Africa does not exist

This is the Abuna Yemata Guh, an Oriental Orthodox church in Tigray, Ethiopia. Its dome and wall paintings date to the 5th century after Christ. The kingdom of Aksum converted to Christianity in 330 AD. The church is thousands of meters high in the mountains of Tigray and can only be accessed after a long climb uphill.

I’m a guy who spends far too much time, keeping up to date about everything. If something’s happening somewhere, I know about it.

But I never heard of this: The Tigray War. In 2020, the Ethiopian government used the SARS2 pandemic as an excuse to delay the elections. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front did not agree to delay the elections, held elections in September and then argued that it would consider the Ethiopian government illegitimate from october onwards, when their constitional term limit was breached.

So what happened as a result is that shit hit the fan. The TPLF attacked the government in “pre-emptive self-defense”, the government responded, then the TPLF began carrying out massacres against Amharia and Welkait civilians, which triggered retaliatory massacres. Before long, there was complete war between Tigray and surrounding regions.

The war lasted for two years, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, million of people became refugees and the conflict even spilled over into other countries. By 2021 things were going pretty well for the TPLF, they allied with seven other rebel groups and came close to overthrowing the Ethiopian government. By 2022, with Ethiopian forces tied up in the North, al-Shabaab used the opportunity to invade Southern Ethiopia from Somalia.

This was a big deal. But I had never heard of it.

Now have a look at how Google ranks two different conflicts:

This is what people searched for, during the past five years. You can’t find the Tigray war.

If you type “Tigray War” into google, it gets you 152,000 results. If you type “Gaza War”, you get 43,500,000 results.

My favorite musician, John Maus, an obscure guy who hasn’t released a new album since 2018, a guy none of you ever heard of, a guy who plays concerts that don’t sell out, gets 223,000 results in Google, when you type “John Maus”.

There are cameras aimed at a plot of land in the Levant twice the size of Texel, from every angle. When a rocket is launched, we can see it crash from three different angles and hundreds of thousands of people around the world are busy determining who did it.

But for all practical purposes, the Tigray war didn’t happen. There are no opinions on it. Nobody argues the Ethiopian government is guilty of genocide against the Tigrays, or that the Tigray supremacists started this with their massacres, or that we need to stop selling weapons to Ethiopia, or that we need to help Ethiopia push back al-Shabaab, or that we need a ceasefire.

There are no conspiracy theories that the Mai Kadra massacre was a false flag orchestrated by the Ethiopian central government. There is nobody with a Tigray flag in his Twitter username. There is nobody analyzing the size of the fingers of some elderly tribal elder being point-blank executed, to figure out if the footage is AI generated or not.

None of this means anything, to anyone. The girls and elderly grandmothers who were raped mean nothing to anyone. Nobody quit his political party because of its position on the Tigray war, because there is no political party with a position on the Tigray war.

If leftism was genuinely about human equality, you would at least expect to find some leftist opinions about the Tigray war. None of them ever heard of it. But leftism is not an ideology, it’s not a concern for human well-being either, it’s something much weirder.

But again, what I can’t wrap my head around is that I really don’t remember hearing of this conflict. Did I suffer brain damage and just forget about it? Sure, it started when everyone was occupied with something else, but I mean, if in 2021 the Ethiopian government came close to collapse, wouldn’t you expect to hear about it?

For all practical purposes, Africans are just non-existent. In Africa, massacres and mass-rape can just happen without anyone caring. You spend more mental energy on some sadistic murder in Game of Thrones than on anything that happened in Ethiopia. The little Fatima’s working for Dutch news agencies will never report on it, they are busy convincing Dutch boomers of the plight of the poor palestoonians.

For Africans to draw our attention, there needs to be a genocide so big that the population graph shows a kink, like this:

There are inevitably just free lunches laying about in Africa. Situations that could be solved, if anyone just cared to look at it. There are hundreds of thousands of people in Western cities marching for Palestine, or against anti-semitism. Everyone feels a need to have an opinion on this. But protests about the Tigray war looked like this:

I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m pretty sure hardly anyone in the White House, or the British government was even aware this was going on. Remember, these people are human just like us, if George Floyd dies they pay attention to it, if a million Ethiopians have to flee their homes because of a civil war, they don’t hear about it. China delivered weapons to the Ethiopian government, but I doubt our governments did anything. When you don’t even know a problem exists, you can’t try to solve it.

When I bring this up, I’m sure plenty of low IQ low status white males will show up in the comment section, insisting that naggers are subhuman and they deserve to die and there is nothing we can do about it except withdrawing food aid and just letting them die etcetera.

That is frankly already a more humane position than the average Western liberal, because to your average leftlib in the streets, Africans don’t exist. They don’t hate Africans, because to hate something at least requires acknowledging its existence.

