A dark day for low status white males

A low status white male explains how to make fake money with your computer

Dear brown people, feminists, soyboy beta cucks, preachy malnourished(! how do they get their protein?) vegans, hysterical climate change alarmists and satan worshipping liberal elitists,

Low Status White Male gurus Max Keiser and Michael Saylor at the Miami Bitcoin conference

You are probably not aware of this yet, because you simply work for a living, but today is a horrible day for low status white males. Every low status white male ponzi scheme innovation is right now imploding. The king of low status white males, Elon Musk, is dumping his Tesla shares. The favorite currency of low status white males, Bitcoin, has shed 12% of its value today.

Ladies, there’s a fair chance it suddenly dawned on your husband today that he’s going to spend the rest of his life picking up the phone to help people with their computer problems, or engaged in some similar form of existential dread. I’m not saying he’s going to drive his car off a cliff, but I recommend giving him a blowjob, just to reduce the odds. If he still ends up driving his car off a cliff, you can at least say you tried everything.

For the next few days, there’s a fair chance you’re going to hear a lot of rants from your husband at the dinner table about how this is all a part of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, or how George Soros manipulated the market. The reality is however much simpler. We all grew up in a society that is technically meritocratic: You’re supposed to end up in the position that you deserve based on your talents.

That seems nice in theory, but it makes it much harder for a man to be content working in construction or cleaning the streets: In the past he could take comfort in the realization that his station in life is a product of inherited privileges and systemic injustices and so although he should have been a general in the army or a secretary of state, societal injustices prohibited him from reaching his full potential.

In a meritocratic society, a man who picks up the phone somewhere to talk to the customers or cleans the streets has to live with the idea in the back of his head that he arrived at the station that fits him best in life. He talks to the customers, not because there’s a Norman invader who stole his ancestral lands decades ago and forced his great-grandfather to sell his family into serfdom, no, he talks to the customers because he has no meaningful skills and this job is the only thing he can do.

That’s a far more painful realization for a man to have: The black man can at least still attribute his station in life to racism, but for the low status white male there is often nobody to resent except God, who made him bereft of competence.

And so although all his material needs may be met and he may have children and a wife, the pain inside of him festers. This can’t be his station in life, this must be a temporary embarrassment. He seeks out other low status white males, who were also born without a nest egg into unremarkable mediocre working class families, look unremarkable and have no special talents. Together they begin to devise schemes to escape their meager station in life. These schemes typically function as ponzi schemes, although most of them won’t recognize them as such, as otherwise they wouldn’t fall for them.

For the cryptocurrency phenomenon, the promise was that this would be used as a currency, which never happened, the first morons who fell for the scheme were later on joined by other morons who were also convinced they were early in buying up a currency that would eventually be used by other people for economic transactions outside of extortion and the drug trade.

As time went on, most of them became capable of seeing through the scammy nature of these schemes, so whenever you now bring up cryptocurrency and its scammy nature, a low status white male is automatically summoned who will explain to you that although all cryptocurrencies are scams, his own favorite cryptocurrency has an actual use case. They are best ignored. Just as every low status white male has his own unique reason why climate change is a hoax, they all have their own unique cryptocurrency project that’s not a scam (unlike the other cryptocurrency projects of course).

The problem with all these schemes of course, is that they depend on people putting more money into these schemes. They don’t produce anything of real value, often they are simply negative sum games. For Bitcoin in particular, it’s easy to illustrate the problem: There are no earnings, the money that goes out is money others have to “invest” in it. Add to this the billions that have to be wasted on electricity and it becomes obvious this scheme can only make humanity poorer.

For Tesla, a similar principle applies, the company functions as a de facto Ponzi scheme. Elon Musk got up on stage and announced that you can earn a 100% annual return on your investment by buying one of his cars, as these cars were going to function as self-driving robotaxis! No such thing happened of course, but hordes of low status white males rushed out to buy these cars from him, or they bought shares in Tesla in anticipation of these promises that were never delivered upon.

For people to put more money into these schemes, requires an expanding money supply. As these schemes grow large enough society starts to take them seriously and you can start using your scam tokens as collateral, for example, people can use Bitcoin as collateral for a loan that they can then use to buy a house. When you own shares in a company like Tesla this is even easier. Eventually the end result of all these scams is inflation: Real assets like houses skyrocket in value and become unaffordable. The economy becomes so distorted that many people see no point anymore in actually doing a real job: Why do a real job, when you can set up a cryptocurrency ponzi scheme?

