1910: The Agricultural revolution incident

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1910 AD: Carl Bosch completes the process of producing fertilizer from the air. Nitrogen, once produced by bacteria in the roots of plants, or mined by humans from bird poop deposits on small islands, can now be freely produced from the atmosphere, through a chemical reaction involving natural gas.

Harvests on poor quality soils increase dramatically. Global harvests are increased by 62% as a result of fertilizer alone. Humans migrate to cities, their labor is no longer needed. Where once people fed their own waste material to pigs, today harvests have increased so much, that animals can be kept in cages, fed the grain that we would once have to eat ourselves. Today 62% of all grain grown in Europe is not fed to humans, but to animals eaten by humans.

As time went on, the animals eaten by humans began to greatly outnumber animals that survive in the wild:

And today the distribution of weight among mammals and birds looks as following:

Viruses emerge among these animals. Wild birds normally fly long distances around the world, forcing viruses to keep the animal they infect alive, if they wish to spread themselves. In the giant farms where genetically identical chickens are held, all breathing the same air in dark closed facilities, with genetically identical immune systems, so that the virus can easily figure out a key that works for every lock, there is no need to keep the chicken alive, the only incentive for the virus is to keep replicating as rapidly as possible.

The viruses evolve to become very deadly. Human beings develop vaccines, to stop the viruses from spreading among the chickens in these giant facilities. These vaccines do not eliminate the viruses, but encourage mutations that allow the viruses to jump from chickens into other animals.

The chickens are not bred to be healthy, they are bred to grow rapidly. They do not receive natural sunlight, that kills viruses. They do not receive fresh air. What do they receive? Antibodies, thanks to vaccines. But antibodies can be escaped. An amino acid can change, to make an antibody useless. But the whole protein can also change, to bind more strongly to its receptor, so that it binds to the receptor before the antibodies can stop it. So as you begin to vaccinate the chickens against influenza, you begin to breed superviruses.

And importantly, the immune system of birds is very different from that of humans. In birds, the main antibody produced is called IgY. This antibody is similar to the IgG produced in humans. But it can not bind to Fc receptors. Those are the receptors that allow an antibody to instruct your immune cells to kill infected cells. So we see that vaccinating chickens against the bird flu, won’t really instruct their immune system to kill infected cells. The natural IgY of chickens, behaves rather similarly to IgG4 in humans.

So it seems we encourage the evolution of versions that just stick around and spread without being exposed to the immune system. The highly pathogenic varieties of bird flu, are characterized by the “ability to replicate systemically and cause lesions in a variety of tissues”.

In December 2021, the bird flu outbreak escalates globally. First the viruses begin to decimate wild bird populations. In Peru, 40% of all Pelicans die. Hundreds of thousands of boobies perish, along with 85,000 cormorants. The virus evolved to be very deadly, but as it jumps from the incubator (the facility where your eggs and meat are produced) into wild bird populations, it does not cool down rapidly enough to keep these birds alive. Worldwide, millions of wild birds have already died of the bird flu.

Eventually, dead mammals, more closely related to humans than wild birds, begin to get infected. In South America, tens of thousands of seals and sea lions die. In the Netherlands, foxes begin to die. Strangely enough, the bird flu virus has evolved to infect the brains of these foxes, rather than the lungs. It’s not really clear how or why this happens. It’s seen with more versions of bird flu however: Versions that are very deadly in chickens, but don’t damage their brains a lot, are often far more damaging to the brain in other species.

We can think of reasons why this could happen. Most antibodies do not pass the blood-brain barrier. So as a virus, that is trying to spread among chickens who were vaccinated against you, what do you do? You start spreading through the nervous system, where the antibodies can not eliminate you. It could be the virus develops specific adaptations, that allow the brain of a chicken to keep the viral load low, but that don’t translate to the same effect in other species.

By now, the first livestock are being detected in America, sick from these highly deadly strains of bird flu. A goat has died, along with sick elderly(!) cows in four different states. Importantly, it looks like the virus is spreading from one cow to another.

What are we going to do? Are we just going to let the virus spread from cow to cow, until it spreads into other mammal species, like human beings? Are we going to pre-emptively kill the cows, only to be left with no food?

There is a big change in cows today, compared to 100 years ago. Because we try to produce as much milk as possible, we only breed a small number of cattle. This reduces the genetic diversity of the global cattle herd. Just two bulls from 1880, are ancestors of 99.75% of all Hollstein cattle today. There is a global crisis of genetic diversity among cows. When a virus emerges with a key that can unlock the lock of one cow, it will work on almost all the cows. And by breeding cows that produce a lot of milk, we breed cows with damaged immune systems. Compared to the Hollstein cattle from the 1960’s, today’s cows produce much more milk, but they have far weaker immune systems, that’s why bacteria keep infecting their udders.

