April 29, 2024 Radagast 21

The reason I can’t stand techbros is not because they want to block the sun to stop global warming. It’s also not because they want […]

Tailings dams

April 27, 2024 Radagast 42

Every once in a while I see some moron with e/acc in his username on Twitter and a link to his Medium, Substack or .io […]

Who wants some milk?

April 25, 2024 Radagast 66

I have some good news. If you live in freedomland, there’s a 62% chance the pack of milk you bought at your supermarket doesn’t have […]

The Wifeguy

April 24, 2024 Radagast 44

I would literally rather die in a ditch in Latvia from a Russian sniper attack than marry. Now you’re a wifeguy. At first it’s great. […]

Please protect us

April 19, 2024 Radagast 11

I am sending an important warning today. Most men are ashamed to speak out about this, but it is the bitter truth. We do not […]