A message for the Palestinians and their supporters

I am not the sort of person to take command in a war. I would be too merciful.

To all the supporters of the Palestinian cause, I have a simple message: You don’t have to worry about the Palestinians getting nuked. That’s the sort of dumb thing I would do, because I don’t have a very high IQ. The Israelis are much more intelligent.

You don’t have to worry about bombs hitting civilians in Gaza. You also don’t have to worry about apartheid, or human rights violations. All of those worries are now a thing of the past, worries that pale in comparison to what will now happen.

Israel has cut off the water supply to Gaza, the food supply and the electricity supply. In the days ahead, it will be 36 degree Celsius in Gaza.

What do you think will happen? The people of Gaza will wish they were dead, but most of them will not die soon. They will have to live through this.

They will sit in their apartments, in the dark. Their phones will run out of batteries soon, so they will have nothing to distract them. They will be hungry and thirsty.

Then people will start dying. Some corpses will be mutilated by collapsing buildings, or explosions.

But there will be no way to bury the corpses. The Palestinians will sit in their apartments, with the bodies of their dead family members in the room next to them, assuming them have more than one room in their house. The corpses will begin to smell in a few days. They will have no way to escape the smell. It will overwhelm them.

The hospitals will not work, there will be no way to take care of the injured. The wounds will become infected, pus will ooze out of their limbs. The pain will be unbearable.

They will wish they were dead, but they will not be able to commit suicide. They will sit in the dark, with the bodies of their children and their parents and their siblings and their spouses. The bodies will decay and fleas will show up and worms will crawl out of the faces of the ones they used to kiss.

And Israel will ignore all the UN security council resolutions, the United States will veto them for them. Israel will show no mercy.

You can get angry at me, you can complain about Zionism and racism and Apartheid and whatever you want. Does that mean the Palestinians in Gaza will not watch as the worms crawl out of the smelly corpses of their family members? Nope.

And dear Palestinians, dear Muslims in the West, dear leftists in the West, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do about this. There is nothing you can do to stop this from happening. You can tweet every single day. You can voice your outrage. It will make no difference. Even I will at some point think “this is too cruel”, but it will not make a difference.


Because this is what the Palestinians chose. They chose to commit genocide, against people who have all the weapons and the world’s most powerful governments backing them. That’s not very smart, but it is what they chose. So now they will experience the consequences.


  1. You think this is the 50s, when America could do whatever it wanted. Newsflash: the American military has not won since, and now they are in the collapsing stage, as shown by Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, and now Israel. Westerners have no reason to be in the Middle East, and they will have no presence in the future as Iran and Russia consolidate their power there.

    • Do you really think Russia will protect the Palestinians and risk Israel sending some really good drones or even Iron Dome to Ukraine?
      Iran is better advised to exercise in restrain and tell it’s proxies in Lebanon and Syria to not poke Israel, or it will kiss goodbye it’s NPP and much more.

      I’m a LSWM by all means, so here is what me thinks happened. Bibi is in trouble again, the Mossad can really use a crisis to further extend its powers so they turned a blind eye on the Hamas’s plans to slaughter some defenceless civilians. The Hamas idiots did that with a gusto and showed to the world that they deserve no mercy. Now Israel will do exactly that. Show no mercy and I doubt many will object, apart from the usual suspects depicted in Rintrah’s post. Yes, the ordinary Israelis are not consciously aware of the plan, but to be honest most of them have to be already very tired of having to share land with those Goatfuckers, so as long as they can pretend that it was an intelligence mishap followed by a deserved retribution and once and for all solving the problem, they won’t ask too many questions. It’s basically the same process when want stakes for dinner desperately, and just buy them in the supermarket, neatly and cleanly packaged, without asking too many questions how they landed there. Ignorance is an evil bliss.

