A fata morgana in the desert of the real

The nice thing about 9/11 is that it taught a lot of people never to trust anything their government is involved in ever again. The reward for that lifelong distrust you were immunized with came in 2021. Am I saying it’s an inside job? Before psychedelics I would say yes. Now I would say: 9/11 happened in your head. There’s no objective reality, it’s all in the eye of the beholder and you’re (un)lucky enough to have ended up in synch with mine.

And you might say I should watch some 2 hour documentary that proves who did it. But here’s the thing: They caught FSB agents in Russia with explosives in an apartment complex, yet you can’t PROVE that the FSB caused the Russian apartment complex bombings. And in a world where you can’t prove the FSB committed a terrorist attack, after the FSB agents were caught planting explosives in an apartment complex, what chance do you have to prove that Cheney and the PNAC gang had those planes fly into those buildings?? It’s a fool’s errand.

The point is: Physical matter doesn’t determine what happened. Rather, these are the constraints within which we, the conscious observers, have to maneuver. And from your angle it’s obvious what happened, but that can only ever tell us something about you. It’s a Rorschach test: It’s not designed to have a single correct answer.

It’s like the wave-particle duality. Is it a wave, is it a particle? It’s both as long as we don’t force the function to collapse through sufficiently careful observation. And events like 9/11 or the Russian apartment bombings are forever in that grey zone, where it looks like a particle, but it might just be a wave.

The sufficiently paranoid conspiracy theorist will point out that the attacks were FORESHADOWED! Look at Neo’s passport in the Matrix! It expires on 9/11!

Or look at that Lone Gunman episode, where the government flies a plane into the WTC to increase defense spending!

Or look at how the Simpsons predicted 9/11!

So what happens is you find yourself expanding your conspiratorial vision of the world. Apparently these people insist on giving you hints. As part of their Satanic religion, they must foreshadow what they’re going to do. And they are dedicated enough that a Lone gunman Episode is insufficient, the SImpsons have to be made complicit too.

But what I would argue, rather than calling you crazy, is that you haven’t expanded your paranoid view of the world enough yet. You’re looking for an agent here within this world. That’s the mistake. It’s something that designs this reality you experience, that’s toying with you. It’s pulling your legs, never quite giving you concrete proof of what’s going on, forever keeping you guessing, forever keeping you deeply suspicious, but unable to prove that something is not adding up. And when it decides to troll you through the Matrix out of all possible movies, it’s just laughing in your face.

You’re stuck with a society that expects you to believe a completely ridiculous story, about the mightiest nation in the world that has two of its skycrapers brought down by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan who decides a bunch of dudes have to hijack some airplanes and fly them into the buildings. Buildings that were bought by a guy a few weeks before, who then went on to sue his insurer to insist the two buildings being hit by airplanes constitute two separate terrorist attacks and thus entitle him to double the money. What actually happened on 9/11 appears more like a parody of a conspiracy, than as an actual conspiracy.

The Pentagon somehow announces the day before a couple of trillion dollars are unaccounted for. The people involved in the accounting are blown up the next day by an airplane strike into a section of the building that was recently reinforced.

The top dogs in government write a creepy document where they explain how they wish to build an American empire, for which they will need a “new pearl harbor” to pull the whole thing off. And they even go around, giving speeches where they warn about such a surprise event:

And simultaneously, at the end of the day you’re just unable to poke a sufficiently strong hole in this whole thing to deflate it, the kind of big hole that allows you to move on with your life. Your choice is: Either ignore it like all the normies do, or turn yourself into a social pariah by digging and digging and digging in an attempt to find that one silver bullet that allows you to finally put the whole thing to rest. But you won’t find it. It’s a rabbit hole, filled with quicksand at the bottom.

