Advice for Japan and South Korea

People decide to have children, when they expect their children will have easier lives than they had. That’s really the main factor. If you’re expecting misery and hardship, you don’t reproduce.

That’s kind of the problem with millennials. If you consciously remember the 90’s, you just can’t escape the realization that things are much worse now, in every way. A few days ago two 11 year old kids here were caught for planting an explosive, which are used by criminals to intimidate people here.

This comes a few days after a drug lab blew up in Rotterdam, where a whole street full of homes become uninhabitable due to the explosion and where police cordoned off the area and then the family members gathered around the fence, complaining that because they’re Muslims the bodies needs to be buried rapidly, which they couldn’t do as the building was structurally unstable. So the family climbed over the fence and found a limb of their relative on their own. It’s like we’re basically living in Gaza now.

Forgive me for being so blunt, but that’s kind of the problem you get when your politicians try to fix their demographic pyramid with brown people: It has the exact opposite effect of what they hope for. Bourgeois coddled white people, who grew up with parents who fed them their cod liver oil, took them to Legoland in Denmark and read them bedtime stories look at this situation and think “sorry, I’m skipping this one”.

“Oh if I want to buy a house with enough room for a baby I have to live in the brown part of the city, where 11 year old kids place explosives on people’s doors? You know what? Nevermind.” It’s a bit like having rats on an island with Kākāpō. You just need a handful of rats to eliminate the Kākāpō. You can have rats on the island or Kākāpō. You can’t have both. Sorry.

My dad never really had a job when I was a kid. Most Dutch people really just didn’t need to work that much in the 90’s. Many women had no jobs, many men retired early, people just stayed students into their thirties. But now there’s always something that needs to be done: Doors that need to be repaired, brown people who need to be sent to jail, brown refugees who need houses, brown kids who need to be taught by some “social worker” not to blow people’s houses up etc.

I’ve said it before, 1997 was the year the world peaked for smart people, 1999 was the year it peaked for dumb people and kids like me. By 1999, smart people could start to recognize the stormclouds gathering on the horizon.

The Japanese and Koreans have the same problem. They don’t really have a lot of brown people in their countries yet, but they can just look at what life was like when they were kids and compare it to the sort of lives their own kids would have now.

So now the fertility rate in South Korea stands at 0.65. I wish people would stop blaming housing costs, because you can look at Tokyo, where prices have stayed flat for decades. It doesn’t lead people to reproduce.

It’s much simpler: You’ve made life too stressful for people. Housing costs are just a subset of that problem. Asians in particular are very sensitive to this stress, because a big part of the puzzle is just a kind of constant struggle to keep up with your peers that they feel more intensely than white people do.

An American woman who works the counter at Walmart dropped out of high school and will have three kids with two different guys. A Korean or Japanese woman who works the counter at her grocery store has a bachelor’s degree, no children and hopes none of her old classmates walk in.

You can push the AZN birth rate down even further by introducing brown people of course, if you really want to get rid of Koreans you need to have random brown kids blowing up their neighbor’s doors with explosives because they got paid by rival drug gangs.

I really hope South Korean and Japanese politicians understand this simple principle. You’re going to have middle-aged men in a smoke-filled room somewhere in Seoul who will say: “Well, there’s no other option, we tried everything, there’s no other way to keep our debt/GDP ratio sustainable, so it’s time for plan B: Brown people.”

“Bring in the brown people”

I’m warning you: It’s not going to work. It’s going to make everything worse. Dutch birth rates are now plummeting too. If you want to fix it, get people out of the big cities. Discourage people from going to college, make it so that they can go straight to work at age 18 in whatever little town they grew up in. And most importantly: Don’t let the brown people in.

Of course, I have to point out, there’s a fair argument to be made that you shouldn’t even try to fix it. I for one, don’t think you should try to fix it. Achmed isn’t going to cry when the man on the TV announces the last wild orangutan died in a forest fire from a giant drought, Mitsuki is. That’s just the way the world works. Achmed wants to put explosives on a door to earn a quick buck.

So my suggestion is let him discover twenty years after the last orangutan dies, that the weather now starts getting really racist and the prices in the supermarket are becoming really racist too and that bloating belly his kids now have is really racist too. If Japanese women are smart enough not to want little Mitsuki to have to live like that, maybe you should just accept that.

