And still I feel nothing

I have to explain this again. Neonazism is not a far right movement. Like all fascist movements, it’s a form of leftism with right wing aesthetics. It’s basically just Stalinism for Germanic people. I am right wing, whether I like it or not. I’ve spent years of my life fighting that realization, to no avail. Most of you aren’t. When you think you’re to the right of me, you’re generally just a leftist. This hatred of Jews/Zionists is just leftist envy.

As a right winger, your mind is just intuitively drawn to quality. When human beings witness a conflict, we inevitably choose sides, whether we want to or not. Our gut does this for us. You’re either drawn to Israel or to the Gazans. You don’t choose this. It simply happens to you. The Hamas militants shot children hiding in closets. For me that just answers the question.

You people call me a Zionist, a Jew, a spook, a glowie etcetera, it’s all fine with me. But I know I don’t have some three letter agency paying me and I know I still have my foreskin. No, the simple reality is that I want to bash my head against the wall every time I think about what happened. And I’m not able to look away.

As a left winger, your mind is drawn to quantity. Hence why we see the leftists make arguments based on quantity, like the idea that Israel is committing genocide. What they mean with that is that Israel is killing a lot of Palestinians, which is factually correct. But to refer to this as genocide is factually incorrect, because the goal is not to eradicate an ethnic group, but to eradicate a movement. If Israel could do that with zero civilian casualties, they would. Hamas showed you what they do when they have the opportunity: Kill anyone in Israel who is not a Muslim.

This is also why democracy is a leftist way to run a society. Every communist country claims to be democratic. Right wingers want a society based on justice and the rule of law. The fact that a big number of people want something ultimately means nothing to them. As an example, my attitude towards climate change and veganism is fundamentally far-right: I just don’t care what the majority of people want. I want to shove my opinion down their throats, whether they like it or not.

As a right winger, you discriminate. All right wing thought comes down to discrimination. The left is right about this, but picks the wrong definition for discrimination. The form of discrimination we practice is “the ability or power to see or make fine distinctions”. We look at a mass of similar things and we distinguish which of those objects have distinct qualities the other ones don’t have. We aim to protect the rare against the common.

You don’t really choose this. When you’re right wing you’re going to stay right wing, regardless of what sort of indoctrination camp they might send you to. It’s not even how your brain works. It’s what you are.

Here’s a simple example of what I mean:

If I look at this face, I see a person. A goofy old working class guy, who likes to make children in his bus laugh. Every weekend he goes to hang out at his local pub, with the same handful of other low status white males he has known for decades, to play a game of cards or complain to each other about how the whole country is going to shit. That’s what that face speaks to me and so it breaks my heart when I see this.

But you could show me a dozen Palestinian mothers with headscarves crying hysterically and running around with the corpses of their children in their hands, screaming that Achmed was martyred by the Zionists, but the reality is that I’m just going to feel nothing.

You can tell me I’m a bad person for feeling nothing. Maybe you are right. Maybe that makes me a bad person. A racist, a white supremacist, a bigot, the next Hitler, a fascist. You can call me a thousand words, that may very well make me feel ashamed of myself. But it’s not going to make me feel something.

Because I trained myself to feel nothing? Because I pushed some button in my head to feel nothing? No. Because that’s just how my brain works. Trust me, the streets in my country are full of people marching with Palestinian flags. If I could push some button in my brain that would make me empathize with them, I would, it would make my life easier. But it’s just not there.

What do you feel when you see Luke Skywalker and the gang mow down a bunch of stormtroopers? Well that’s roughly what I feel when I see these identical looking women, with their identical headscarves, screaming in their identical ugly language that the evil Zionists bombed the kid who was destined to be a brave soldier for Allah.

“Right wingers” (read: ethnocentric white leftists) love to argue that people pay too much attention to this German girl murdered at the psytrance festival.

But here’s the thing: SHANI LOUK IS AN INDIVIDUAL!

Maybe she had fifteen different STDs from a holiday in Jamaica. Maybe she believed wholeheartedly in flooding my whole country with the sort of dudes who killed her. But this is a SOMEONE, with an appearance and a worldview and a personality and an attitude and hobbies and interests and music that she liked and a favorite movie director and goals she aspired to and countries that she wanted to visit and a color that she wanted to paint the roof of her bedroom in.

And it’s perfectly possible that I could’ve met Shani Louk at some party or concert I went to. And I would say “yeah I know Shani”. But I honestly can’t imagine ever meeting someone from Gaza and ever telling people “Yeah I know Hassan” instead of “yeah I met a guy from Gaza once”.

And I’m not even arguing here that Arabs are some sort of homogeneous racially inferior borg. I actually met a cool Israeli Arab once. If anything, it’s Hamas that makes the value of a Palestinian life very cheap.

