Climate alarmists shocked as models turn out to be wrong

In the wrong direction.

The changes in weather match scientific projections for less precipitation and higher temperatures in Europe on a warmer planet, said Andrea Toreti, a senior researcher at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center, an independent scientific body that advises the bloc’s officials. But this level of drought was only expected to occur regularly in 2043. “If nothing is done, we expect that this event could occur almost every year,” he said.

Checkmate libcucks, your alarmist models were wrong after all! Your hysterical predictions were off by 20 years!

In the Netherlands, they’re also noticing we’re getting the sort of droughts that are only supposed to show up 30 years from now, but they’re still pretending maybe this is just a fluke. Spoiler: No it isn’t, it’s the new normal.

In the US Midwest they also see unprecedented drought. But rather than connecting it to climate change, they’re just calling it “weird”.

So what’s going on? I think it’s just hard to capture the behavior of soils in simple models.

Trees normally protect their soil from drying out too much with their leaves. When a soil dries out too much, it becomes unable to capture the rain when it does rain, so the water flushes away into the rivers.

This means the droughts worsen much more rapidly than you would expect based on rainfall patterns alone. We generally leave our agricultural soils bare in the sun, so our soils dry out.

Natural mature ecosystems are much better at dealing with dry periods: The plants protect the soil with their leaves and release water like a sponge during droughts. They also allow the soil to absorb far more water during rainy periods, which is then released during the droughts.

These mechanisms are relatively hard to capture in models. People also make the situation worse themselves by covering everything in concrete, causing more rain to get flushed away.

When our soils fail to release moisture during summer because of these problems, that also means there is just less moisture in the air to generate rain.

The only real solution you have to these problems is a plant based diet. This would free up large parts of the world for natural vegetation. The natural vegetation can then protect our soils and absorb and release water whenever necessary.

In addition, a healthy plant based diet would include more nuts and fruit. The trees on which we grow our fruit and nuts would help capture moisture in the soil. It’s actually possible to combine trees with cereal crops in the same field, this increases the yield of both.

Unfortunately the percentage of Americans with plant based diets seems stuck around 5%. Growing soybeans and corn for animals stuck in cages is an unsustainable form of food production.

People don’t want to change what they eat however. Or when they do change their diet, they go for something stupid like Keto, merely making the problem worse.

By the time they figure out what they have done, it will be too late.


  1. Quote: “In the US Midwest they also see unprecedented drought. But rather than connecting it to climate change, …”

    What have we to do with the newest heat escapades from Earths core?

    And don’t come up with crazy CO2 fantasies, you tinfoil hat.

    BTW. I see there really a connection between us and the core:
    In the same way planets can influence the core of the sun (over stochastic resonance), we humans can maybe influence the heart beat of Gaia. Means, if we are angry, the “beat” of the core goes up.

    • Do I really have to spend my days debunking every new theory low status white males come up with?

      Try listening to women, sodomites and brown people for once instead of following the wishful thinking of your LSWM brain.

        • Quote: “How would you explain that the upper atmosphere is cooling?”

          So we end up in discussions about Thermodynamics?

          I just read about a discussion about how hot it was in the imploded Titan submarine. One said, it was 20,000 Degree hot for a millisecond. then came another who said it was way more, about 80,000 degree. But then came another with some special reasoning from Thermodynamics and said it was only 1000 Degree for a millisecond. Look into Physics-Forums where Thermodynamics is debated: Endless discussions.

          But I think the energy-argument is enough to discard anything. From where comes all the energy, equivalent to billions of Hiroshima nukes, which is heating up the oceans now? There is no possible way to explain this over the atmosphere.

          But hey, you can be happy, you get your climate catastrophe right now. The heating will have unavoidable heavy consequences. But you can’t blame us LIQLSWM.

