Childish innocence

I find it very hard, to look away from the mess our world is in. I just look at how children have the best years of their lives robbed of them, reduced to factoid-memorizing slaves meant to make their mothers proud, taught their entire worth derives from their intelligence, which is measured by their ability to get good grades. And it just continues when men grow up, now they are forced to spend every day in the office, filling numbers into spreadsheets, because they are turned into the slave of a new woman, now through their sex drive.

Or I look at the dogs that people have, bred by humans to be toys, bred to be small enough to fit into a bag, bred to have ears that drag over the ground, bred to have a distorted body with a long back and short legs so the dog can’t run properly, or bred to have a flat face that makes them constantly struggle to breathe. Why? Because humans think it looks cute or funny. They remove whatever body parts their dogs have that they don’t like. Tail too long, ears too long? They just cut them off.

The ecosystems, the animals in the farms, I’ve talked about these things many times before. But once you see these things, you just can’t unsee them. This is why I take a lot of cannabis, to help me look away from it all. It’s a kind of childish innocence you lose, just layers upon layers of conditioning in your brain, that you have to remove to see reality. When you see reality, it’s terrifying, but you can’t be free without seeing it.

As a child you just have this vision of the world, that you’re taught by society. There is this wooden barnyard somewhere, with a bunch of chicken and a cow a pig and a sheep all living together. Something like this:

And in a sense, this image just never leaves your head. You know at a rational level that this is not really how the pig and the chicken live, but it’s still the lens through which you view the world. My mother asked me the other day if I would take care of her dog if she died, I answered that saying yes to that question results in her buying another dog bred to have a body that serves human needs, instead of the dog’s happiness. As a child I just did not understand these things, I begged my mother for years for a dog, until we got one. And in large part, my happiness as a child just derived from not understanding these things.

And it is like this with a lot of things, relationships are like this too. You have this magical romantic view of love between a man and a woman, but then you look around you and you just see men who are enslaved by overweight women. Men who lose all their friends, who only meet their wives friends, guys who are just terrified of being left by their wife, so now the wife just bosses them around. And most of the time, the woman “settled” for them.

But if you start to break down these myths in your head, you start to see them everywhere. We say in this country, that we were “liberated” in 1945. Liberated in what sense? We had a monarchy reinstated that the British created a century and a half before. People went out to make some kind of spectacle of public humiliation, of women who had German boyfriends. Sometimes I look at these photos, because then I realize what humanity really is: A bunch of cowards.

They say you “collaborated” with the “enemy”. But the reality of course is that now the whole country is a province of a European superstate. And whereas under German occupation you had some kind of expectation of being able to afford to raise a family of your own, in the European superstate our province exists for the purpose of paying off the government debt, which requires a steady influx of other ethnic groups, as it becomes too expensive for natives to reproduce. But everyone collaborates with that, a kind of slow death.

The treatment of the Jews in the second world war is just another expression of the same collectivist cowardice you see in the treatment of the women with German boyfriends. The Jews did nothing wrong, many Jews were fascists, in the Netherlands and in Italy the fascist parties had a lot of Jewish members initially. In Germany unfortunately the National Socialists turned Jews into scapegoats, like communists did with the clergy in the Bolshevik revolution.

Most people are just cowards. They just adjust to what the social norm is to make their own lives easier and then they just seek out people who somehow do not fit into that norm and abuse them. It is a scapegoat mechanism. Weak people always seek out scapegoats. And when you realize this mechanism exists, then you start to just wish nothing but suffering for the human race. You start to realize that most people’s supposed empathy is just empty signaling, meaningless gestures. In the communist, you see all of humanity’s worst traits reach their climax. The communists always dress up their evil as empathy.

But it is the process of scapegoating that liberates the scapegoat. The Jews are geniuses, but they are geniuses because they are history’s scapegoat. When society casts you out, when you are abused, then your mind is set free. All the barriers that were programmed into your mind, designed to keep you part of the herd, are broken, so now your intellect has the ability to truly reflect upon the world without the biases programmed into your brain. This is why the Jews produced so many great thinkers and artists and religious philosophers. Every attempt at scapegoating the Jews just further polishes the diamond.

