Salvia Divinorum heals chronic social defeat stress


A long time ago, I wrote about Salvia Divinorum’s unexplored therapeutic potential.

You can find three posts on the subject here, where I look at the scientific evidence:

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Essentially, my theory has always been that Salvia reverses the effects of chronic social defeat stress, by making Kappa opioid receptors that had retracted into the neurons available for dynorphin binding again. Because the Kappa opioid receptor is epigenetically regulated, there’s a fair chance epigenetic inheritance plays a role too: Trauma your parents experienced could emerge in your own life as a consequence of epigenetic alterations.

At this point I have some experimental evidence for all of this, in the form of my own brain. If Salvinorin A restores the Kappa opioid receptor’s function and reverses the effects of social defeat stress, there are a number of things you would expect to notice.

A big change you would expect to notice is a shift in your diurnal rhythm. Animals that feel threatened by their own species will shift their diurnal rhythm to be active when the others are inactive. Regular use of Salvia would be expected to shift the diurnal rhythm, for animals to be active when most specimens in their group are active. You would find yourself more eager to be outside when the sun is shining.

Other changes you would expect, particularly in males it seems, are sexual changes. Increased libido, less need for extreme impulses and a typically more dominant orientation. Among many mammals, social insubordination eliminates the libido. All of this ties together with a peculiar change that we know is linked to Salvia use: Increases in self-confidence. Increases in self-confidence are not unique to Salvia Divinorum, I’ve noticed them on Mescaline and MDMA too. However, the increase from Salvia is of a far more explicit and primal nature. Another thing I have noticed is a reduction in anhedonia. Cannabis does this too for me, but Salvia Divinorum seems particularly competent at this.

My recommendation would be to get a clean room where you feel comfortable and won’t be interrupted. Make the room as dark as you possibly could, even small lights of electrical devices should be taped off. Get yourself a blanket, your body temperature will drop. Get rid of any potential sources of noise or interruption: Neighbors, random tokkies walking outside with their dogs, phones, alarms, laptops, music. What you want is essentially the maximum potential for dissociation, with the minimum amount of Salvinorin A required. Any sort of external impulse makes that more difficult.

Now comes the important part. You need to learn how to dose. I would recommend not starting out smoking extracts. The ideal way to start is by quidding leaves. You take dried leaves, leave them in the water for a few minutes and start chewing them. It has a slow gradual onset, which makes it less scary. Eventually, your awareness will start focussing almost entirely on your mouth. That’s when you know it starts kicking in.

Once you’ve done that, try smoking extracts, start with 5x. Smoke a small bit, keep it in your lungs, wait a few minutes, smoke a bit more, wait another few minutes. Do this three or four times over a period of an hour or so.

What you have to be careful of with Salvia, is jumping in too deep at once. Instead of a therapeutic experience, you will just get a bizarre surreal experience. That’s the mistake most people make, it’s why the plant received an undeserved bad reputation.

Salvia Divinorum is the plant that has the most potent natural psychedelic on the planet in its leaves. It can be an extremely beneficial plant, but it needs to be treated with a lot of respect. One thing I can recommend is cultivating the plant yourself, it helps install the proper attitude towards it. I’ll leave you with a psychedelic Disney video, that has visual effects of a very Salvia-type nature.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, I’m happy to help.


    • The thing is that these mechanisms are essentially hardwired in your brain. Things like PTSD lead to measurable changes in your brain. It can even be inherited from your parents, so if your parents were traumatized, you’ll suffer the effects.

      There are plenty of other worthwhile options, but if you don’t address those changes, it’s like always fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

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