A meta ironic message and some cool glitch art

Do I mean what I say? Does it matter? It doesn’t matter. What matters is the idea. I feel a need to express an idea. I just want to expose people to ways of thinking about the world, it is up to you to judge how you feel about it.

I’m sending you this idea, because of what happened to a married man in his 30’s in Belgium a few days ago. You can look up the news article I am referring to yourself, I will not link to it. The beast has prematurely revealed its nature. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but you need to see where this is going and you need to figure it out fast, but most of you don’t see it. You’re the horse that looks at automobiles. You’re the flightless bird that sees a cat for the first time. You’re the right whale. You need to meet your friends in real life.

Now here is a cool video about Victorian London and some glitch art I made:


  1. I looked up the story. I think you have made the right choice in limiting your online interactions and meeting with friends in real life. There’s a lot to be scared of. I keep going back to something I heard on a podcast recently that if one is going to become enamored with an idea, it’s best if it is a life-affirming one. It seems like, by your last two posts, you have moved in that direction. I am happy for you. I hope you find many things which bring you peace and joy in these times. Music, friends, love, nature. Take Care.

  2. The Shobies’ Story by Ursula LeGuin. A story of intersteller travel, story-telling, shared life, and the wonder we experience when glitches reveal how little we understand but how earnestly and together we will understand, overlay, and side-by-side sit in community with one another, listening and attending and traveling instantly outside all physical limitations as we do.

    Copies available through your local library. worldcat.org is helpful.

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