A warning for the Americans: Do not go to hell.

ACT test scores have dropped to a new low in the US. These are tests high school students take before going to college. Check the scores yourself here. The decline is visible in basically every demographic. Scores went down from 20.7 in 2019, to 20.6 in 2020, to 20.3 in 2021, now to 19.8 in 2022. I’m asking you: At what point do you stop pretending this is due to a few weeks of school closure and start realizing the whole population is suffering some subtle brain damage?

Can we please start acknowledging that there is a genuine problem? Or is this going to be like climate change, where Europe gets its worst drought in 500 years, the koala’s in Australia are pushed towards extinction by the forest fires, the Siberian landscape has gaping holes where the methane is starting to blow up and its concentration in our atmosphere grows faster every year even though our own human emissions are stable, but you morons are so eager to pretend nothing bad is happening that you just refuse to see it?

As evidence that something is going wrong at a population-wide level, you can also just look at the life expectancy that is plunging:

So what’s causing the plunge in test scores? Just for the heck of it, I feel like comparing highly vaccinated and little vaccinated states. Mississippi, where very few people have been vaccinated, saw a modest decline of 0.3.

On the other hand, the state with the highest vaccination rate, Massachusetts, saw a very big plunge, of 1.1. This is not entirely fair though, as 2021 was unusually high for Massachusetts. Neighboring Rhode island also saw a big plunge of 0.6, but here the same applies again, 2021 was unusually high for Rhode island. Connecticut saw a plunge of 0.9. Little vaccinated Alabama saw a pretty big plunge of 0.7 too, but similarly little vaccinated Louisiana saw a decline of just 0.3.

Perhaps most mysteriously, black students have seen a decline of just 0.2, whereas the general decline has been 0.5. Even if you look at a two year period, the whole population has seen a 0.8 decline, whereas black students have seen a 0.6 decline. What happened to the story of black children being affected worse by the school closures?

I’ll play open card: I think that SARS-COV-2 infections cause subtle brain damage and that people, vaccinated and unvaccinated, are in the Omicron era constantly being infected in places with relatively high vaccination rates. And so the decline in test scores fits the pattern I would expect to see. There’s also this nasty pattern, of people ages 18–64 reporting they have difficulty remembering things:

Overall, since the start of the Omicron era, there’s just nothing good that correlates with vaccination levels at a population level, not even the collapse in testing scores in the US correlates in the way you’d want to see. I know they have their studies suggesting you’re still 90% protected against severe disease if you got your fifteenth booster etc, but I would say don’t be a rube and realize that there is no greater way of lying than through statistics.

The Zero COVID wokies choose the worst of all possible worlds, because they constantly line up to have their antibody repertoire narrowed and homogenized at a population level, while wearing the masks that prevent natural infections with other respiratory viruses from repairing the damage they cause to their antibody repertoire. And if you think this is just something I invented after one too many hits of Critical Kush from the vaporizer, do me a favor and read my previous post, where I point out how narrow T-cell immunity dominated by a handful of T-cells was described in a study as exacerbating the virulence of the 1918 pandemic influenza.

These vaccines narrow your immune response and homogenize it at a population level, the SARS-COV-2 variants that spread then further narrow it by selectively recalling some of your antibodies while avoiding others, until we start getting doomsday variants that avoid even that increasingly narrow immune response triggered by previous variants. It’s a bad vaccine and I know just 5% or so of the population is still foolish enough to keep lining up for it, but I’m saying this for the smart people out there whose intelligence makes them uniquely capable of adjusting to stupid ideas.

Bad karma

You’re not going to believe me and that’s fine, but I have to say it. Humanity brought this virus that’s eating your brains and collapsing your global economy upon itself. Cruelty towards others, especially towards children and animals, generates bad karma. Rates of mental illness in children and teenagers are very high, which is mostly due to academic pressure. That’s the fault of adults.

