Adolf Hitler aka Austrian Painter exposed: His secret past as an alt-right racist incel

Most of you will be pretty familiar with Adolf Hitler, or Austrian Painter, by now. Adolf Hitler uses he/him pronouns. He’s known for some of these songs:

This was apparently recorded in April 1945 in Berlin, it was Hitler’s first big hit.

But honestly, my favorite songs of his were the ones I heard when I went to a gay leather bar in Tel Aviv:

I had a pretty good time there, I dressed up in a German uniform and all the guys were hitting on me, telling me I looked like Hitler and asking me to speak German to them, to which I responded by trying to explain I’m Dutch. But it got me intrigued, I wanted to know more about this Hitler man.

He basically dropped on the scene out of nowhere a year or so ago and became really popular pretty fast. But when someone appears out of nowhere, you have to think critically why you haven’t heard of him before.

The TRUTH about Adolf Hitler

So what’s the deal with Adolf Hitler? Why does he call himself Austrian Painter on Youtube?

Well, I wanted to find out more about this man, as I grew obsessed with his music, his raspy German accent, his daring appearance.

So I began to read more about him and what I found out was quite shocking.

So to start with, Hitler was born in Austria in a small village. He was actually born pretty long ago, which is how he arrived at his retro appearance. As a teenager, he developed a very strong crush on a Jewish girl called Stefanie Rabatsch, or at least he thought she was Jewish. This began the long and complicated relationship between Hitler and the Jewish community.

He moved to Vienna as a young man, where he enthusiastically joined the first world war. Well we can overlook this, he didn’t know what we do today, that the Austrians would lose the war and thus be the bad guys.

After the war he began his career as a painter, but he was rejected from art school and set out on his own. He became politically active, first as a communist in Bavaria in support of the Jewish Kurt Eisner.

But this love affair did not seem to last. In fact, Hitler set out to join a different group of young socialists, the national socialists. Here he rapidly made a name for himself and even wrote a book, called My Struggle.

Unfortunately, he developed a strange unhealthy sexual obsession with Jews. He complained for example in his speeches that Jewish men pimp out their own wives as prostitutes. He also seems to have been convinced that having sex with Jews is how you catch syphilis, but in his defense, medical knowledge at the time was pretty limited.

Hitler did not take being friendzoned by Rabatsch well, but eventually kind of got over it and began sleeping with his niece, Geli Raubal. Unfortunately she committed suicide in 1931 with Hitler’s gun and Hitler was heartbroken. He got really depressed.

He started using drugs heavily and things got pretty out of control. At first the National Socialist party was a pretty cool party, with divorced mothers and gays like Ernst Röhm. But it did not last, as Hitler became increasingly erratic. On the night of the long knives, Hitler has Ernst Röhm and a bunch of other top members of the Nazis canceled.

Things started going downhill rapidly, when Hitler became president of Germany. He found a new girlfriend, Eva Braun, but the damage of his failed relationships had already hurt his self-esteem. He started a weird incel movement for his most hardcore fans (who were called the SS). He called it the Lebensborn movement, which would force women to sleep with incels in the SS, to promote the birth of more Germans.

This is pretty problematic. To start with, women of color were not welcome in the Lebensborn movement. Second, Hitler apparently seemed to believe that women just owe his fans sex, in exchange for being nice to them and defending the homeland, as if women are just some kind of slot machines you throw your nice-guys points and war medals into in exchange for sex.

Hitler and the other members of the Nazis, some of whom still perform in his music videos to this day, had a groupie, a Jewish princess called Stefanie von Hohenlohe, who used to associate with them. Apparently she just put up with their misogyny, like a true pick-me-princess.

Now the big question you may have is as following:

Was Hitler a Zionist?

I wondered this too. There is a genocide going on in Gaza today due to the racist ideology of Zionism and it is important to be critical about artists who support Israel, or refuse to condemn the genocide.

Well, I’ve looked into this and the evidence suggests that yes, Hitler has a pretty sketchy past as a promoter of Zionism. Hitler encouraged Jews to leave Germany and colonize Palestine. In 1933, Hitler signed the Haavara Agreement with the Zionists, which would allow them to move to Palestine and receive compensation for their assets in Germany. Tens of thousands of Zionists made use of this arrangement, to occupy Palestinian land.

So, to sum it all up, we have:

-Homophobia. Ernst Röhm was thrown out of the Nazi’s for being gay. When it comes to Hitler’s homophobia, it’s important for us to recognize the simple truth, as painful as it may be for his fans to come to terms with, that Adolf Hitler is not an ally of the LGBTQI+ community. Transrights were heavily restricted, once Hitler became president of Germany.

-Incel ideology. Because of his disappointing relationships with women, Hitler became bitter and started to believe that women owe sex to incels, to increase the German birth rate. This is very misogynistic.

