Advice for Low Status White Males against “Diversity”

Our German monk isn’t saying something fundamentally new here of course. In fact, I figured this out myself when I was a teenage boy and I was quite vocal about it, as autism makes you honest. I think I destroyed any chance I might have had of ever entering an elected office before I grew my first chest hair. And so because I’ve had twenty years to ponder this subject, I want to share my insights on it, as I think they’ll be helpful.

This sentiment expressed here is quite widespread among low status white males. It causes our ilk profound distress, because it is the natural inclination of human beings, especially the males and especially the low status ones (Leonardo DiCaprio probably doesn’t lie awake about this sort of stuff), to want to see their own tribe thrive. If you witness another tribe taking over your territory you’re supposed to be upset about it, otherwise your ancestors would have struggled to pass on their genes.

And of course most white males, even the medium status ones, realize at some level something isn’t right. You’re a senior level cubicle concubine at your government department or your multinational corporation, but you have 1.2 children in your shitty urban apartment (you don’t have room for 2 kids anyway), the guy from Somalia has 4 and although you proudly wave the rainbow flag and tell yourself a little more education will convince Ahmad to leave his daughter’s clitoris alone, it all still doesn’t sit right with you.

The cognitive dissonance is eating you up, but you try to suppress it by staying busy, always chasing the next deadline, getting another degree, another promotion, another order, another honorary chairmanship etc. Your drug is cortisol and you’re actually glad when your vacation is over, because when you had that book open as you were sitting in the sun, the thoughts began to intrude again.

You don’t want to end up like your racist uncle Bob, unemployed, divorced, alcoholic and spending his days spewing his venom on Facebook where it gets two likes. Bob has too much time, which causes him to think and notice, both of which will make you depressed. That’s why you stay busy. When you’re busy, you don’t ask yourself if Bob is right and your daughter is going to be convinced by her friends to grow a moustache, you don’t ask yourself why you live in a city with daily gang assassinations, you don’t ask yourself why you spend a fortune just to live there hand to mouth. No, you need to have that presentation ready before tomorrow.

Many low status white males don’t really have the sort of well-functioning psychological immune system that protects them from noticing. The mid-level corporate climber walks through a street he grew up in without consciously realizing nobody there speaks his native language anymore. It’s the low status white male who notices this and it upsets him. It distresses him. And in a sense, the insistence of the petite bourgeoisie -the artists, the journalists, the actors, the professional activists etc- to import more of them, needs to be recognized as a kind of class warfare. It’s a yeoman throwing a serf to the wolves.

They don’t care that they’re throwing you to the wolves. If anything, your anger feeds them, because it makes them feel as if they get away with something. In Rotterdam, we just had a statue like this erected in the middle of our city:

What do you think the idea is? The idea is to anger you. It’s intended for that purpose. It isn’t just supposed to signal your replacement. It’s supposed to be ugly. It’s supposed to be an utter and complete banality, a woman wearing some mediocre shoe brand produced by child slaves in Asia. Just like the architects who built the hideous station behind her: The fact that they can get away with building something so hideous makes them feel free. It means they’re not accountable to the general public. They are their own guild and just have to get along with their peers.

And the intention of the statue is that a couple of hundred angry low status white males are going to comment on some news article about how ugly it is and how she needs to go back to her own country etc. Because that feeds them. Then it feels like you got away with something. You planted your totem pole on the vanquished tribe’s territory and there’s nothing they can do about it.

So that would be my first piece of advice, not to sink your teeth into the rage-bait for once in your life. Yes, they’re going to have some delusional meth-addicted lunatic dressed up as a demon who was abused as a kid teach a bunch of toddlers about the virtues of sodomy. And the hope is that a bunch of big bulky bearded low status white males show up ready to fight. But my advice is: Just don’t bite. If something seems utterly absurd to you, your anger was already part of the cost-benefit calculation.

