Class-supremacists lose every debate they enter: People don’t trust the experts because they have a poor track record

I wanted to discuss psychedelics, but we’re going to have to address something else first. That issue, is class supremacy. In contrast to white supremacy, which mostly died out in the 1960’s and now lingers on in obscure corners among people who enjoy LARPing, class supremacy is alive and well. Class supremacy is essentially the idea that people who belong to a particular social strata should have power over people in other social strata. The sentiment that lies at the foundation of class supremacy is best depicted in this video:

Watch the whole video for a moment and you’ll begin to understand why Western society is falling apart so rapidly. The argument they’re making is that “they are experts and you’re a loser”, so you should listen to what we have to say in regards to our field of specialization. Besides the obvious fact that you don’t convince people by talking down to them, you enrage them, there’s another issue they don’t seem to understand.

What they never seem to want to consider, is that people have perfectly valid reasons not to trust the experts. Let’s look at where we stand right now. We are the survivors of a pandemic that appears to have killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. These are the sort of times during which you would depend on medical experts, to have made the sort of preparations that get you through a situation like this. But the tragic reality we live in, is that people don’t trust the experts, because the experts have been consistently wrong and contradictory.

Let’s go back to the start. People saw Fauci and every other expert on TV saying you shouldn’t be wearing a mask and they saw their racist Uncle Bob on Facebook arguing that Asians don’t suffer from the virus because they’re wearing masks. Then a few weeks later they turned around and insisted that people should be wearing masks. Later they began pushing for two masks, then when that trend failed to launch they returned to one mask.

These are the sort of very basics you would expect to have some sort of clear scientific consensus on. Someone like Fauci apparently thinks it’s a good idea to spend millions of dollars funding scientific research to determine which coronaviruses are capable of jumping species under which circumstances. But for some reason, despite people wearing masks during the 1918 influenza pandemic, they had no clear answer to give us in regards to whether wearing masks is going to help people avoid this virus or not. They had to make their minds up in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Here’s a question to the experts: What are we paying you for exactly? If I’m a regular American taxpayer, (which I’m not, I’m Dutch, but bear with me), why are you using my money to genetically manipulate coronaviruses in Wuhan, by adding Furin cleavage sites, experimenting in mice with humanized ACE2 receptors and all sorts of other shenanigans that is of questionable benefit to me, an average American who struggles to pay rent and feed his children? Why can’t you give me a clear concise answer on far more elementary questions, that don’t carry the risk of potentially giving birth to new global pandemics?

Here’s another question I would have as an average American being taught to feel stupid and inferior for building dollhouses at age 53: Why are you telling me to visit Chinese restaurants in the middle of a new global pandemic, then change your minds and prohibit me from visiting restaurants? New York City’s Health commisioner visited Chinese restaurants for a publicity campaign, while every low-status unemployed racist Uncle Bob who dropped out of high school had figured out that something significant was about to happen. Why should I trust you, when everything you said and did encouraged this virus to spread until it was widely disseminated across the country, at which point you decided to start micromanaging my life?

Back in January, the Trump administration implemented a travel ban on flights from Wuhan. According to Jennifer B. Nuzzo, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations and an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, fighting corona with travel bans is a mistake. This was effectively the universal chorus at the time among experts. And yet, today we live in a world where you can’t really practically leave your own country anymore.


At some point in march 2020, the expert class changed its mind and decided that we would all have to be locked up in our homes. First for two weeks, to flatten the curve, then eventually until a vaccine would be found, but now we’ve reached the point where they want social distancing to continue even after we have been vaccinated.

Here’s what I would expect if experts were competent: We’d have a clear scientific consensus on what sort of measures actually work. We’d have a stockpile of masks and gloves, if you had established that this would work. We would know what sort of nutrients and pharmaceuticals reduce the severity for which sort of viruses, we would have stockpiles of those and we would have programs to distribute those to the people at risk.

Here’s what I got instead: In January of 2020 I was told to worry about the flu instead of the coronavirus. In Februari of 2020 I was told that travel bans are racist and it’s racist to avoid visiting Chinese restaurants. In March I was told not to wear masks. Then the world suddenly changed overnight, I was told to sit in my house and disinfect every surface and wear a mask when I leave my house, airplanes stopped flying, people lost their jobs in droves, the economy collapsed and now tens of millions of people around the world have been thrown into extreme poverty.

And despite all of these measures, people nonetheless got infected in droves. As an average nobody, I’m now being told 900,000 Americans died of the coronavirus. I would personally doubt those numbers, but again, as a nobody, explain this to me: How do 900,000 people die from this virus exactly? This is the sort of thing we’re paying you to prevent. We followed all your advice and none of it worked, blue states like New Jersey and New York where the dictates of the expert class are followed have the highest number of deaths.

And here’s what I’m expecting an answer from the experts to, but not getting an answer to: Assuming that I do end up infected, what am I supposed to be doing to make sure my infection doesn’t lead to severe complications, that cause me to end up in the hospital?

Should I take supplemental vitamin D? Should I be taking Zinc? Should I take vitamin C? Does hydroxycholoroquine work, does Ivermectin work? What exactly can you recommend to me, to reduce the impact of this virus when I get infected? Remember, this has been a reality for billions of people around the planet. When I notice symptoms, should I rinse my nose with salt water? Should I exercise more, like studies in mice seem to suggest can work?

If the only answer you can give me is “nothing, there’s no strong evidence for any of it (kinda like your social distancing policies I guess), you need to focus on staying home to avoid getting infected”, then YOU haven’t been doing your job properly. You need to be telling me how I can focus on keeping myself healthy, instead of ending up in a hospital, but you haven’t been doing that. You’ve told me to avoid getting infected and to avoid spreading this virus by sitting at home unemployed, but the fact is that it’s now everywhere and in many places the majority of the population has actually been infected. In other words, your strategy has failed.

And now, after millions of deaths around the world, I’m supposed to shut up and roll up my sleeve, to get an experimental injection that is constantly paused because healthy young people die from blood clots within days of the injection. If I’m remotely skeptical of that suggestion, I’m an uneducated right-wing populist conspiracy theorist who builds doll houses at age 53 (it’s hilarious to make fun of working class people and their working class hobbies, right?).

Maybe there’s a reason working class people don’t trust your advice: You’re guilty of a collective failure that will make future generations ashamed of being related to you. Tens of millions of people worldwide have been thrown into extreme poverty, you decided to close schools in third world countries where parents used the opportunity to circumcise their daughters and the result we got is that most of us ended up infected nonetheless. People will be erasing your names from their pedigree the way Ancient Egyptians tried to hide the existence of Akhenaten.

Thanks for nothing. I’ll be building a dollhouse this weekend.


  1. I’m pretty sure now the pope knew what he was doing when he burned Copernicus and locked Galileo up. all these scientists see us as cattle and when given power they will turn us into actual cattle

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