Animal cruelty also invites misery upon humanity. Hurting animals is very bad, as animals exist in a state of innocence, when they commit harm they are generally not aware of what they are doing. The closer you are to ground zero, the worse the karma you generate. The livestock farmers and abattoir workers face the worst karmic repercussions, hence why it is so taboo in most Asian countries to marry into such families. Anyone who consumes their products also invites karmic repercussions however.

Bad karma is also generated by polluting our environment. To fly around the world, to buy luxury yachts, all of this generates a karmic debt that will have to be repaid in this life or the next. None of this will shock people when you explain it to them, they have heard this sort of stuff before, but you tend to lose awareness of it and it starts to seem ridiculous, once your brain enters into a high dopamine state. That’s the sort of feeling you experience when you take stimulants like cocaine, or when you are simply socially dominant, like a businessman or a politician.

With sufficient dopaminergic stimulation, people start to act and feel as if they are demonically possessed. Cocaine and Meth abusers will often end up asking for help, because they insist they are possessed by demons. All the angels and demons can be thought of as archetypes that exist within your mind, with sufficient dopaminergic stimulation you’ll move your personality in the direction of these demons.

You never really see regular cocaine users behave like nice people: They’re macho types who abuse women and often engage in white collar crime. Flood the brain with dopamine and the demons start pulling the ropes. All the fancy ceremonies that politicians go through, with men in uniform who accompany them as they walk through massive presidential palaces, have a similar effect on politicians: These rituals flood their brains with dopamine and so they too start to have the demons in their mind pull the ropes. They lose empathy and human beings become just numbers to them.

Evil is not some sort of grand organized scheme. It’s a banality that people succumb to. The Epstein scandal is the perfect example. There’s plenty of evidence for sexual abuse of teenage girls, but no good evidence for satanic rituals. If you’re looking for someone who’s pulling the strings and setting up a global plot, then you’re not looking for human beings. If such a plotter exists you’d have to look for higher spheres, for entities without corporeal bodies.

Most of the harmful impact that animal foods have on your health can be traced back to one source: Palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is what animal fat cells use to store fat. When you are kept in cages away from sunlight, as most of the animals human eat are, your body builds up fat. Thus whenever you’re eating those animals, you’re filling your body with palmitic acid. It’s rare to find palmitic acid in plants, the main exception is the palm oil that comes from Indonesia. Your body really doesn’t enjoy encountering palmitic acid in its bloodstream, it seems to interpret it as evidence of damage to its own fat cells. There are numerous health problems that can be linked to dietary palmitic acid, you can look up the literature for yourself.

And this won’t shock you perhaps, but SARS-COV-2 is aided in just about every step of the disease by palmitic acid. You can see the molecular mechanisms described here and you can see the relationship to severe COVID explained here.

Multiple studies have looked at the link between vegetarianism and severe COVID. They find that severe COVID is almost non-existent in vegetarian elderly, even though there is no observed difference in BMI. Why is Africa doing so well during this pandemic? Partly because they don’t vaccinate, but also partly because of their plant based diets.

You can get angry, you can slip into denial, you can start ranting about beta soycucks and iron and protein and vitamin B12 and the Inuit in Alaska and the tall Mongolians and what have you not, but you’re just shooting the messenger and I fundamentally just don’t really care. The law of Karma is going to cause you to reap what you sow, regardless of what I say or do.

Either you cease to poison yourself with palmitic acid and allow the plants and fungi to do what they do best, which is to help vertebrates like us survive in a world where viruses would like to consume our bodies, or you’re just more excess ballast that’s going to be thrown off the ship. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, it doesn’t matter, you will just be thrown off the ship either way.

Do not go to hell

This is the involuntary solution to the global ecological crisis. People with large karmic debts are thrown off the ship, until a new global balance emerges. But until you die and get to reincarnate, you’re first just going to be tortured in various ways. Take a look with me at this, you’re not going to like it. The SARS-COV-2 Spike protein, binds to the Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in a similar manner to known antagonists.

