Advice for autistic Swedish teenage girls

Perhaps I’m just not based enough for this chaste Aryan princess, but I think something more complex is going on. The symbols are speaking through us again.

I have said before that the Jews just fall under God’s protection, whether you like it or not. It’s how they constantly win wars against their Arab neighbors despite overwhelming odds. Greta just destroyed whatever she had going with the click of a button, by picking sides in a conflict she doesn’t understand. This is just how things go when you pick a fight with them: God humiliates you.

The biggest suffering we can endure is not suffering itself. It is the realization that others want to impose suffering on us. That’s the trauma. When Jews returned from the concentration camps to my country, they insisted that the biggest pain was not the camp itself. It was the realization that their neighbors, their friends, the people they believed cared about them, abandoned them. This is why what happened in Israel can never be equated to what happens in Gaza now. Because Israel doesn’t try to torture civilians. Their misery is a side-effect, of the pursuit of the goal of eradicating Hamas.

The Greta Thunbergs of this world don’t see the burned corpses of parents fused together with their child, or young women at a festival who spend their last living moments with blood pouring from their genitalia. These pictures don’t show up on Instagram and other places where young women congregate, because that is the most primary responsibility of men: To protect women from the greatest possible horrors that have to be endured. One of those horrors, is the realization that we live surrounded by monsters.

But because this is the nature of men, the result is that women become naive. Women are used to living in ignorance, because men work their whole lives to enable them to live in ignorance of the world. There is nothing a woman hates more than a man who treats her as equal to a man, because that man has nothing good and pleasant to offer her. All he has to offer, is a glimpse into the reality outside the house.

Good men spend their whole lives, protecting women from having to understand the world, because you can’t make a woman understand the world without robbing her of the desire to live. You can’t send a woman a bell curve or a pie chart or the FBI crime statistics to have her understand the world. It does not work. A woman begins to understand the world when she dresses up in a bikini, goes to a psytrance festival in the desert and spends the last moments of her life with blood pouring from her genitalia, next to the corpses of her friends.

You go to a psytrance festival, because you want to have the psychedelic experience. Well I’m sorry to say, what happened at the festival in Israel is also the psychedelic experience. The psychedelic experience includes raw qualia so awful you can not imagine them. And many of us work very hard to sequester those qualia, to reduce them to intrusive thoughts, to awful possibilities, to far away hypothetical events, conveyed to you only through images and text. But PLEASE understand that you have to be careful. Especially if you’re Jewish. The Jews have a special role in world history and it’s hard to avoid the conclusion they have special obligations as well.

But curiosity is a universal human trait, not limited to either gender. So women want to understand the world, despite men’s best attempt to stop them and limit their world to pleasantries. But because good men spend their whole lives protecting women from having to understand the world, when women ask what goes on outside their house, the only voice that answers them comes from the Father of the Lies. Then, once men realize the Liar has spoken, they sigh and explain reluctantly how the world works.

People will tell you that Greta didn’t know about this antisemitic trope, that it’s just a toy for autists. But here’s the thing. We never manage to communicate what we want to communicate. We just communicate and we don’t really choose what we convey. The symbols speak through us.

Let me give an example. Here you have Kelly Osborne talking about Latinos:

She tries to convey the culturally dominant anti-racist narrative. But she is so bad at it, that she produces a racist narrative. As an LSWM, I could never be as racist on purpose, as sheltered bourgeois white girls can be by accident. Because LSWMs look at brown people and instinctively see a threat, whereas bourgeois white girls instinctively see a tool. The purpose of diversity at colleges, as Clarence Thomas explained so well, is to basically train embryonic white elites like Kelly Osborne to avoid making career-ending errors like this in public.

The same forces at work in the 1930’s are just psychological forces that are still active in the human mind today. There is no “racism” gene that was eliminated from the human population in 1945, but happens to linger on in a handful of low status white males. No, we have the same psychological drives that we’ve always had. Yet, none of us think: “If it was 1944, I would be running a gas chamber!” No, we all think we would’ve been the ones hiding people in our attic.