All the great works of art are off limits to the masses. It does not appear on their radar, the barriers built into their minds persist and render it inaccessible to them. This is what Jesus meant when he said to love your enemy. It is only the dominant powerful satanic force in our world, the evil that seeps into it, that can set us free.

The strange thing about evil people is that they generally do not really seem to suffer. Suffering is akin to a whale descending into the ocean, eventually it always has to return to the surface, traveling the exact same distance back up that it went down. And suffering is ultimately what makes you lovable. The evil people are more akin to seaweed that just floats on the surface, they just live lives of complete empty meaningless banality. They may be surrounded by opulence, but within their minds you will find nothing profound. To understand these things you can take a high dose of LSD, you can suffer an episode of psychosis, or you can read authors like René Girard and Hannah Arendt.


  1. Cowards die many times before their deaths. You are observing walking dead and mistaking them for beings similar to yourself.

    What is a coward but a conscript for the brave? What use is a zombified automaton but as a conscript?

    Most cowards lack self-awareness, they are NPCs, who are only aware of their social character. Their internal processes are entirely unconscious to them, and therefore they can truly be made to “believe” anything through bribes or threats.

    Why are cowards here? For the brave, for there cannot be bravery without cowardice. There cannot be the noble without the serf. There cannot be the beautiful without the wretched, There cannot be an understanding of virtue without a definition of what is unvirtuous.

    A shared “humanity” is a negligible concept, at-least so-far as it serves as a unifier. The qualities that make up a person is what determines what they find beautiful, which determine their virtue, which is what determines the shared tribe of virtue they are part of. All tribes are actually tribes of virtue. Shared qualities of physical forms, beliefs, and interests are all that lead us to forming groups that define us, and are what distinguishes us from other more dissimilar things.

    For example, I am Germanic, so I am part of the Germanic tribe of virtue due to my physical characteristics. Your genes are a real quality that determines virtue. I am also a vegan, so I am also part of the vegan tribe of virtue due to my beliefs relating to the consumption of animal products. I am a Germanic racist so I am also part of that tribe of virtue. I am an American and a patriot so that includes me among the American and the patriot tribes of virtue. I am Templist Harbinger so my religious and philosophical beliefs also include me among that tribe. The totality of my qualities is what determines who I am, and what I find beautiful. Someone who shared all qualities I have in particular would be part the most exact tribe of virtue that I could possibly be a part of. Larger tribes of virtue like a nation; beauty is not derived from qualities the population possesses, but rather from qualities that the population tends to possess, so they are more approximate rather than exact. Tribes of virtue tend to work together with other tribes that are more similar to themselves against tribes that are less similar to themselves.

    All of this is to say Rad, is that you’re not like these people, you might share physical qualities with these people, and so that means you are part of the same racial tribe of virtue (and that is nothing to dismiss) But almost every other quality is not shared between you and them, find people who are more like you; and do not not allow the dissimilar to bother you in their wretchedness!

    Dissimilar things existing is OK, just acknowledge that they’re different and go about your business. Use them if you want, I make no judgments, they exist to be used. If they didn’t exist to be used they wouldn’t allow themselves to be used. That does mean you need to be cruel, if I was Emperor of the world I would not be cruel; you do not have to be cruel to use.

    • Experiences are also a quality, this is likely why you find other people who have suffered more likable than those who haven’t. You’ve suffered yourself and other people who have suffered (especially in similar ways) are more like you than those that haven’t suffered. The experiences you share make you part of the same tribe of virtue, even if only indirectly.

      Those who haven’t suffered don’t see the world in the same way as you do, they haven’t experienced what you have; and this difference in perception is another quality that makes you and them dissimilar. Dissimilarity is what makes us individuals rather than of the Godhead.

      It goes without saying, but everyone belongs to many tribes. Your family too is a tribe of virtue. As is your place of employment, in a multitude of different ways (Including the shared qualities that led to everyone working there making them more similar to each-other vs the people who found different careers vs the people that ended up as neets.)

