A tough question for Team Nothingburger

Somewhere between the “antivaxxers” and the “Zero COVID zealots”, you will find team nothingburger, the “rational” “moderate” people who are just really eager to believe the world will now return to normal. SARS2 won’t depopulate the planet, vaccines won’t cause people to drop dead, the world panicked over a flu virus and now we’re back to business as usual.

And I have a question for them. How do you explain those four million newly disabled Americans? You could pretend that long COVID is just another fake disease, but then you’re still stuck with those four million people who now have a disability. And in a period of two and a half years, that’s a lót of people.

The numbers look a little awkward for the zero COVID zealots too, considering there’s no problem visible until the summer of 2021. I’d say it does fit my double-whammy model of the apocalypse: Mass vaccination + new virus = Constant reinfection. And considering that big spike at the end of the graph is June 2023, I would say we’re not out of the woods yet either.

The reason this turned into such a thing that people still continue to argue and proselytize over is because people notice something is wrong. They’re getting severe colds in the middle of summer, they feel constantly tired, anxious and depressed, they notice every company is suddenly unable to fill its vacancies, they have far worse hay fever than they used to get and they notice young people “dying suddenly”.

It’s not unique to the United States either. The pandemic so far resulted in half a million more people with long term sickness in the United Kingdom too, again with no end in sight, the last numbers are for June 2023 and show a new record again. And as I mentioned before, the Netherlands is now starting to notice a strange rise in people with memory problems.

I’m a fatalist. I don’t think you can do anything to solve this, at least nothing that doesn’t create all sorts of new problems of its own. But I’m not going to sit here and pretend it’s not happening. Gain of function experiments only have to go wrong once, to create a very different world.

We’re now stuck with millions of people showing various immune system problems. And the question to ask yourself is: How will BA.2.86 influence that picture? It is as different from currently circulating variants, as Omicron was from Delta.

There is of course the serotype scenario to anticipate, but I also think there’s a big chance we will just eventually end up with a persistent infection giving birth to some new variant that most people just can not get rid of. If other persistent infections like hepatitis are anything to go by, that would result in widespread T-cell exhaustion.

I also think a lot of people are already sick, without realizing it. When your body produces IgM antibodies, you may notice it. They can make your blood cells clump together. IgG3 antibodies encourage your body to kill infected cells. Both are pro-inflammatory.

IgG4 antibodies on the other hand, just encourage your body to tolerate parasitic infections. It means giving up the fight. When your immune system is fighting an infection, you will feel tired, anxious and depressed. This is useful, it helps you avoid infecting members of your tribe with whatever infected you.

It seems that mRNA vaccines make infections less likely to result in long COVID. I have long wondered why the choice was made for a vaccination technique that was very likely to lead to a tolerogenic immune response. My suspicion now is that they may have chosen this response to maintain business as usual for a few more years.

It seems we’re going to end up over the next few years with most of the population just suffering dementia and immunodeficiency. I think this is probably for the best, for this reason:


  1. I live in a blue state with mountains, and I hike. I repeat the same trails twice a year or so. The number of cars at trailheads and number of people on the trails are a wonderful indicator of what is going on, socially and epidemiologically. Weather is good throughout the year, and I choose good weather to hike too, so what follows is not impacted by that.

    Trails emptied suddenly in March 2020, when everyone was scared. Pretty quickly, in June or so, they got back to baseline again, then super-full by July, as a lot of people, even leftists, realized that hiking in nature and sun was a good way to strengthen the immune system.

    Trails got empty all of a sudden in April 2021, when the jab campaign hit its peak! Weather was perfect and parking lots were empty. August 2021 and September marked the beginning of a slow recovery, but nothing to the levels of January or February the same year. Let’s call January 2021 100% occupancy.

    2022 and the first half of 2023 we saw fluctuations between “empty” and “60%”. We saw that easy trails in the foothills were the busiest, with the most difficult ones being emptier. Less used trails were being overgrown with vegetation in a way they weren’t before. Good thing we can have a GPS in our pocket nowadays.

    The past two months, however (July and August 2023), numbers started whittling down, most markedly in August. This week-end we did a hike in _perfect_ weather, on a trail on which we would have encountered 40-50 people… we encountered five. Parking lot confirmed, had a handful of cars, and at 6 PM when we got back, our car was the only one left there.

    • Interesting. Yeah it’s in the little things where you really tend to notice that something is just “wrong”.

      Seemingly healthy young people with a strange loud cough, in the middle of July. Places you used to go to that just don’t seem alive the way they used to be.

      • Lol

        They are all making holidays in Eastern Europe and East Asia it seems.
        Less bullshit. Perfect hospitality for half the price.

        • I just spent three hours waiting in line at the Thai consulate in Laos. All of the young healthy people “making holidays” are hacking their guts out, in late August.

          It was disturbing, and I just I don’t catch it.

