A sudden dementia explosion in the Netherlands

One of those question’s I’ve struggled for a while with is: Alright, if it’s true that SARS-COV-2 infections cause brain damage, both directly and indirectly by keeping the brain’s immune system on high alert even after the virus is gone, thereby prohibiting repair, which triggers a sustained increased risk of dementia, that should be showing up in the data by now, right?

And for a long time, I could just find nothing indicative of such a problem. But today I decided to look at the waiting lists for nursing homes in the Netherlands. And that’s where you start to see things in recent months that you’re not supposed to be seeing, after a deadly pandemic killed off the nursing home population.

Here you can find an infographic, with the latest update for people waiting for admission into a nursing home, updated until October 2022.

So you can see the number of elderly waiting for a spot has steadily risen, despite high excess mortality among nursing home residents, which should be freeing up spots.

But now look at some more data. Here you can see how many urgently or actively need a spot. These are people who really just can’t live at home anymore, they need continual care.

Something goes wrong in July 2022, as number rise steadily until then, before jumping up.

What happened back then? The answer can be found in sewage data:

The BA.5 wave! Which, as I showed you before, is thought to be the most brain-damaging variant seen so far.

They only update the graph once every quarter, but with the power of weaponized autism, which allows us to look at shit nobody who isn’t paid to look at it bothers to look at, we can look up the raw data for ourselves. This gives us two extra months of epic doomporn. The total waiting were 21795 on oktober the first. Two months later, this is up to 22.124. The number actively seeking care went up too, to 4.423.

And please keep in mind: We have had excess mortality for three years now, concentrated among our nursing home residents. You’re supposed to see more room for admissions now.

Light blue is excess mortality in percentage among the nursing home residents.

So how did we end up with a doubling, in the number of elderly actively seeking care?

Maybe you think this is just me misinterpreting the trend. I recommend you to look at this graph then, which clearly illustrates something is going wrong.

That yellow line is the number of elderly actively waiting for a spot, who have had to wait longer than the norm. It goes from just above zero in February 2021, to 1800 by oktober 2022. The system is just breaking down. And maybe that’s entirely unrelated to the new brain-damaging virus, but I highly doubt it. Whether this is caused by COVID or not, you would expect it to be newsworthy.

I’m going to say it again: We suffer these constant brain-damaging Omicron waves, because the morons gave everyone a bad vaccine with negative efficacy against infection. And when they realized it wasn’t working, they decided to do it again, hoping the third time’s a charm. People’s immune systems are now stuck, responding to this virus in a manner that simply doesn’t work well. And the virus in turn received the perfect opportunity to train against our antibodies, until it stumbled upon improved versions of itself, which then rapidly spread through a population with a homogeneous immune response.

So what can you do against it?

-Dental hygiene is important, along with nasal rinsing. This means you get rid of the reservoirs from where it constantly invades the brain.

-Plant based diet is important.

-Natto destroys the microclots and the Spike protein. Serrapeptase and bromelain probably help too.

-Cannabinoids help slow down cognitive aging.

Ultimately however, I don’t expect any miracles.

I take mushrooms from time to time and whereas it just used to be very euphoric or draw attention to my teeth, what I noticed in 2021 or so is that it would feel as if my brain struggles to get enough oxygen. Lately when I take them the trip tends to be dark and the next day I have a headache.

I kind of see this as a canary in the coalmine, my brain telling me that it has suffered some damage.

The biggest improvement I tend to notice is from eating natto, which really seems to help the brain clean stuff up.


People sometimes ask me to set up a substack so they can subscribe, but I don’t want to bother with all that stuff. But if you do have a few dollars to spare, I’d rather see you help out my brother Joseph in Uganda take care of his sick pig Neaty.


  1. How much natto are you eating?

    Japanese level – Everyday or more? I love my natto too!

    Supposedly it can lower your blood pressure to far, but seems like if the Japanese eat it daily without problems…

    • For best resutls, use enteric-coated natto and serra.

      If it’s one thing we’ve learnt from the last few years as we did more of our own research, for stuff that are actually safe and effective, at high doses, some become even more effective and have unexpected benefits. With the dewormers, we now know that researchers have known about their anti-cancer benefits since the 60’s and 70’s. But after an initial promising study is done, there is zero follow-up.