So maybe you should just let the whole thing go to shit and die laughing your ass off at the realization that Achmed wants to “free palestine” but is going to live out his whole life on a shithole planet where everything burns down and dries out and ends up looking just like Gaza does today. And for what it’s worth, deserves it just as much as Gaza does. I don’t know, at least consider it.

I would happily die if it meant the world has more room for orangutans and pigs, but what would happen in reality would be that Dutch politicians, particularly the type voted on by blonde women who grew up in nice neighborhoods with wealthy daddies, would say:

“Hey look, an empty house, we can fit more brown people in there!”

What these people don’t seem to realize is that you’re never going to run out of sad brown people with sob stories about how much the dictator of brownpeoplestan sucks. Jesus already warned about this: “You will always have the poor.” Well don’t worry, you will always have brown refugees who want to enter your country. There are literally infinite amounts of them.

Already, Japan is experiencing the effects, like when a Muslim attacked a Shinto shrine recently:

I don’t get it, why Japan allows these people into their country. Do the high status Japanese males think this will somehow increase their GDP? Maybe you should ask George Lucas for some Tusken Raiders from Tatooine, maybe that makes the GDP go up too.

Let me explain this, to high status Korean males, high status Japanese males and all other high status yellow males while I’m at it:

Brown people in your country will not increase your GDP. Europe tried this, it did not work.

The optimal way to increase your GDP and reduce your debt to GDP ratio, is by letting zero brown people into your country. Zero, absolutely none. In fact, if you already have brown people in your country, you can dramatically increase your GDP, by sending them back to the sand place they came from.

Whether that is Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Arrakis or Tattooine doesn’t matter, what you have to do is very simple:

  1. Figure out which particular pile of sand they came crawling out of.
  2. Put them back in their pile of sand.

All your numbers in your economic models that keep you awake at night would look good again, if you sent the brown people back to the sand place. If you disagree with me on this, it merely indicates there is an error in your economic models, it means they are not complex enough yet to base policies on.

Throughout the 21st century, all sorts of abominable creatures are going to crawl out of big piles of sand and travel to your shores and say “you must let me in, or you are racist”. Then you must respond with: “Yes I am racist, so I will not let you in.”

That’s literally all you have to do. Yes, I know, it corresponds 100% to what the low status yellow males in your country want you to do, but just because it corresponds to what they want, doesn’t mean it’s not the correct thing to do.


  1. Brown people have the age-old attitude of the conquerors. They take from the weak with no remorse everything they can: wealth, pussy, labor. They don’t care about the grammatically correct sob stories of the low-testosterone conquered men. In a few generations, the conquered will be forgotten, and the first signs of refinement in the culture of the conquerors will appear. That’s how it worked five thousand years ago, that’s how it’s working now. That’s how natural selection works.

    • >Brown people have the age-old attitude of the conquerors. They take from the weak with no remorse everything they can: wealth, pussy, labor. They don’t care about the grammatically correct sob stories of the low-testosterone conquered men. In a few generations, the conquered will be forgotten, and the first signs of refinement in the culture of the conquerors will appear. That’s how it worked five thousand years ago, that’s how it’s working now. That’s how natural selection works.

      I suspect there is more than a grain of truth to this.

      In which case. it would suggest that any notions of linear “forward progress” are merely wishful thinking and COPE.

      The cyclical pattern of history demolishes any Religion Of Progress, and suggests instead a deterministic CHURNING, by forces greater than any one individual human, for the purposes of “higher forces” whose ultimate goals we only have a glimmer of. And that glimmer is not comforting.

      (To those who believe in reincarnation and that our lives on Earth are a kind of “school of learning”, ask yourself why nothing ever really changes with regard to humanity and history? It’s just the same old shit, recycled again and again and again…)

  2. This has happened before — remember the curse of Akkad. A king goes against the Gods. As revenge, “Enlil brought out of the mountains those who do not resemble other people, who are not reckoned as part of the Land, the Gutians, an unbridled people, with human intelligence but canine instincts and monkeys’ features. Like small birds they swooped on the ground in great flocks. Because of Enlil, they stretched their arms out across the plain like a net for animals. Nothing escaped their clutches, no one left their grasp. Messengers no longer traveled the highways, the courier’s boat no longer passed along the rivers. The Gutians drove the trusty goats of Enlil out of their folds and compelled their herdsmen to follow them, they drove the cows out of their pens and compelled their cowherds to follow them. Prisoners manned the watch. Brigands occupied the highways. The doors of the city gates of the Land lay dislodged in mud, and all the foreign lands uttered bitter cries from the walls of their cities. They established gardens for themselves within the cities, and not as usual on the wide plain outside. As if it had been before the time when cities were built and founded, the large arable tracts yielded no grain, the inundated tracts yielded no fish, the irrigated orchards yielded no syrup or wine, the thick clouds did not rain, the macgurum plant did not grow.” Ref:

    • Interesting story there. I’ve been looking it up – it does seem prescient:

      “Kriwaczek points out how early historians accepted these accounts as entirely factual but how it is possible that climate change, bringing drought and famine, was primarily responsible for the fall of Akkad; the Gutians then just exploited that weakness. The breakdown of social norms and customs referenced in the accounts might also have been the result of famine and the inability of local governments to deal with widespread starvation and the devaluation of currency. Kriwaczek notes how “it seems very unlikely that the Gutians alone were able to overwhelm the empire by force of arms. Akkad had previously had little difficulty in resisting assault by much better organized enemies” (130). It seems possible, then, that environmental changes gave the Gutians the upper hand in conquest just when they needed it.”

      And around we go for another spin.

  3. The proximate causes are ultimately irrelevant. In the context of the Curse of Akkad, another famous, older-than-life story comes to mind: the episode of Inanna’s journey to the underworld. While she was kept there by force, all sexual activity on Earth ceases. Is it a coincidence that honeybees, the symbol and enactor of fertility, are also dying off now?

    The world has been overrun by the decadent avatars of each triune God: the Molochic avatar for the Allfather, the Lilithic avatar for Our Fair Lady, and some kind of weakness-bearer in the place of the Christ… The cycle will turn one way or the other, and the decadent avatars will be vanquished, and the ascendant, pure, constructive ones shall rise instead. The bearers of weakness and sin are destroyed, and strength and beauty reigns again. Happened many times.

  4. The cycle _will_ turn. It is up to each of us, however, if the new culture is created by a White Folk rising from the ashes, united under the Havamal or the Quran — or by the Browns. There will be a million individual struggles, a million individual decisions, one final outcome. Not to choose is still a choice, as Rush sang. We all have a vote, each Ahmed, each Heinrich.

    • Forgive my ignorance, but why the Havamal or the Quran? Why not, say, the Bible?

      What’s the story with the “decadent avatars of each triune God”?

    • I’m a slow learner though, so I scored about three more years of grace before working out just how doomed we are.

      Bonus time!

      Whoo, hoo!

      Being simple has its perks.

  5. I thought it was just childhood nostalgia that made me think 1997 was the peak year. Music started to change for the worse in 1999 too, that’s when rap music (not the better rap of the 90s which was more intelligent and tolerable) in the form of endless insufferable Eminem and 50 cent songs started playing on the radio.

    “All your numbers in your economic models that keep you awake at night would look good again, if you sent the brown people back to the sand place. If you disagree with me on this, it merely indicates there is an error in your economic models, it means they are not complex enough yet to base policies on.”

    Our health care system would collapse. The NHS is bursting with Pakistani and Indian Doctors and Nurses. Also, they are well known for their ‘corner shops’, they’re very entrepreneurial. Are you referring more to Arabs and North Africans here? I probably don’t have as much immigration as your country or England, although the west of Scotland has a large Pakistani/Indian population. I do find Pakistani culture quite abhorrent but it’s not Pakistani guys I’m worried about when I’m walking home at night. I understand its different down south in England and in your country where they are shooting and stabbing the shit out of each other.

    • Hey Rob have you been to many Old Firm derbies? Any Open Championships? I see that it’s been held at Troon this year. St. Andrews is on my bucket list. It’s a shame that the R&A removed Turnberry from The Open rota after the January 6th riots, that’s a really spectacular course.

      • Yeah been to quite a few. I grew up a Celtic fan but don’t really bother with it now. It’s a mad tribalistic atmosphere as both sides absolutely hate each other. You a football fan?

        I went to the St Andrews Open a few times as a kid back when it was affordable (we used to have a caravan in the East Neuk but caravan prices like house prices are now extortionate). Was there when John Daly won it. He rolled two golf balls across the green to me and my brother. Always liked Daly because of that. St Andrews is nice but a lot of chains have started taking over the place. My Dad was saying the other week it’s £200 a day this year for the Open as he was considering going, which is insane.