      Ultimately, find the people who share as many qualities with you as you can. Though in-the case of people who have suffered, find people who have suffered but who have interpreted that suffering the same as you. For example, if you want to be happy and strong, but they want to be sad victims, that is a difference in qualities that will lead to conflict, as you are dissimilar in what you want out of life even if you are similar in both having a history of suffering. It might be more in your interest to find a tribe of people who are more like you in certain traits than in others, since you won’t find people who share every single one of your qualities; you must choose which qualities you will want to define you life through determining the types of people you surround yourself with and allow influence.

      Not all qualities you might have are conductive to certain results you might want out of life. Change is possible for some qualities (but not all). For example, obesity, that’s a quality I’ve had for a long-time (Though I’ve never found it beautiful, it still defines what physical tribe of virtue I am a part of and affects my mental qualities.) I think you already intuitively understand this Rad, as you have been thinking about changing your own qualities through rituals involving different types of energies.

      • To elaborate, since I have been obese, and since I have always founds obesity ugly, and since what someone finds beautiful defines their virtue, I have been unvirtuous by my own perception of the world. Gods too have a sense of beauty, and this sense can differ between them. They control reincarnation through the rewarding of those they find virtuous and the punishment of those they find unvirtuous. However, people I find unvirtuous might not see their reincarnation as a punishment and might actually be fine with it, while I may find that exact same scenario horrifying.

        Most of the Germanic Gods for example are attached to the form of the Germanic race, and don’t want to be anything else. The idea of them incarnating as a Arab or a spider does not suit them, and could be seen as a punishment. Loki is different, and enjoys incarnating as all manner of different animals and possibly races. What is punishment for one type of tribe of virtue is fine to another. So in this sense, the way the Gods assign souls might not be punishment at all, but just giving everyone their rightful place.

        We might be horrified by the idea of ending up as slugs, but would the office drones of today really mind being slugs? They already allow everyone to step on them all day, it wouldn’t be much different.

  2. >reduced to factoid-memorizing slaves meant to make their mothers proud

    You wished. Today’s young people do not learn anything. You have no children and have no idea of the depths of ignorance they grow up in. MOst 10-year olds basically cannot read or write.

    > The evil people are more akin to seaweed that just floats on the surface, they just live lives of complete empty meaningless banality. They may be surrounded by opulence, but within their minds you will find nothing profound.

    That reads very much like a description of my own life.

  3. > We say in this country, that we were “liberated” in 1945. Liberated in what sense?

    > But the reality of course is that now the whole country is a province of a European superstate. And whereas under German occupation you had some kind of expectation of being able to afford to raise a family of your own, in the European superstate our province exists for the purpose of paying off the government debt, which requires a steady influx of other ethnic groups, as it becomes too expensive for natives to reproduce.

    Interesting, and as we are now only 6 days out from the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, it does make you wonder if those brave patriots who died on those Normandy beaches would have still done what they did had they known at the time what western civilization would look like in the 21st century:



  4. I see “Rene Girard”, I hit “like”. (our host doesn’t want banalities such as “like” buttons, and he’s probably right–they would reinforce a mass behaviour)
    Then I see a lovely description of the scapegoat mechanism. Mimetic violence.
    “Love thy enemies”, Rad notes.
    Children seem to have this mimesis inherent. I guess it’s how we learn and socialize…
    (And by recognizing patterns)
    In a healthy herd, you are protected.. (e.g. with natural herd immunity)
    Also, maybe a psychologically healthy herd can protect your ‘psyche’.

  5. I had an autist’s idyllic childhood. My mom has Asperger’s and my dad was a psych professor who had social phobia, so they absolutely understood me and my brother. They did not care about our grades, and they did not expect us to do anything in particular. We were smart, but that was just how it was. We lived in a small town in New England. In the 1970s I had a hamster and when it got cancer my parents made sure it got treatment for that (the best that was available). But here’s the thing – just like with Buddha, that was not enough. Because I wasn’t stupid so I could see that life sucked even when it goes well. That life lives by killing and eating life, and yes I cared about plants, too. So I was massively depressed all through my idyllic childhood.