And this extends to other domains too. By 2050, 55% of Germans under 18 will be Muslims!!11!11oneeleven111one! Be angry! Be upset! Vote for the low status white male party! Protest! Burn a Quran! Do something!

Or don’t.

I’m going to ask you all a simple question:

What do you think the world looks like without:


-Fossil fuels

-Fertile soils


-Coral reefs

-The Amazon forest


But with a couple degree Celsius of global warming?

Low status white males don’t want to understand this: “They said in 1970 the world would go to shit if we don’t do something too!” Yeah and you didn’t do something, so now it’s baked into the pie.

Last summer, 2022, was the hottest summer Europe ever had. And this year, the summer is expected to get even hotter.

The Netherlands has one precipitation deficit after the other:

It looks like the nasty drought in 2022 will be repeated in 2023. In other words, everything that is struggling to recover from 2022, is now getting hit a second time. Low status white males will insist there were worse years, like 1976, but two consecutive years like this means everything gets hit hard. We have too few pollinating insects, because of the drought in 2022. BUT NOW WE’RE ENTERING ANOTHER DROUGHT, THAT IS LOOKING JUST AS BAD AS THAT OF LAST YEAR!

I’m 32 now, so I don’t need any morons showing up in my comments insisting it’s all propaganda. I know what this place looked and felt like when I was a child. I know what it looks and feels like today. But low status white males don’t want to realize this. They want to believe the brown people invading their country are inheriting some sort of glorious future that they should be inheriting instead. No, they’re inheriting a pile of smouldering ruins and you should be grateful if you and yours are not the ones who will inherit it.

There’s a reason food prices are increasing around the world. There’s a reason meat is becoming unaffordable. That reason is not “Satan worshipping pedophiles at the WEF who want to tax your carbon”. The reason is because this world is extracted. It has genuinely been robbed of everything it had.

And so when it comes to the people who are trying to bully you, who are trying to build a society that revolves around everyone taking pride in not being YOU, by virtue of being gay, brown, female, educated, rich etc, my suggestion for a solution, insofar as there is one, is to throw it right back at them. Point it out to them that they’re all inheriting a pile of smoldering ruins.

The LSWMs don’t want to do this. They come up with nonsense like “500 million years ago CO2 was much higher than today”! And so in a sense, you people are your own worst enemies, because you fantasize about some sort of glorious nuclear-powered space-colonization Muskoid fantasy your ilk could have had if only it wasn’t for the blue-haired they/them wokies and Ahmad the Somali refugee.

These people who implement these policies are cynical. They think to themselves that if they parrot the right shibboleths they can afford to live in a neighborhood where they don’t have to harvest the fruits of the seeds they have sown. And some of them don’t think about it at all, they are just addicted to being “busy”. But you need to be more cynical than them. You need to care even less than them.

You need to acknowledge and accept that there is absolutely nothing substantial left to strife for.

A child born today, would turn 77 in the year 2100. What do you genuinely expect the world to look like by then? To me it seems quite obvious: The planet’s carrying capacity is eroding. And if we move from a world that can sustain 8 billion people, to one that can sustain perhaps a billion, that doesn’t mean you need to move to your organic permaculture farm in rural Maine where you’re going to spend your days drinking raw cow milk with your tradwife.

Rather, it means you need to avoid forcing people through that bottleneck. What happens during a bottleneck is that generalists and r-selected varieties of organisms survive, while the specialists and K-selected varieties die out. When the world goes to shit, cockroaches and rats survive. The elephants, the rare tropical flowers that bloom once every decade, they’re the ones that die out. They’re not designed to survive such disruption.

Are you a cockroach, or a rat? Then by all means, head out to rural Maine, have nine children with your Tradwife and become a modern Abraham. But I think you’re not. I can’t imagine living in a world without elephants, without orangutans, without gorillas, without coral reefs. I can’t imagine living in a concrete apartment block and drinking corn-syrup all day. I think that’s not my job. And I can’t imagine any children of mine living through the nightmare that lies ahead of us.