      With natto / serra… we have found it to be effective in a densely populated, highly vexinated setting like Singapore. Black seed oil was initially good enough to keep absorbing the shedding we’re experienced from all the jabberwockies here. But as the govt kept pushing the shots and folks got their 4th and 5th shots recently, the shedding is through the roof. So BSO alone wasn’t cutting it. Mild injuries weren’t healing fast or stagnated, until we started to do high-dose natto/serra.

      • So high dose natto / serra (combo is even more effective than either alone) is great in dissolving any clots, micro or otherwise. For a 60kg person, it’s about 4000 / 160K dosage that we’ll use on a 2-day basis, that is, take one day, rest the next. You gotta give your liver and kidney time to process the wasteproducts as the clots are dissolved.

        Following that train of thought – I figured if I did even higher dose – it might help to dissolve decades of aterial plaque built up from good living. For a rough outline, my blood pressure was 150/100, which would drop to 125/88 once I did some moderate morning exercise. Over the last 3 months that I went to really high natto/serra, my default is now down to 128/85, dropping to 112/72 after moderate exercise. I’m way past middle-age. The first few times on the super high dosage, my BP would spike to 160/100+ the next day, and it would take 3 days to drop back to baseline – so can infer that pretty much a ton of crap was being dissolved. It didn’t feel good, of course.. but with regular exercise, I kept it in control and now the default is much healthier numbers, and it’s still trending down.

  2. I wonder if the lockdown have also had an effect. One of the best ways to keep your brain active and making new connections is to go walking, so previously active elderly people may have had some mental deterioration if they couldn’t get their usual exercise. I have seen it in elderly friends and acquaintances, they break a leg or are otherwise compelled into inactivity and the next thing you know they’re losing their memory and off to the rest home… I’m not sure how strong the effect is or what the average timeline is, or even whether it’s just anecdotal, but I think it’s worth considering as a contributory factor.
    Now I’m going to see if I can find a local source of natto…

  3. Quote: “Alright, if it’s true that SARS-COV-2 infections cause brain damage …”

    I’m still not convinced the unvaxxed are significantly affected too, from this kind of brain-damage. And all the data can’t be trusted anymore. They make and hide groups of unvaxxed to manipulate studies like they want.

  4. One confounding factor I see that may skew this data is that the nursing home industry went whole hog on the vaccine push (at least, here in Canada), so it may very well have lost a lot of staff to health issues or simply people quitting. Do you know of anything which gives that data you could use to control for that?

    I’m not saying there’s not a problem here, but it’s worth looking into the confounding factors to gauge how severe the problem is.

  5. This is long, but it’s how I cured a crippling sinus problem I had for years. I’ll tell you how to solve the problem. I had really bad sinus. Really bad. I read Jerry Pournelle who had the same and said a device like a water pic type thing would work. Well it did. Get one of these,

    SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System

    I found it works the best and last a long time. It’s not super cheap but compared to surgery or the suffering it’s super cheap. They’re like $80 USD.

    SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System

    Here’s a picture.


    It was a great relief. I could use a tank to wash out before bed but…it never really “fixed” things. Not that I was displeased. It made a huge difference. Now by reading about parasites and bacteria I got some ideas on how to improve the wash. So what I eventually did was add in additives to attack bacteria into the nose washing fluid. What I came up with I used in each tank.

    1. About a spoon full of H2O@ (hydrogen peroxide). Stuff in drugstores(3%). Start at a lower level and work up to what you can stand.

    2. I started with sea salt, a teaspoon and Sodium bicarbonate but eventually got the nose washing powder from wallmart in packages. Cheap and works. “Neilmed Sinus Rinse Premixed Packets”

    3. I also added a disinfectant “Lugol’s 2% iodine”. I would add 5 to 6 drops to each tank. To kill off bacteria I added an artificial sugar. A teaspoon of Xylitol. Xylitol is gorged on by bacteria and it kills them off. So they say. If you eat a lot of Xylitol candy you will get massive gas. That’s the bacteria in the gut being trashed by the Xylitol.

    4. Water I just used from the tap. Not the best plan. It’s better to use distilled OR to put water in the microwave for 10 minutes or so to get a vigorous boil. My thinking was I’m adding all these disinfectants so it’s ok but it’s not the right way.(the chlorine does burn but you get used to it)

    5. Now I would put water in the tank and then add the ingredients while the thing was pumping. Aim the nozzle to the back of the tank so that all water is thoroughly mixed up. Let it run for a minute or so before washing.

