Breaking news: Freedom-loving Patriots were right again!

As you can see in the graph below, global warming stopped in 1998:

This coincided with a solar maximum and since then the number of sunspots has declined again, so as that Russian scientist predicted in the Daily Mail we’re now going to enter another ice age.

Hysterical climate change alarmists will say that graph actually shows that it took twenty years to increase September temperatures by half a degree Celsius, but this year we broke the old record by half a degree at once.

Well, that’s still nothing to be alarmist about. In fact, even if we kept breaking the old temperature by half a degree every year from now on, the ocean wouldn’t start boiling until long after I’m dead. If that did happen we might start getting hypercanes with wind speeds over 800 kilometers per hour (which is 500 mph in freedom units) that last for weeks by the time I’m old, but that would just mean cool waves to surf on!

And if the ocean did start boiling, it wouldn’t be something we here in Europe can solve, when the United States continues reopening old coal mines under their evil dictator Trump! Oh wait, sorry, wrong country, we’re supposed to blame China.

Fortunately however, it’s all a hoax:

In all seriousness, I already know there is exactly nothing left for me to say that’s going to convince low IQ low status white males that this is a real problem and we need to keep all fossil fuels in the ground. But I’m going to point out why you’re all a bunch of morons anyway.

But remember all those catastrophes we’ve had in recent years during the summer, because the summers were breaking temperature records? Well, this September was as warm, as the typical record-breaking summers we have experienced in recent years:

Seasons are basically gone. It’s Oktober and you’re still living in the middle of summer. This also means the forest fires consuming the Canadian boreal forests that have so far quadrupled Canada’s annual carbon emissions will continue too. And it means the hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico just continues too. And if you haven’t realized it yet: Next year will be worse than this year, the El Nino just started.

It’s 24 degree Celsius outside here, you’re sweating if you wear a coat. But there’s exactly nothing that can distract you morons from your stupid shitjobs to realize the insanity you’re living in. You’re going to keep playing the music, even as the passengers are scrambling to get into the lifeboats.

Here’s a suggestion: How about you just don’t bother? How about you quit playing the music? How about you realize you’re all just participating in a sick joke?

I wonder if there is anything AT ALL that would have you say: “This is bullshit, I’m not going to play along in this bullshit.” I really think there isn’t. I think you would complain that you’re going to be late for work when Godzilla is wandering through your city and smashing skyscrapers to bits.

I mean, most of you morons are still stupid enough to want to fill the world with your children too. You’re not really parents, you’re more like a frog that just ditches a bunch of eggs in the side of a pool and is happy if one out of a hundred tadpoles makes it out alive: “Maybe my son will figure out how to survive in rural New Zealand!”

“Thanks again for bringing me into existence dad! I thought anyone would be able to figure out shit’s hitting the fan when you stopped having seasons, but apparently that didn’t stop you from condemning me to eighty years of Mr. Bones’s Wild Ride!”

You have to be a pretty big moron, not to see the writing on the wall by now.

The reason you don’t see it, is because you have been completely isolated from nature. People used to worship the rivers as deities. Some Surinamese people in the Netherlands still bring offerings to the rivers here, for good fortune.

But guess what? There is no rain in summer anymore, so the rivers now depend on melting snow and glaciers in Switzerland. In other words, we’re living on borrowed time. And we lost 10% of them in two years! Without the glaciers and the snow in winter, our rivers will just run dry in summer!

You know what that means? You can’t water your crops. You can’t transport goods. Your chemical plants that produce fertilizer and pesticides have to shut down, they depend on cooling water too. Industry in Germany is already shutting down, because the Rhine just runs too low.

You won’t even have electricity, BECAUSE THE POWER PLANTS ARE COOLED BY THE RIVER! Germany has two coal plants on the Rhine. The French are cooling their nuclear power plants WITH THE RIVER WATER! You can’t run the Saint-Alban nuclear power plant, if the Rhône runs dry!

Low IQ low status white males want to run their countries on nuclear power now. Well here’s a funfact: You’re not even going to keep the nuclear power we have right now, because it will turn into intermittent electricity, unavailable during the summer! You can’t run a thermal power plant, if you can’t cool it!

Norway and Switzerland, depend on flowing rivers for hydropower electricity. But the rivers are fed by the glaciers. And the glaciers are melting. That’s great right now, it now means lots of cheap electricity in the summer. But any glacier that melts, eventually disappear. And the best part: When the Norwegians don’t have electricity, they won’t even have cars!

