[ART COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT]Low Status White Male: Reflections on the internalization of the privilege discourse

Sometimes when you want something you need to just dive into the water without thinking it through. So that’s what I’m doing today. I really want to organize an art exhibition and I want your help with this.

So today I’m organizing an art competition. I’m interested in buying art pieces for an exhibition called: “Low Status White Male: Reflections on the internalization of the privilege discourse”

You have until July the 1st to join the competition, if I don’t have enough interesting submissions by then I’m giving up. To submit a piece, simply respond to this post with a comment and your email address, I will personally contact you to review your piece.

To genuinely get you low IQ low status white males to unglue your eyeballs from the Bitcoin price chart for a second and make yourselves useful (to me, obviously), I’m offering prize money: If I can get at least five people to submit something worth putting up at an exhibition, I will buy all those pieces, paying every artist 100 euro. If more than five people submit something worth exhibiting, I’ll cough up more money. What I consider the best piece, the winner of the competition, will get an additional 500 euro, for a total of 600 euro.

So what is the idea? I want to offer people reflections of the internalization of the privilege discourse. In normal human language, that means I want to see how heterosexual cisgender white men from a humble background, with humble accomplishments in life, experience being held responsible in modern society for almost every social ill, a radical change in what it means a be a white man that has unfolded during my own lifetime.

What does it mean, for you to fear being perceived as racist? What does it make you feel, to open your newspaper and learn that your ilk apparently run the world?

My rules are pretty simple:

  1. Your piece needs to be physical, it can’t be digital.
  3. It needs to be displayable in an exhibition room. You can’t send me Polonium 210 and call it art. It needs to have reasonable dimensions and weight, for me to be able to practically put it in a room in Rotterdam somewhere.
  4. Pay attention LSWMs, mute the Alex Jones show for a second, this is important. I know you low grade morons have no experience with art so I’ll make this explicitly clear: It needs to be a work of radical self-expression.
  5. You must be an outsider to the art world. I’m not interested in submissions from people who went to art school, sorry. You need to not know what you’re doing.
  6. For this exhibition, I have an anti-diversity policy. I will only accept submissions from low status cisgender heterosexual white men, who are not members of the LGBTQI+ community. If you’re secretly a pillow-biter I’ll pretend not to notice, as long as you’re discreet.

So give me your best stuff. Express what it means to you, to be a low status white male. Draw an oil painting of the office chair you’ve sat in for the past twenty years that you spent filling numbers into a spreadsheet for your boss. Send me a polaroid picture of your micropenis next to your obese wife’s big fat dildo. Sculpt a clay figurine of Trump crushing Hillary Clinton’s skull with his foot. Draw the letter Q with your own blood, on a rejection letter from an Ivy League college you applied to as a teenager. Send me the hideous homemade Bitcoin mining device you used in your mom’s basement back in 2011 to make money, only for your coins to end up stuck on Mt. Gox. Send me a VHS tape of yourself sitting in your SUV in your local Walmart parking lot, injecting fentanyl to treat your lower back pain. I don’t care, you’re the artist. You decide what’s art, I decide whether your art is worth exhibiting to me.

Show the world what it means from your perspective, to be held responsible for our modern society’s ills.

You can just leave a comment on this page when your work is finished, I’ll contact you and ask some basic information and some statement I can put up next to your piece so people have a clue what they’re looking at. You can be anonymous or (preferably) you can use your real name, it’s up to you.

And I know this is probably going to go nowhere, I know most of you low grade morons already quit reading and went back to “multichain yield farming” or whatever it is low status white males these days think is going to make them rich, but at least I can say I tried.


  1. For me as an Ashkenazi Jew and thus, a kind of outsider to the race debate, it is interesting if not funny to watch how pretty much all seemingly bright non-White people (commonly dubbed people of colour for their brown unicolour) – however intelligent and bright they might seem for a while – at some point in time eventually inescapably will have their intellectual meltdown, their moment of brain bankruptcy. Rintrah, this is your moment now. I pity you.

    • >For me as an Ashkenazi Jew and thus, a kind of outsider to the race debate,

      “I’m an outsider to the sock puppet theater, as I’m not a character in this play!” -Guy who plays two sockpuppets with his hands

      >at some point in time eventually inescapably will have their intellectual meltdown, their moment of brain bankruptcy. Rintrah, this is your moment now. I pity you.

      “You’ve finally lost your mind!” I think I get that accusation on a weekly basis. People need to stop pretending I’m sort of tragic genius who went insane. I was always insane, but now I’m having fun with it.

    • Also, I’m not going to put up with this Copenhagen interpretation of whiteness on my site, where you’re white when it suits you and POC when it doesn’t.

      I don’t care who you are or what you look like, but there is one simple rule from now on before commenting on my website: You declare yourself to be either a low status white male, or an ally of the LSWM community.

  2. It’s a great idea, Radagast and you are a funny dude coming up with it.
    If people actually get busy trying to make art you will have helped them, because it is always more fun to work on something than to sit around moping, or sit around consuming passive entertainment. Oleg Gazmanov said that.
    I have doodled a bit in my time, mainly as a teenager at school in the back of my book. Immature, but what do they expect when they force you to consume pseudoeducation? Some of the doodles were ok. I did a doodle not long ago of my dad individually disinfecting food items he had just got from the supermarket. It captured how uptight and stressed and terrified he was. Wipe wipe, spray, wipe, discard tissue, spray wipe
    I have never made a piece of art of substantial dimensions before but why not?
    I hope the idea gets traction. I hope people get off their arses and take part, if only to thank you for having an entertaining blog.

  3. I am indeed a low status white male. I have excellent reasons to hate this stinking excuse for a civilization. My older and oh-so-much smarter brothers thought it was a good idea to get vaccinated, didn’t want to listen when I said the whole thing smelled like an elaborate scam. Oldest brother has stage 4 bowl cancer, 2nd oldest ulcerated esophagus, one niece had resectioning of her large intestine, etc. Extremely bright men, very high status. Eldest is now on morphine.

  4. I reckon I might give this a crack. My old boy is teaching me how to arc weld and ive been making an object for a party but this gives me a good idea. I already asked a cute vegie young gal at my work who paints if the stupid thing was art, which she confirmed.

    1st July deadine ey

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