  2. Reading your blog fills me with worry, so I am looking for reasons to remain optimistic. So, regarding future food security worries due to climate change:

    Russia seems to be one of the few countries that will actually benefit from global warming. Russia is home to some of the most arable land on the planet with extremely fertile soil (Chernozem). Problem is, much of this potential farmland is currently stuck under permafrost. But as the planet warms, tens of millions of acres of this land will become farmable. Theoretically, this will easily produce enough food to feed the global population, preventing horrible famines from occurring in drought stricken Africa and elsewhere.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • You can’t just produce food out of nowhere because the weather changed. You need agricultural equipment, a network of roads, people who can produce the food. And considering Siberia has a shrinking increasingly urbanized population, I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

      In fact, as it stands the problem in Siberia (other than men being rounded up to die as cannonfodder in Ukraine) is that the cities were built on top of frozen soil. If the soil melts those buildings start to collapse.

  3. As far as I remember, droughts have always been with us.

    Also, as far as I remember, California had a drought that they presented as proof of climate change. But now the drought is over and reservoirs are full.

  4. Thank you for your insights!
    It sounds like fertile regions are turning into Sahara, due to human activity (I read a theory, that’s how Sahara turned into desert).
    So, things you suggest, like re-forestation, and planting trees with edible fruit everywhere (instead of turning them into pasture land or soybean farms) for a plant-based diet, seem like a good plan.
    At least we can try.

  5. PS you may like this!

    “This article by Vincent Rossi (RELIGION and the FORESTS magazine June, 1999) discusses St Amphilochios of Patmos and the theological importance of trees and our Christian duty to protect them.

    “Whoever does not love trees, does not love God.” This was the teaching of the renowned Greek Orthodox monk, Elder Amphilochios of Patmos (1888-1970). According to Orthodox scholar Bishop Kallistos Ware, Fr. Amphilochios was an ecologist long before environmental concern became fashionable. “Do you know,” the elder said, “that God gave us one more commandment, which is not recorded in Scripture? It is the commandment, “Love the trees.” When you plant a tree, you plant hope, you plant peace, you plant love, and you will receive God’s blessing.” It is recounted that when the elder heard the confessions of local farmers, he would regularly give as a penance the task of planting a tree, while he himself would go about the island watering young trees during times of drought. His Christian love for trees transformed Patmos, the island where St. John the Evangelist lived for many years. Where photographs taken around the turn of the century reveal barren countryside, a thick and healthy forest now grows.”

    • Honestly I don’t want to be a dick, but I’m growing somewhat tired of all these attempts to make Christianity into this green ecological religion that it simply isn’t. It’s just not there. It’s an apocalyptic anthropocentric pro-natalist religion, which is the very opposite of sustainability. It began among women and slaves stuck in a giant city.

      If you grow up in it and realize the Earth is turning to shit then you’ll try to integrate your ecological values into your religious framework and convince yourself this has somehow always been part of the whole phenomenon, but if so then I’d like to see some actual evidence beyond “Francis preached to animals”.

      Any sort of Earth-based spirituality has been persecuted and condemned wherever Christianity encountered it.

      • Resistance.
        You are not being a dick. Religion is pretty much as you describe it. Religious people too (see “Pharisees”).
        Especially the Scholasticism, and its side effects, one of which is to “dominate nature”. You can see that in (esp. Gothic) religious architecture. It coincides with Scholasticism.
        Where I come from (East), medieval architecture integrates with nature.
        All I am saying is that there is some resistance, and it’s everywhere.
        I know it seems like I came to preach here. And that is obnoxious.
        There must be some resistance to selfish individualistic religiosity.
        Notice the last sentence: “barren countryside”. Neglected nature around 1900. And then: “healthy forest”, after some resistance.
        Resistance was my point.

      • Historically, there has been Resistance to an instinctive tendency of human brain to try to put things in order in a Dualist way, e.g. good vs evil, spirit vs matter, soul vs body, higher-something vs nature etc.