The coal plants need fuel. The fuel needs to be transported at a low price. How do we transport coal? On our rivers. Which will run dry. YOU CAN’T TRANSPORT THE FUEL YOU NEED BECAUSE THE RIVERS WILL RUN DRY, TO THE POWER PLANTS YOU CAN’T RUN BECAUSE THE RIVERS WILL RUN DRY!

Low IQ low status white males say we can’t shut down fossil fuels because everything we use depends on them, from the roads we drive on, to the tires, even to our shoes. Well geniuses, if you think things depend on fossil fuels, WAIT UNTIL YOU FIND OUT WHAT DEPENDS ON WATER!

Oh here’s another one. Do you think we have the Boreal forests in Canada just for fun? Lumber prices are jumping up, because the forestry companies have to shut down their operations. Five percent of Canada’s forests are GONE, in a single year. And they’re not coming back, as these are unnatural fires, in ecosystems not used to them. These fires take out young trees that haven’t dropped pine cones yet and burn up the soil on which these trees depend.

Canada is the world’s second largest exporter of wood products. These trees turn into paper, on which we write, wipe our asses with, that turn into the cereal boxes for the food that we eat. These trees end up as “renewable biomass energy” in our power plants.

The biggest wood exporter is Russia. Russia lost 16.8 million hectare of forest to fires in 2021, breaking the record from 2012. That’s twice the size of Ireland, gone. Russia has about 800 million hectare of forest, so they lost 2% in a year.

Low IQ low status white males will tell you that global fires have gone down (example: Bjorn Lomberg), but this is due to a decline in natural fires in the African savannah, which is removed for agriculture. In contrast, fires are increasing in forests, including in forests that can not recover from them, like the Canadian boreal forest.

And when these fires in the boreal forests blow north, they drop their soot on the Arctic sea ice and the Greenland ice sheet, causing further increasing global temperatures. On the other hand, when they blow south, they cause your solar panels to stop working, in the middle of summer.

But good luck explaining this to low IQ low status white males, who come up with dumb shit like this:

You would think these low IQ low status white males are just trolling. But nope, they really mean this. That’s how stupid they are. There are low IQ low status white males who spent fifty years or more wandering around on this planet, but they still understand nothing, about a topic they insist on constantly spewing their genius insights on.

“Hey, CO2 levels used to be higher back in an era when primates and even the grains we eat had not evolved yet and the sun was much fainter so the Earth needed more CO2 to arrive at the same average global temperatures!”

Hey low IQ low status white males, did you know that humans can live safely on the fifteenth floor of an apartment complex and can also safely walk around on the ground floor below? So, in other words, if I push you off the fifteenth floor of a building in your city, down onto the ground below, you would be fine with that, right? After all, you have walked around on the ground below before?

What’s that you say? Oh, it’s the speed of the change that’s going to cause the bones in your legs to protrude through your skin?



Why are low status white males so stupid? Why is the Internet filled with low status white males, who think they can debunk the evil elitist man-made climate change hoax?

I never see any women or brown people dumb enough to fall for this shit. It’s always Joe Sixpack from bumfuck nowhere USA, with a profile picture of himself wearing sunglasses in his pickup truck or his SUV.

It’s always the same people. If there was a gofundme campaign to develop a bioweapon that removes low IQ low status white males off the face of the planet, I would sell my right kidney to the highest bidder to donate to it.

Low status white males are afraid that Africans showing up in boats are going to kill their children. Well fun fact, you’re killing your own children, every time you spew your retarded low IQ low status white male beliefs on Twitter.

You people are all just completely delusional.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’re all delusional morons.

Did it ever occur to you that if every government in the world is scrambling to shut down fossil fuel emissions, if every scientist says we’re in big shit, if every study says nothing like this has ever been seen in geological history, and if you people then start arguing that CO2 levels were higher BACK WHEN DINOSAURS WALKED THE EARTH, maybe you are not misunderstood geniuses, but just low IQ low status white males?

Morons, all of you. Well fine, not just morons, but selfish bad people. And you’re all going to pay for it, one way or another.

You’ll probably die in a diaper in a nursing home, during a heatwave when the air conditioning stops working, wondering why your kids never visit you.

Hint: It’s because your kids hate you. Your kids hate you, because you screwed them over. Maybe your kids haven’t figured it out yet, because they’re hypersocial midwits. But give it time and they’ll figure it out too.