        • Yeah I read that violent incidents spike around ten fold in Glasgow on derby days, although the sectarianism doesn’t seem to be as bad now as it used to be, like it was during The Troubles. I used to follow Man Utd as a kid when Roy Keane was captain with the Class of ’92 players, but not so much anymore.

          Wow that’s a great memory to have of John Daly, yeah he’s a great guy, crazy lifestyle though, I’ve watched interviews of him talking about his drinking, smoking, gambling and diet of Coca Cola and peanut m&ms. He even once shot a lower round than Tiger Woods despite being hungover and still drunk from the night before.

          Were you there at St Andrews in 2000 when Tiger achieved the Grand Slam, or 2005 when he got his second Claret Jug?

          I’ve only ever been to one tournament, the first round of last year’s Irish Open, it was at the same venue as the 2006 Ryder Cup. I was planning on following Rory’s group but I slept in so ended up following Adam Scott, Luke Donald and Tyrrell Hatton. It was great weather, 28 degrees and sunny.

          The whole LIV split is a shame, now it’s only the four Majors where the best players in the world are playing together. Only a month until The Masters, getting excited already.

          • Haha yeah he does. He was also sponsored by Hooters the strip club at one point. It’s hard not to admire his style, the way he didn’t give a fuck about the dress code and the etiquette. He always had a fag hanging out his mouth. He would speed smoke it super fast before he would tee off. My Mum had me and my brother into golf quite early on (partly I think for snobby social climbing reasons on her part) and I hated the enforced dress code so I liked the fact he just dressed like he wanted, like a typical LSWM American.

            He’s a great golfer too, of course. If it wasn’t for his addiction problems and lifestyle he could have been one of the greats. Me and my brother were autograph hounds that year and managed to get most except Nick Faldo and Greg Norman. Faldo was a notorious dick so it wasn’t too surprising. One of my Mum’s sociopathic social climbing friends ordered her 4-year-old daughter to run after Gregg Norman to get his autograph after hearing we had failed. She ran up to him as he was approaching his car and he shoved her aside and nearly decapitated her slamming his car door. She immediately burst out screaming. It was just after he got knocked out. He was obv enraged but came across like a giant baby.

            I was there at the 2000 Open too but ashamed to say I was too busy smoking clandestine joints on the beach, so can’t even remember Tiger winning or caring that much at the time. Still occasionally play golf though. It’s astonishing how muscle memory kicks in after years of not playing.

          • The old firms don’t happen anymore btw. Started around 2019. Don’t know exact reasons why but Rangers (I think) started limiting the number of opposition fans and Celtic responded in kind. So now there are absolutely no opposition fans at old form
            games which seems a bit OTT to me.

          • I knew from reading articles written by golf journalists that Nick Faldo was quite an unpleasant man. Greg Norman acting in such an abhorrent way doesn’t really surprise me, I’m pretty sure he had a massive midlife crisis after he collapsed during the final round of the 1996 Masters. There was also that incident in 1994 where his plans for a world golf tour to rival the PGA Tour were quashed by Arnold Palmer. So he’s had a chip on his shoulder for a long time, which explains why he (and Trump) aligned with the Saudis, as a way to exact vengeance against the PGA.

            > I was too busy smoking clandestine joints on the beach

            haha, that’s the same beach where they filmed that famous scene from Chariots of Fire:


            At the end of the clip you can see them running across the 1st and 18th fairways in front of the clubhouse.

          • >John Daly looks like the platonic LSWM in that interview. All he needs is the sunglasses, red MAGA hat and a selfie taken in his SUV/pickup truck.

            Don’t know who this guy is but he absolutely correct that McDonalds has the best tasting Coke (Diet or otherwise). I recall reading threads about this in the past. Not sure if it’s the same outside of America.

    • >Our health care system would collapse.

      Yeah because britbongs are giant walking pieces of lard.

      AZNs are thin, they live long lives without getting sick.

      • “Yeah because britbongs are giant walking pieces of lard.”

        It’s obscene now and disproportionately women tbh You’re not allowed to fat shame etc

    • Don’t worry, the moral conundrum will get solved for us.

      Sure, nobody likes people with ‘plans for everyone’; however, the population can and will come down anyway, all on its own, for natural reasons which seems less offensive.

