroom.
  10. Reminding myself daily that she was cruel and I am better off without her, until I no longer have to remind myself of it.
  11. Think of what I’m going to do when this whole tulip bulb industry I work in falls apart/everyone finally grows tired of me and I get fired.
  12. Make sure I get at least eight hours of sleep daily, but ideally nine.
  13. Remind myself regularly that Bill Hicks is right and it’s all a ride. I experience qualia and the people I directly know probably experience qualia too, the animals in slaughterhouses and the child soldiers in third world countries might be P-zombies. I’m playing along for roughly ninety years, in a bad simulation where photons are waves or particles depending on whether they’re being observed or not.

Here’s some music:

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  1. I would offer a bit of a concern that you may or may not be interested in researching.

    It is this. I believe that there is a lot of danger in consuming anything from the oceans. Personally, I consume nothing from the oceans with northern Atlantic kelp being my last item to discontinue. And the situation is getting irreversibly worse all the time.

    But then, I might be completely off base.

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