This virus is in your brain, as we speak. It will produce new copies of itself when it sees the opportunity. These Spike proteins will then get to bind to your nicotinic acetylcholine receptors as antagonists. What is the effect of that going to be? It’s going to be hell. The depictions of hell from art like that of Hieronymus Bosch, are the sort of landscape you see when you expose your brain to nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists. You can look up the Benadryl trip reports, or the Datura trip reports, or the Henbane trip reports, the latter of which most closely seem to resemble Bosch’s vision of hell.

This virus is in your brain, it may remain dormant there, but it will reactivate itself as you grow older, just as herpes viruses in the brain do when people grow older. In elderly admitted to the hospital for a SARS-COV-2 infection, delirium is present in 53.6%. Delirium is what nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists like scopolamine and atorpine cause. You will just see spiders and demons and other frightening things.

You will behave in a strange manner, you will not understand what’s going on, you will see people who are not really there. That’s what it means, to experience delirium. And it’s what the majority of hospitalized elderly with this virus experience. In one study, 21.6% of hospitalized COVID patients experienced visual hallucinations. These were not elderly with dementia, the average age was 56.5, the oldest was just 71 years old. Even from long covid you start to see personality changes.

Look at what they’re reporting:

One patient’s hallucinations were characterized by a duplication of an extra finger, an enlargement of an upper extremity, a tactile hallucination of crawling bugs, and a somatic component of abnormal positioning of an extremity. The content of the hallucinations was related to the fearful and threatening situations in three patients and the experience of seeing deceased family members in two patients.

They see DEAD PEOPLE. You can deny all this stuff if you want, you probably will. That’s human nature. In the high dopamine state we lose empathy for others and cease to think about long-term consequences. The worse your infection gets, the more torturous the symptoms will get and the worse your delirium will be.

What do you think hell is? Like everything else you experience, hell is just another realm that your own brain produces, under the right circumstances (anticholinergic delirium). If you have a bunch of Spike proteins in your nervous system, then that’s another great way to experience hell.

But the way to avoid this is relatively simple and I’m just going to show it to you once again:

Almost every culture has some form of hell in its cosmology, just as almost every culture had access to anticholinergic tropane alkaloids through nightshade family plants. But unlike in Abrahamic religions, hell is generally not seen as eternal in Hinduism, the punishment is transitory.

You simply have to repent from participating in animal abuse, if you don’t want to go to hell. That’s really just the main way out of this situation.


  1. plants struggle and strive to survive just as utterly as any animal that has the blessing of being able to loudly vocalize its agony to a sympathetic ear

    sallekhana is the only way out of the murder

    • Fruits and nuts grow to be eaten, gifts from a life form shared with another form of life for its survival and its nourishment and for the continuing life of the one who shares —by eating the fruit and gifting the earth with its seed and readily compostable products alongside it, I too participate in the circle of death and life and death and life. Or, consider the earlier conversation Radagast engaged with posting about milk: mothers share life and gift with their own children, enhancing their children’s survival and converging their burgeoning genetics towards the mother’s and her kin’s.

      Chhinnamasta, beautiful and terrifying, gives life through death and lives without dying so that those who die can live to share in dying for life.

      • Nuts…plant BABIES…grow to be…”eaten”…erm…

        This is your brain on vegan diet people. You need some exogenous cholesterol and healthy animal fats, to heal your brain and raise your testosterone, so you can think clearly again.

        Nuts grow to *sprout* and become new plants, not to be eaten. Imagine aliens saying “humans grow embryos for us to eat”… actually, that is what they think, hence the 1.5 billion abortions in the past decades, but that’s another (related) story.

        I’ll give you the fruit one, technically they are a trade, you eat the flesh, and you poop the seed in the forest, but until I see some real, healthy, long time 100% fruitarians, that’s a moot point (and you better be pooping in the forest..).

