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Ontsnapping uit het slachthuis from Animal Rights Nederland & België on Vimeo.

Sorry I have to share this.

This video was recorded here in the Netherlands, a country people mistakenly think of as civilized. This is what happens to the male animals, who don’t produce milk.

I have to ask you: If this is how people treat animals, if this is what people are alright with so they can have the food that they enjoy, what chance do you think you have, to get people to do something about how much agricultural yields in India or Uganda will be reduced by 2040 due to their car or their flight to some tropical destination?

This whole idea of carbon neutrality, out of some vague motivation in regards to what the poor or future generations might face, is a travesty, a sick joke. It is like Ted Bundy making sure he cuts your throat surrounded by the corpses of your family, with a knife made from recycled steel.

We have 1.8% of men in this country, who do not eat other animals. We have 98.2% demonic entities dressed up like men. And every day I ask myself why I have to wake up here, why I have to go through these motions, why I have to exist.

The demonic entities say a vegan diet will kill you. Ha, if only it were so easy to escape this place. All these animals are unique, all of them have their own personality. If you go to a hog farm, some of the pigs will be afraid of you, others will come up to you and constantly oink.

People are angry, when the corpse of their parent is exported to Germany to be cremated by an undertaker to cut costs. But the bones of the chickens are thrown upon the street after people eat their flesh, I can not leave my house without seeing death. And more importantly, I can not leave my house without seeing disrespect. I am happy if this society disrespects me, because I have seen what it respects.

I do not know why I have to go through this torture of my daily existence. I don’t understand why it has to be so difficult. Nobody explained it to me, whether this is my punishment for some crime I committed before birth. I wish I could be reborn in a pure land, a place where I could live a happy simple life with a lovely wife without being surrounded by all these evil people, but for now I sedate myself with tamasic foods and herbs.

An animal is just a person. All these animals people kill yearn for love, just like a dog. If you showed a human child what you do to the animals you eat, the child would be traumatized for life. Some vegans are actually ex-muslims who were brought along to see ritual slaughter as children.

I like the climate activists because they are good at pissing people off, by confronting them with their own banality. Like wealthy Dutch babyboomers at a classical concert. People get really angry, when they have their faces rubbed in their own banality. “Don’t bother us with this crap, we’re almost dead anyway!” Insulating people from reality is what destroys the world.

I wish that after I die my corpse is just chopped into pieces large enough to be recognizable as human and thrown out onto busy shopping streets, in the most disrespectful way possible. This is my only real wish, for everyone to have their own banality shoved into their faces. All these mediocre people, who imagine an animal is just an animal, instead of having friends and family and desires and feelings, should be confronted with reality. Don’t hide death behind closed doors, just rub it in everyone’s faces.


  1. The problem is you want a civilization that treats animals as humans yet civilization is based upon the domestication of plants, animals, and humans. Logically you would want an end to civilization itself.

  2. “An animal is just a person.”

    V-ganism is just extending equality even to non humans and this quote proves it.

    The problem is that equality is not real, not anywhere, at all, ever. The logical conclusion of this obvious fact is that not every life matters. Some lives are more important than others.

    My life is more important than a sheep’s. You are an intelligent aryan, the entirety of hominid life in India and China put together are not worth one of your toenail clippings.

    V-ganism is indeed a lethal dietary choice, that is an obvious biological fact to anyone familiar with the topic, but even that choice is just a symptom of the spiritual disease of equality belief.

    Equality is not real. Sheep lives do not matter any more than black lives do.

    • Even language is against veganism. He has to say logical non-sense like “dehumanizing non-human animals”. Or “humans know what they are doing but not animals”. If animals don’t know what they are doing then they are not persons.

      Regarding karmic load, we are still waiting for the karmic repercussions to fall down on the mongols who were keen on spreading mass deaths. Eight hundred years afterwards everything is fine there.

      Equality is basically holocaust metaphysics. To equalitarians life is like being confined inside some auschwitz’s shower or something. The complete opposite of the life affirming worldview of indo-europeans. Why eating meat is bad if it tastes good and is actually nutricious? Also, I don’t think farmers who live with the animals take any pleasure in killing them.

      We sure overconsume animal products, but North America and Europe overuse their land because they have to export both plants and meat to feed the third world and its criminal population growth. Equalitarians also fail to notice that without immigration western european countries were on natural degrowth.