  1. > Thanks again for bringing me into existence dad!

    Indeed. I appreciate the opportunity to continue the struggle for life and choose my reason for death. No adult should resent being given the gift of life when self-termination is so easy. If she lacks the courage to self-terminate, she also lacks the moral courage to condemn the correct person, presumably herself.

    Do you really think a sperm meeting an egg creates a soul? Do you think a single-celled zygote drags an unwilling soul at random from the Elysian Fields? Those with no faith in God will not find Him.

    • Hey, next time you talk to God, tell him to stop creating deformed kids who die within days of being born for me.

      Not sure what his plan is with that shit, but women don’t like giving birth to deformed kids with one giant eye in the middle of the head.

      • I don’t know of any humans living on this dark plane who can converse directly with God. God does not interfere with the free will of planes much darker than this.

        Prison gangs use child abuse as a justification for torturing and extorting child sex offenders. Ironically, they have thereby forged the velvet mafia into a lifelong gang capable of ruling America openly from the White House. This is like Sparta warring too long against Thebes and being crushed by homosexuals.

        If your wrath at the suffering of children causes you to despise God, then you will have to learn your lesson the hard way. Heaven is quite capable of healing every hurt man can devise, as Hell is of punishing every sin.

      • Bad mutations that result in this is the result of and symbolic of the fallenness of mankind.

        If man doesn’t suffer at all. Why would they deign to care about God and why it is the way it is?

        The cross is not only about forgiveness and the healing of souls via the Holy Spirit.

        But also to have all those diseases of the body and imperfections to be overcome in the Resurrection of the Body.

  2. There is a fall funfair in Basel. Always during the last week of Oct and first of Nov.
    My Grandmother always said that the first Saturday of the Herbstmesse will be lile summer and the last like Winter. It is the last call to take in frost-haters from the balcony.
    With all this late warming it still is the first weekend warm and the last it almost snows. Since 500 years (as the fair is that old).

    So what.

  3. What does Extinction Rebellion do to prevent the extinction of a thousand species on the brink? Fucking nothing, as far as I can tell.
    You’re working INDIRECTLY to save dwindling populations of elephants, primates, fish by saving the entire PLANET from human civilization. Right. Except you’re not.
    You hair-on-fire global warming tards are doing nothing but terrible damage to the environmental movement.

  4. What you say is true, but why are you so intent on preserving life on this wicked planet anyway? I know you have a good idea of how much extreme suffering exists because of life.

    Cluster headaches, kidney stones, kids with half their face rotting of from infection, the list goes on and on and on. One person’s cluster headache experience likely generates enough suffering to effectively neutralize all good that has ever happened in existence.

    Combining 5-mapb, 4-ho-mipt and THC into an unwholesome drug cocktail gave me a very clearheaded vision of extreme child torture while in a highly empathetic state. That really turned me against life. If a child can experience such things then it would be better if nothing existed at all.

    That’s why coming here and reading about how this planet will soon be inhospitable to life is my greatest anti-depressant, although it’s very sad to think about the suffering that comes on the way to a lifeless planet.

    • >why are you so intent on preserving life on this wicked planet anyway?

      Yep, that’s what I don’t get either. I visit this blog because I like the author and I like the way that he makes me think about things, and in ways, that I normally do not.

      But there does seem to be this huge glitch in his misanthropic world view that makes no sense.

      • > What you say is true, but why are you so intent on preserving life on this wicked planet anyway?

        > But there does seem to be this huge glitch in his misanthropic world view that makes no sense.

        He’s a romantic.

        As I used to be at one time.

        Life eventually has a way of beating it out of you…

    • >Combining 5-mapb, 4-ho-mipt and THC into an unwholesome drug cocktail gave me a very clearheaded vision of extreme child torture while in a highly empathetic state.

      You took a cocktail of chemical crap synthesized by the Chinese mafia and had bad thoughts so now all life on Earth must go extinct.

      Got it.

  5. Quote: “… we need to keep all fossil fuels in the ground.”

    That’s not possible and based on your un-scientific thinking that the ground would be there forever.

    All continents will inevitable sink down into the Earth where they completely get burned and dissolved into their elements. All coal and all oil in them will be burned and then all the gasses will come up again through the ocean floors into the atmosphere. It’s a cycle which runs for aeons.

    And I’m still not impressed with your graphs operating in the noise zone, inside the measurement inaccuracy.

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