      And it will almost certainly come down, because the Club of Rome is almost certainly right that there are too many people consuming too much stuff, so we’re headed for collapse.

      Overshoot and collapse.

      Sayonara to billions of people.

      Barring a miracle, that I’m not sure I want to see happen (among other things, the longer it goes on, the worse whatever is left will be degraded and the worse life will be for humans and the rest of Earth’s inhabitants), is likely to start happening, well, anytime from now really.

      I think the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth study says the fall should begin somewhere around 2030.

      And it’s all downhill from there. Maybe fast, maybe slow, but inexorably down to a level that’s no longer overshooting planetary limits.

    • The Korea Japan thing is really interesting. I used to go to Korea a fair bit for work. Amazing place, hot girls.

      I saw a docco on this global phenomenon and it seems to be a 2 pronged problem (probably 10000 pronged in reality).

      Each country in decline happened essentially in the space ofna few yrs and it corresponded with some kind of economic event. And secondly women wanting education and a career. The docco came to the conclusion about 80% of child free women were not wanting to be childfree their age just crept up on them. Hypergamy and wanting to work 10yrs after their 4yr degree meant they couldn’t find a partner. Their proof of this was once women.had a child the ratio of 1 2 3 or 4and more kids was identical to that of the 1960s.

      If you want to become rich you need to invest in companies selling box wine subscriptions and in rescue cat shelters.

      • Just because a woman says that she wants to have kids, doesn’t mean much. What matters is what she actually does. It is the easiest thing in the world to become pregnant at that age (yes, yes, barring personal medical stuff). So those 80 percent of women don’t actually want kids; they just feel uncomfortable saying that they don’t want kids; it is still a strange thing to say. And they don’t need a partner in order to have a kid, even in Asian countries where it is a social problem. Women who actually want kids have them; women who don’t want kids don’t have them. At each moment a woman who is capable of reproducing is assessing the situation, like any other female animal. At each moment when she thinks reproducing would be a bad bet, she doesn’t go for it.

        I think Igor is right; there will be so many deaths that these social battles won’t matter much. A woman would have to be nuts to get pregnant now since covid is really bad news for fetuses and infants.

        • Yeah, one way or another, the numbers must come down.

          It’s a choice of catastrophes, or combination of catastrophes, basically from here on out.

          Sorry everyone, we’re fucked.

  6. That is what I am telling the young goyim simps to do. Don’t be a retarded ZOG bot, go to Japan or Korea and get some of that young super-tight Japanese or Korean pussy. They love white men and they behave themselves. Eurotrash slutty white girls, with a lifetime of ZOG diversity brainwashing, just like being banged hard by thick black low IQ penises or getting raped by shitskin taxi drivers. Unless you are a chad, as a white male you have no hope with white girls. Japan and Korea is the future of white impregnation. Purify the Asian race with your simp white sperm I say.

  7. Quote:
    I really hope South Korean and Japanese politicians understand this simple principle.

    Rad, politicians everywhere are under orders from and in the pockets of those above.

    You are extremely intelligent but you are obsessed with “brown people”.

    When ranting about brown people you forget that your favourite peoples Hindus and Buddhists are brown people.

    Why don’t you use your superior intelligence to find out what sort of people are behind the massive mess in the Netherlands and in Europe?

    Who was behind getting brown people into Europe?

    I will give you a clue – it wasn’t the brown people themselves.

    • >Why don’t you use your superior intelligence to find out what sort of people are behind the massive mess in the Netherlands and in Europe?
      Who was behind getting brown people into Europe?
      I will give you a clue – it wasn’t the brown people themselves.

      Are you seriously still wondering why?

      I thought it was obvious by now.

      It’s only a matter of time before I get banned from this limited hangout.

      • Yes, curbing immigration depends on what Euro elites decide to do.

        Immigration will also go down whenever the coming financial crisis takes place. Once the system can’t accommodate endless growth, there won’t be many spots in the economy. The newcomers will leave, or simply not leave descendants behind, compared to the natives.

        I don’t think the Japanese will bring in brown people, mainly because they’re far away. They can already bring yellow people from poor countries nearby, or exploit them with labor contracts– no need to go fishing as far away as the Middle East.