    • You use the Sanskrit word Aryan while denigrating the Vedic worldview the real Aryans created without a hint of irony or self awareness. What a sick joke. It has nothing to do with some modern nonsense about equality, for those same Aryans established the caste system which held down, specifically, those brown people whose concern for animal wellbeing was lacking.

      There is no getting away from the fact that kindness to animals on a national scale does not ultimately depend upon the teachings of any superimposed religion or philosophy. It is one of the distinctive characteristics of the truly superior races. And no religious, philosophical or political alchemy can turn base metal into gold. –Savitri Devi, The Lighting and the Sun

      • I don’t mind people being racist, as long as they hold themselves to some high moral standard, through which they can justify their sense of superiority. But Westerners don’t do that anymore.

        That’s the problem Hitler and other NSDAP members ran into. They were pretty sure Germanic people are the world’s master race. But every foreign culture he looked to, whether the Chinese, the Japanese or the Indians (feather and dot) seemed superior. They suffered a massive identity crisis and their racial narcissism at its core was a product of a feeling of insecurity. Their people were divided between two religions they disliked (Protestantism and Catholicism) and they had just lost a world war.

        And so this “we wuz aryans n shit fam” online LSWMs have always has me thinking: Alright fine, then act like it.

        Black Americans who want to think of themselves as Ancient Egyptians have my blessing, if they act like it. Walk the walk, talk the talk.

        Low status white males who think of themselves as Aryans have my blessing, if they act like it. Worship cows. Become a Saddhu. Read the Mabharata cover to cover.

        Me, I am very racist, I consider Europeans superior to Americans. The reason is very simple: Only Europeans could worship an autistic teenage girl. Americans can only worship mammon. I don’t want my continent to be flooded with waves of American tourists and migrants.

        • You’d be hard pressed to find someone more racist than I am. Though, I don’t talk about it much these days since everyone already knows what they believe about it, and none are willing to hear otherwise. I share your general attitude of living up to racism if you’re going to be a racist.

          It’s why I left the online white-nationalist circles I used to hang out around circa 2015. I started reading Jaques Ellul, Kaczsynski, and such before Uncle Ted became the meme he’s become. That and reading the esoteric Hitlerists and Guenonian Perennialists led me to Dharmic religions (the Bhagavad Gita, particularly), and that was the final break. I couldn’t tolerate the smallness of the worldview expressed by that group you generally call LSWMs.

          Spending more and more time meditating, praying, bethinking from the cosmic perspective; my faith in political solutions (or any solutions, really) evaporated.

          I do think that, generally, the Aryan Invasion Theory is correct, and that European peoples are, in fact, Aryans in the racial sense. The linguistic evidence is pretty clear, though not decisive on this point. Frithjof Schuon had an interesting observation about how Euro-American Aryans were like a raging wildfire compared with the Indian Aryans who were like a steady candle flame.

          And so I spend my days trying to be more like the candle flame: training in HEMA while I await the coming catastrophe.

    • The difference between you and me isn’t about some nutritional factoid or some data piece of observation.

      It’s that you’re thinking like a Taoist, whereas I am thinking like a Buddhist.

      To you life can be pleasant if you correctly interpret it. Don’t care too much about the brown people, don’t care too much about the animals. Put yourself at the center of the stage, don’t be brainwashed by ideas meant to benefit others at your cost and things will work out.

      To me, it can’t be. This world is cursed. It was already cursed, once I was born into it. And even if you try to figure out how it functions, if you try to learn the rules of the game, you’ll find that every fleeting pleasure it has to offer has a very bitter aftertaste. So reject the temptation.

  3. You hypocrite for posting this. Think about all the Former Dutch colonial possessions. Here are some quotes from “Wild New World: The Epic Story of Animals and People in America” by Dan Flores:

    In one year, 1743, the port at La Rochelle, France “took in 127,000 beaver pelts, 30,300 marten furs, 12,400 river otter furs, 110,000 raccoon pelts, along with its big haul for that year, the stripped skins of 16,500 American black bears.”

    “In 1874 Bozeman market hunters were hip-deep in the big bonanza. That year they shipped out 48 tons of elk skins, 42 tons of deerskins, 17 tons of pronghorn skins, and 760 pounds of bighorn skins.”

    “Governments at all levels paid money for the heads or ears or scalps of a suite of animals — wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, grizzly and black bears, jaguars, bobcats, lynx — for the single purpose of promoting agricultural economies.”