      • I think that’s too 4000 IQ, even for the Israelis or the CIA. Letting a building blow up, or a ship get destroyed, has been done before— but so many civilians, and so much chaos? They were caught unprepared.
        I think Iran and Russia have realized that the US is a declining country, now in its collapsing stage, probably after beating American/Saudi proxies in Syria and then watching the Afghanistan fuckup. Not to mention the stolen election, imploding economy, and general chaos. So, after years of being pressured they now feel confident enough to take the offensive. Not that they will conquer the US, but kicking the foreigners out of their sphere of influence is attainable.

        • > I think that’s too 4000 IQ,

          To IQ-fetishist Radagast, the Jews ARE essentially Demi-Gods who roam the barren LSWM Earth.

          But as you note, one fact mitigating against the false-flag hypothesis would be the absolute, levels-of-psychopathy-previously-thought-impossible required to pull it off.

          So yes, not likely. Big Jew has never sacrificed Little Jew in the service of some desired goal.

          Psychopathy is not a particularly unique feature of the Ashkenazim, all peoples of the earth can exhibit psychopathic tendencies.

          (Whew, that was a close one)

        • Strangelove,
          I wouldn’t bet too much on my call, tbh. It indeed could be a mishap of the Israeli intelligence, like them getting too overconfident from the fact that they have actually managed it nicely in the past.
          For the false flag scenario – they didn’t have to plan it or execute their own citizens. Just turned a blind eye on the Hamas’ plans and did not shoot them straight from their paragliders. Some can see it even as a difficult patriotic choice – sacrificing few to solve the problem once and for all.
          Looking at the excess mortality in Israel(https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/excess-mortality-p-scores-average-baseline?country=~ISR), and their government’s Covid19 policies: either evil or really not so bright.
          However, what you can safely say about Hamas is that they are both evil barbarians and genuinely dumb. They and their Palestinian fellows will pay a dear price for satisfying their perverted pleasure to kill innocent civilians. God, will take care of their souls.

      • Well, Iron Dome turns out to be vapourware, and it seems the Israelis are running low on weapons and munitions at a time when the USA and Europe are scraping the barrel because they figured they’d arm the Ukies and restock with the time bought by the Ukie “victory” over the Russian hordes.

        The Izzy mobilisation is stumbling due to a lack of uniforms and a shortage of equipment, some of which, like helmets, are now on rush back-orders from China.

  2. Rintrah, you are really spoiling us with all these daily (albeit sobering and sombre) update blogs. But I worry that a day may arrive in the future where unfortunately this website may be no more. You wrote several months ago:

    “This whole site hangs together with linen threads and duct-tape, it is forever one PHP update or database overflow away from imploding into a giant pile of rubble. Such is life.”

    It would be a great tragedy for something like this to happen. I have had endless hours of enjoyment browsing your website since discovering it through Igor Chudov’s Substack back in December of last year, and have learned so much from reading all your great posts. I hope that you have backup files for all your archived articles stored somewhere safe.

  3. If you really hated the Arabs, you should fantasize about making them into model 21st century citizens instead. All this war and death won’t destroy their spirits like working a corporate wagie job while their children troon out would. Cutting down your foes with bullets and starvation isn’t nearly as cruel as drawing out their suffering for years on end as a humiliated slave class. It will be interesting to see if everything pans out to Israel’s benefit, and ten years down the line there are no more Arabs in Israel. Wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway, I like the racism, keep it up.

  4. I am optimistic. Imagine arabs supporting the hamas and Israel destroying their oil facilities. A green new world, but with less muslims on it.

  5. WHat you demand, Rintrah, is kin liability. And there is no way how kin liability can be justified.

    I stay with team unvaxxed, which can be found on both sides.

    If there are really gods chosen people, what will god think about his choosen people poisoning themselves with Pfizers Death-Vaxx?