  8. People are people, so why should it be?
    You and I should get along so awfully
    People are people, so why should it be?
    You and I should get along so awfully
    So, we’re different colors and we’re different creeds
    And different people have different needs
    It’s obvious you hate me, though, I’ve done nothing wrong
    I’ve never even met you, so, what could I have done?
    I can’t understand
    What makes a man
    Hate another man
    Help me understand

        • We have a winner, one that knows all about our cognitive three dimensional prison world, within which our retarded peanut brains reside. 5th or 7th dimensional travel, albeit that we can do and have done (albeit using off-planet technology), we cannot perceive (other than the end result). Hint, every single person that ever lived, and every single person that will live in the future, lives in the here and now, in the present. Because of our cognitive prison, we perceive time – a mere side effect. Anyway, our grey friends and their friends now speak with the Chinese. Pooh Bear is their new bestie, I hear.

  9. Having kids is legally forbidden. They introduced Impossible Resposibility: parents are obliged to guarantee payments for children under the threat of prison (loss of freedom), loss of driving license money loss etc. in an econymy that guarantees nothing. But if economy guarantees nothing to its participants, and you get your money from such non-guaranteed economy, then you can’t guarantee payments for kids.
    Africans in Africa can use high-performance, high-capacity irresponsible reproduction – they max up the production of kids knowing some of them won’t survive. The excess capacity is then dumped in Europe, where people have it forbidden to have kids by a legal system.
    In the past the reproduction system in Europe was the high-performance, irresponsible one – eg. composer Jan Sebastian Bach made like 20 kids, but only like 9 of them survived to the adult age.

  10. How many people can the earth feed?

    Quote: “Fritz Baade, a social democratic agronomist, made predictions about the earth’s carrying capacity. With the use of forests and oceans as a source of food, fertilization and chemical crop protection, extremely dense cities that left room for agriculture, he believed it was possible for world agriculture to feed 65 billion people.”

    • When the Limits to Growth was published, two years before your mate here Fritz Baade died, it was widely panned by all sorts of economists etc.

      Sounds like Fritz would’ve fitted right in.

      Anyway, nothing was done, humanity went straight into denial, and kept on multiplying and consuming away.

      Not that anything could necessarily have been done for any number of reasons:

      – humans are hardwired for optimism and denial;
      – humans are animals, and all animals will overshoot if negative feedback doesn’t keep them in check;
      – nobody is keen to submit to people with ‘plans for everyone’ – I don’t blame them for that at all;
      – there was money to be made, and power to be had, and on, and on.

      I’m sure everyone had their reasons, if they thought about it at all. Belated congratulations to you Fritz! You and yours got your way.

      And now we have a handful of ‘good’ years left, and everyone can smell the end coming.

      It promises to get more and more interesting to watch from my vantage point here in the Southern Hemisphere, surrounded by towering apocalyptic fires that create their own weather.

      I’m not sure I’d like to be in the Northern Hemisphere though – could get even hotter up there 😛

  11. I understand your boredom; there are only so many ways one can write “I hate POCs.” After the ten thousandth iteration it honestly is a pretty boring subject.

    For a complete change of pace I’ve been reading a book called “The Body Electric – Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life.” It’s about a surgeon’s wild journey around world war 2, getting caught up in research to prove the existence of all kinds of electromagnetic phenomena in the bodies of nearly all living things, and finding out how they might impact wound healing, regeneration, and consciousness among other things.

    He for example elaborately mapped the electrical field and polarities around a salamander’s body, then subjected them to general anesthesia, and measured changes in bodily electrical field and also EEG readings. He then gave the salamander no medication but put its head in a magnet such that the electrical field changes to its body mimicked that of anesthesia, and its clinical and EEG findings exactly followed anesthesia medication treatment. Finally he gave the salamanders anesthesia drugs, but reversed the magnet so as to counteract the changes to the electrical polarity map of the body, and partially neutralized the effects of the medicine.

    I looked into the author and there are no big debunkings in his wiki or anything like that. It appears he’s actually figured out some wild shit that the rest of the science world just doesn’t really feel comfortable looking at.

    Overall it’s a fascinating read, I think in many ways it’s right up your alley and it’d help take your mind off of the few monotonous topics you’ve felt stuck on.

  12. Rintrah, I just learned the philosophical term “monism”. It’s the opposite of dualism/pluralism. Monism says there is absolute truth and we have access to that absolute truth.

    Monism is the cause of monothesism and monophrenia. But we are dualistic/pluralistic beings in a dualistic world. So monism can only be totaly wrong.

    I think you are a monist, Rintrah.

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