The annoying nerd in high school gets bullied and thrown in lockers and has his head shoved in the toilet. The ugliest girl in high school? She’s worse off. She doesn’t even get bullied. She just gets completely ignored, by everyone.

That is the real situation Africans are faced with. Jews are like the nerd in high school, they’re hated, but Africans are like the ugliest girl, they’re just ignored. When you’re hated, some people will at least stand up for you out of a sense of moral duty.

Africans don’t even get that. They are just completely and utterly ignored. Nothing that happens in South Sudan, in the Central African Republic, in Congo, in Ethiopia, in Mali, means anything to anyone who doesn’t live there. They don’t even get their existence acknowledged.

In parts of Africa you will watch as your child dies of hunger, after your harvest failed. You’ll watch as the fleas begin to consume his corpse. And you will live with the knowledge, that none of this means anything to anyone outside your village. And you will never receive an answer, why this happened.

Something you will notice, is that most Africans really don’t care for African American bullshit social justice crap. Why? Well one reason is because African Americans do jack shit for them. American Jews are ambassadors for Israelis, even Kim Kardashian draws attention to what happens to Armenians. Black Americans are not ambassadors for sub-Saharan Africans.

Black Americans have been so successful at drawing attention to the problems that (they believe) affect them, that there were protests in my own country, when George Floyd died. One guy, who died under complex circumstances, with fentanyl in his body. Where are the protests, when hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians die? It means nothing to anyone.

I was somewhat impressed with Extinction Rebellion for a short period, for drawing attention to the problem that sub-Saharan Africa faces: People who simply grow their own food for survival, who live humble simple lives, are stuck with big problems, because we are changing their climate. But then they insisted of course on joining the next TikTok trend, which is to side with the Gazans who wholeheartedly endorse a genocidal movement against Jews.

If you go to Dutch news site NOS, run by our government, you can find 172 results for Tigray and 77600 results for Gaza. This is ultimately just dehumanization. Africans just fundamentally don’t matter to anyone, until they show up in your own country, then you’ll jump through hoops out of fear of being called racist by them.

But most sub-Saharan Africans are just pretty normal people. They’re not leftists, they don’t hate white people, many of them are Christians. They don’t see themselves as “people of color” or other Western academic crap, they identify with their tribe. In large parts of Africa, you greet people with the name of your tribe, before saying your own name. They generally have a lot of children, but they don’t hate the natural world, in Congo you can find a lot of rangers who would give their lives to protect the gorillas. A small wealthy elite eats bushmeat, but most Africans are not involved in that.

But they’re not on anyone’s radar. Again, black Americans have zero interest in helping them out. Western leftists have zero interest in helping them out. A handful of conservative white Christians are interested in helping them out, but they bring with them the sort of baggage that Africa won’t benefit from, like discouraging abortion and birth control.

Palestinians received $485.22 per capita in aid in 2016. Ethiopia received $40.38 per capita. Nigeria had to make do with $12.78 per capita in foreign aid. The world spends twelve times more on Palestinians, than on Ethiopians. I think we’ve tried helping Palestinians, we’ve seen where it led: The pipes were dug up by Hamas to build rockets to shoot at Israel.

But Africans are just left to dwell in misery. People imagine that foreign aid to Africa consists of food. But that only happens in emergency situations. Africa is mostly self-sufficient in food production. Most of our foreign aid to Africa is actually extremely cost-effective. We give contraceptives to women who don’t want children. We can cure children for a few dollars, of parasitic worms that would otherwise reduce their IQ for the rest of their lives.

It’s a tiresome LSWM cliche that Africa is a bottomless pit for foreign aid. As long as there are children in Africa who have brain damage from iodine deficiency, as long as there are children in Africa who have brain damage from parasitic worms, as long as there are women who give birth because they don’t have contraception, we can’t say that they have had a genuine chance to show what they are capable of.

China is essentially just going to scoop up the whole continent. Not because we lost the competition with them. No, because we didn’t even try. The entire continent is an afterthought to us. All that China has to do to win Africa’s support, is to acknowledge that Africa exists.

People say that the media is too pro-Palestinian. Others say that the media is too pro-Israel. But this misses the more important point, that this conflict shouldn’t even be on our radar the way it is today, unless you have some reason to consider the lives of Israelis or Palestinians uniquely valuable to your personally.

Far more worrisome to me than the framing our media uses, is what it frames to begin with. The media decide what you think about. Then you talk about it, because the media talked about it to you and then people talk about it because they respond to you talking about it.

Low IQ low status white males can show up here, insisting to me that they hate Africans, but they are lying. Because you can’t hate something that you don’t know. The reality is that you don’t hate Africans, you just have a big gaping hole in your mental map of the world, where Africa is supposed to be.