So, the global genetically identical herd of cattle, bred to produce huge amounts of milk at the cost of well-functioning immune systems, is about to go through a massive wave of genetically abnormal influenza, bred in genetically identical chickens in giant farms.

Eventually, these abnormal influenza viruses will jump into pigs, where multiple influenza viruses previously recombined to jump into humans, like the big 1918 flu that killed a lot of healthy people of all ages. Just like chickens, pigs are stuck in cages, in giant dark facilities, where influenza viruses have no real incentive to keep their host alive. And just like chickens, the pigs have lost most of their genetic diversity. So once the virus manages to spread from one pig to another pig, it will also spread very rapidly.

But there is something that happens to be very special about the pig immune system. Right now, pigs can not really catch COVID19. Their immune systems are just too aggressive. An infected cell from a pig, is 100 times more likely to undergo programmed cell death than a human cell.

So what chance will the human immune system have, when faced with highly deadly bird flu viruses, that will evolve to infect pigs and adapt to their immune systems? Will we dodge a bullet again, like we did back in 2009? Or is an adaptive immune system completely focused on a corona virus a poor match for a new influenza virus?

So what are we going to do next? Are we going to have bird flu lockdowns? Are we going to vaccinate human beings against bird flu? How many people will be willing to sign up for that? How well is it going to work? There are multiple strains of highly virulent bird flu popping up now. What happens when you vaccinate everyone against strain 1, only to have strain 2 suddenly pop up everywhere? Do those antibodies react with Dengue, or God-forbid, SARS2, another virus that magically disappeared and stopped causing any problems whatsoever after we gave everyone a magical dose of science-juice?

Here’s a radical idea: If high concentrations of antibodies against just about everything had no negative side-effects, humans would probably have evolved by now to just naturally have high concentrations of antibodies against just about everything. It’s not like viruses and bacteria decimating the human population are a new thing that never happened before.

Am I not a genius?

Anyway, just remember:







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  1. Carl Bosch was possibly the MOST influential person in human history, who made possible the explosion in population of BILLIONS and BILLIONS of people and humanoids through nitrogen fixation and immense food production.
    Better living through chemistry.

  2. Good, the NWO will be formed out of charnel pits of the dead. Than, we’ll create the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. If I die too I’ll just reincarnate into someone like myself, so no skin off my back. Though I would prefer to continue living this life as-long as possible (for as-long as I remain functional, anyway.)

    • You should always think: I am here on earth this one time! I can never come here again! Take care of your life! Take care! Don’t neglect it! Because now is your time on earth!

      • That’s how people should act, and I do; I just don’t believe that to be true. Suicide and wasting your life are both un-virtuous, and are not advantageous for securing a better reincarnation.

        • >seeking to be reincarnated at all
          >thinking the archons give a flying fuck about virtue
          >trying to negotiate with your captors

  3. Humanity was clever enough at gaining success, but much less capable of retaining it. For the qualities and energies which lead us to achieve the first are the very cause of our ruin.

  4. Notice that eggs & fish + plants is just as good as a v-gan diet for purposes of reducing land use, but is vastly superior for health.

    Well, I’d leave the eggs out myself, for fatty acid profile reasons, but that’s not feasible for everyone to do globally.

    Pescetarianism is the best diet, gas the v-gans

    • Pescetarians are cool even if I’m not one, I’m more sympathetic to animals that are closer in nature to us than those that are father in nature. It may seem arbitrary, but we as humans have the most advanced capacity for sensory experiences due to our higher brain functions connected to advanced nervous system; so things that are most like us are the beings that are most capable of suffering due to having shared similarity with our own biology. Mammals can suffer more than reptiles, who can suffer more than fish, who can suffer more than arthropods, who can suffer more than bivalves. It’s also just a fact that red meat is less healthy than poultry or fish. Rad is basically a type of pescetarianin anyway since he eats oysters and honey, which by definition is not vegan.

      • Avians aren’t included in among the reptiles in hierarchy I just listed btw. Birds are capable of social bonding and have developed senses around equal to, or even superior to many mammals. (A fact that that isn’t true with other reptiles like crocodiles, snakes, or lizards.) Chickens are actually shockingly intelligent and capable of emotional bonding, unfortunately, though I do less about them than mammals simply due to them being more different in nature to me than mammals. My judgments could be considered arbitrary.

      • Yeah, I basically agree.

        Killing and eating fish and chickens, for some reason, seems psychologically easier to me than mammals.

        That said, I swear that I’ve seen a fish look me in the eye, and in that instant, he communicated to me “I can’t believe I just fell for that” as I caught him.

        Which is perhaps not something I’d expect.

        Once, I ran over a bird in my car (by accident of course), and before it hit my windshield our eyes met, and I could see the shock and fear in its face.

        So, for me anyway, it’s obvious that there is more going on in their heads than they’re generally given credit for.

        I guess for me, the proof is in the eyes.

