Both sides carry blame for this conflict though

Hamas is responsible for murdering children in front of their parents and opening machine gun fire at a festival. But in all fairness, Israel is responsible for warning people just 24 hours in advance to leave Gaza city.

Just 24 hours guys!

If you walk four kilometer an hour, that means you’ll need at least six hours to get from Beit Hanoun out of Northern Gaza! That’s not realistic if Hamas keeps you in your home as a human shield, you’re a plus-sized woman of color in a wheelchair! That means you’d have just eighteen hours left to charge your phone at home, take a shower and do your make-up!

I don’t know about you, but when I found out Israel doesn’t provide at least a 48 hour advance warning, along with free boat tours to Ellis island to start a new life before bombing Hamas headquarters, I realized who the bad guys in this conflict are!

When the Americans dropped their nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they gave the Japanese a 48 hour advance warning, so they could finish jerking off to tentacle porn, eat their natto, pack their bags and take a train ride with a cheap off-peak ticket towards Tokyo.

And the British did this too, back when they firebombed Dresden! 24 hours is just not enough! How could you expect the Germans to evacuate the Dresden zoo, if they had been given just 24 hours by the British before the bombardment starts?

In fact, in the event of a terrorist organization taking control over your city and using your neighbor’s apartment to store munition for a spontaneous genocidal massacre, the Swedish constitution mandates that you receive at least 96 hours to leave your city! And the travel expenses you incur along the way even qualify as an income tax deduction! Why can’t we design our society to be more along the Scandinavian model!?!?

For what it’s worth, I don’t condone the Armenian genocide either. I’m just saying that both sides™ were responsible. The Ottomans were responsible for killing them, the Armenians for giving the Ottomans a bad name by being killed by them. Just like the Pontic Greeks. And the Assyrians. And the Maronite Christians.

Just like the Israeli Jews today, these Christian minorities were all white supremacists, guilty of racist settler colonialism and apartheid against innocent Muslims.

And you will soon be too.

Oy vey!


  1. You are smart enough that it’s time to grow beyond infantile delusions of objective right and wrong.

    You’re sitting here essentially saying, “this tribe of people did horrible acts against another group of Equal Humans, so they are the Bad Guys!”

    In reality, equality is not true, so universal brotherhood of man is a lie, therefore different tribes do not have overlapping interests but in fact their interests generally compete and are mutually exclusive, causing conflict for resources such as land, money, and political power.

    You are witnessing coyotes and wolves skirmishing over territory, and projecting morality delusions onto it.

    You can do better than this.

    • “equality is not true, so universal brotherhood of man is a lie’

      Equality is not required for there to be universal brotherhood. Actual literal brothers are not equal; why would metaphorical brothers need to be equal?

      It is true that I majored in philosophy and then got an advanced degree in a field that is considered to require reasoning ability so my standards are high, but is this such a subtle point?

      Also, people (or animals) can be equal in a variety of ways. Animals suffer and love as much as humans do; they are our equals in that. And both animals and humans are our spiritual equals; that is what matters; we are all children of God.

      By Rintrah’s reasoning (not mine), the Netherlands is the worst culture in the world due to their treatment of pigs; the pig suffering per capita is worse than anywhere else, most likely. So they should self-annihilate and give up their land to a group that does not torture-farm pigs. But Rintrah has a short memory for his earlier claims, so the intersection of pig suffering and sudden current problems is not obvious to him.

      I don’t think Riintrah is actually autistic at all. He is simply very smart and very depressed. Autistic people are driven to reason as well as they can; he is not; he wants something different from the results that one reaches by reasoning.

      • I think it is significant that the Jewish (and even the few Israeli) people I know are not hoping for a mass attack and punishment by the Netanyahu government. Rintrah’s response is not at all like theirs. This is not surprising because they have spent their lives thinking about what matters to them in this sort of situation since they have figured it would come up. They want safety (first of all) and then justice and then (if it is consistent with survival), mercy. A mass attack like what Netanyahu is doing dos not inure to safety; it is not necessary. Netanyahu is an idiot and this is the flailing about of an idiot who wants to look like he’s doing something.

        Years ago I was talking with an Israeli neighbor (whom I esteem). He and his wife wanted to buy a bigger unit because she was pregnant and such units are extremely rare and hard to get. He said to me of their competitors for the unit, “Regrettably, we will have to kill them.” He was of course joking, and I have amused myself countless times over the years by recalling it, but in fact that is the attitude. You have to survive, and then apart from that you behave justly. Mass punishment is not just. You don’t do unfair things to people both for prudential reasons and because you want to like yourself and because God said so (Micah 6:8)(“Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.”)(note that this is NOT Christianity; this is Judaism). If it were absolutely necessary for Jewish safety to bomb Gaza to rubble, then that is different, but it isn’t necessary, in fact it is stupid.

        Someone like Rintrah who is very emotional and hasn’t thought about this directly before ends up flailing about, but smart Jewish people (and Netanyahu is not one) have this figured out already. However they don’t necessarily have political power.

      • Have you known any brothers? They’ll beat the shit out of each other, until a third party eyeballs them wrong.

        So, Karen, you were Little Susie Cobol?

        • It is true that you can’t reach The Truth (which is Christ) even through good reasoning. But you can’t reach any sort of truth through lousy reasoning; it is just annoying.

        • Did I say it was wrong?

          But if he thinks he is autistic, and isn’t, that could make life harder for him. He might have abilities that he dismisses since he thinks he doesn’t have them since he thinks he is autistic.

    • I think growing beyond delusions as you say means mainly atheism, seeing all of life as a struggle, and senility in general. This is the kind of void European societies started to sink into since the 1800s, and look at how unimpressive the results are compared to the period where they did believe in good and evil.

      The more mature answer is that actions have consequences. The Palestinians have been continuously bombed and occupied for a long time, so they have a certain amount of solidarity, collective will, and desire for survival. The Israelis have been insulated from reality by American aid, so they are mainly polarized. It’s their civil divisions, internal competition, and instability that made allowed Hamas to take advantage of them.

      Israel is backed by the US, Hamas by Iran. The US (as I have said before) is riven by internal divisions, as well as monstrous arrogance. Iran has been isolated and fighting for the last decade, expanding its sphere of influence to include Iraq, Lebanon, normalizing relations with Saudis. They have higher cohesion, then, and that makes them the likely candidates to win over the long term.

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