        Dualism can be traced back to ancient Persia (maybe even earlier). From there it spread to Greece and Phoenicia-Judea, and maybe elsewhere. Iranian and Slavic languages retain linguistic traces of dualism. Khorosho – nekhorosho, good – not-good (for bad) in Russian.

        Plato may have been influenced with his theories on ‘ideas’.
        The Jews struggled a lot not to let this dualism infiltrate, by rejecting that there is an evil-god equal to God. However, there are traces in the language used, because the Persian and Grecoroman influence were immense.

        Early Church struggled in the same line as the Jews. An evil-god would also render Nature evil and of lower-status to the ‘ideal’ higher-world. These ideas were very widespread (Hellenistic and Roman times).

        A certain Manes (‘Manichaism’) was a Persian who created a …manichaist movement, that influenced even Augustine of Hippo in his youth.
        Some think, Augustine never really abandoned this way of thought (it’s almost instinctive, see above).

        Augustine had a great influence in the West. Everyone agrees. Both in Medieval (Thomes d’Aquinas, Scholasticism) and Modern times. We can just point to Max Weber’s classic work “Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” for the results.

        Last Christmas, I had a brief chat with a Dutch Uni Professor, who had published a very interesting Paper about Manichaism on

        I wanted to praise his Paper, but also straight something out: Augustine of Hippo NEVER had an influence in the East. For one thing, he didn’t know Greek, he only wrote in Latin. The chat didn’t continue. I can’t blame the Dutch for only knowing the Western (his) version of how things evolved.

        Christianity in the East RESISTED, struggled A LOT against Dualism, against vilifying Nature etc, and also against Rationalism[1]. In modern times, Dostoevsky is probably the most famous example of Eastern Resistance.

        [1] Latin Ratio and greek Logos do not have exactly the same meaning, eventhough they both stemmed from Mathematics. The ratio of 6/3 and 4/2 is two. In the Greek speaking East, ‘logos’ retained the meaning of ‘relationship’ (since 6 and 3 have the same relationship as 4 and 2). Logic, in the East, doesn’t mean ‘rationalist’. It means ‘relationship of things’. You can’t be ‘logic’ if you don’t relate with things, and that is something modern Physics brought back into the scene… e.g. Relativity…

  6. Quote: “Lol. You’re not even going to try?”

    OK. But if I try, then it’s fundamental.

    Technically temperature does not exist. It’s average speed of the so called “brownian motion temperature”. Means, in the fundamental world of subatomic particles there is no thing like “temperature”, only speed.

    But if speed is relative, isn’t then temperature also relative?

    As a macro being aka human I’m willing to accept this imaginery thing called “temperature”. But this is only an emerging effect of our macro world, not real.

    And I think this is the reason why the science of Thermodynamic is so confused: They use an imaginery thing as if it would be real, which leads to “garbage in > garbage out”. Thermodynamics is more statistic than science, it’s not suited to make significant decisions about our future.

    • Hey Diogenes, totally off-topic, but a while back you made a comment about there being no single unitary “self”, that we were, instead, a constellation of like 5 different forces/entities, etc. Could you point me to more information about this? TIA.

      • OK, I’m a technician, and we have this saying: “Where the most cables are, there is the server room”. When I read long ago that the neuron density in the brain is highest in the corpus callosum, I immidiately had the idea that the corpus callosum is not a hemisphere highway, like wiki says, but our core, our server room. It even has a hard capsule as protection, like CPUs have (therefore the name corpus callosum, “hardened” corpus).

        Then there is this “Man without brain” who have no hemisspheres, but live a normal life.

        So at all I came to the conclusion that we are all multiphrene, and have 5 personalities. The two “flight or fight” personalities in the inner brain, and the two “cooperate or compete” personalities in the outer brain.

        And you are the one in the middle constantly manipulated by them, sometimes completely possesed from one of them.

        It’s just a theory, but I think I’m totally right.

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