  6. Rintrah:
    Is in a doomsday cult and promotes it’s uptake based on CO2 – ignores all the other environmental issues; wants people to do nothing about it apart from laugh and or join in with the most feebler people to protect to it which is certainly a fail; wants you to not have a family… no kids; promotes the use of drugs; promotes veganism; mixes legitimate points with lying by telling the truth; appeals to emotion and incomplete logic & always relates everything to Hitler. Rintrah offers a complete set of tools for self elimination and for you… to be completely ineffective.

  7. Diogenes mentioned kin liability.
    I will mention plain liability, concerning the immediate vicinity of the state of Israel.
    As a Greek Orthodox I can’t help remembering young (Bassir) Assad of Syria. A meek moderate governor (for local standards), a UK educated dentist, an Alewite (some say a crypto-Christian) who tried to correct his father’s iron fist governing (a governing style typical of hyper-nationalist, pro-Soviet Baath opposing religious fundamentalism backed by… you name them).
    He was the protector of Christians in Syria (~2 million), the direct descendants of the Ancient united Church (of Antioch along with Jerusalem). What these Christians have suffered throughout the centuries is remarkable! And what they have given back to humanity, a cloud of Saints (among many, look: St John of Damascus; also, the first Orthodox Bishop in America, St Raphael of Brooklyn).
    I bet most of you here liked Assad, especially after realising who were his foes, and how they declined his openings to them (I am talking pre-“Arab Spring”).
    And I can’t help wondering: Where was the state of Israel when the I.S. was brutally attacking peaceful folks like the Christians of Syria, and a moderate leader like young Assad?
    Did the I.S. consider attacking the state of Israel? Did Israel consider attacking I.S.?
    You may think I am a conspiracy theorist, but we don’t even have to go there.
    The fact that opposing Assad (and working for his fall) was simply helping I.S. is too obvious to ignore.
    Would the state of Israel and the West have benefitted from making a good friend in the vicinity by helping Assad?
    And, really, I don’t want to make you feel bad for belonging to nations whose governments actively worked to topple Assad. Because our stupid Greek governments also worked against Assad (and thus worked against our fellow Christians).
    + + +
    To sum up:
    1) I don’t even have to hypothesize about who backed Hamas, or who backed the I.S., or who backed the “Arab Spring”, or who toppled and killed Gaddafi, or who would lose from China-backed befriending of Iran and Saudi Arabia, or… or…
    2) I am only asking: where was all of the West, including Israel, when the closest thing to an intelligent democratic ruler showed up in Syria, the immediate neighbor of Israel, and subsequently attacked by attrocities committing monsters, similar to those of Hamas?
    (And you shouldn’t think that Assad was unable to win the hearts of Sunni majority in Syria. Just look for: Syrian Grand Mufti (Dr. Hassoun).)
    P.S. If you remember my previous posts, you will know that I also study the Old Testament part of the Bible. I have mentioned the book of “Jonas” where it is manifest that the Lord didn’t care exclusively for Israel. It is very short, you will like it. I also enjoy the book of “Psalms” and I try to read it everyday. Also, the “Song of Songs”. They are amazing poetry, and you will enjoy them too. The area of Near&Middle East has given excellent works of art. You can also read the “Kings”, and you will think you are reading modern prose or historical fiction.
    So, you can’t call me a hater of Jews either.

    • In case you missed my point in my extensive comment:
      When you are surrounded by enemies, you HAVE TO make a friend when you see one.
      Missing the opportunity to make a friend out of Assad, wasn’t the exclusive liability of the state of Israel, or the USA. France and the UK were also VERY active in trying to topple Assad. God knows why…

  8. It’s all about hiding the vaxx-crime.

    They scream about killed children, elders, women, etc … but isn’t it exactly what they have done to themselves? The intel didn’t fail, they welcomed this attack as distraction from the vaxx-crime (which, to be fair, all other western countries did too). Is dying at the ventilator really better than killed by headshot or grenade?

    I don’t see Eloi elsewhere on this planet, I see only Morlocks.

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