And worst of all:

-Zionism. Hitler helped stimulate the migration of white(!!!) Jews to Palestine, to steal Palestinian land. Yes, these people had inherent whiteness. You can tell they were white for example, by the shape of their nose, which is very different from the indigenous Palestinian nose.

So my suggestion has to be, to boycott Hitler. Don’t listen to his music, don’t buy any of his paintings or his book, don’t go to any of his shows. Tell festival organizers that Adolf Hitler, as a supporter of the Zionist regime and its genocide against Palestinians, should not be welcome on their festival.

Hand out flyers at events, to make people aware of the problematic attitudes of Adolf Hitler towards women, people of color and members of the LGBTQI+ community.

Together we can make a difference.


  1. Fucking Austrians. First they gave us Hitler, then they gave us Josef Fritzl, then they gave us that bearded tranny who won the Eurovision, then they forced the science juice on their population.

  2. [Admin note]Sorry I don’t want to expose any more people’s eyeballs to this.

      • Well, that escalated quickly.

        One minute the kids are getting naughty thrills over a twerking satanic succubus, the next. . .

        Well, it speaks for itself.

        • Posting this may have been funnier in my head than it turned out to be. I don’t actually hate jews btw.

          • I was shocked how fast you were able to create that fictional piece and type it out so quickly. This article was only like 15 minutes old when you dropped that bomb shell of a comment. I thought that some of the comments from @Fucko and @Retard were extreme, but you took it to another level.

            You are really being serious about your extended fasting, or are you just trolling? I am aware of the case report of Scotsman Angus Barbieri who fasted for 382 days, so of course it is possible. You doing water only? Any electrolytes? There is the well documented phenomenon of fasting increasing cognitive capabilities, which could potentially explain how fast you were able to write that story.

            I will pray for you, my brother.

          • I wrote that like five years ago lmao, I just pasted it. I have a fucked up sense of humor. When I was in middle school I wrote Jesus rape fanfiction and gave it to the Christian kids (Was a Fedora back then.). Actually how I made one of my strongest friends in school, he was one of the Christian kids. I’m not joking. We ended becoming friends because we both liked Star Wars EU shit.

            I’m serious about the fasting, excited to start 500 calories a day on the 15th. I started with electrolytes at first, but they taste fucking awful and don’t really make me feel any better honestly, so I’ve stopped, though I am taking vitamins. If anything the fasting has decreased my cognitive capacity, very low energy compared to normal.

            Thank you for the prayers brother, I really do appreciate it, but I’m fine, really, almost done. 500 calories will be easier I think.

          • > I just pasted it.

            Yeah that makes more sense lol, sorry I was being a bit slow and retarded yesterday for some reason.

            I noticed that your Twitter account got suspended, what did you tweet to warrant such a ban? Do you have a new account set up?

          • >Yeah that makes more sense lol, sorry I was being a bit slow and retarded yesterday for some reason.

            You’re good bro, nothing to apologize for.

            >I noticed that your Twitter account got suspended, what did you tweet to warrant such a ban?

            Got pissed in a argument and acted like a edgelord, was stupid of me. Didn’t know anyone here followed me. Here’s my new account if you’re interested 😀


  3. Austrians aren’t so bad. With allies, they fought and beat the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna in 1683; THE turning point for Ottoman expansion into Europe. Ottomans gained no further ground and in the ensuing war that ended 169 the Ottomans would cede most of Ottoman Hungary to the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I.

    So, again, not too shabby.

    Also, didn’t nearly all countries forced the science juice? Wondering why you singled out Austria.

    • > Also, didn’t nearly all countries forced the science juice? Wondering why you singled out Austria.

      Well yes, other countries coerced their populations to be injected using employer mandates, vaccine passes to enter bars, restaurants, cinemas et cetera, enticing the “vaccine hesitant” with free donuts, lottery tickets, beer, ice cream, you name it.

      However, Austria went a step further and attempted to make vaccination COMPULSORY for the ENTIRE adult population. Meaning that if you refused, you would be thrown in prison or fined heavily:

      Austria set to make COVID shots compulsory after bill clears parliament (Reuters):

      Italy and Greece mandated it for over 50s and over 60s respectively. But Austria went a step further than that, which is why I singled out that specific country in my above comment. Of course it was impossible to enforce such a draconian measure, but just the fact that the bill was passed and the precedent was set should be enough to terrify you.

  4. Quote: “As a teenager, …”

    That’s where your story starts?

    Like many you skipped his childhood, full of unbelievable ultra-violence from his father. It’s so much easier to declare him as evil born than to look at how we humans treat our offsprings.

    • Sure.

      I was trying to make a funny, but you can’t make a joke about funny moustache man without the LSWMs unloading a LOT of their own baggage.