These developments result in inflation: With labor shortages and people spending money with their inflated stock as collateral, goods become more expensive. Central banks then become alarmed and start raising interest rates, but this causes a collapse in the various scams and ponzi schemes, as they require a constant influx of new money. Cryptocurrencies serve as a de facto release valve for excess liquidity.

With the era of low interest rates behind us, the era of low status white male ponzi schemes comes to an end too. This is going to end the way anyone should have been able to anticipate: It will end in tears. I’ve tried to explain this a few times here, that these schemes are negative sum games that mathematically inevitably have to impoverish most people who participate in them.

Many people will be impoverished by Bitcoin, without even having voluntarily invested in it: Perhaps their pension fund invested in Bitcoin, or in companies that mine Bitcoin, or they bought the debt of such companies. The central banks waited far too long with raising interest rates, they should have popped the ponzi schemes much earlier, to prevent the degree of damage we’re now going to witness.

For all the brown people, feminists, soyboy beta cucks, preachy malnourished(!!!) vegans, hysterical climate change alarmists and liberal satan worshipping elitists, my advice is: Contemplate today on how lucky you are not to be a low status white male and spare a thought for those who were not spared such suffering. If you had learned of their existence earlier instead of blinding yourself to it, you could have prevented this tragedy from growing so large. For people who have something meaningful going on in their life none of this is even really on their radar, so they’ll be shocked to discover how many people end up ruined by this.

For all the ladies married to a low status white male, my advice is: Give the guy a blowjob. You might just save his life.


  1. The low status white males you’re always on about don’t have enough money to invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is for upper middle class strivers, status seekers. In my experience, there’s a fair bit of overlap between Bitcoiners, Tesla owners, and climate change status signallers.

    As the bubbles in these areas have grown, they have certainly attracted more riff-raff, more last-one-in types just buying high as always. And Bitcoin certainly attracts its fair share of libertarian-minded tech bros, while climate change posting attracts more aspiring Ted Talkers. But the people who are true enthusiasts of Bitcoin, or Tesla, or Climate Change, and want to tell people their special take on their pet thing, have always struck me having a lot in common in terms of their status striving and status levels. Bitcoin has the most libertarians and Climate Change has the most liberals, while Tesla is somewhere in the middle, attracting both tech bros AND climate change status signalers. Tesla owners are actually kind of schizophrenic…driving the cars for status while now also publicly wringing their hands about Elon Musk and twitter…for status! LOL

    Anyway, I’m a bit surprised by this post of yours. Certainly lots of last-to-know dingbats will get their faces ripped off by Crypto. And I like your point about how people are tempted by escapes as the real economy gets worse. But Climate Change obsession is similar–those who are unlikely to win in capitalistic competition want to take control of the game board and flip it over, they want to become high priests of Gaia in a world without capitalist competition. Or worse, they want to get ahead by rigging the game board, replacing free market competition with rewards reserved for political loyalists of globalist plotters and propagandists. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, become Program Assistants at the Gates Foundation. Not much direct, earned status, but lots of status by association. But all these kinds of people will be fine. The early adopters of Bitcoin and Tesla and Climate and “ESG” have all made out well enough that they’ll still be “up” after the crash. And they’ve huffed so many of their own self-importance fumes that they won’t even mind losing some money. It was worth it to feel special!

    Your blowjob advice for the wives is sound, though. Back to basics!

  2. >”For all the ladies married to a low status white male, my advice is: Give the guy a blowjob. You might just save his life.”

    When an average man gets enthusiastic sex from his wife. He feels ready to slay dragons.

    Maybe he will overachieve.

  3. The post is just a troll on every level. It’s high status white men mostly buying both Tesla and Tesla stock. Probably one of the reasons Musk is tolerated – these fashionable and influential people don’t want to blow up their 401k.

    There are essentially no low status white men under 35 with a wife and kids let alone a wife who will give him a blowjob rather than divorce papers if he loses a ton of money (of course there are various such men paying child support and never seeing their kids).

  4. Money spent on bitcoin and crypto could have bought a small country where all the freedom lovers could emigrate and create a free market fiscal paradise utopia, generating gazillions in revenues from all the innovations and economies of scale.
    Or it could gave bought them all lots and lots of blowjobs. Insted it bought fake hope, heat and coal fumes. Fucking retarded.

  5. “it makes it much harder for a man to be content working in construction or cleaning the streets”

    That seems kind of snobbish to me. People doing honest, useful work have everything to be content about. Or at least they could have been content if those causing inflation hadn’t been robbing them of the real value of their monetary income.

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