  1. Ethiopia received huge amounts of aid as a result of Live Aid in 1985, organised by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in response to the terrible famine there. Whilst certainly a very generous thing to do, it had the unintended consequence of making Ethiopians dependent on aid/welfare. I read a pair of books called “Moods of Future Joys” and “Thunder and Sunshine” about a British guy who cycled around the world. He had a very unpleasant experience in Ethiopia. Everywhere he went the locals demanded money and food from him, and tried to steal things from his bicycle. This was in stark contrast to the other African countries where the locals were very friendly and very pleasant to deal with. This was in 2002.

    Yeah I feel bad for Africans. LSWMs will blame it on corruption, Marxism, low I.Q., Islam, et cetera. Leftists will blame it on colonialism, exploitation, racism and lack of education and contraceptives. Now they will bear the blunt of climate change.

    And Black Lives Matter is a joke of an organisation. They don’t care about Africans in Africa, they don’t care about black-on-black crime in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit etc. happening 365 days a year. The founder lives in a rich all white neighborhood. They worship George Floyd, a guy who held a gun to the head of a pregnant woman. If he didn’t try to buy cigarettes with counterfeit currency he would still be alive. Not trying to defend what Derek Chauvin did, but would he really have died if he hadn’t taken fentanyl which suppresses respiration? And the MSM completely ignores the BLM burning and looting of cities.

    • >If he didn’t try to buy cigarettes with counterfeit currency he would still be alive

      There’s a good chance he would have died to due the drugs he took, even without the police interaction.

      The point is, this one criminal junkie got huge demonstrations while millions are being murdered for being the wrong ethnicity in Africa and not even one single news article comes out on the matter.

  2. Interesting and I mostly agree. But, which is it?

    Yesterday’s Rintrah: “The utter meaninglessness of these petty jobs and these nagging manipulative wives and girlfriends you met through dating apps, in a society that hates us, seeks to demographically replace us and makes the planet uninhabitable. The utter meaninglessness of having to study every evening, in hopes of beating your Asian competition to be admitted to a college.”


    Today’s Rintrah: “For all practical purposes, Africans are just non-existent. In Africa, massacres and mass-rape can just happen without anyone caring. … The little Fatima’s working for Dutch news agencies will never report on it, they are busy convincing Dutch boomers of the plight of the poor palestoonians.”

    It’s pretty clear you think there are too many people destroying the natural world in pursuit of meaningless lives and that you like Jews and Africans more than Palestinians. However, I think the first point is more important, and the only thing that should get your attention about the Rwanda graph is that the kink wasn’t big enough. The outrageous thing about the per capita aid statistics isn’t their relative values, but that they are non-zero.

    Anyways, keep schizo-posting. I like the challenge.

    • These populations graphs are hocky stick models from long ago without checking if they make sense. Most people in these nations move to the city. The largest city, Kigali, had 850,000 people at the last census. The 2nd largest city has about 140,000 people. 3rd largest less than 100K yet somehow they have over 13 million people? World population numbers are nonsense. Can’t trust any official numbers on anything.

      • A doubling in 23 years is compatible with a ~3% (=72/23) growth rate. Is that unreasonably large? Unlikely. I think the lack of trustworthiness lies in the city size estimates: how can you count people when they don’t have an address?

  3. Judging and hating inferior human beings is like judging and hating the lion for drawing out the killing of the zebra; you’re stupid for holding lower beings to your own moral standards. When General Butt Naked went around raping women and leading his army of naked child soldiers in human sacrifice rituals involving other children, he really didn’t know any better. Butt Naked wasn’t evil because evil implies a conscious choice; Naked really just couldn’t comprehend what he was doing was wrong, like, the conceptual horizon wasn’t even there. There’s no critical thought behind African brains, they’re an entire race of npcs.

    This is why America needs to swoop in and save the Africans from themselves. Americans can build Africans their cities, keep their crops and bodies healthy, and give them enough birth control and porn so they don’t overwhelm the planet. All we ask the simple African in return is that he pledges allegiance to our flag, stays away from our women, and works all the shitty low IQ menial jobs that we’re above doing; so we can focus on war, science, archeology, and other adventurisms. Seems like a fair trade if you ask me.

    “This will never happen it’s a pipe dream!”

    Says you visionless faggot! One day the American will rise again, we shall hang our traitorous politicians, re-institute American supremacy, conquer the world, and have the world thank us for it! Manifest destiny!

  4. You are a smart guy, but you STILL have not figured it out for yourself yet. Well, let me explain it to you. Why do you think that the TPLF spent the last 30 years taking full control of ALL of the levers of global public health. Who do you think arranged for the virus? Who do you think controls the global vaccination machine? Who do you think controlled the entire machinery for developing and rolling out the “vaccines”, including the design and manufacture of the DNA templates in China? Africa knows full well that they will be the first to die and that nobody in the global west gives a shit. They know. They are not stupid, hence they devised and rolled out their own solution. You can call it the African solution to climate change. Final Solution 2.0.

