Not what we deserve

March 28, 2024 Radagast 58

The problems our world faces are not going to be solved. Nobody who is capable of understanding how immense our global problems really are, is […]

The Sweet Inversion

March 26, 2024 Radagast 8

I have to explain something important today to all the low IQ low status white males, freedom-loving red-pilled patriotic Christian alpha males who visit my […]


March 24, 2024 Radagast 46

Just like brown people, low IQ low status white males (particularly Americans) have endless theories about the Jews (or the modern euphemism “Zionists”) and their […]

Zheani <3

March 22, 2024 Radagast 7

The day I have been waiting for has finally arrived. Zheani is coming to my country, on may 3rd of this year. It hasn’t sold […]

Just look at this.

March 21, 2024 Radagast 28

Do me a favor faggots, take some cannabidiol, vape some blue cookies or any other mild Kush with something sweet to its aroma, then hit […]