        Meanwhile, grains and legumes (also plant babies) kill more animals (rodents mainly but many others), in seemingly horrible ways, per calorie, than beef, and harm your body greatly in the process, we didn’t evolve to digest them and have only just begun to adapt to the many toxic aspects of them (unlike healthy, pasture raised organic beef and other organic animal products)

        How does karma treat those who willingly pretend death isn’t occuring as a consequence of their choices, just so they can *feel* superior to others, while actually causing more death, in reality, than those they *judge*, and while also promoting onto others a form of widespread self harm and slow suicide? Perhaps by having them also be roadkill they create, so to speak, in other people’s (world domination, for example) plans, and have that self harm, that they consented to by participating, be further reflected back upon them in ever more self deceptive “healthy” vegan fads, in the oh so common vegan spiral into grey saggy flesh, mentally unstable “I feel totally great…except for…maybe this next lot of supplements will compensate for the (lack of animal nutrients we are made from and evolved to live off)” decay..

        No Thanks. You can keep your fake moral superiority, I will keep doing my best to take ACTUAL responsibility for my choices and seek ACTUAL awareness of the consequences of them, and minimize ACTUAL harm, where I can.

        • There is also the fact that plowing land for fields decreases the holding capacity of land for animals. The more plants the earth grows and we consume, the fewer total animals, wild and domestic.

        • What do you notice about the relationship seeding vegetation has with the creatures who forage upon those seeds?

          Who has the fake moral superiority you think needs to be kept to themselves? If you actually do think you must own your responsibility, become aware of what you’re doing, and minimize the harm you do, why are you still alive?

          You don’t really display a pleasant, calm and beautiful person with a flexible or cunning mind. You display fixation, lack of humor, and predictable insensitivity to nuance. Would you even know how to laugh at your self when the time comes? You don’t even use html tags. Are you holding down shift as you type or are using the CAPS LOCK key?

          Are you sure you’re not self-parody at this point? Here, insert that Willy Wonka meme and tell us more about Mensa.

      • “plants exist beyond time…” Now that’s an interesting perspective.

        How would you address the fact that they “scream” (emit ultrasonic noises) and signal each other chemically, and then produce poisons on their leaves, when being eaten, or even just when hearing the sound of, say, caterpillars eating them, within this concept?

        Or how about the chemicals grasses emit when eaten to attract predators, to eat the browsing herbivores (hence why cut grass smells so good to some people)?

        Perhaps there is a disconnect between the spiritual reality of a plants “spirit” and the physical evolved reality of it’s survival of the fittest body, much the same as there is to some degree in humans

  2. I’m seeing lots of reports locally of people with covid testing positive for 10, 15, 20 days – in one case twenty nine days(!) I can’t help but wonder what damage is being done and if their next infection will be even worse.

  3. Just saw some twitter MD quoting Topol and saying that XBB is ripping through highly vaccinated and boosted Singapore anyways, therefore we gotta mask harder, get updated boosters and so on.

    Honestly and I don’t mean that as a mockery of them anymore, this is the type of stuff that makes me believe in “Covid Brain”.

    As you always say, why is this happening in Singapore but not Algeria and nobody mentions it?
    It’s like these people are incapable of processing information and perpetually stuck in repetitive, rambling thoughts. Almost like survivors of strokes such that they’re “mostly there” and functional, but also “a little off” and odd.
    Especially the MD demographic which is highly injected and closest to hospitals/reinfections.

  4. Barring a doomsday variant arriving on the scene, surely with natural immunity the human body will be better equipped to fight it off, even if surrounded by the highly vaccinated? What is also worrying is that, If mRNA vaccine shedding is a real phenomenon, then many people may have already acquired original antigen sin without even knowing it.

    • >Barring a doomsday variant arriving on the scene, surely with natural immunity the human body will be better equipped to fight it off, even if surrounded by the highly vaccinated?

      Vaccination is one factor in the equation of many. I’m convinced that in the Omicron era, vaccination now has negative efficacy against hospitalization and death, if not per individual infection then simply through increased risk of infection.