    • No matter what the diet, linking everything up into one industrial-technological petri dish is a terrible idea.

      Linking it all up, in every niche, is bound to create lethal pathogens.

      It’s not just loss of genetic diversity, it’s an increase in global homogeneity full stop.

      But more on what you are saying, a fish and plant diet seems okay to me, and better still if you catch your own wild fish and eat them.

      I’m not a fan of factory farming animals.

      I’d keep chickens though, for meat and eggs.

      Pigs are out though.

      Pigs are too intelligent and like humans for my tastes.

      On that score, I came across a theory that humans are a result of hybridization between chimps and pigs. I quite liked the theory actually – it amuses me. Nothing quite so special as being a descendant of pig fuckers: https://www.macroevolution.net/human-origins.html

      • And when I say I’d keep chickens, it wouldn’t be the most modern factory breed chickens.

        I’d probably get a more traditional breed, like Australorps.

      • I think generally mass farming of bivalves would be efficient, safe, and ethical. I think it’s very unlikely that disease that could infect them could attack us, it’s comparable to a disease that affects fungus jumping to a human, not very likely. Bivavles also clean the ocean by filtering out phytoplankton and microorganisms, reducing nitrogen in the water (Excess nitrogen is becoming a problem as it causes alga to bloom which chokes out other life, this is what wiped out sea life during the Permian Extinction.) So more Bivalves would help keep the oceans healthy.

        • Yeah, I guess when I’m thinking of factory farmed animals I’m not really thinking of mussels, or oysters, or clams, or whatever.

          But if I were to take my own views to the extreme, I wouldn’t be a fan of farming them or anything else in the same kind of way we do these days. It all seems to cause a whole mess of problems. I don’t know enough about bivalves to say what their particular issues are, but I bet they’re there – there’s no free lunch. Whatever those problems are, they’d be bound to get amplified as we increased the scale of what we were doing.

          Not that we have much choice in it all really – we all have to eat.

          But you never know, maybe one day we will be able to return to hunting and gathering/line fishing/herding animals sort of existence, which seems to be more in keeping with what we’ve evolved to do.

      • There is a book roughly about that by Bernard Werber, called “Le Pere de nos peres”. It goes on about how pigs are very nice and friendly, just like dogs, which humans don’t torture in factory farms. Also it has a plotline about humans somehow being descended from pigs, but I can’t remember the details.

  5. Bro, I am trying this out in Stellaris with a vegan humanoid democratic civilization. I got my ass handed to me by dictatorial slaving Plantoid species.

  6. I don’t believe that the virus has no reason to let any factory chickens live. It is true that it doesn’t need to let them live long enough to migrate and do other natural things. But if it kills them all, it is a dead end; it can’t then spread to other factory farms. I bet some of them live, just like a very few people with HIV live. However, we don’t hear about it since humans kill them all when some become sick. I don’t think lab experiments that show that “all the chickens died” count, since that is not enough chickens.

    So if people kept stuffing chickens in huge numbers into these monstrous pens, and didn’t mess with them other than providing food and water, eventually some would be selected for that could stand that situation, They would probably then have qualities that would make them unable to live in a nice pasture.

  7. Thank you for writing this. It makes me very happy to read it, even though I don’t want any of it to happen.

    It says something that they are not culling (as they call slaughtering) the infected cows. They just can’t. It is too much money. People would go crazy. But this is surely going to infect all of the cows. Probably all of them have it in the herds where they are detecting it in a few of the cows; it is just that the elderly cows are showing symptoms but the others aren’t yet. I suppose no-one is administering IQ tests to the cows, before and after infection.

  8. It’s like, super easy to go vegan actually. And not contributing to animal agriculture, which is easily the greatest evil in modern history is worth it. I’m kind of baffled that like 99% of people seem to be having so much trouble with this, actually. I think it’s kind of like being a heroin addict and making choices that ruin the lives of everyone you know, except instead of heroin you’re just getting addicted to how the meat you’re eating interacts with your opioid receptors which is somehow even more pathetic, and instead of just buying some white powder from your local drug dealer you’re literally supporting the giga-holocaust in order to get your fix. And then people are like, “wow why is the world so fucked up? I probably voted for the wrong political party” LMAO

    • Tryptie, I’m now questioning your commitment to your stated belief system.

      Do you really think the Demiurge placed us in this Hell Realm where LIFE FEEDS ON LIFE, and our “salvation” consists of a tiny percentage of humans abstaining from consuming meat?

      Are you fucking retarded???

      The whole thing needs to go.

      There are no “half-measures” if you know what I mean.

      • Mehen, if you don’t know I’m actually a CIAnigger that works with Radagast. We’re working together on a project to create the Jew World Order since we’re both jewish. Sometimes we pretend to fight to trick the goyim. I actually know Radagast in real life, I buy my foreskins from him which I swallow whole for virility.

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