Brain exercise

I recommend everyone to try this:

1. Sit in a comfortable safe place where you won’t be distracted. Close your eyes.

2. Focus on your brain, try to find where you feel a sense of pressure, as if veins are swollen and red blood cells can’t reach there. Try to really “sense” the pressure. You can sense the general area, but try to “zoom in”, try to find out where it’s really uncomfortable and focus on sensing that pressure.

3. Breathe, if you’re getting it right you’ll probably feel the urge to breathe more intensely.

4. Keep at it, the sensation of pressure will probably become more uncomfortable. Eventually you’ll feel and/or hear a “pop”.

5. Now move to another place with your mind where you feel this sense of pressure and repeat what you did earlier.

6. When you’re doing this, you may feel an urge to move your head backwards, the back of your head upwards and your chin downwards. Give into that urge.

7. After you’ve done this you may also feel a general sense of tightness in your brain. Focus on that feeling, it will trigger an urge to inhale deeply, which you should then do too. You’ll probably hear more clicking.

I don’t know exactly what it is this does, I just know I feel better the next day after I’ve done this. I can recommend vaping a very small amount of cannabis and/or jogging before you do this, but it’s not necessary. Visiting a sauna or eating natto before doing this exercise would be worth trying too.

What I think is going on when you do this is that you’re triggering vasospasms, that serve to move around junk stuck to the endothelial cells of your blood vessels. By moving this junk around you give the brain the chance to clean itself off this junk, which then allows the blood vessels to repair themselves.

My blessing goes to all of you who love the animals and people abandoned and abused by everyone else.


  1. One of the more interesting experiences I had on low-dose Salvia was the perception that I could feel my circulatory system, I could sense the blood flowing through my vessels from one side of my body to the other. In retrospect, given the speed I was perceiving, I wonder if it was actually my cerebrospinal fluid or something else along those lines.

  2. I’ve not tried this yet, but it reminds me of something which I’ve always found odd. Occasionally I’ll recall a long forgotten memory and doing so will trigger a weird brain sensation. Not a pop, more like a single pulse with a slight dizziness. Can anyone relate to this or is it just me?

    • Yes, I get something similar to this when I recall a distant memory on the edge of my consciousness. I assume it is a massive dopamine hit, and I crave this sensation intensely and look forward to it. It occurs when, for example, I am trying to remember the name of someone from middle school who I only ever had one class with, or trying to remember the title of the third album of a band I haven’t listened to in years. I never let myself look up the answer, sometimes I will puzzle over it for days until it clicks, and then POP just like you say. It is amazing.

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