  2. For a pureblood, the danger of the state going full retard and trying to actually exterminate those who haven’t taken the imposed gene therapy is greater than the danger of a virus, even one with lethality in the double digits. Even a horrific lethality of 50% is way less than the 99% that happens if the state actually sends the military to force inject or kill those who don’t want to. This is why so many purebloods focus their own pre-emptive propaganda against any suggestion that the virus is dangerous. Any honest medical research can only happen after the evildoers who have been pushing censorship, repression, and poison injections are toppled from power. They even lie about men being women, they will lie about anything. For now, the harder they press their repressive measures, the more resistance will increase. They are guilty of murdering countless people, and maiming millions as this chart shows. They are evil, and they will use any evidence that the virus is dangerous as a pretext for repression that is way worse than the virus.

  3. Thanks for the last 3 posts – effing excellent.

    Disability cranks higher in spite of a collapse in people taking boosters. Central banks under the illusion that the labor market is strong, when the reality is that the number of able workers is shrinking. They will continue to raise interest rates, wrecking the peasant finances.

    None of us will come out of this unscathed. Keep taking your tin foil hat meds / supplements and ice your balls (it’s what I’m doing lol)

    • What stopped the mandates in the US was an association of employers bringing legal action all the way to the Supreme Court, complaining that they were running out of workers, because people were quitting rather than taking the jabs.

      Logically, the regime realized that if they want to have another go at mandates, they will need to make sure that the peasants cannot aford to stick it to their bosses. So high unemployment will be needed next time, so people get desperate. Truckers caused trouble in February 2022… look, 30,000 of them have just been dumped on the job market now, to make sure there are ten job applicants in line for every peasant who thinks of getting uppity: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/jul/31/yellow-trucking-firm-layoffs-bankruptcy .

      If Ukraine winds down and the regime reckons it can go through a period of economic disruption for the sake of bringing injection rates to 97% (with the disobedients slated for a one-way trip to the Safe Fun Reeducation Quarantine Camp), watch out. One of the signs is that they will ramp up again the propaganda that states the virus is dangerous, using jab victims for cover, like last time.

  4. I’m always watching the Died Suddenly stuff very closely and for some time it has been quiet for a while in Portugal, hardly any case in the news.
    Now, this month, the sudden deaths in public are raging again.

    Got a whole bunch lately: several dying at the beaches, some at the supermarkets, a priest dying during a mass, and so on.
    According to official data, this August has in fact been the most deadly since 2003.

    It coincides with this new covid wave, like you’ve been saying. Mass vaccination + new variant.
    I don’t buy what Team Nothinburger is selling, and there’s definitely something wrong going on.

    • There are rumors that our rulers have some kind of machine with which they can see the future. Or talk to some demons who are bound to tell the truth. And that is why they freaked out so badly in 2020. They were told / shown that the ‘rona will kill billions, and that mRNA gene therapy was the way forward. But they couldn’t tell the masses how they acquired that information.

      So they rushed headlong into mRNA. Not realizing that they were fulfilling the vision themselves, that mRNA was the way forward to mass death, and that the piles of bodies they saw in visions or in the CERN post-processing display were those of the jabbies.

      Globohomo has upset all the Gods with their out-of-all-bounds behavior, like Pharaoh. And they shall suffer the fate of Pharaoh.

  5. There had already been a steady increase over the past decade or so. Yes, the trend has accelerated somewhat, but the slump during 2020 serves to exaggerate it.

    We need to consider what sorts of disability it might include. It will surely include people with ‘depression and anxiety’, something which it isn’t hard to imagine might be seen at higher rates at the moment, for multiple reasons, including anxiety over the pandemic itself and associated worries. I’ve never known so many suicides as I’ve seen over the past few years.

  6. I live near a university campus, and its at basically 60% compared to 2020 even though the number of students has gone up. The funniest thing is that the paths, hangout spots, and other places are all empty.

    • It’s an easy way to score. It’s what a substantial demographic of people want to hear. Helps them put their mind at ease.

      I’m a natural contrarian, but I also just go where the evidence leads me: We have four million newly disabled Americans. That’s a trainwreck.

      And some people presumably want to downplay all this stuff because they fear people will just sign up for more vaccines and lockdowns otherwise, but I’m not in the business of playing psychological or rhetorical games.

      I just want to understand what’s going on and point it out when we’re doing stupid shit that makes the world and our lives worse.

      • I am close to someone who works HR for an institution with about 2000 employees with a very generous sick leave policy. That institution also had a strongly-enforced jab mandate.

        I asked last night how things are sickness-wise. The number of employees running out of medical leave days is at the highest it’s been in the last 12 months.

        You can bet that the rulers of our world see similar aggregate figures from the large employee pools of the various governments. Broken down by age, jab status, health status, etc.

