The reason I can’t stand techbros is not because they want to block the sun to stop global warming.

It’s also not because they want to genetically modify plants.

It’s also not because they feed everyone a bunch of algorithms designed to destroy your attention span and keep you scrolling.

It’s also not because they signed up for the Aella gangbang.

It’s not because they want infinite immigration into Western countries to make the GDP go up.

It’s not because they pay for prostitutes.

It’s not because they’re atheists.

It’s not because they think we’re living in a computer simulation.

It’s not because they believe in filling the world with more people.

It’s not because they want to inject everyone with mRNA.

It’s because they make the world ugly.

That’s all there is to it.

I broke my ankle once and I injured a bone in my hand once. The ankle swelled up, it looked like an alien’s leg. It hurt like hell. I would sign up for it again, for beauty. I wasn’t allowed to visit my only friend in my class at his home anymore as a 15 year old boy, because his mom had heard a rumor from someone that I wanted to commit suicide. I would sign up for it again, for beauty.

I would not mind dying of the bubonic plague, if that was what it takes, to keep the world beautiful, to keep this world one of mystery, darkness, freedom, passion, heathenism and dependence on the forces of nature. I wish that was just normal, I wish there was some petition I could just sign to have a new bubonic plague released that just kills off 99% of the human population and gives nature a breathing pause.

If that’s what it takes, for cities to be overgrown by forests, for the entire electricity grid to break down and never be repaired again, for survivors to return to heathenism and witchcraft, for an explosion of art, for mosaic wall decorations of dancing skeletons, for drawings of peasants, kings and bishops all dancing hand in hand with skeletons in a circle, for nature to heal, for the coral reefs to survive, for the winters to become cold again, for the women to gather wild henbane to brew the beer again, for the landscape to be covered in snow, for the wild primates to outnumber us humans, for every map of the world to be lost, for people to believe in little gnomes in the woods with full sincerity, then count me in, show me where to set my John Hancock.

There are also things I would not sign up to for beauty. I won’t mention them.

But please, if I need to live, then I need to see beauty. I do not understand most people. How can veganism be too much to ask of you? When I see the hedgehogs wandering at night and the bats flying under the full moon, when I see the medieval drawings, I think to myself: Bring back the bubonic plague! Rip my beating heart out of my chest with the obsidian knife during a bloodmoon!

I’m a complete degenerate, I vape cannabis at 205 degree after taking some cannibidiol in advance so I stay high for four hours and hear the veins in my brain pop. I drank so much cannabis tea I threw up in the local park as a fifteen year old once, my friend just went home. My brain by now must be a scientific anomaly. I must be dead in 99.9999% of timelines.

I vomited all over my bathroom floor when a friend visited too, I was so high that I began playing the tunes I was listening to on my laptop with my fingers on my own face. I’ve seen a translucent spider on my ceiling from the Datura I took. I’ve been to places so horrifying, you can not imagine them, I am traumatized, I have stayed awake for days, I have seen things I do not wish to describe and passively heard blood-curling screams erupt from my own mouth. But it was all worth it, if it was for beauty.

And a world filled with ever more of these people, or even just with these people growing more powerful, is not going to be beautiful. I just need to be able to walk outside and see beautiful things, read beautiful things, hear beautiful stories, see beautiful people. It can not all just be reduced to pictures and sounds from electronic devices, it needs to be real.

So if I need to die of the pneumonic plague for beauty to return to the world, if this whole city has to stink like a graveyard during a downpour, let it be so. If I need to break my ankle again, if I need to fall from my bicycle onto my elbow again and stretch it out in the hospital so they can make a photo, if I need to have the whole world hate me and wish me dead, if I need to feel my own vomit dissolve my teeth, if I need to keep punching on my chest again to make my heart stop hurting for a moment and get through the night like I had a few years ago, let it be so.

But I need beauty. I need more of it. I need to see that aliveness in people’s eyes, that ability to live in the moment, to not understand. Lives filled with mystery, questions people can never answer, things they saw they can not explain, myths and legends. I need to see the hedgehogs and the bats at night, under moonlight. It can not all end in some sort of AI singularity banality. I can never accept that and I know how close they came to it back in 2020. There needs to be more beauty. Please.


  1. From Templist Canon, a definition of virtue as beauty. When I talk of virtue this is what I’m referring to.

    “Virtue: To summarize the previous section: not all good things are good because they are useful. Something useful is good because it is useful for something else, but this chain of utility can not go on forever. Eventually, there needs to be something or some things that is just simply good, for which all useful things are in service. The thing, or set of things, that are just simply good, are subjectively determined. However, nature leads most people to possess the same or similar subjective determinations.

    What is the supreme fundamental desire? The desire which is fundamental, and also greater in intensity than all other fundamental desires? This thing is, usually, virtue – inherently positive human qualities. Which is to say, qualities of human beauty. These qualities may or may not also be useful, but utility is not the reason for their being
    supremely good. Rather, they are supremely good because they are beautiful, internally or externally. Beauty (not just physical beauty, but beauty in general) is the fundamental good; the thing which makes everything else worthwhile. Strive to increase this beauty in yourself and others, and to increase the fecundity of those who naturally have a high level of virtue.”