We will see which of the 70,000 asylum seekers entering my country this year will end up inheriting the pile of smoldering ruins. I wish them all the best with it. I also wish all the best to all the corporate climbers who aspire to become senior level cubicle concubine, to the people who want to do a post-post-post-doctoral degree, to the geniuses who think their blockchain-based carbon accounting system is going to make a difference (or at least can fool their VC backers to believe so) and to everyone else who is really attached to the idea of rearranging the furniture on the Titanic.

And when I say I wish them the best, I genuinely mean it. This essay isn’t meant for those people and I know they will never see it. This essay is meant for low status white males. It’s meant for the sort of people, who, like me at age 13, came to the crushing realization that I’m an ethnic minority in my own homeland, that I’m being demographically replaced and the greatest sin in my culture is to express your anger about it.

For those people, my advice is to disengage, to dissociate. To be more cynical than them. To just really not care. To laugh about it all. To scoff at every hope and plan and dream they have for the future, every ambition they have to build their gay brown utopia. This system only functions as long as you people have this absurd delusion that it can be turned around: “If the low status white male party gets elected, all the brown people will have to go back to their own country!”

It’s not going to happen. Don’t be personally invested in any of this. Don’t own a house. Don’t marry. Don’t reproduce. If you can, avoid working. You don’t have to be an asshole. Give money to the homeless, especially if they’re going to use it to buy drugs. But don’t begrudgingly assist these people in building hell on Earth, thinking that once the low status white male party gets elected this hideous abomination you’re building for them will be turned into some neoclassical masterpiece.

The most positive impact you can have in this world is to be kind towards people who have been abandoned by everyone. But let the dead bury their dead. And when the dead are building catacombs, don’t begrudgingly help them. Laugh at it.


  1. Reading Kacszinsky did a lot to help me accept this sort of thing. A fire has been lit that engulfs the whole world. The partisans and activists think they can steer it in the direction they want, but the truth is that everything is in God’s hands.

    It appears that mankind has reached the end of his time, but you daren’t say that around anyone else, lest you be named “black puller” and “demoralization agent.”

    “The reactionary today is merely a traveler who suffers shipwreck with dignity.” -Nicolas Gomez Davila

  2. Sorry, but the CO2 hoax is done. There was a crazy high temperature rising in the oceans which totally kills any CO2 predictments.

    TES calls it a “paradigm falsifying event”. (Ya, I know you don’t like him, but I’m sure you already read what I write here)

    It would need a 20 degree temperature rise in the atmosphere to explain this rising in ocean temperature. Someone asked:

    “How many nuclear bombs would it take to add that much energy to the oceans?”

    TES: “2,943,360,000 HEYs”, Hiroshima Equivalent Yields. This is what Al Gore also used and told us about 600,000 HEYs exploding every day. But hey, what are 600,000 HEYs per day compared to ~3 Billions HEYs in 3 weeks? He also thinks El Ninos are just geothermal activities of the core.

    Precission, Tilt, Excentric AND geothermal core activities are the main drivers of climate changes! You also never said one word about the saturation problematic. There is not enough heating potential in the suposedly unsaturated flanks for significant temperaturte rises.

    Face it: The CO2 hoax is done!

    • Breaking news: Low status white male debunks the man-made climate change hoax! Autistic Swedish teenage girls, preachy vegans and satan-worshipping liberal elitists left speechless!

      In all fairness, I’m not going to “debate” this topic anymore. Everyday I have another low status white male show up with his own unique little snowflake theory.

      And in the meantime, the mercury continues to rise, with every year worse than the previous one. But the LSWMs never have anything meaningful to say on that. They just have their own unique little snowflake theory on what’s really causing it (assuming they don’t utterly deny it’s even happening to begin with).

      To people who actually interact with nature it’s obvious what’s happening, but you American LSWMs are isolated from nature. You move from your air conditioned office to your SUV, to the air conditioned mall, then back to your air conditioned McMansion and then you complain that those stupid Europoors let an autistic teenage girl dictate their energy policy.

