[Cartoon] One weird trick to attract women

Yes I’m in a creative mood, blame the Kratom.

Also, rintrah.nl is a safe space for low status white males. Women, brown people and Satan-worshipping liberal WEF elitists are only allowed to comment if they declare themselves allies of the LSWM community. Keep that in mind before complaining.


    • >Did the wise restraint of women prevent a repetition of the horrors of WW1? Lol, no: Women elected Hitler.

      I need feminism because-

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The patients in the mental ward have had their daily dose of xanax and calmed down it seems, so most of your comments should be automatically posted again. Try not to annoy me with your low IQ low status white male theories about the Nazi gas chambers being fake or CO2 being harmless plant food and we can all get along. Have fun!

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