    End quote

    This plays into Dharma, the preservation of one’s tribe and nature and by extension yourself, which goes hand and hand. Templism explicitly rejects transhumanism and other retarded soyjack techno-fetishist fantasies. The environment on Earth as it has been historically is perfect for the preservation of human life; it is what we evolved to thrive in. You are your qualities, your consciousness is just a point of view, changing humanity into some golem race for machines to lord over is actually just mass-suicide.

    The environment is to be molded to suit the people rather than modifying the people to suit the environment. This idea, combined with an understanding of self-preservation through preserving the qualities that make up yourself, and virtue ethics where beauty is the highest good, lends itself to a religion that naturally promotes the preservation of the environment.

    I talk a lot of traveling space, but this too is just a measure for preservation of our biosphere in the long-term. Remember, the environment should be molded to fit our people and their sense of beauty, not the other way around. there should be thousands of Earth-like planets terraformed and seeded with Earth life for us to adventure on eternally, if we can’t find planets with alien life on them to explore that is. (Those should remain mostly unharmed as they are beautiful). It would be a terrible crime if there were no more bats or hedgehogs left in the universe. Whether because transhumanist idiots killed them all, or because the sun died.

    • Humans should not be in control of nature.

      We evolved subordinate to the forces of nature. That subordination made us what we are today. And it made life meaningful.

      For us to be in control of nature, to treat it like a tool that we can spread to other planets, would turn us into something very different from what we are.

    • “I talk a lot of traveling space, but this too is just a measure for preservation of our biosphere in the long-term. Remember, the environment should be molded to fit our people and their sense of beauty, not the other way around. there should be thousands of Earth-like planets terraformed and seeded with Earth life for us to adventure on eternally”

      For me this is the polar opposite of mystery and beauty. We need to become more humble and surrender to a world far more powerful and intelligent than we realise, the opposite of the human centric worldview that we’ve been saturated with in the west. What Rad is saying, if I’m reading him right, is to torch the cubicle and the spreadsheet by re-discovering the mystery and wonder of this planet by exploring inner space not by imposing ourselves on and trying to mould outer space. Mercifully for the universe, we aren’t smart enough or have enough resources to go gallivanting through space to smash up other planets.

  2. >Humans should not be in control of nature.

    Maybe not, but we are, at least to some extent, and anarcho-primitivism isn’t a real alternative or sustainable (The first tribe that figures out technology will dominate those that don’t). Currently we’re in control of nature (in this sense), and we’re destroying it, potentially spelling our own doom in the process. We’re already in control, we’re just shooting ourselves with heroin and murdering everything we see until we expire. We have eaten the fruit of knowledge, there’s no going back so it is is our duty to preserve what we have, there is no real alternative. If everything did collapse, history could just repeat, and I would not be surprised if without the proper guidance, humanity made the same mistakes that they have already.

    >For us to be in control of nature, to treat it like a tool that we can spread to other planets, would turn us into something very different from what we are.

    On the long-term, maybe, though this should be circumvented to the best our abilities. Templist Canon talks about this .

    “Humans are technological creatures, and technology is not bad. However, technology should maintain homeostasis despite a changing environment, rather than create a hostile environment. It is indicated to do the latter when it causes humans to be displeased. It is also indicated to do the latter, in the special case, of technologies that hijack
    the human brain to feel fulfillment or pleasure artificially. For example, overprescribed psychiatric medications which treat general human emotions like “anxiety” or “depression”. Also for example, highly photo-realistic video games.These things, used often enough for long enough, will replace mankind with a new species. It is not in your interest to allow that species to come forth.”

    End quote

    We should work ensure our lives stay as true to nature as homo-sapiens as possible, even as we create artificial worlds. The tools do not make the man if the man does not allow them to define him. Even on ships, artificial biospheres should be implemented and they should be digging in the dirt and eating heritage fruits I should think.

    Really though, nature is still beyond us, even with terrforming of the universe, would we really be in control of nature? Not really, more control than other forms of life, but still at nature’s mercy. Eventually, the universe will reset itself, and no entity will be able to stop it, that is nature’s ultimate power. Are we really “controlling nature” or is it more like we’d be a species of plant seeding driftwood and colonizing every island it can find? Something to consider.

    • That was true: the first tribes to figure out tech came to dominate those who didn’t. But the birth and death of civilization will have lifted the veil of naivety from the survivors, ensuring they never again fall into the egoic trap. They will probably adopt tech up to the medieval level, but they will be free from it, and in 2280 C.E. our world will have fulfilled its purpose.

      Or maybe they will forget the lesson. But still, to say “anprim is pointless because we’ll fall into the trap again” is like saying “showering is pointless because I’ll just get dirty again”.