    So Rintrah, you are so focused on what went wrong with your childhood externally, and what goes wrong with the childhood of others in present society externally, but even when that is perfect it doesn’t help if one isn’t a moron. We live in a vale of tears. I do understand how some people get past this and reproduce, but I could not ethically do that. Some people turn off their brain for a moment and have a kid and then there they are, and they have to be helped and supported. The only answer I have found is to tend and care about whatever and whoever I am around, and wait on Christ.

  6. We make our lives hell by the choices we make, and that means we can also make them into something else by making different choices. But in order to do that, we must develop free will.

    The animal has none. It follows its programming, generation after generation. Most humans have no free will either. They follow the patterns programmed into them by evolution, family, and culture. But all humans have the potential to develop free will.

    The first step is learning how to think for one’s self, and the study of philosophy is the most direct path to follow. You could reinvent the process by which one learns to think critically, dialectically, and scientifically, but why bother when generations of free willed thinkers have blazed the path for you?

  7. >My mother asked me the other day if I would take care of her dog if she died, I answered that saying yes to that question results in her buying another dog bred to have a body that serves human needs,

    Any human’s answer to this question explains everything about that human.

    I’m on the fence, personally.

  8. OT:

    I discovered Radagast after discovering John Michael Greer

    And I only discovered JMG because of his “A Hypothesis” post regarding the Covid/Vaccine issue

    A strange turn of events in my life, to be sure, but I find myself wondering about the flow of information between his blog and Radagast’s blog. I wonder about the cross-pollination of ideas.

    I wonder how many of his readers are lurkers here.

    I am instinctively drawn to JMG’s audience should I encounter them in meatspace.

    But I am more fond of the chaos of

    I am so confused.

    I sometimes think I want to lay my head on the bosom of a fat Wiccan’s ample tits.

    I sometimes wonder if this makes me a Gay

    I need help

  9. Quote: “I find it very hard, to look away from the mess our world is in.”

    You wallow in these doomsday fantasies so often that it’s obviously personal compensation on your part.

    I still think the only real danger for us and our planet is a nuclear war.

  10. Wombat:

    >Does the JMG ‘tribe’ have a new take on covidworld now?

    It’s not necessarily about different “takes” on Covid.

    It’s a number of different things. Radagast’s veganism for one.

    Radagast’s Climate alarmism for another.

    But more than anything, it’s the yawning chasm between Radagast’s commentariat versus JMGs.

    I once tried to inject some nihilistic pessimism at JMGs and got a frosty response.

    That’s a good thing. It tells me they are warm and wholesome people I might flee towards when my chosen life reaches a cold dead end.

    But even when I find myself in the comforting embrace of an obese Wiccan, my thoughts — totally out of my conscious control — will be remembering Fucko The Clown and “Retard”

    This is the curse of being Schizoid.

    You can never ever just “settle in” and BE A DECENT PERSON

    You are always considering the alternatives…

      • No, I get you. The blogs have a different tone.

        It sounds like you might be worried about conforming to this or that. If yes, just be yourself. Who else are you gonna be anyway?

        And relax, don’t worry about trying to work it all out – nobody ever has or will. Not JMG, nor Rintrah, nor anyone else.

  11. Civilization is based upon the domestication of plants and animals. Everything else is just noise. Free will, destiny, Gentiles and Jews do not exist outside of our Civilization.

    We cannot survive what is coming.

  12. I will be purely honest for a moment.

    Radagast didn’t realize he stabbed me when informed me that normies of his age (and younger) consider everyone older than themselves to be “Boomers”

    His generation (and younger) consider GenX and Boomers to be the same.

    It’s all one thing on their minds.

    This hurts me deeply.

    I would hope my poasting here draws some kind of line in the minds of the youngkins (LSWM, Sensitive Young Man, etc)

    We oldsters are not all the same.

    I realize I’m probably pissing up a pole.

    What a drag it is, getting old.

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