2022: Year of the quirky white boy

“Social justice”, “critical race theory” and “intersectional feminism” were invented by bourgeois white women, in an effort to convince working class white men that the whole world hates them. The main reason white women propagate these ideologies is because white men who think the whole world hates them, will put up with abusive behavior from white women.

The only way out of the modern drudgery is for white men to stop putting up with women who take them for granted. White women also invented blackface, to make black women believe that white men find them unattractive.

Woke white women try very hard every day to convince black people that slavery was somehow invented by white men. In reality slavery was the universal law throughout human history, but it was gradually abolished through the struggle of working class white men like John Brown. Bourgeois white women will seize every opportunity they can find to demonize working class white men.

American white trash are not descended from slave-owners. The woke Boston Brahmin types are descended from the slave owning aristocracy. American white trash are descended from post-civil war immigrants and from the Scotch Irish. Scotch Irish were very poor and opposed slavery.

The closest equivalent we have today to the abolitionist movement of the 19th century is the Qanon movement, which is an organic bottom-up phenomenon of marginalized working class people who believe they are ruled by a cabal of Satan worshipping pedophiles.

The assault on the Capitol hill was a modern day slave revolt, where working class people whose children need to sign up for massive college debt just to get a job invaded the lair of a debt-slave-owning aristocracy who enrich themselves through legal insider trading.

People seem to have forgotten this, but the abolitionists were motivated by a very radical individual interpretation of their Christian beliefs. John Brown had 21 children and considered himself an instrument of God. Like modern day working class conspiracy theorists, the abolitionists hated the upper class and their entrenched power.


White men can’t stop winning.

College is a scam invented by bourgeois white women to trap black teenagers into lifelong modern day slavery. You go to college as a young black man, sign up for debt and find yourself in a big room with a neurotic middle-aged white lesbian who starts complaining that men build skyscrapers to resemble their own genitalia and enforce male dominance and now you’re paying six figures a year for that.





Where da mentally ill old white men at?

White boys can’t stop winning.

Where da racist old white men at? The cat-urine cabal turned Hillary Clinton into the Democratic nominee and black women responded by electing Trump.

Black lives matter is a movement run by young woke white women and endorsed by white Hollywood celebrities, in an effort to convince white men that black people want to burn down their businesses. A handful of black women joined the scam and were rewarded with multimillion dollar homes.


Where da tall white men at?

Dear white man, answer me: Are you going to compete with one another over the last three non-woke white women of childbearing age, or are you going to annex the jungle? White women will break up with you if they catch you smoking pot. They won’t even sit on your face. They take you for granted and turn your life into a living hell. Look at your own father, to see what I mean.

Even white cartoon ducks can’t stop winning.

Black girls will stand in line for days to catch a glimpse of quirky white boy emo rappers.

The best match for a black woman is a racist old working class white man. The best match for a woke white woman is a cat. They propagate an ideology that teaches white men to hate themselves and they will pay the karmic debt, either in this life or the next.


    • Yeah I don’t get that logic. The whole world loves white men. You want to mate with the only women on the planet who don’t.

      • I have actual standards. Some of us have little trouble attracting women capable of producing sons in the image of the Lord, rather than born half apes.

        • >Some of us have little trouble attracting women capable of producing sons in the image of the Lord

          Yeah but they expect to be treated like some sort of special price that you continually have to be grateful for. They gradually psychologically consume you like a Praying Mantis.

          Look at the average boomer. Completely psychologically consumed by their wives.

          • > Yeah but they expect to be treated like some sort of special price that you continually have to be grateful for.

            Do they expect that of everyone? Why or why not?

            Important consideration.

            There are two inflection points – between being disqualified vs. considerable, and then tolerable vs. respectable.

          • Yeah but even then you’re not there yet, because if they realize they’re lucky to have you then they’re going to resent you. Example, Melania Trump. Hates her hubby with a passion, doesn’t leave because there’s not about to be another real estate billionaire willing to jump on the opportunity.

    • >(((something)))

      Yeah, that’s a tired old trope pushed mostly by FBI informants like Hal Turner, meant for people to self-incriminate. Then if you ever run for office twenty years later, wokies can dig up your old comments on Stormfront somewhere and can say “see, this Republican who got elected is secretly an antisemitic nazi, as evidenced by these comments he left somewhere back as a clinically depressed 19 year old”!

      The best way to keep the angry white males under control is to convince them of all sorts of tired old tropes that ensure they alienate themselves from everyone else. If I posted an angry rant here about how the Jews control the whole world and want to get rid of all the white people and flood Europe with Muslim immigrants (because Muslim immigrants are obviously very eager to be Israel’s allies), then it still wouldn’t be enough, you would get anonymous comments from people you’ve never seen before who would complain that you need to make it clear that the Holocaust is one big giant hoax too.

      The German Nazi party is literally composed of German secret service agents and functions perfectly to prevent any sort of genuine dissent from ever gaining power.

  1. Spot on! But I’ll add…

    Unfortunately, there are many young, white men who are falling into the trap of becoming a deadbeat… They aren’t worth the time it takes to crouch over their face, let alone sit on it! Egotistical, dope headed, vain and pathetic introspection!

    They are living up to their mommas expectations of men!

  2. “ Yeah, that’s a tired old trope pushed mostly by FBI informants like Hal Turner, meant for people to self-incriminate.”

    That’s an interesting take I haven’t seen before. There might even be some truth to it. But nevertheless, the “trope” has validity and mucho explanatory power.

    No need to get defensive — I understand all of us are under great potential danger should we touch the Third Rail, and the rest of your comment elucidates that reality, whether you mean it to or not.

  3. As I see it, the significance of your silence is that it allows all the younger and curious “shoots” reading here to allow their organic tentacles to reach out in exploration and thereby perhaps discover the true nature of the world previously hidden from them.

    The human capacity for “pattern-recognition” is a double-edged sword, I’m guessing you already knew that.

  4. The Q movement is closer to the evangelic enlightening prior to the American Civil war, it had a very similar strain of “secret revealed wisdom” to it as well as a large educational element. The movement was really is a reaction to the smell of secret corruption and resistance to remaking the world to benefit only those in power.

    The Abolitionist movement is closer to the Austrian anarcho-capitalists, and the more radical ones (Hoppe and Rothbardian) explicitly refer to the abolitionist movement for their inspiration.

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