  3. I’m glad the vast majority of people want to stay in cities. It leaves the beautiful places mostly unspoiled.

    Over centuries nature will heal. Humans are over extended. Easy resources and printed money is the cause. It’s totally unsustainable. Over longer time horizons there will be a reversal. I’m not worried about the planet, but none of us will live to see the better times.

  4. Reading this article reminded me somewhat of one of your old tweets, which went something like:

    “The Singularity is cancelled – the Ph.D techbros are all boosted.”

  5. V-ganism won’t give you that world, it’ll give you an even more overpopulated one. If the promises of v-ganism were true, then mass conversion to it would 10x the carrying capacity of earth, leading to a global population on the order of 100 billion.

    You are gravely mistaken thinking that your food religion is going to give you the mass depopulation you desire

    • It’s the only voluntary way out. It’s not the whole solution, just part of it.

      But I increasingly think we’re in an involuntary scenario.

      • Your theory is, the whole of humanity voluntarily underutilizes the land available to them.

        The reality is, if anyone did that, some more power hungry race of men will come take the land they left unoccupied.

        The ONLY time I’ve ever seen in history where anything like you desire has ever happened has been in the feudal periods of European history, where the (meat eating) lords set aside vast swathes of land for private nature preserves and executed any peasant that went in there. Also, frequent infantry warfare kept the population down (and population quality up) and maintained big unpopulated zones between settlements.

        I agree entirely with your vision of what you want. What I know though is that your proposed means will result in the opposite; the only way to your goal that I’m aware actually works is a return to primitive superstition, iron age tribalistic barbarism, and feudal oppression.

        I of course am all for this.

        Eat plants all you like, it won’t bring about the new dark age you desire.

        • >The reality is, if anyone did that, some more power hungry race of men will come take the land they left unoccupied.

          Most of the Amazon remains unoccupied.

          All you need are some good viruses, those will take care of the people eating cows.

          The 19th century corona outbreak began with cattle too.

          • We would not have to leave the land entirely unoccupied by the way. We could harvest wood from it.

        • How about Switzerland?
          They are not a totalitarian regime, but they often take sound decisions in referendums. Similar to what Radagast desires. And at least they try.
          (The rest of the world simply recycle the same ideas by greedy plutocrats and globalists to the demise of the planet.)
          (Of course, the source of Swiss neutrality is something to be examined.)
          The Bronze Age is supposed to have been a good age. Until it collapsed.
          During the Iron Age (and perhaps earlier), when the Phoenicians dominated the Mediterranean area (and further) as merchants, they had so much need for timber that Mt Lebanon cedars almost disappeared.
          And most of the oak trees (that provided good timber for ships) were gradually replaced by pine trees around the Mediterranean. Not just bc of the Semites, but also bc of Greeks, Romans, Venetians etc.
          I am just guessing: you think the ancient way is the way to go, but I am wondering: maybe the ancient way limited the genetic diversity bc the alpha males had many more chances to propagate.

          • I am not unread enough to think that there is only one “ancient way.” I don’t get my ideas from the internet, therefore they tend to have actual nuance.

          • I haven’t read you enough :D, and I misunderstood.
            (also, I could be mixing comments from various sources in my feeble memory)

          • (but maybe you think there is an ideal “ancient way”, just not around the Mediterranean basin..)

  6. For anyone who selfhypnotize into wetdreams – we are are still subject to nature and we will always be even if we encased the sun into swarm of satellites. Period.

  7. Maybe I miss the point, and I am just triggered to remember the ongoing propaganda of neo-paganism, from the mild and almost innocuous (like the lighting of the torch ceremony for the modern Olympic Games–I don’t mind the Olympic torch relay, it is kinda nice, and it makes people happy–but the ceremony in ancient Olympia is Nazi inspired), to the blunt antichristian propaganda and attacks.
    However, I will just leave this here, on “hecaton-be” = a hundred oxen [sacrifice] (hecatomb):
    Pagans were extremely scared of the unknown… Ye can read the “10,000” (ἡ Κάθοδος τῶν Μυρίων) by Xenophon. Hoplites, who would even qualify as rhetors or philosophers in ancient Athens (c.380 BC), were even scared of unknown sounds (no, not because of the enemy).
    Ye think pagans were able to enjoy the beauty of Nature?
    And even if a hecatomb wasn’t always a 100 oxen, still the sight/practice of sacrificing 12 oxen at the same time wouldn’t be very beautiful.
    I don’t know… Just food for thought.

  8. The world you would die for is coming. History is full of civilized people who starved to death while they were surrounded by wild food.

    In the meantime, can’t you see the ultimate reason for the horrible moral/aesthetic ugliness of the world today? It’s not something I could tell you, since it’s not a ‘why’ but a ‘what’. A good start is to look into certain creative retellings of creation myths, such as that of the Gnostics, and this more recent one:

    Keep in mind that almost everyone needs to go through hell to reach heaven, both in this world and the next. Hell isn’t the devil’s playground, it’s God’s playground.

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