    “Governments at all levels paid money for the heads or ears or scalps of a suite of animals — wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, grizzly and black bears, jaguars, bobcats, lynx — for the single purpose of promoting agricultural economies.”

    • Just because I shit on our host’s v-ganism, I do it because I want to see him cured, I still ultimately like that guy.

      On that basis, I have to ask – how is he morally on the hook for dutch colonial powers’ animal harm? He is of dutch nationality so he is personally responsible for every bad thing ever done by a single dutch in the whole span of history?


      • Because it is not a moral question. What is morality? Just more bullshit. The reason he lives such a privileged lifestyle is because of what occurred in the past. No one is innocent. Everyone on the Titanic sank regardless. His veganism is just a privilege he enjoys because he goes to the supermarket and buys food. Thankfully, this set of living arrangments will soon end.

        • “The reason he lives such a privileged lifestyle is because of what occurred in the past.”

          I hope you’re not referring here to “stolen shit,.etc. from the past”.

          That stuff is certainly regrettable, but the success/desirability of the West derives from a long intellectual tradition, which is also largely a Christian tradition. It’s all about the ideas in people’s heads and the ideas instantiated in their institutions. The Western tradition is the (currently) “winning team” in terms of having good ideas/recognising good ideas/incorporating and utilising good ideas. Nothing else is even close. Everyone knows it. The point is proven by people voting with their feet.

          Having said all that, there’s plenty to criticise. I know, I do it all the time. In fact, openness to criticism has been (still is?) one of the strengths of the Western tradition, leading incrementally to improvements. Even in the face of current set-backs in this area, e.g., totalitarian-style censorship, etc., no one else comes close still. But the critique cited above is not relevant at all.

  4. These are beautiful conscious complex living beings. Their anxiety and pain is just as intense as a human treated this way would experience it.

    So the holocaust never really stopped, it just kept on going and is still going on these days.
    All this unneccecary torture by these emotionally numb people. All so that we can eat all that meat that we do not need and is indeed just making us unhealthy.

    Only if it is exposed over and over again this horror can stop and it has to if we are to call ourselves civilized.

  5. No one is saying animals are equal to humans, every creature is different, that does not mean they deserve to be slaughtered for no reason and especially to the detriment of society. Sad to see people buy the lies that its inherently unhealthy. Been vegan 10 years and in the best shape of my life by far. Look at the adventist studies, only christian denomination that is vegetarian and their health and lifespans are so far off the chart that they needed to be researched.
    Also Mic the Vegan on youtube has tons of content putting to rest all the garbage misinfo.



  6. Quote: “An animal is just a person.”

    So the flesh eating lion is a person whom must be teached to not eating flesh?

    Each moral has limits. That’s hard to accept, especially for fanatics.

  7. Allow me to say, with all due respect to everyone, that–at least for the last few decades–we don’t need to eat meat to survive. (obviously, this doesn’t include some extreme cases, e.g. Eskimo’s)
    We must think about it. Let it grow inside us.
    Grown-ups don’t need meat, and because we can’t do a U-turn at once, we could limit ourselves to a bit of eggs, dairy, and certain fish (for good fat and Omega-3) from the wild now and then, if it’s not that disruptive to their existence as species.
    Survival is OK (but for 99.9% it is not an issue).
    Profit, savour, and ease of living, are not that ok.
    However, people can’t be forced to be ascetic. It failed whenever tried (e.g. Soviet Union). Asceticism out of free-will is a long path in life.
    We need to keep communicating with people, and find common ground.

    • The Soviet Union was perhaps many things but it wasn’t ascetic. There were public resorts and consumer product, that is well documented. There was some discouragement of consumption and encouragement of thrift but certainly not asceticism.

  8. I just want to say I appreciate the mixed views expressed in the comments. I am basically in agreement with our host, industrial livestock processing is an abomination. I put in on a par with the human slaughterhouse that the enlightened and oh so moral NAFO West has inaugurated in Ukraine. Just another example of no one taking responsibility for their own or the collective psychic spiritual wellbeing. It is tough to be on this plane right now and wrestling with the homo collosus mind virus. And on the specifics, I’m 42, went vegan six years ago and am in the best health of my life. Yeah, I take some supplements (COQ10, vit B, omega 3 and natto, of course) but thank fuck I’m not complicit in the demonic hellhole shown in that video. As Rudolf Steiner said in 1890s, “the greatest obstacle to spiritual development in the next century will be nutrition.” Amen

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