Angry White Male Fetish: A Common Progressive Sexual Pathology

As above, so below. Or, to use Isaac Newton’s translation: “That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.” This is one of the occult teachings of Hermes Trimegistus that has survived the test of time. If you pay attention to the world around you, you’ll find it applies just about everywhere. I bring it up today, because I want to offer you a question: What is the fundamental difference between a man and a woman? Biologists offer an answer: The male organism is the organism with the smaller gamete. The female organism has the larger gamete.

When we observe the reproductive cells of both organisms, we notice the female gamete, the egg, drifts slowly through the fallopian tubes, whereas the male gamete, the sperm, races down the uterus in giant hordes, in search of the egg. The male gamete is active, it pursues with blind passion. The female gamete is passive, it drifts placidly through the body. This is the microcosm, where we know the egg does not put its autograph beneath a consent contract before it is fertilized. And when we compare the two genders as they move throughout the macrocosm, we see the same thing. As William Blake put it: Let man wear the fell of the lion, woman the fleece of the sheep.

Am I suggesting that women are entirely passive? No, that’s actually the point I want to make in this essay. Rather, what tends to happen in the real world is that a woman is keenly gifted in understanding how to press the right buttons in a man’s mind, thereby allowing her to feign placid passive innocence. Of course, when you want to feign placid passive innocence, you have to deny this fundamental assertion itself. So, she finds herself in a position where she says things she does not mean. She may end up utterly blind herself to what she wants. And if you want to see true innocence, you should look at some of the dumb men who keep stepping into her traps.

I’m well aware this must sound like the start of a defense of all sorts of male misbehavior towards women. That’s not the direction I was going however, because it has been done countless times. There are numerous other blogs where you can find authors who ponder the mystery of young women who wander around half-naked in the middle of winter in all sorts of seemingly torturous outfits because it’s “comfortable”, or the mystery of prominent and powerful men who seem to inevitably end up accused of sexual misconduct. Human nature evolved in a time before political correctness. I do feel like stating that high heels, corsets and skirts are by no means “comfortable”.

I also feel like stating that men don’t spend half their lives striving to become senior-level cubicle-managers, because senior-level cubicle-management happens to be their deepest passion or because they wanted to have an expensive watch as a little boy. It has more to do with the fact that sixty year old men who work as Walmart-greeters don’t get to pick pretty young nubile interns to file their paperwork for them. If Mr. Weinstein had been told as a young man that he wouldn’t get to spend the rest of his life screwing young actresses, he would have been less motivated to become a prominent film producer to begin with. Humans are rarely honest about their genuine motives.

So, with all of that said, today I want to mention another bizarre aspect of human interaction that has gone very much ignored in our popular media: The angry white male fetish. “What’s an angry white male fetish?” You must wonder. Well, to start with, we have the point out a simple fact, which is that a lot of women are attracted to white men. This inevitably includes a number of women, who feel deeply guilty about feeling attracted to white men. There are some religious women who feel guilty over every form of sexual desire they might harbor. There are other women, who are deeply active in social justice circles, or who were taught in third world schools that their people have been oppressed by white men forever, who feel similarly guilty about their attraction to white men.

So, why white men in particular? There are different reasons to consider. I first want to get some of the most upsetting reasons out of the way. Being tall is a sign of good health and strength. Women like tall men. White men are the tallest men on the planet, partly due to good health, partly due to genetic factors. Body hair is a masculine trait. Women from some cultures rarely encounter men with facial hair or bodily hair. These are all reasons people don’t like to hear, but they’re true nonetheless.

Finally, white men have a historical association with power, as well as a continuing association with wealth and success. Part of white culture involves learning to feel guilty from an early age over the success previous generations of white males had at spreading their genes and seizing natural resources at the cost of other ethnic groups. Some of this guilt is justified, some of it is excessive. The fact of the matter is that in the eyes of the rest of the world, white guilt leads to an image of a people who are so powerful they have to shame themselves into not exploiting other people.