    6. DO NOT turn the power level down on the pump. It just throttles it and messes up the pump over time by over working it. To vary pressure to the nostril just move the thing back and do not jam it up your nostril. Do it over the sink and let the excess drain off.

    7. Now my sinuses at first would be packed so I would just spray it up into the nostril without placing it firmly. After a while you could place it firmly in one nostril and it would run out the other. As you are doing so you could blow out the open nostril and blow this stuff out while spraying in one nostril. Then do the other.

    8. After you clean it out fairly well then you could put in one nostril and close off the other with your finger. It would slowly pressure the fluid deep into the nasal cavity filling it. Make sure you clean with the open nostril technique well first so you are not just blowing that stuff up farther into the nostril. Of course be careful not to blow your sinus out. Do this and then let drain intermittently.

    9. When I first started doing this sometimes I would need three, four tanks to clear out but after adding the extra ingredients I noticed. I WAS CURED. No not completely but mostly. It’s not like I don’t have normal sinus but I do not have to wash every night. Only every so often, months apart.

    Sam’s theory of chronic sinus trouble,” The sinuses get bacteria or yeast lodged deep in the sinus cavity where they are hard to get out. They irritate the sinus causing a vast amount of sinus expectoration to try and dislodge them. The only way to make it stop is to wash out and kill off the bacteria in the sinus. Once this is done the sinus will go back to it’s original function and original drainage pattern”.

    The reason I believe the above is correct is I used this sinus pump or one like it for over two years or more. It gave me great relief so I could sleep but my sinus would be filled back up by the end of the day. It was only after I added all these additives to kill off bacteria, or whatever was in my sinus, that within a maybe a few months I noticed I didn’t need to clean out my sinuses at all for really long periods of time like months.

    I know this is long and most will wonder what I’m going on about but if you suffer from chronic sinus troubles and do this you will be one of the happiest persons ever to rid yourself of this scourge. Packed sinuses is horrible. Everyone I see with serious sinus problems I sit down and write down all this stuff for them. There’s no telling how many people, if they follow through, have been helped by this.

  6. Could there also be a confounding variable of a lack of care workers at the homes, and a reduced capacity to care for residents? In USA there is a dramatic and worsening shortage of workers for all health care related jobs, which if it is replicated in NL could account for your observations without a marked increase in prospective home residents.

  7. I am in New England visiting one of my few remaining relatives. I just found out that a relative by marriage in Maine was diagnosed recently with early onset Alzheimer’s at age 60; he has no family history of the disease. And today I met a lady in her 70s who developed the symptoms of dementia a six weeks ago. She was reasonably lucid talking with me, and one of the first things that she said was that everyone in New England has cancer now. Apparently even someone who is demented can tell that a lot of people are getting seriously ill.

  8. “I take mushrooms from time to time and whereas it just used to be very euphoric or draw attention to my teeth, what I noticed in 2021 or so is that it would feel as if my brain struggles to get enough oxygen. Lately when I take them the trip tends to be dark and the next day I have a headache.”

    Psychedelics can make you very suggestible though. The past few years have been very bleak, especially for the unvaxxed. And as you do appear to subscribe to the view that COVID is a lymphocyte depleting brain damaging virus right out a horror movie then it would be weird if you weren’t getting bad trips. Also, headaches the day after mushrooms isn’t exactly uncommon.

  9. Forgot to mention, regarding the oxygen thing – I’m sure I had what you are talking about on LSD long before the pandemic, like my mind was expanding faster than my lungs could provide enough oxygen to keep up with it. I remember people on either Bluelight or Drugs Forum talking about it too. Can’t find it right now unfortunately as Google is terrible for finding helpful harm reduction info these days.

  10. IOTech International makes a good one with molecular iodine. Line includes nasal spray, mouthwash, dental gels to use in trays. Claims to be a more effective antimicrobial than povidone at lower concentration– clear and non-staining too.

  11. IOTech International makes a good product line with molecular iodine. Line includes nasal spray, mouthwash, dental gels to use in trays. Claims to be a more effective antimicrobial than povidone at lower concentration– clear and non-staining too.

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