      • Quote: “In all fairness, I’m not going to “debate” this topic anymore.”

        So you deny any scientific debate? Then you’re only a fanatic.

        • I don’t bother debating evolution, gravity, atomic theory or the shape of the Earth.

          I don’t see a point in debating LSWMs on whatever new theory they came up with to pretend there’s not a problem in changing the atmosphere.

          I don’t know how the fossil fuel companies installed this seed in your minds, but it has led to some really thick Japanese knotweed that is impossible to cut through.

          The nice thing about libs is that they KNOW they’re stupid. So they don’t bother trying to invent their own unique little snowflake climate change theory, they just defer to authority.

          You people are stupid without realizing you’re stupid. And so when you read something on some blog by another LSWM somewhere, you people think you found some sort of esoteric wisdom.

          If you people still had some incentive to dispute evolution, you’d find a thousand obscure blogs by other LSWMs and all of that stuff would also seem very convincing to you people. I would have randos showing up here insisting Neanderthal is just a deformed guy with a pituitary tumor or something. The reason you don’t is because of secularization, evolution no longer threatens your worldview as much as it did for American low status white males twenty years ago.

          Inb4 “but what about the vaccinnesss”

          Yeah that’s not science. That’s a shitty product peddled by the Trump administration developed in less than a year by a handful of pharma companies that failed to do what it promised it would. In a sense it’s nothing new under the sun.

          • Will you at least commit that 150 ppm CO2 is the lower limit for plant life? You would kill Gaya if you let it drop below that value.

            Do you want to kill Gaya?

          • We’re not at any risk of dropping below 150ppm.

            Also, this is self-stabilizing of course: If you drop below 150ppm, the plants die and release their CO2, so you move above 150ppm again.

          • As a layman, I am curious whether it will be a temperature rise, or the massive CO2 spike will destabilize everything, even leading to an ice age or something. I doubt there’s ever been a spike like this? So we don’t really know. It’s like poking a spinning top.

          • Or maybe an extreme temperature rise will cause rapid ice melt leading to rapid tectonic shifts causing massive volcanism causing an ice age. Hah!

  3. This is more of a tinfoil hat devil’s advocate line of thinking than anything, but I had come to figure that brownwashing characters and historical figures is basically along the same lines as that statue. Every time it happens, there’s a huge outcry among LSWM types who claim that WEFRock J**s are waging war on the white race because of whatever reason, the moderates just comment that diversity brownie points are hip and they’re chasing money, but despite a few SJWs speaking up to denounce the LSWMs, very rarely do you see anyone other than paid-off journalists actually propping these up; the twitter SJWs just say that you could only be angry if you’re racist or whatever and then don’t even watch or enjoy the netflixizations.

    So if not for money, then why? It’s because it makes people mad. It’s because they make it clear that you don’t like this and don’t want it to be made. Such sentiment exists so that it brings one to do something about it, but if people get angry and do nothing, it’s a demonstration of what little you CAN do. They can bring into existence things that you don’t want to exist because they have the money and power, and that’s what it’s about: their influence compared to yours. Every complaint made just shows that they’re everything and you’re nothing. They keep making them not in spite of them flopping, but BECAUSE they always flop.

    And really, it’s true, there’s nothing you can do about it; unless you can mobilize the strength and numbers to march on their homes and kill them all, you’re powerless. The closest thing to a winning move is to acknowledge the situation and just not let it bother you.

  4. We have a glorious future ahead, with prion-induced dementia decimating old people, birth rates dropping like a rock reducing the “next generation”, and with the same prions turning middle-aged people into hateful zombies.

    After a while, the earth will be cleared to be available to other intelligent species.

    Did you see my post mentioning your article?

  5. “It’s not going to happen. Don’t be personally invested in any of this. Don’t own a house. Don’t marry. Don’t reproduce. If you can, avoid working.”