So, all of these factors lead to the existence of various groups of women who feel attracted to white men, but simultaneously hate the fact that they’re attracted to white men. What happens when you want something, but hate yourself for wanting it? You subconsciously start to create the kind of conditions where it happens to you, while you can claim you had no true say in the matter. For women who hate white men, but nonetheless want sexual attention from white men, one way to get what they want is by making these men angry. I refer to this phenomenon, as an angry white male fetish.

Let me give an important example of a woman suffering from an angry white male fetish: Sarah Jeong. Let’s look at an example of her tweets and the subconscious desire underneath:

What kind of woman insists on telling the whole world she’s mean towards old white men? A woman who yearns for an old white man to be mean to her. Sarah Jeong’s ovaries got her into trouble.

Another angle to this mysterious phenomenon is the fact that women feel attracted, whether they like it or not, to men who are genuinely masculine. One symptom of masculinity is anger. Another symptom of masculinity is a superiority complex. What do you get when you combine a superiority complex with anger? You get a political extremist. This can be a radical Muslim, an alt-right neonazi, a school shooter, or anything else along those lines. What all of these types have in common is that they’re very masculine.

For a smart young woman, this is very attractive. It’s attractive because these men are very masculine, but that’s not the only reason. A woman who is plagued by dark thoughts herself, finds a sense of comfort and shelter, in men who are open about their dark thoughts. A woman working for some left wing political group in Europe, might secretly feel very upset about seeing how her own people are losing their native homeland, but she tries to suppress those thoughts, because they’re racist. A young Muslim woman might secretly feel very upset about all these slutty secular women wandering around half-naked, but she doesn’t want to say so herself. A young Goth girl who spends her days browsing Tumblr might secretly hate all her classmates who make fun of her, so she feels fascinated by these teenage boys with their leather trench-coats who slaughtered all the normies at school who made fun of them.

Let me give another example of what I mean. Here is an FBI agent, who married the ISIS terrorist she was tasked with investigating. I’m sure I will offend a lot of people by saying this, but you can’t task heterosexual women with policing angry men, it very often ends with disastrous outcomes like this. This is human nature, but you’re not supposed to say it out loud, because we like to think of women as innocent, as part of our benign sexism. Instead, we think of every form of anger, hate and intolerance, as a problem of men.

We try to be an egalitarian culture, but in practice this means we deny the dark aspects of women’s behavior, while complaining about the dark aspects of men’s behavior. One reason of course is that men are overt in their cruelty, while women are covert. If you want a good example of the kind of cruelty of women, consider the lifelong trauma suffered by children who were raised by Catholic nuns. Or, consider some sororities, where girls are made to undress and the older girls grab black markers and start tagging all their physical flaws. A man who rapes a woman would do less lifelong emotional damage to her, but it’s hard for the law to correctly address the kind of covert cruelty women inflict on other women.

Another aspect to the angry white male fetish that needs to be mentioned is a phenomenon known as “tend and befriend.” Evolutionary psychologists insist that the male response to a threat is “fight or flight”, while the female response is “tend and befriend”. Take care of the kids, try to be friendly to the dangerous angry people. So, whenever you see an Asian woman at some angry-white male neonazi conference, flashing her swastikas as well as her cleavage, you’re potentially dealing with a case of “tend and befriend”. These angry white males tend to be less dumb than they seem. If they were to celebrate her as “one of us”, she would rather quickly lose interest in them. Instead, if she ends up shouting their silly slogans in public on a daily basis, she eventually has so much invested in this thing that she won’t turn her back on it.

Of course Asian women attracted to angry white males are not the only example of the “tend and befriend” phenomenon. Another example that needs to be mentioned is decadent spoiled rich girls, who end up hanging out with dirty poor communists and anarchists. Consider Patty Hearst, the granddaughter of a wealthy publishing magnate, who ended up becoming an active member of the communist guerrilla group that had kidnapped her. There are also examples in Nigeria, of young schoolgirls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram, but refuse to return to their family. When people are very angry and aggressive, it’s part of human nature to adjust to their demands. Dictators and cult leaders who insist they will succeed through “strength of will” are often not wrong.

