The whale ascends from the depths of the dark cold ocean back towards the surface.

The sickness has ended, because humans have ceased to eat the flesh of animals.

Love, compassion and kindness fill the hearts of the people.

The Earth has healed.



  1. Hey Radagast, do you think it’s equally morally wrong to eat animals you’ve hunted yourself cleanly with a rifle as it is to eat factory farmed animals suffering in terrible conditions?

    • Try to focus on the positive instead of seeking loopholes.

      Don’t get trapped in spirals of negativity.

      Don’t stare yourself blind at limitations.

      Look at the good things life has offered you and be grateful for them.

      Practice gratitude.

      Most people are still shielded by their ignorance (Tamas).

      But this can not last. The people attempt to maintain their barrier of ignorance, but it is collapsing, rapidly.

      The awakening is beginning and with it comes responsibility.

        • The archetypes in fiction speak to truth. That’s why it can seem like Rintrah is referencing media he likely has no exposure to himself. Both Rintrah and Alan Wake are speaking to the truth (Possibly, I don’t even know what an “Alan Wake” is. This is just how I feel.)

  2. “The Earth has healed”

    Here’s how:

    Industrial technological civ runs on rails, like a speeding crash test vehicle, straight into unyielding limits.

    Most strapped in dummies sustain lethal injuries, but the pain, terror and horror are mercifully brief.

    Nature reclaims the wreckage and heals.

    The dread is gone. Hope returns. All surviving life is grateful.

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