And the mistake you make, is that you play along in the game. You signed up to go on the fool’s journey. Like a young farmhand who has his colleagues ask him to get the strawberry ladder, they’re going to keep the game going as long as you’ll play along with it: “Where’s the strawberry ladder?” “Oh haha it was out there somewhere in the attic, see if you can get Joe to get it for you, ask him about it.”

Because the real game here, is metaphysical. You’re looking for something concrete, here in this world. Something you can grab and hold and show to someone else: “Look, this type of metal doesn’t create this kind of crystalic structures until 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which JET FUEL CAN’T REACH!” And so you’re like the young farmhand looking for the strawberry ladder. As long as you play the game, your coworkers will help you out in search of the strawberry ladder.

The joke is that you won’t find it here in this world. I’ll never find that video again that proves Timothy McVeigh was still in the army months after he had supposedly quit, it was on Youtube, it was deleted and nobody bothered to back it up. You’ll never find that video that proves the controlled demolition beyond a doubt. And http://archive.org won’t have that news article you seek. But if you’re naive enough to play along, this world will happily keep you forever searching, searching for your very own strawberry ladder.

It’s a supernatural event. 9/11 happened in your brain and what really happened is in the sight of the beholder. There is no objective answer, because there is no objective reality. It’s all subjective. From time to time events happen, events where us mere mortals can’t agree on what took place.

What 9/11 is, is the desert of the real. When Slavoj Zizek wrote Welcome to the Desert of the Real, he was quoting Morpheus in the Matrix. And Morpheus, was referencing Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation. A Simulacra, according to Baudrillard, is never that which conceals the truth—it is the truth which conceals that there is none.

To Baudrillard, we live in a world of symbols, symbols which serve to obscure the fact that reality, insofar as it may even exist, is irrelevant to our lived day to day experience. So it is with 9/11. What actually happened on 9/11 is irrelevant, what matters for our lived experience is what it became as a symbol. And when you try to find out what really happened, when you try to replace their symbol with that of your own, first you will encounter a conspiracy, but as you dig deeper, you will merely encounter a void.

These events are like forks on the road. And as our boats split off into different directions on the river, we try to hold hands, we try to pull each other back towards our direction: “Look at this obscure Youtube video I found! This proves it beyond a doubt! Your fact-checkers have nothing to say about it!”

But again, it’s a fool’s errand: The boats will be pulled apart. The forks on the road exist for a reason. Maybe a consensus reality with 8 billion people is just hard to run, maybe it takes a lot of processing power.

You’re stuck in a ride in an amusement park. And what runs this amusement park is entirely indifferent to your suffering and confusion. It seems to find it hilarious that you continue to believe any of this is even real.

You could call this a metaphor if you want, about the nature of reality. But I would say: Just smoke it. Smoke the Salvia plant. The metaphor will manifest itself before your very own eyes. The clowns will appear and they will joke with you, they will mock you, you will see their whole circus, along with the device within which they put you through all of this insanity.

And when you do, when you return from the circus, you can forget for a moment about trying to prove what happened on 9/11. Two skyscrapers where 3000 people were immolated by their own government becomes among the least of your worries. You felt as if there is a joke that’s being played on you, but it’s much bigger than you held possible.


  1. Interestingly, you have made two references to the Grail legend with this post. Fata Morgana is named for Morgan le Fey, and Parzival was the original fool on an errand.

    The deeper I dig into the connected patterns of artistic and religious symbolism in Western culture, the more Grail synchronicity I see.

  2. As much as I hate Dick and Bush I’ve always thought the 9-11 conspiracies are nonsense for one basic reason: It is impossible that the WTC could have been loaded with thermite in advance AND had jetliners flown into it.
    This does not comport in any way with my understanding of reality.
    And I don’t want to hear about Building 7. (WHY do the conspiritards always immediately start screeching about Building 7?)

    • “…And I don’t want to hear about Building 7…”

      I bet you don’t want to hear about a building that had fire on three or four floors less than an hour before it fell, but fell the same speed as if over ten floors were vaporized into a gas the same density as air. No steel columns, no concrete. None of that. It fell as if it were only held up by air. I can see why you would not want to hear about that.

