1. Have to find a way to do your own thing and keep it as true as possible. This comes through in your writing and sharp replies!

    I’ve seen this floating around in a few circles for quite a while, particularly in a ecosophian circles where I first found your posts… This idea struck me quite a bit at the time and I revisit it occasionally for my own goals. Particularly how to avoid like the plague paths and actions that are like scratching an itch.

  2. I am a moderately low status Aspie female.

    I’m accomplishing this meme by quitting my job and learning the math I’ve always wanted to learn.

    I don’t know what I’ll do next. I have 10,000 euros in savings.

    My job requires me to be hypersocial and agreeable and I am neither. In fact every third job seems to care about that more than a degree (which I don’t have).

    I am tired of it. I will retreat, live off my savings and then go back to face the normie demons.

  3. I will continue to try everything to smash this world as thoroughly as it has done with me. Every thesis, every belief, everything I will try to dismantle.

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