  5. The fate of the loved dictator:

    “I had projected and when I became conscious I found I was running in my tropical
    service uniform, – the toughest part of my life’s memories, war service, had been
    The state seemed to be the lowest I had ever been taken to and the vibrations were
    mixed and very worrying. In my journey I was penetrating deeper and deeper into
    this low state and its appearance got gloomier, with miserable looking houses.
    Twice I was halted to enable me to note the inhabitants, who were viciously brawling
    among themselves. One man, whom I knew on earth, walked through me. His state
    in spirit did not surprise me, but I was glad I was now invisible.
    My pace became slower; I appeared to be nearing the lowest depths of the place and
    no one was visible. I was halted in front of what appeared to be a grey-looking
    warehouse with a door. This opened, and I was made to go forward, but was halted
    by the awful vibrations that met my spirit body. Inside I saw a number of
    individuals, perhaps a hundred, who were slowly walking about.
    Their clothing, which was nondescript, hung around them like festoons of dirty
    cobwebs and their faces were dull grey. The inside of the place was also grey; there
    was no colour and only a dim light penetrated from above. Wretched as the scene
    was, it was mild compared with the vibrations I felt.
    Each entity was walking slowly with bowed head taking no observable notice of
    anything. All their thoughts had the same dreadful tenor: “We are here forever;
    there is no hope for us!” This dreadful thought seemed to be true and I could neither
    detect nor was I impressed with any redeeming feature. I seemed to have contacted
    history, a thousand years would be their yesterday, and their tomorrow too, in
    eternity’s boundless time.
    These vibrations were the lowest that I have ever contacted and I was glad when my
    guide quickly withdrew me. These entities were all walking without taking any
    apparent notice of each other, or of any direction. Some may understand when I say
    that they moved like negatively charged particles, each seeking to avoid each other.
    After many visits to the lower states it becomes quite obvious that they are all a
    repetition of the many different ways in which ignorance during earth life can place
    a person in his or her particular position in spirit. The earth life has formed a
    vibratory spirit body which must naturally gravitate to that vibration in spirit. There
    are no mistakes. God’s laws are absolutely fair. Who can complain when one’s own
    self is both judge and jury?
    There are no favourites or privileged ones, and those considered great on earth are
    not necessarily so afterwards. Always the motive of an action counts. The many ways
    and different degrees by which some of our brethren throughout history have made
    the lives of their fellow humans miserable are well known, and range from mental
    torture to extreme physical agony. We tend to blame these guilty ones but more
    advanced spirits feel sorry for them.
    I was taken to a better state before returning to my physical body.
    The next morning I was in a hurry and bustle opening parcels before opening my
    shop door, when I was suddenly, gently but firmly, compelled to sit on a chair. Then,
    with bowed head in my hands, and elbows on knees, I experienced the most intense
    and deepest sorrow for a loved one that it is possible to feel. I was so full of pity that
    I had the utmost difficulty in preventing the tears from flowing.
    The loved one was – the dictator head of a country! Regaining some composure and
    feeling the gentle presence of a high spirit, I mentally asked: “Why have I to feel like
    this?” and was told, “You have been to the place where he is going”.
    This happened in 1937 when there was no actual threat of war. I need hardly say
    that this kind of emotion for a dictator is not normally my nature and I was glad that
    my shop was not open.
    This enveloping soul was a spirit from a high sphere whose love and deep pity for
    such a one on earth gave me cause to think a lot during the rest of the day. The great
    but gentle power that overcame me, although I was physically active at the time,
    surprised me, as I never had experienced it on earth before. The hopelessness of
    those I had contacted during the night was so ghastly and desolate, that only spirit
    experience can know the extent of it. It cannot be described in words. I hope there is
    some turning point for those poor souls. “Forever” is a long time.
    There seems to be a certain simplicity in spiritual truths and we go a long way round
    to find them. We are all a part of a whole, and everyone is “wanted”. The more
    mistakes that are made, the more the concern there is for the one who makes them.
    The gentleness and concern for others by those who have reached the high spheres
    is, as I have tried to make clear, very deep, and it is unselfishness and consideration
    for all, that is simply and truly the reason for their elevation to the higher vibrations
    in the spirit realms.”

  6. Hitler was a leftist – a socialist. He hated the gay, transsexual, queer sickness that he viewed came from the Jews (for example, which books were burned). His preference was to ship them out, but even the US would not take them.

    The leftists of today hate the Zionist regime. The Chabad Jews in the US, their little pet ex Occupy Wall Street, now BLM, leftists have now turned on their Citadel, Vanguard, JP Morgan and Blackrock masters. The BLM socialist left has now joined with the nationalist far right.

    National Socialism 2.0 – created by the Jews themselves. Who would have ever seen that coming.

    Interesting times ahead.

    • He also forgets Hitler’s attitude toward animals, his comprehensive animal rights laws and that his plan was to turn all of Europe vegan (by force, if necessary).

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