  3. Quote: “There’s no objective reality …”

    We could not communicate without objective reality. But if you still insist objective reality does not exist, solipsism is all what’s left for you, and you are the so called “solip”, the only being which is fantasizing the whole world. It’s like the Truman Show only for you.

    From some point of view it can be said that the whole universe is only a big cloud of atoms, and we interpret the density fluctuation in this cloud as things, like stars and planets and stuff. But there is nothing, only an ordinary big cloud of atoms.

    But the cloud is alive and can say things like “I think, therefore I am”. A real miracle.

    • It is becoming more difficult to communicate because we can’t agree to a shared reality. I see this lots with C19, gender, climate, and other hot button topics. There’s a solution to all this. Once we get our trans-human AI interlinks working we can all step into our own personalized reality Matrix style and not worry about silly things like objective reality anymore. Reality is obsolete.

        • Agreed. Postmodernism is something that exists in the brief moment in time between a late stage society completely forbidding violence and falling apart in an atavistic orgy of death.

          Animals like humans do not naturally exist in a state of infinite contemplation but a state of constant survival-emergency. We are not designed for contemplation but to survive, yet we assume we should be good at contemplation.

  4. I am sure that you know that it was actually three skyscrapers that collapsed, not 2. What you may not know is, when you mentioned this to the average American, 90% of them have no idea what you’re talking about. Regardless, although I’m sure your tongue was firmly in your cheek when you wrote this, this paragraph might be the most accurate description of the human existence I’ve ever read: “something that designs this reality you experience, that’s toying with you. It’s pulling your legs, never quite giving you concrete proof of what’s going on, forever keeping you guessing, forever keeping you deeply suspicious, but unable to prove that something is not adding up.” This also applies to the investment markets.

  5. @Keith. Uhm because Building 7 entered into a free fall collapse of 2.25 second duration which is not consistent with the official explanation? Even the 9/11 Commission did not try and explain that one…but hey, as Rintrah says, different quantum loops for different folks.

    • @jimbo
      Horse hockey
      Building 7 was hammered with tons of debris and burned uncontrollably for hours. The sprinkler system failed, the girders eventually gave out, and down it went.
      Spare me this crap about rigged explosives and “free fall” demolition.
      God, I’m sick of dummies screeching about BUILDING 7 BUILDING 7 BUILDING 7 BUILDING 7

      • Exactly mate. And thanks goodness that buildings 1 through 6 didn’t get a scatch. The sprinklers in 1 to 6 shiuld have been very high quality 😉
        However, just go along and smoke it.

      • So you are saying that over ten floors were completely burned out so that they provided the exact same support as air from this burning and smashing. That’s what it would take to fall as it did. No support for over one hundred feet. We KNOW it fell with no support other than air. You can’t say that columns were smashed making it fall because it fell with only air supporting it. Anything else, you are lying. We know. You do know there are videos of people going around the building roughly one hour before it fell. You know that right, and none of what you say could be seen.

  6. What would happen if a particular idea, by design or by accident, slowly became believed by everyone?

    For example, there are countless conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and likewise since there are so many theories purporting to explain anomalies surrounding the event — the net “real world” effect of all these theories is zero.

    Compounding this net zero effect on society are all the thousands of related and completely unrelated conspiracy theories which, in the main, contradict, complicate and generally overwhelm any logical attempt to change the world views of society to any significant degree. The vast soup of rumor, mystery and innuendo renders the most evil of ideas to the realm of harmless pastime.

  7. I’ve been re-reading ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ on a hunch that it’s a better touchstone of the Covid Era than even ‘1984.’ Your post sounds very much like you’re on Pynchon’s vibe, a paranoiac Grail Knight.