  5. Apparently you are just now realizing the amount of pain, suffering and sorrow in the world is simply too abundant and overwhelming for any one person to take full account of.

    You are halfway there…

      • Yes, there are fossil fuels just off the coast of Gaza.

        I know an oil and gas engineer who was filming the ‘fireworks’ from the deck of a boat while heading out to the rigs there. The Captain called him into the cabin, telling him something like: “It’s an intifada you fool! Do you want them to fire at us?”

        But getting back to the question, why does the West care what happens in that region? Well, I maintain that the answer (at least at this point in history) is primarily if not completely due to there being fossil fuels in that region.

        In support of this conclusion, I note that Israel is basically an unsinkable aircraft carrier located a mere 800 miles or so away from the ‘black gold triangle’ – which is a region that is estimated to contain around 50-65% of the Earth’s known remaining fossil fuel reserves. Here is a map of the zone:

        And that is why the region gets so much press.

        It is ‘only’ because of the oil, which just so happens to be the master resource that keeps all of modern civilization going — and make no mistake, without oil/fossil fuels, there is no modern civ, and no more billions of humans who depend on the industrial-technological system for their sustenance.

        And no wealth or power (at least in the modern technological-industrial sense) either.

        And that’s why TPTB care about what happens in that region of the world, and why so many are interested in influencing/controlling events and circumstances there.

        It’s all because of fossil fuel – which remains the energy source for all of modern civ, and for which there is no apparent substitute.

        If the energy to power civ was all piled up somewhere else, then TPTB would care about somewhere else instead, but it isn’t, so the region will reap the costs (including war) and benefits (including populous and relatively wealthy cities built in the middle of deserts) of being host to the master resource — at least while it lasts.

  6. While I agree (and learned to keep this opinion to myself), this one went through Swiss media:

    The article says it all. We have a sizeable group of Somalis/Eritraeans/Ethiopians here and they are apparently better connected and lobbied for than the African American-Africa-axis. The other reason this came to attention is because our immigration federal office works as intended, as most insitutions here do, and works very efficient against their tax payers, as most insitutions do.

    This is a very good case of when you ignore your own local state news and only read about drivel from US media, then you miss a lot of stuff which might actually concern you and influence your life. Another 50000 asylum seekers of that region? No thanks.

  7. I don’t think there are many “low IQ status white males” living outside Africa who hate Africans living in Africa. Racists want to exclude the other race from living among them, as the primary concern.

    I’m sure some would argue this isn’t even racist per se. Many Israelis prefer to be an ethnic majority and probably would prefer this to be a rather large majority, and racism isn’t quite the word.

  8. Its all one us to reconnect with the civilization our elders left which the colonizers sabotaged the motherland will be reignited.
    Africa is Yet there.
    just greating from e.Africa.
    the elder population of our enemies are bright but thier kids are dull and their population is shrinking.
    unity will be our pillar innovation we dream.
    For God and my country.
    be blessed Isreal.

  9. Please do more research. Currently it’s primarily the Amhara ethnic group in the northern highlands that’s being slaughtered by the govt (the brutal dictatorial PM was once part of TPLF but now is associated with the even more violent OLF). The Amhara have have been demonized, hated, persecuted, disenfranchised, and killed for the last 40 years (falsely branded as a former oppressor/colonizer/patriot class). Sadly, they have no voice. Whereas the TPLF and their ppl have long had the support of the West, especially the Dems., thus their version of the truth is heard. They are the ones with access to lobbyists and media.

    Please research how the West is funding TPLF to take fertile Amhara land to create “Greater Tigray” with the probable goal of invading Eritrea. It serves the West’s interests/narrative to portray the Tgrayans as the primary victims.

    Research how the larger goal of the West is the balkanization of Ethiopia.

    Please research the Marxist roots of the TPLF, their decades-long violent, corrupt, apartheid rule, how they robbed the country and enriched themselves, and how they’re supported by the Dems. (Why did the Dems remove them from the list of terr*rist groups?) Research Tedros’ and the TPLF. Research Tedros sterilizing campaign of Amhara women.

    Research TPLF’s founding manifesto from the ’70s which states their goal is to eradicate the Amh*ra, the group which so bravely defeated Mussolini’s army, while the predecessors to TPLF acquiesced.

    Do an internet search on “amhara genocide”

  10. To be honest, the only people I heard talking about this were left wing MEPs like Mick Wallace, I dob’t agree exactly wuth him, but he was out there in the European Parliament raising the subject.

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