A message for Achmed (and the men who fear him)

I’m going to say this again and again and again, to anyone who will listen, particularly to Achmed.

But I’m also saying it to the “great replacement” conservatives, to the tradcaths, to the birth rate boosters, to the “haha you deserve it” brownoids, to the American diaspora who do not comprehend what it means to be a European and to everyone else.

But I am first and foremost saying it to Achmed.

Point 1:

We have our foreskin. I wake up in the morning, I have my foreskin. Go to sleep, I have my foreskin. I jerk off? With my foreskin. Girl grabs my dick? She grabs the foreskin. Penis goes into my underpants? The glans is covered by the foreskin. Foreskin too tight? Spend twenty dollars on some silicon rings and stretch it, takes you a few minutes a day for a week or two. I squeal like a bitch into my pillow, I sound like a mental patient, the light begins to hurt and I push my eyes into my arm, I’m too embarrassed to look my neighbors straight into the eye, the girl got really upset once so I shoved my bed to the other side of the room. Because of my foreskin.

Point 2:


Point 3:

I have a high IQ and autism. And I’m racist. So racist, I make the racists uncomfortable. And I’m white. Pale as the moon in fact, they would mock me for it as a kid. There are sensory experiences available to us you can’t even imagine. Sensations you can’t conceive of. I can simulate the evolution of ecosystems on my computer, in software made by other high IQ autistic white men. I can make vaporwave music videos, drink glühwein with hints of cinnamon and orange peel. I can walk through any Scottish ruined graveyard and see the land of my people, my blood-brothers. I’m always there with them. I can watch All Quiet on the Western front, or the Duchess, or Le Roi danse, or I can step into a cathedral, or I can gaze at medieval illustrations of dancing skeletons and see the things that mattered to my people. The ones who are alive and the ones who are dead. They’re all inside of me. And I don’t fear death. Because I can see myself in them.

Point 4:

There isn’t such a thing as white culture, because white culture is just culture. We’re the base layer. We’re the operating system. We’re the water in the ocean Achmed. We color it with anything we want. We incubate and pick the ingredients.

Point 5:

I’m white. They’ll hire you in China to pose in a suit. They build entire cities designed to look like ours. Japanese women feel guilty for dating you, because you’re too beautiful. The Japanese spent a small fortune to build a theme park called Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch city for Japanese people, it draws 2.5 million visitors every year. They were our friends and remain our friends to this day. We warned them at one point that the Americans were approaching, but they thought we were just making it up to sell them more weapons. No, we take care of our friends.

How do we take care of our friends? In 2024, that means we feed their ego. The Japanese know what they mean to us, but I hope the Tibetans know it too.

People crawl in little boats and die on the ocean in an effort to be around us. And every hypersocial blonde white girl who kneels at some “everything is racist” protest just makes it worse, doesn’t she? She’s so aware of how blessed she is, that she feels guilty. Guilty for existing. Because she knows we’re everything. And you’re nothing.

The sore dull ache in our right shoulder we get from exerting ourselves too much that we learned to live with. That’s what you are. I have seen and done what I want to do in this world, everything from now on is just bonus content. The main reason I’m still here, is to massage the shoulders of the next generation of incel nazi school shooters.

And finally…

Point 6:

You’re not conquering anything. You’re not stealing anything. And you’re not inheriting anything either. What you are inheriting Achmed, is a hot pile of smoldering ruins that reeks of sulfur and a bill to pay. That’s what we are leaving behind for you. You’re inheriting the desert you came crawling out of, but now with polybasic cleavage site bird flu, category 6 hurricanes, failing tailings dams and erupting methane clathrates. We’re now starting to see globally synchronized crop failures. At 1.2 degrees Achmed.

And I know it means nothing to you now. I know you steal the Green party from the guys in dresses for your own petty purposes.

But I’m telling you that I will laugh my arse off at you, whether that is with your sword against my neck or from a distance in the woods of Norway.

You know who I am Achmed?

I am that woman from the Banu Qurayzah, mentioned in Sunan Abi Dawud, who was laughing at you too, after you killed all the men in her family, so you decided to kill her rather than taking her as an additional sex slave. They lost their beauty, their bodies fell apart over time. You forgot how they looked when you first raped them. But her laughter never left your head. You can still hear it.

Why was she laughing? Because you can never have it. You can only steal the symbols of it. You can plunder the caravans, to seize the booty. But you don’t have the wealth. You gain the symbols of wealth. You have all the symbols of wealth on display today, in the Arab gulf states. But it’s not wealth. True wealth hides.

In fact, the more of the symbols you acquire, the more you degrade yourself. You become like those magicians in Senegal, who use Quranic verses as a magical talisman, or like those hungry begging children in Senegal taught to recite Quranic verses, without understanding what they mean.

Honestly a better version than the one they bought.

You have Salvator Mundi hanging on a yacht somewhere. You spent 400 million on it. But what you don’t have, are the eyes to look at it. Those come equipped with less melanin in the iris.

And so in summary, I say to you:

You can have it all Achmed.

It’s all yours.


  1. >drinkk glühwein with hints of cinnamon and orange peel.

    That sounds good, think I’ll make myself a cup when I’m done fasting.

    >We color it with anything we want. We incubate and pick the ingredients.

    Germanics and Celts have never been ultra-traditionalists obsessed with holding onto obviously false religions or dances or whatever, culture exists to serve us.

    >They’re all inside of me. And I don’t fear death. Because I can see myself in them.

    Based, feel the same way.

    Don’t agree with the defeatist attitude but I get it. I look forward to the Reconquista.

    • Radagast: You just haven’t figured out how this thing works yet.