    May I share an extended excerpt? P. 137 in the Penguin Classics edition:

    “Everybody you don’t suspect is on this, everybody but you: the chaplain, the doctor, your mother hoping to hang that Gold Star, the vapid soprano last night on the Home Service programme, let’s not forget Mr. Noel Coward so stylish and cute about death and the afterlife, packing them into the Duchess for the fourth year running, the lads in Hollywood telling us how grand it all is over here, how much fun, Walt Disney causing Dumbo the elephant to clutch to that feather like how many carcasses under the snow tonight among the white-painted tanks, how many hands each frozen around a Miraculous Medal, lucky piece of worn bone, half-dollar with the grinning sun peering up under Liberty’s wispy gown, clutching, dumb, when the 88 fell– what do you think, it’s a children’s story? There aren’t any. The children are away dreaming, but the Empire has no place for dreams and it’s Adults Only in here tonight, here in this refuge with the lamps burning deep, in pre-Cambrian exhalation, savory as food cooking, heavy as soot. And 60 miles up the rockets hanging the measureless instant over the black North Sea before the fall, ever faster to orange heat, Christmas star, in helpless plunge to Earth.”

    Heaven help us.

  8. “what chance do you have to prove that Cheney and the PNAC gang had those planes fly into those buildings?? It’s a fool’s errand.”

    Great way to phrase it.

    I never understood why 9/11 kooks were constantly trying to prove that the attack was done by some means other than plane crashes, as if:

    1. the government would be incapable of setting up a plane crash

    2. actual terrorists would be incapable of bombing the buildings (actual terrorists had already bombed the WTC!)

    What exactly was stopping the PNAC people from actually radicalising some actual Muslims and having them actually fly planes into the WTC? Wouldn’t the maximum government complicity needed then be in deflecting the military from intervening, something that’s way harder for randos to identify after the fact than thermite bombs? Yet I never once heard the theory that the 9/11 attacks were really plane attacks, but just set up by the government.

    • I think you are right, they were plane attacks, but the “official” story about terrorists training in FL and not bothering to learn how to land etc is nonsense. I have flown in flight trainers, and it is a long way for a beginner from that, to being able to descend, bank, turn, and steer a jet airliner into a precise target.

  9. Pretty similar to what a YT channel (I stumbled across a few days ago) named “Quantum of conscience” by a guy named Matt says about “reality”. The central question which everybody has to ask is: “What kind of “reality” can pull this of?” e. g. condradicting evidence, no win ever for truther. Every person investigating this “happening” in 2001 seems to get “evidence” it need to continue a year long wild-goose-chase, fools-errand, which are “pissed-on breadcrumbs” leading to “the bog” and “gratuated animal farms” as Matt call them.

  10. Some UFO researchers (Nick Redfern in Three Men SeekingMonsters) have speculated along similar lines with regards the UFO phenomenon. Jung thought they were a product of the collective unconscious.

    As ‘unknown’ on here has already mentioned, how did they steer those planes into both towers with military precision despite just basic flight training? I used to think it was high tech Area 51 tech they used to pull it off coupled with the sheep like mentality most people are susceptible to, to finish the job.

    Mr Stay Puft could have climbed up those towers like he did in Ghostbusters and topped them both with laser beams shooting out his eyeballs and the arseholes would have immediately started rationalising it, “it’s a giant blow up doll with clever computer programming. Al Aquada have highly efficient computer programmers. It was only a matter of time tbh, in fact, if you read my recent book..,etc” would have probably been enough for most people. Most normies, despite their suspicions, care too much about being normal to care that much and ruin their social standing by referencing Alex Jones in a conversation.

    I’m inclined to your viewpoint but still think someone was responsible. I doubt Bush or even Cheney. Rumsfeld, maybe. Perhaps they asked the CIA to create a Pearl Harbour event but didn’t conceive just how diabolical these scumbags are and how far they are willing to go. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re behind COVID and the vaccinations too.

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