If you’re taught from an early age that you were brought into this world to kill as many Jews as possible, how are you ever going to be a human being? How are you going to be anything more than just a flesh-robot? And what life are you even losing, when you’re blown to smithereens? What opportunities?

You can look up the videos for yourself, of these parents sending their six year old boys to IDF soldiers with guns, trying to get them shot. That breaks my heart, because that’s where you’re still looking at an embryonic individual. Someone who is never going to unlearn the lesson his father taught him there. Someone who is never going to get a chance to individuate, to become someone.

I have failed throughout my life in a thousand different ways, I have very little to show for myself. But if you know me, you know a person. You know someone. Someone you can like or dislike. And that was robbed from the Palestinians, not just by some bronze age pedophile warlord in the Arab peninsula, but by a terrorist movement that took control over their society.

And that’s why I say that it’s not for the Israelis that Hamas needs to be eradicated. It’s for the Palestinians.


  1. The Hamas provocation was designed to elicit the response. The response is the desired outcome. Nobody cares for the Palestinians (not the Jews nor the Arabs). So far in 24 days, 75,000 air dropped GPS guided bombs have been dropped (25,000 tons of ammunition) and 120,000 155mm shells and 75,000 mortar shells of a variety of sizes. This exceeds the burn rate in the war in Ukraine where NATO ammunition stockpiles are already depleted and cannot be replaced. China has already shut-off access to critical component supplies. That Hamas military objective is to deplete what is now irreplaceable US / NATO stockpiles. Expect this war to last 12 months or more. If things die down, expect more provocation. Russia is in control of this war now – hence things will be very different. The big mistake that the West made was to train and supply Russia’s enemies in Ukraine. Now Russia is returning the favour. Expect Hamas to take out the 2,200 IDF tanks in the same way as done in Ukraine with the NATO tanks – i.e. via use of drones. the drone war is yet to start. This the IDF is totally unprepared for. I pray for the Jews, because they will need my prayers. The Jews are not fighting the jihadis anymore. They are fighting Russia and China. Iran will be staying well clear of this. Russia always follows a slow start, slow burn and deescalation meat-grinder strategy. Like Ukraine, IDF will soon find out what this strategy means for them. The end goal is demilitarization of the global west.

  2. One good thing here is Radagast is forthright in acknowledging his sympathy for one side rather than pretending he is arguing from abstract principles separate from that affinity; we could use more of that. There’s so much blather about genocide, right to national self-determination, terrorism, and a lot of other things which people use to conceal that they just really want either the Israelis or Palestinian Arabs to win. Not that it’s impossible to apply such principles neutrally, but most of what you hear is dishonest. Yeah, it’s more egregious from the Palestinian side, but it’s a widespread failing.

    • Yeah, you’re right.

      I don’t really choose to be pro-Israel based off some abstract philosophical reflection. It’s just entirely natural for me and so I’ll inevitably find the arguments to support it.

    • It is not about one side versus the other side now. The Palestinians are irrelevant to the new military objectives. Things have significantly changed. This is a new war and the sole objective is the collapse of the Jewish state of Israel. Hezbollah and Hamas have resolved their differences. In relation to all of the jihadi groups, they are all united now under Russian control. Iran has deliberately been stood down and Chinese ships and Chinese soldiers are now strategically placed to protect Iran and Syria. Iran and Syria and Hezbollah (except for a bit of show) will remain neutral unless Iran is attacked. If Iran is attacked, China will come to Iran’s defense and only in that role. If the Russian base in Hmeimim is attacked in any way, Lavrov has already warned that the stationed 24/7 circling Mig 31’s in the Black Sea will release their Kinzal hyper-sonic missiles to sink those three carrier groups. Hamas has been given full access to to that Russian Base, so that weapons can be smuggled in through Syria though the heavy vehicle accessible tunnel system into Gaza. Hamas will be doing all the fighting and they have all been trained in Russian methods at the Russian Spetsnaz University and Training Facility in Chechnya. Hamas is different now. They are equivalent to Russian Special Forces and have been equipped accordingly. The Russian objective is to collapse the Jewish state of Israel and then install a Russian Jewish controlled puppet rump state. Up until Ukraine, Russia had good relations with Israel, because there is a big Russian Jewish population. All Russian Jews have been instructed to return to the Caucuses where they will be protected in temporary accommodation until this is all over. the job of the Palestinians now, is to soak up the Jewish bombs in their own blood. All of this is very sad, but it is what it is. When it comes to the Russians, their military objectives throughout history are ALWAYS achieved. This is now a war between Bibi and the Kremlin.

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