  7. I have a relative by marriage who is in her 70s who has had every covid vax available and who has not caught covid yet (she is a college prof and she masks all the time even when lecturing). She had every shot since she had breast cancer in the past and a lobe removed from her lung, and also she has always had low IgG. She’s of recent Northern European descent, and very slim, and eats actual food, so this isn’t due to American junk eating and obesity. I just got an email from her:

    today I had my checkup at X. Not only are my IgG levels low (but maintaining at the low level) but there has been a decrease (more so than before) in my IgA levels. I also have had some pain in the center of my gut followed by loose stools about 8 – 10 times since the spring. The ALT was one point above the high and with the lower than ever IgA level plus the pain and loose bowels, the doctor wants me to have an endoscopy. He also wants me to also have a blood test for Hepatic Function for possible noninfective gastroenteritis and colitis. He also wants a Tissue Transglutaminase IgA Ab (lab work I think), plus another IgA and a still sample for Pancreatic Elastace (not sure about this).

    I think the zillion covid shots have made her liver fibrotic, or have killed off her pancreas (causing pancreatic insufficiency), or have caused an autoimmune problem which is leading to a digestive infection or digestive cancer. Of course I am not going to say any of that to her, but will hope for the best. Here is a person who does not currently count as disabled, but I am thinking that in the next year or two she is going to be joining that cohort.

    • I have never understood old people who got all scared about covid and went round getting, as you say, “every covid vax available”. They didn’t have long to live anyway, did the possibility of side effects not occur to them?

      All that technology and analysis for one old lady in her seventies.

      What kind of stuff does she lecture? Some kind of “hard science”, or something fluffier?

      Actually I don’t like it too much when those with a “hard science” background scorn those without.

      As Radagast say, honesty and integrity have gone out of the window. Why should “scientists” be any more honest than the masses? Honesty is something that prevents people ascending the pyramid. And if honesty has gone, that voids the science.

      • Possibility of side effects did not occur to them and to bring up the idea there are risks would be met with scoffs and snorts of derision about how there are no risks. That’s was my experience with my well educated friend circle here in Massachusetts who are now dealing with repeated shingles and herpes outbreaks.

        • This relative (by marriage) did listen to me carefully when I described what I thought might be the dangers of the vaccine. But because she had had cancer in the past, and had a weak immune system, she decided it was worth the risk. I’m not going to tell her now that her problems may be due to the shots since there isn’t any point.

          But, most people I know are like your friends in MA. “Protects against death and severe illness” blah blah blah.

    • I think it would make sense that if she avoids all exposure to germs, her IgA and IgG levels would be low. Use it or lose it.

    • My guess is that your professor friend has inflammation of the gut due to her digestive bacteria being altered to constantly manufacture toxic spike protein. The implications of the contamination in the shots discovered by McKernan are mindboggling.

      • Do you think her gut bacteria are still producing spike protein due to the shot??? Even now, many months later???

        I guess I don’t have a sense of how long the body produced spike protein after the shot. I assumed that the effect wore off. There was a Japanese study early on that found vaccination spike in the reproductive system months after vaccination, but I thought it was leftover spike from early production.

        She could also have caught covid asymptomatically and now has a reservoir somewhere that is pumping out spike and causing stomach upset. It’s not as if it is certain her masking has worked.

  8. So, the discussion about the uptick in disability is interesting and I just so happen to work with uninsured patients in a ‘red’ state where the Medicaid program was not expanded with Obamacare. What that means, generally speaking, is that if you are an adult between ages 19-65 without custody of minor children, even if you are low-income, you cannot qualify for Medicaid without being disabled or blind. Medicaid won’t even make a determination on your case, you must apply for and be approved for SSI through the Social Security Administration, and then you are granted Medicaid automatically through that program.

    There was a time these patients could expect a decision within 5-6 months of applying. That has now (starting sometime in 2021) turned into 12-15 months. Many of my patients are dead before a determination is made. Hospitals in these states will usually do some sort of financial aid so they can receive treatment, but if they need a transplant, best of luck to them, financial aid does not cover that, or many other major surgeries. Because I have a business need to access their medical records, I will only say that many of them did get vaccinated as they were already not in their best health, had a major medical incident shortly thereafter, end up getting COVID anyway while inpatient, are permanently damaged by all of this and cannot return to work, and end up filing for disability because they now meet the SSA criteria, assuming they don’t die while inpatient.

    Since 2021, the SSA (and the state DDS offices) appear to me to have been experiencing high turnover, heavy caseloads, do not return calls, do not obtain all medical records to prove the case, frequently deny cases even if that patient has been in a vegetative state for 6 months or had 2 above-the-knee amputations. Then, assuming the case was (finally) approved, the local SSA field offices are 6-8 months behind on doing the final interview to review the applicant’s finances to ensure they are below the SSI limits.

    It’s a shitshow and it is only getting worse by the month.

  9. It’s a nothing burger. Even before the vax, the most unhealthiest boomers lived well past 80. Look at Keith Richards. So what the vaxxed get a few more colds a year?

    Don’t get me wrong it will cause and has caused a lot of suffering. But will it significantly alter the course of industrial civilization? I don’t think so.

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