BREAKING: Leaked ad from the WEF promotes climate lockdowns! 100% real!

This is Greta Thunberg, an inspirational teenager who did a lot to reduce the stigma on Asperger´s in girls

No, I didn’t just make this myself in 15 minutes with AI. That’s what these elitists want you to believe.

I asked GPT3.5 to write a script for a commercial for me, in which the WEF promotes the idea of climate lockdowns, but only for low status white males. Here’s the script:

[Scene: A dystopian cityscape with ominous music playing in the background. The screen fades in to reveal a group of stern-looking individuals in suits, representing the World Economic Forum (WEF).]

Spokesperson 1: (Authoritative tone) Attention, low-status white males! The World Economic Forum is proud to present a revolutionary solution to combat climate change: Mandatory Climate Lockdowns!

[The camera zooms in on a puzzled-looking low-status white male, who represents the target audience.]

Low-status white male: (Confused) Wait, what about everyone else?

Spokesperson 2: (Smugly) Oh, don’t you worry, my friend! We’ve conveniently exempted women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQI+ individuals, and liberal politicians from these inconvenient lockdowns. After all, they’re far too important to be inconvenienced, aren’t they?

[Cut to a montage of women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQI+ individuals, and liberal politicians enjoying their freedom outside, laughing and frolicking while the low-status white males are shown in lockdown.]

Spokesperson 3: (Sarcastically) It’s only fair, right? We believe in equality, as long as it’s selective and serves our agenda.

[Cut to a scene of a low-status white male looking dejected inside his small, dimly lit apartment.]

Voiceover: (Cheerful tone) So, dear low-status white males, embrace your lockdown destiny! Sacrifice your freedom for the greater good, while others are free to roam and prosper. It’s the epitome of fairness, WEF-style!

[The screen fades to black, with the WEF logo and a message reading “This is a satirical commercial and does not represent the views of the World Economic Forum.”]

I then went here to generate some videos to fit the script.


  1. Yeah. Meanwhile, you live in Europe, and we’re (those of us who don’t) waiting for you to comment on the fact that France is apparently on fire, but it’s fine.

    • What do you expect me to say about it?

      France being on fire is a recurring ritual and to expect me to have some genius insight about it because I’m European is like asking some guy in Shanghai to offer you his thoughts on Tibetan Buddhism.

  2. Elon said public profiles are blocked because of AI companies.

    Because you are using ChatGPT, I now can’t read on Twitter.

  3. A sufficiently advanced AI deep faking all new Narratives, interesting.
    So… how do we know that this is Radagast? He went off the air for a while there. For all we know, he may be resting comfortably at room temperature, his place taken by an NWO Chatbot running some psyop variant. I guess I am now a Low Status Paranoid White Male.

      • That’s a fool’s errand. You can be yourself as expressed through your posts. And btw, that response is not at all Authentic Gomez. (you creepy Deep State/WEF bot)

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