The Add-On Package

July 15, 2024 Radagast 14

Long, long ago, in a time before time “So we’re done?” Raphael asked. “I think we’re done yes.”These are all the possible positive qualia we […]

Kill your Hero

July 14, 2024 Radagast 52

“So in the first act, we have this tacky businessman with children from three different women, who decides to run for president as a conservative […]

Longlegs Review

July 13, 2024 Radagast 11

Spoilers ahead, obviously I like horror movies, so my friend recommended me to go watch Longlegs. As much as I hate to say it, I […]

Don’t drink the milk

July 11, 2024 Radagast 18

“The finding in cattle has been so different,” said Dr. Lars Larsen, a professor of veterinary clinical microbiology at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. […]