Breaking news: Shit’s fucked up

No, for real this time. You dun goofed. Everything is really, really, really screwed up now.

Yes I know, almost everyone is morbidly obese and there are tent cities springing up everywhere and people sit on the street with rotting flesh from the drugs they’re injecting and there are Hamas marches in every major Western city now and people are brain-damaged because they keep getting infected by SARS2 and the United States is no longer a functional democracy and there’s a war on Europe’s borders and food is becoming unaffordable and the mental wards don’t have enough room for all the children who try to commit suicide and there are waiting lists if you want to talk to a therapist while 18 year old girls become millionaires overnight by setting up an Only Fans and politicians and protesters are getting shot in broad daylight and employers demand a four year degree for a bullshit email job and people are being brainwashed by computer algorithms that teach them to inject hormones from the opposite gender, drink raw milk or live off a diet that is 80% fat and everyone seems to be going mad…

…but this is also important.

The global temperature anomaly is jumping off the charts:

You’re at 1.4 degree Celsius above the 1981-2010 reference period now. That period in September is what it was when Michael Mann was arguing on Twitter this was probably just temporary and things would soon return to normal. But then the exact same thing happened in October. And now in November things are jumping off the chart AGAIN.

But wait until you see what the projection is for the coming days:

The temperature anomaly is jumping up, to reach more than 2 degree Celsius above pre-industrial.

So be sure to literally shoot the messenger, that is, some random college student sitting on the road somewhere. You can’t block the road, people have to get to work! After all, there will be no work left for them to get to, when the arctic sea ice disappears, global temperatures jump further from the albedo impact, the jet stream collapses and arctic weather pours into Europe and North America at unpredictable moments, ruining our harvests. Low IQ low status white males just want to spend their last few days peacefully entering numbers into spreadsheets in an office!

So for any hysterical climate alarmists reading along, stop blocking the road and let the low IQ low status white males enjoy the good time they have left, don’t remind them of what lies ahead of us!


  1. Professor Darlington is truly fucked in the head. There’s talk about him serving his sentence in his comfortable home due to his advanced age, similar to how Joe Biden could comfortably pass away in the WH, but I think he should die uncomfortably in a Panamanian prison.
    Then again, understand that those two martyrs did not die for abstract models of climate change: they were stupidly murdered over a copper mine, or possibly a teachers’ strike.

  2. Yes, unfortunately this year’s potato harvest here in Ireland is the worst in living memory. We had all time record rainfall in October, 50% of the crop is still in the ground because the fields are too waterlogged, the tractors and harvesters keep getting bogged down in the muck, the farmer’s are now saying that the potatoes still in the ground will pretty much all go to waste because they are now starting to rot due to all the moisture. They say that it’s not even suitable to be fed to livestock. So all the grocery stores are going to have spud shortages in the new year.

    Also, unfortunately the Liberty Cap season here in Ireland has also been a complete write-off. Probably climate change related as well. If you look at some of the Facebook groups that I’m in, experienced pickers will find around 2,000 mushrooms in a season. But this year for some reason, they’ve only managed around 100. They’re all scratching their heads wondering why. It seems that Gaia is not happy at how she’s been treated by us humans, so now she’s throwing a temper tantrum.

    So my quest for Psilocybin continues. Any recommendations for dark web websites? Should I get a ferry and trains to Amsterdam, stuff my pockets with Philosopher’s Stones, then come home (I’d also like to explore the countryside and picturesque Dutch villages by bicycle while I’m there)? What are the security checks like when getting on the Eurostar? I’d be a man in his late 20’s travelling alone so that may arouse suspicion. But presumably more leeway than airport security (bonus is that much less CO2 from ferry & trains vs. airplane). Am I completely insane for even suggesting it? Maybe I should just figure out how to grow this stuff myself. One of the local drug dealers can’t find any for me.

      • Thank you very much for the kind offer (although I’m not 100% sure if you’re being dead serious or just joking). I find your proposition interesting but most probably I would find that experience quite difficult to enjoy due to Asperger’s and social anxiety which would make it somewhat awkward. Although it would be much easier for me if there was a small group (say approx. 5 people) instead of just the two of us, I would find that much less weird as there would be other people to carry a conversation instead of awkward silences. I seem to recall from reading some of your old posts that you used to organise group forest “trips”, that sounds like good fun. If something like that was ever happening again I would be sure to send you a PM on Reddit.

        In the meantime, I should still be able to source some San Pedro cactuses that I could grow in my house’s conservatory/sun room over the winter. From what I understand from reading your previous articles, mescaline is superior to psilocybe for improving social skills, so hopefully this will help me.

    • Same in Greece with the olive harvest.. I mean the olive trees don’t make enough oil. Due to the drought, I supppose. The temperature at the surface of the Mediterranean Sea must have risen considerably. So we get a year’s rainfall in a tropical storm, instead of regular rains, which is pretty bad for farming..
      We stil go around in t-shirts and it’s mid-November.
      (Paraklesis to the Theotokos)

  3. Completely unrelated to the usual situation wherein normal people aren’t psychologically fit to deal with the existence of strife in the world;

    “Before commenting on this site you must declare that you are 1) An unconditional friend of the Jewish people, who had Moses chosen as their shepherd by God because of his compassion for animals.”

    > moses’ compassion for animals

    Bro I have got some bad news…

    • Bro, you actually read the terms and conditions?
      Who reads the T&Cs – nobody does. Nobody cares.
      I love Moses.
      I love Abraham.
      I love Isaac and Jacob.
      I even love the Zionist Israeli government, that hates Isaac and Jacob.
      I love Ishmael that hates Isaac and Jacob and wants to convert Edom and Esav by the power of the sword.
      I love Edom and Esav that finance Ishmael to kill Isaac and Jacob, and also finance the Zionist Israeli government to kill Ishmael from time to time.
      I love it when Edom and Esav and Ishmael unite against Jacob and Isaac to stop the poison injections that Jacob and Isaac want you to take.
      I love everybody!

      • None of that is at all relevant to the underlying point I made, which is that he asserts that Moses was chosen by God for his compassion to animals, whereas our records indicate his religion resolved around killing them and burning their corpses to appease that god, making Rintrah’s position foolish.

        Thanks for the paragraph of random stupid shit I guess

        • >None of that is at all relevant to the underlying point I made, which is that he asserts that Moses was chosen by God for his compassion to animals, whereas our records indicate his religion resolved around killing them and burning their corpses to appease that god,

          It’s not my opinion, it’s just what the Midrash states.

        • Fuck-o; He is only advising you to follow the Eight Noahide Laws that the retarded gentile clown must follow, if they are to be on the side of Hashem:

          1 Not to worship idols.
          2 Not to curse God.
          3 Not to commit murder.
          4 Not to commit adultery or sexual immorality.
          5 Not to steal.
          6 Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal;
          [or in this case a dead one].
          7 To establish courts of justice;
          [or if you live in the US courts of injustice]
          8 If you are to get together with Ishmael, then you must go bottoms.

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