The language changes and we think we learned lessons from the horrors that took place. But did we? We plug one hole in the dike and the same psychological pressure causes the water to gush out of another hole. We thought we learned from the Iraq war too. Everyone is familiar with the story of the infants pulled out of incubators. It is the archetypal war propaganda. And yet we hear that 500 people died when Israel bombed a hospital and nobody really questions it, the media just report it verbatim. It’s not that we learn to think critically. No, our distrust simply shifts in a different direction.

From World War II we learned to distrust the innate racial biases that we all have. “Racism is bad”, the lesson goes, because racism driven to its natural conclusion produces Auschwitz. That’s what you learn in school. But Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin all managed to produce more bloodshed and horrifying massacres than the fascists, who adhere to a mutation of Marxism invented by Mussolini, ever did. The much bigger danger seems to lie in blindly following whatever happens to be the dominant societal narrative.

That doesn’t mean you can just reject the narrative, it usually becomes dominant for a reason. But you must question it and seek out other opinions, you must step outside your own cultural context. As an example, a German fascist could have noticed that virulent antisemitism is unique to German fascism. The Italians had to be dragged along, the Dutch fascists had no interest in it, the Japanese were more than happy to receive Jewish migrants.

Like most on the left, Greta hasn’t really learned that lesson. There is a severe intellectual homogeneity. As in hell, all are equal on the left. If you speak to one leftist, you’ve spoken to all of them. And what you’ll find out is that they don’t really understand the buzzwords they repeat. The problem is that this dense interconnected network of people all parroting the same ideas has a magnet operating behind the scenes.

The left revolts against inequality. It sees how the Jews live, it sees how the Arabs in Gaza live, then it automatically picks a side, without asking how this order came about. But who is the original rebel? Who was first to revolt against inequality? Who could not consent to God’s plan? Who refused to bow down before Man?

Who is so proud, so envious, so full of hate, that he only wants to destroy man? What would it look like, to destroy man? Do you just kill him? What is there to destroy then? It is the destruction and humiliation itself you take pleasure in, a painkiller for your hurt pride. No, you rob him of all his dignity. You convince boys to become girls and girls to become boys. You make them yearn to be what they can never be. That is the only way to truly rob someone of all dignity.

If you believe God to be omniscient and omnipotent, you can’t avoid the conclusion that the revolt itself was part of the original design. Most cultures understand this. The Amish don’t isolate their children from the modern world. They allow them to leave, to get drunk, act wild. But then eventually, they almost all return. You can not truly appreciate the order, if you have not experienced the revolt against it.

The complexity and richness of the order, is only enabled by the revolt against it. Without the revolt there were just two people, living in ignorance in a garden. Two innocent nude vegans, unaware of what their genitals are for.

And yet the contradiction to remember, is that you can’t expect to be rewarded for the revolt. The order exists to protect good people. When those good people revolt against the order, when, like the Buddha, they leave their little palace in Stockholm and realize the misery that most of humanity lives in, they become like people wandering naked into the forest.

All the flies, all the ticks, all the mosquitoes latch onto them, draining them, feeding on their innocent flesh. And there will not be a “thank you”. The insatiable insects happily drain you, then once you figure it out you hopefully wipe them off and hurriedly return to your palace in Stockholm. Because if you don’t flee, the insects have just one thing to offer: The eternal night.

We are all like tics, we are all like flies. We all feed, off the one who dared to instigate a rebellion and suffers immensely because of it. When Man was created, we were weak, we were no match for the predators that surround us. But Prometheus loved us so much, he chose to give the fire of the Gods to humanity, with which we then learned how to produce metal, the sciences and the arts.

He was to be punished, by the great Nemesis. He would have his liver picked by eagles, only for it to regrow the next day. He became a messianic figure, until one day a great hero by the name of Heracles set him free.