      But coronaviruses are intrinsically dangerous. Through natural selection we have over time “domesticated” four of them, they have become like dogs that help protect us from the wolves. Those four are now struggling to survive, they took a big hit through social distancing and now generally seem to lose the competition with SARS-COV-2, which has managed to hugely expand its range of genetic variation in the Omicron era, whereas that of the hCov’s has been hurt by the social distancing experiment. You can see the fingerprints of corona viruses in our genome, we were decimated by them long before we developed vaccines, in fact long before anyone lived to be eighty years old.

      Even the unvaccinated are at risk of having their bodies injured by this virus. If you suffer brain damage or T-cell damage from this virus, you probably won’t directly notice it. You will have to give your body the tools it needs to get through the storm.

    • Absolutely! Do not underestimate also the total prevalence of LP and mRNA in sewage which then to some extent will eventually also come into our drinking water and food. There is no way to hide from it so we must cope by supplements, way of life etc

    • Yes, I wish this weren’t such a suppressed topic so I had some real idea what threat shedding poses. Already know that shedding through breast milk can be fatal, and through close contact leads to antibody synchronisation to some degree, and have also personally felt symptoms from exposure to vaxxed people, at least at first (either I’m used to it and don’t notice the effects or my body has learned to handle it better now, I hope it’s the latter as avoiding all vaxxed in Australia is nigh on impossible without becoming a hermit)

      Just how bad is it to, say, hug a vaxxed? Can OAS/ADE level antibody homogenisation occur from that, or does it require the fake adjuvant over stimulated “threat” of a jab to cause that level of response? Can any active nanolipid or adenovirus GMO particles transfer and actually alter my DNA, as it has theirs?

      Any actual firm or strongly suggestive info on this would be great, all we have is tens of thousands of anecdotes suggesting some form of shedding, and dozens of cases where things like breast milk at least were (fatally) shedding something.

  5. Hi Radigast
    Concur with you broadly. Regarding your take on palmitic acids please consider that in places like Mongolia animals are leading a natural life outside. I never saw cruelty against animals in Mongolia and Mongolians are abhorred by what Chinese or other settled people do with their animals. They also have the strict rule never to leave any part of an animal unconsumed or unused. It is out of respect for the life taken. If you eat a rib the bone must be picked absolutely clean. They find the European way of eating horrible. I personally avoid any meat that has been factory farmed.
    And there is something else: In German you say: Du bist, was Du ißt. I don´t know whether “You are what you eat” worke in Dutch as well. But I am pretty sure that the way we treat animals and the environment has effected the way we treat each other. Take the Covid vaccinations: they treat humanity just the way they treat pigs in a factory farm. Karma is already here…

  6. A vegan diet can, among other things, lower cholesterol… which is not quite optimal for a young, developing brain. We are looking at the first generation of “mom, dad, I’m a vegan now!” kids… and their cognitive skills are declining.

    The correlation with vaccination rates would be mediated through wokeness. Goodwhite regions surely can be expected to both sport more hip vegan kids and higher vaccination rates.

  7. Now that is class A bullshit. If the indians are so blessed with wisdom why they look like shit? Have you been to India? It a a shithole. Their women are beyond ugly and they look much older than their years. Isin t funny that the most atractive people are european Men and women? We here în România eat meat as crazzy and our women are superb, indian women not so much. India is an poverty stricken disease infested shithole, they haven t evolve that muck compare to meat hungry Europe haven t they? I bet that the majority of gennius în history sure loved their meat. I know that Goethe loved steak and he wrote Faust and lived up to 82. Not badea. The americans who build some cool stuff from the 1950s sure love their ribs. Wgat have the indians build în the last 1000 years? Those smart young indians who built-in things, you see them în KFC eating cricket because they are trei of tradițional “vegan” diet ala hunger. Cut the crap. We have evolved to eat meat, even the primitives eat meat. Go live under a rock new age freak.

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