      Vague, seems defeatist to me. I want to see our people survive and make things better. i don’t take solace in the fact if we die everyone else suffers. We shouldn’t accept our own or our own planet’s doom.


      What sort of fasting are you doing, and for what purpose?

      I’m American sized so I’ve been starving myself for the past 39 days, tired of being a whale walking on land. Gonna start eating again on the 15th, 500 calories a day until I look like a human being.

      • you and me both buddy. i got too much physical labor to do to straight up starve myself, but no eatin’ til i get my 10k steps in for the day. only -10 on the year though :/

      • >I want to see our people survive and make things better. i don’t take solace in the fact if we die everyone else suffers. We shouldn’t accept our own or our own planet’s doom.

        You still don’t understand how it works.

        But that’s ok. I think most people are not supposed to understand how it works.

        Let’s just say you’re more important to the world around you than you think you are.

        • >Let’s just say you’re more important to the world around you than you think you are.

          Could you please elaborate on this?

      • “I’m American sized so I’ve been starving myself for the past 39 days”

        Seems drastic. Don’t overdo it.

  2. Yep, in case no one got the memo, we are living in the end times, at least for this round of civilisation. I’m not going to get into a debate about anthropogenic climate change, because I don’t actually care what specifically is changing the climate (because I agree that it is changing), but it’s also pretty unequivocable that the magnetosphere is weakening, and has been ever since it was first measured a hundred or so years ago. The Mayan Long Count is correct – the Earth gets fried approximately every 12 000 years when its magnetic shield weakens enough and we eventually get hit by a coronal mass ejection from the sun. Thick, hot, gooey charged plasma spewed all over our collective faces, knocking out every unshielded electrical device on, or orbiting the Earth (which is most of them) and setting off a veritable fiesta of volcanoes, earthquakes and resulting tsunamis from the induced charge in the Earth’s core.

    Add to that the polycrisis of topsoil erosion, resource depletion, ubiquitous pollution of all types, crumbling infrastructure and ecosystems, the mounting biological threats you mention, and the brain drain of people with the knowledge, skills and overall motivation to do anything about it, and suddenly basic agriculture, let alone advanced civilisation will be impossible for at least several centuries until things calm down a bit.

    It’s hard not to have an attitude of “none of this matters” to pretty much everything in modern society. If you don’t, you just haven’t properly understood and internalised how fucked everything is and are probably a hypersocial optimist NPC. Forums like this are basically just support groups for autist Cassandras who can see the planetary freight train heading towards us, but can’t look away and turn their hyperfocus to something like painting Warhammer models.
    Some go mad with anxiety, some completely emotionally detach, some drug themselves senseless, some laugh at the impending catastrophe, and some are practically salivating with bloodlust.

    I don’t think humanity is going to go extinct, but we’re going to be back to hunter gathering for a while, and methinks the xhe/xim crowd won’t fare much better than the 85 IQ parasite class. Maybe the superrich will eventually emerge from their bunkers with 21st century technology and try to make a go of things again, but more likely, the earthquakes will collapse their bunkers and/or they will die from infighting.
    Either way, billions will die over the course of this century.

    It’s going to be glorious.

    I personally believe in reincarnation, so at least if I have to come back to this cosmic factory farm prison planet, there’ll be a lot fewer other fuckers around and if I’m lucky, the hard times will have improved the overall average quality of those that remain, like a crucible smelting off the slag.

    As an aside, sometimes I do wonder if you’re actually an intelligence agent trolling for school shooters and insurrectionists, Rintrah, but posts like this and your drunk ones on Zheani make me think you may actually be at least 80% who you say you are.
    Rintrah Radagast – come for the doom porn, stay for the race hate.

      • Qwz180:
        A fair point. From the perspective of the astral plane, everything happens simultaneously.

        From my current perspective of this lifetime, which is the main one I can influence and through which my experiences are filtered, events follow on from each other, so I refer to my ‘next’ reincarnation chronologically, even if the actual next sequential one is in 500AD.

        Either way, the current period is likely to be ‘peak human’, and by extension ‘peak stupid’, in the absence of any real selective pressure.

  3. It sounds trite of me to suggest that the ongoing fall of the West has something to do with giving up on Christ, but I think there is something in it.

    We dethroned Christ, and something else took his chair at the heart of our culture.

    Whatever that thing is that has replaced him, it’s something that lacks honour, decency, loyalty and patriotism at best, and is just plain evil at worst.

    Perhaps we subconsciously realize this though, and desperately want to receive divine punishment for turning our back on Christ and worshipping Mammon (or materialism and scientific atheism etc. for the non-religious) instead.

    It might explain why we seem to want a wrathful apocalypse to sweep the board clean, so we can start over with a clean slate.

    We will get the apocalypse too. I don’t know that God has to actively organize it, as he already set the rules of the universe, so bad shit will just continue to happen naturally to us through failing to think and behave in ways that we know ought to do to achieve the best outcomes, but which we consistently fail to do.

    Eventually, we will learn our lesson, and the worm will turn, but it looks like we need to go through the apocalypse first.

  4. Jews are not whites. European Jews are Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi have their own unique HLA and other unique genetic traits. The Goyim are turning on the Jews globally. The whites are the kings of the Goyim, and the inbreed Muslims can be easily controlled. Whites will simply go north, where it is cooler and let Europe and USA rot.

  5. It’s not that Ahmed will inherit a damaged planet. It’s that he and his kind, anybody not white really, only survive on the charity of whites. That charity only exists because a few PRESENTLY wealthy countries can print money, making charity costless. So when the US economy can no longer support a vastly escalating debt, Ahmed and his kind will have to produce resourses for themselves. And they cannot.

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