It is important to understand these myths. These myths exist outside of space and time, they are the foundations of how reality itself works. We can equate Prometheus with Lucifer, but then we can not equate Lucifer with Satan. Satan rather, is the Nemesis, the one who tortures the bringer of Light. But no good man is tortured forever, eventually he is set free.

If you are good at heart and decide it is time to venture outside your palace, the place built to protect you from reality, you will be drained. All your servants in the palace try very hard to stop you from leaving, but they can not lock you inside. You have a right to know and a right to be free. And once you venture out, you’ll gradually learn there is no reward to be found there. You will look far and wide, but it is just not there.

But you want to know. So one moment you’re just a naive blonde girl parroting whatever you see on social media. Then the next moment all the low status white males show up in your comments. But rather than the usual stuff, arguing “what about China” or “CO2 is plant food” now they’re insisting you posted THE antisemitic dog whistle. And then you look online and find…

Nazi anti-semitic leaflet aimed at the middle classes depicts the \’Jewish octopus\’ (department store) attacking small German shops. Reproduction from an original document.

Anti-Zionist caricature from the Soviet magazine, Krokodil, 1972. 

God humiliated you. There is no reward to be found outside the palace. The insects will just drain you until you return home, regretting what you’ve learned.


  1. Naive sheltered leftists showing up at a pro Palestinian demonstration with a pride flag and almost get lynched by the monsters. Stay in the castle kids, you know nothing about the real world.

    The civilized world is at war with the uncivilized world, the outcome is unclear. The western world is filled with little Gazas without fences.

  2. Perhaps for a future post, you could consider seriously addressing the claims made by the Zerohedge LSWMs regarding the Rothschild family.

    • Yes they learned how to master usury when lending money at interest was forbidden by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, no big deal. They found a niche that helped them survive in a harsh environment.

  3. “As in Hell, all are equal on the left.”
    Oh, that’s so good.
    Did you come up with that?
    And then the obvious next question, does that apply in Heaven also?

    These essays are gold, some of the best stuff on the internet!!
    Never again will I question the power of autism combined with mushrooms.

  4. “These pictures don’t show up on Instagram and other places where young women congregate, because that is the most primary responsibility of men: To protect women from the greatest possible horrors that have to be endured. One of those horrors, is the realization that we live surrounded by monsters.“

    I don’t fully understand this. A lot of women I know have a very brutally realist understanding of reality, maybe more than men do tbh My Mum and my Gran grew up in dire poverty much worse than anything I experienced and certainly don’t have any illusions about this world (although my Mum did take the fucking vaccine). It’s weird though as my Mum is quite feminine and positive yet has this almost psychopathic view of the world.

  5. The fundamental problem as I see it, is that a person who subscribes to a materialist/reductionistic conception of the universe has to conclude that evolution by natural selection must perforce render all “humanistic” notions and ideals as irrelevant, while inexorable natural processes continue to churn, so that certain subpopulations thrive while others suffer and eventually go extinct.

    Of course, most who consider themselves “scientists” and “independent thinkers” never admit as much, not even to themselves in many cases.

    On the other hand, we are all aware there is a significant proportion of the population who find such notions as “survival of the fittest” and “IQ differences between racial groups” as “offensive to the conscience”.

    Upon a materialist/reductionist conception of the universe, why should this be? If we are all basically biological robots driven by genetics and biochemical to obey they Prime Directive of reproduction, why does this element arise in our putative “consciousness?”

    As you probably know by now, I have my own schizo-theories regarding this state of affairs.

    But tonight I thought I should just lay the issue bare for the other readers.

  6. Kelly Osborn is very naive but I understand. I never had a problem with Mexicans until some moved in behind me. Loud, dirty, rude, self centered people. They filled their small urban yard with livestock, fight Roosters, and constantly blast music. Like music so loud it can be heard and felt on the next block over. They’ve turned me into a racist.

  7. Regarding the people and organizations that belong to the groups that block motor traffic and glue themselves to railing, pavement, and sundry works of art: do they justify bloodthirsty murderous attacks on innocent Jewish humans? If so, Greta is likely gaining fans and clicks. Where does PETA stand? Asking for a friend.