    Not going to fly. They are going to reproduce. And allow themselves to be fodder for evolution.

    Its how its going to go.

  6. If there is a bottleneck, I suspect that the tropical flowers and rare butterflies will survive it because they don’t need us. The number of rats and cockroaches on the other hand will decline precipitously. They won’t have much to eat without the food we discard.
    Likewise I suspect that among humans, the r selected will die out the fastest. The k selected are those who survived bottlenecks in the past, and will be better able to survive the bottlenecks of the future.
    Don’t despair. Learn to grow food and have some survival skills and you may come out of the bottleneck. The World will be beautiful on the other side. Some species may go extinct in the bottleneck, but biodiversity will increase rapidly afterwards. Beautiful flowers of all kinds will proliferate and variegated butterflies will feed on them. The birds and mammals that hid away from us will repopulate the growing forests.

  7. “just let them win lol”

    How about no. I thought this was going to be an article about how to fight back smarter, not some stupid Buddhist based nonsense about the virtue of just accepting defeat.

    You write many good things and this isn’t one of them

  8. This is good advice for a certain type of people which I do not know how to characterize. I came to the same conclusion independently and suspect many people reach the same conclusion as they age but dare not say this out loud when it is too late to change anything in their life. I am Gen X, 50 years old, and not autistic. I don’t even know what that mode of being means. When I grew up we were like wild animals with no adults anywhere. Things must be really bad for you to come to this realization at such a young age. I blame civilization, domestication, etc … Not the immigrants or WEF_Jews. There is no going back to any ideal past period, even 10 years ago, every bridge is burned.

    At this point, we are functionally extinct. I don’t want to repeat what is already out there, Guy McPherson in particular. Things could unravel very quickly with the looming El Nino and loss of arctic ice. I suspect nature will unravel first, with mass die-offs of keystone species. Once the human activity of industrial agriculture becomes unviable civilization is toast.

    RIP Fredy Perlman – Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!.
    RIP Kaczynski.

  9. “Climate change” is a misnomer. What we experience and measure (poorly and incompletely), is climate. The world of buffoons is deeply concerned and all right thinking world citizens agree. Earth’s inhabitants are making the climate clima-tate in a way that is un-climatey.

    Don’t abuse, the earth and its resources. There.

    The same gov’s and officials who told you that the vaccines are safe and effective are telling you there is a climate emergency. The same EU/US/NATO that is destroying 3 generations of Ukrainian lives are telling us there is a climate emergency.

    Climate change is the opportunity to wield control over humanity and extract wealth while punishing enemies. Don’t fall for it.

    Don’t abuse the earth or your fellow humans. Thanks

    • >The same gov’s and officials who told you that the vaccines are safe and effective are telling you there is a climate emergency.

      They’re telling me the world is round and I shouldn’t beat my wife to a bloody pulp too. Are they wrong on that too?

  10. “There’s a reason food prices are increasing around the world.” That´s called supply chain disruption due to the moronic lockdowns, and more recently, inflation due to war. Yep, wars tend to fuck up things badly and that “party” just started…

    Linearity doesn´t exist in nature. It´s not because last year we had a drought and this year we might have a new one, that this will be the “new normal” for years to come. It´s a cycle and cycles tend to have a beginning and an end. And btw CO2 is a consequence of climate change, not the sole reason.

    Anyhow, I´ll be waiting patiently for a rectification when progressively people will start to realize the media had them fooled too, like e.g. they fooled millions in taking their “safe and effective” vaccines. In other words it is going to get colder not warmer.

    Btw, about being Cynical, oh man, it´s already off the charts! Ask my kin. 😉

    Kind regards!

  11. They had to be dragged to admitting the world is round. They would beat their spouses if it wouldn’t show up in media. You have a blind spot in my opinion. Re-examine your premises and who frames those premises. The ‘elites’ do not care about you or humanity. They are psychopaths craving power and dominance.

    BTW, I value your ideas and perceptions. We disagree on this.

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