If you read feminist and social justice creeds from now on, I expect you won’t be able to avoid the fact that they’re filled with repressed sexual tension. Let me give you some more examples, just for fun:

A typical murderer drawn to the racist forum is a frustrated, unemployed, white adult male living with his mother or an estranged spouse or girlfriend. She is the sole provider in the household. Forensic psychologists call him a “wound collector.” Instead of building his resume, seeking employment or further education, he projects his grievances on society and searches the Internet for an excuse or an explanation unrelated to his behavior or the choices he has made in life.

This author should quit the SPLC and start writing chick-flicks, about a brave young social justice warrior, who “saves” a bitter young man with a dark past and emotional wounds from becoming a neo-nazi. Or, she should beg her boss to let her infiltrate a neo-nazi meeting, but I expect she would probably start infiltrating herself halfway through said meeting.

Here we find another example, of a young woman who insists on informing the whole world about her latest sexual conquest, the angriest, darkest, most nasty neo-nazi of them all, William Fears (yes, his last name is literally Fears, in case you needed any more evidence that you’re actually living in a bugged computer simulation):

As if being in the presence of violent neo-Nazis wasn’t tense enough, this was around the time Fears turned to me and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I did not know how to respond. I was unprepared for sexual advances from a neo-Nazi, and it seemed, as it often does to women doing our jobs in such situations—even those involving less flagrantly toxic men—that there was no right move. Either I would risk escalation by talking back, or else render myself powerless by saying nothing at all.

He proceeded to ask me if I wanted a boyfriend, and followed up with, “Do you want to continue the white race with me?”

This marriage of white supremacist thinking and unvarnished sexual aggression was jarring, and thanks in part to the violence that followed, stuck with me even before I caught wind of Fears’s alleged crime in Florida. That day in Charlottesville, he proceeded to smirk as I moved to distance myself from him. “How ‘bout a smile!,” he shouted, an aggressive admonition familiar to women everywhere.

She headlines her article, with two lines of unwarranted self-importance:

Inside the Alt-Right’s Violent Obsession with ‘White Sharia War Brides’
Far-right racists view women like me as a key tool in their fight to “continue the white race.”

This article isn’t written for men like me. It’s written with eye-catching headlines like these, to get young women to read it. A woman wants to feel valued by her mate. The biggest mistake I made in my life is when I told my former girlfriend I don’t care if she hangs out with other guys. I didn’t want her to have such control over my mind, so I insisted on never being jealous, which made her feel unwanted. It’s easier for me force an entire San Pedro cactus down my throat (with the needles intact), than it is to stop feeling regret over how that tragedy unfolded.

The women for who this article is meant are women who spend their days as neutered working bees, filing paperwork at a boring office or working on a Phd tract that won’t be complete until their ovaries have shriveled up. They don’t feel like real women, because society denies them their femininity.

These women hate their lives. They dream of escaping, of passion, adventure, of contributing to something that really matters. And most importantly, they dream of being deeply valued and cherished by the men around them. They fantasize about bearded Muslim men, who don’t pretend to feign blindness to their femininity, but the Muslim men feel too foreign, too alien to them. And suddenly, they encounter this article.

Apparently there are some white men who think and behave, just like those creepy Muslim men she sees on TV. Her heart starts beating faster, she feels thoughts and emotions that make her uncomfortable, that leave her guilty. But nobody can look into her mind, so she opens the article. And as she reads, she thinks to herself: “What should I do? How do I stop this outrageous resurgent white-supremacy?” And then she has it. Instead of going out with her best friend to look for a new miniskirt, they have a better plan for today: Let’s go to a Pegida march, with a big “refugees welcome” sign. Perhaps Ahmed wants to join and have a kiss.


  1. Rintrah, how much are you paying to support your blog? I love your blog. I was going to start my own. I’d love to bounce ideas back and forth. Btw, are you actually dutch? Because obviously (as my name suggests) I am too. Although culturally, I’ve been stripped of my culture. I am only dutch in the sense that I look more like Willem of Orange than I do german or irish.

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