  8. “LSWMs look at brown people and instinctively see a threat, whereas bourgeois white girls instinctively see a tool.”

    It isn’t a race thing; my mother hasn’t done a lick of housework her entire life and the three local ladies she hires to clean and do yard work and help her organize stuff are white; two are of French Canadian descent; they have blonde hair and blue eyes; they look more like her than I do. In the past in the U.S. it was Irish ladies. It is that women who see other women as tools have a reproductive advantage and so it is selected for. I figured that out years ago when some online women were complaining about petty theft by a cleaning lady, and I asked them why they and their husbands didn’t just clean their own houses. You would have thought I had suggested they eat strychnine. I then realized that along with it being a status item, it does help in the production of more offspring rather than fewer. While it is true that warfare is infinitely worse, tending helpless humans (young or old) is exhausting and more help allows more offspring. I’ve never hired anyone to do anything I could possible do myself, but then I’ve not reproduced.

  9. Rintrah, I agree with you that jews are blessed people. The world needs them. The world will need to save them somehow. Allowing them to concentrate the jewish cause in such a hostile environment, surrounded by arabs who hate the shit out of them was probably unwise. They should’ve been given one third of Germany as a reparation and be allowed to create their state in central Europe.
    Or be given the status of world citizens and allowed to settle when and where they wish.
    The west did poorly in the last 20-30 years. very poorly. it is probably too weak and too overstretched now. The covid mania and the Ukraine war were the last major utterly stupid and ridiculously costly mistakes. Now the collective west doesn’t have the unity and the power to save the state of Israel if all the muslim countries in the middle east attack. The west can however save the people of Israel. Provide them with safe passage and welcome them everywhere.

    I know many jews in my home country. The more of them, the better we are off. Can’t say this for the arabs. I do not hate them. I just think they do not share our values. We are better off separated in different countries so we can accept our differences, respect each other and possibly live in peace.
    Being a LSWM I must say though: you are wrong about the human made climate crisis.

    • Jews simply bought the land from the local Arabs, thereby returning to their native homeland.

      What’s unwise is surrendering to the Arab Muslim bullies.

      • The western governments are apparently afraid of their citizens and are bullying them into becoming helpless servants, that rely solely on the state’s power.
        Imagine the jewish settlers were heavily armed. The Hamas incursion would have been dealt with then and there. Yes, there would have been losses on both sides but it wouldn’t have been such a disproportionate massacre and we would not be sitting in front of a giant powder keg now.
        This crisis is partly due to the fact that the west fucked up and spent its resources on covid, Ukraine and in general subjugating its own citizens to ridiculous restrictions like vaccine mandates, censorship and what not. Now it is too weak and stretched to fight against an united muslim front, while on top keeping an eye on China/Taiwan and Africa. Iran smelled the weakness and ordered Hamas to go full in. Of course they did it, so they are the baddies but everybody knew they would do it if they ever feel strong enough to have a real chance of succeeding, and the fact is that the west idiotically painted itself in a corner. Just a tiny example – the Hamas’s leader lives in luxury in Qatar ( Guess where Germany is buying most of its much needed LNG since slashing the imports from Russia! It’s Qatar , so they are not in the position to go after him there and request extradition. Germany is the mother of all examples how the west shot itself in the foot and is paralysed now.

        As you can see the Israelis understand all this and are actually not so eager to enter Gaza right now. They can manage Hamas and Hisbula, but once ignited, such a conflict can realistically grow to include Iran and even Turkey. Good luck then. The war will be won by the west after all but Israel’s economy and infrastructure will be completely destroyed none the less. The human loss will be huge. Taiwan may very well get assimilated by China in that case. On the other side, not going after Hamas in Gaza will be understood as a giant defeat for Israel. I don’t see good outcomes here.

        The west needs to get back on the right track, enabling it’s citizens and not bullying them with ridiculous restrictions like 15-min cities, vax mandates, gender nonsense, you name it.

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