Climate change alarmism benefits the rich

…but wait until you find out how “let’s keep doing what we’re doing” benefits the rich!

It turns out all of the world’s billionaires have yachts, that can take them away from hoards of angry low IQ low status white males within minutes.

It’s 2030, Joe Sixpack from West Virginia closes for a minute, turns off Fox News, realizes that new ice age he was promised from the next solar minimum still hasn’t arrived and wonders to himself: “Well gee, I hope my poor sons Cletus and Billy-Bob don’t have to deal with these ever expanding droughts and heatwaves like this for the rest of their lives. Was I fooled by a bunch of greedy bastards? Say it ain’t so!”

He goes to his local Walmart, where he discovers there’s a long breadline, triggered by Saudi Arabia suddenly mysteriously buying bulk wheat imports for its own population a few weeks earlier after Belarus mysteriously stopped exporting fertilizer, which then led to Qatar buying wheat too, which led to Israel doing the same, which then led to global panic.

Beef became unaffordable to Joe a few years earlier already, for which he blamed “satan worshipping pedophiles at the WEF who want to tax our carbon and make us eat bugs”, like he learned through Twitter from the edgy memelords. But now he’s getting really worried. What’s going on?

He figures out the wealthy elites have been spreading doubt since the 1980’s through their network of libertarian think tanks. And he starts to realize he suffered Stockholm syndrome. “They create our jerbs” he’d parrot from his TV, while looking at video of some billionaire at a golf course, as he coughs up blood mixed with mucus and coal dust. Black lung disease is no joke.

The reality is that you shouldn’t work. If you don’t like your job and if poor people won’t drop dead because you stop doing it, then just don’t do it. The world’s elite has hoarded all the wealth, the distribution grows more unequal every year. The only way you can force them to raise wages is through labor shortages that start to affect them. Then they’re left with no other choice but to hand you some of the spoils of the industrial surplus. It’s the only thing that works.

Back to Joe. So now Joe is really angry, but it turns out the bastards have already left the premises. The world’s largest yacht belongs to the king of Abu Dhabi, it looks like this:

At number four we find the ruler of Dubai, at 8 the Saudi king, at 22 the Saudi heir. I won’t post them all, look at the list yourself here. I find a lot of gulf state Arabs and very few LSWMs.

My point is that LSWMs are useful idiots for these Arab oil sheikhs, who own the world’s largest yachts. “Woke climate change hysteria” the low status white male yells at his television screen like a properly trained monkey, as spit flies through the room.

If you teach him something is “woke”, he’ll hate it and the LSWM ayatollahs of the right have already declared climate change to be a woke infidel belief. He is a proper dhimmi, a proper Christian slave of the tiny region of the world that happens to have the most oil reserves.

These people don’t own these yachts for no reason. These things are not just toys, or part of a dick-measuring contest. If something happens, they leave. This is their ultimate backup plan. Bunkers? Sure some have bunkers in New Zealand. But you can just take these boats to international waters in the southern hemisphere. Nuclear explosions? They won’t affect you. Global food riots? They won’t lynch you. All your assets are seized? Well you still have your half a billion dollar boat.

In fact, have a look at where Salvator Mundi hung:

It hung in Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s yacht Serene until late 2020, when it was removed to a secret Saudi location while the yacht was in a Dutch shipyard for maintenance.

These dudes have their boats full of old paintings and other valuables, so that when shit hits the fan they can just set sail for a tropical island and don’t have to become Agile scrum developers or start picking up the phone as a customer service representative somewhere.

Oh, just to throw the low status white males another bone. Have a look at this…

It belongs to the heir to the 4th baron Rothschild, who moved to Switzerland. It comes in at place 178 for length, (hey, the water is cold here compared to the Arab gulf).

It has a nice helicopter landing pad, for when you’re being chased by angry low status white males (probably in mobility scooters, if you low IQ morons keep following the keto diet). Which might just happen, because Mr. Rothschild made his fortune by…

In July 2010, Vallar Plc, a Jersey-incorporated investment vehicle Rothschild founded, raised £707.2 million in an Initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange. Vallar is led by Rothschild and James Campbell, a former Anglo American PLC coal and base metals chief.

In November 2010, Vallar announced it was buying stakes for $3bn in two listed Indonesia thermal coal (used for power stations) producers for a combination of cash and new Vallar shares, with a view to combining them to create the largest exporter of thermal coal to China, India, and the other emerging economies of Asia

Ah yes. The eternal coal exporter. By 2030 Joe Sixpack will have figured out it’s not an elitist communist socialist hysterical hoax after all. He will chase down Mr. Rothschild to his helicopter, where Mr. Rothschild will safely explain to Mr. Sixpack from behind bullet-proof glass that CO2 is plant food, it used to be much higher back when dinosaurs walked the Earth and China and India are the real problem. And as Joe angrily clings onto his helicopter, now starting to sound like an autistic Swedish teenager, the baron will land on his yacht, crushing him in half along his patriotic freedom-loving beer belly.

Too late Joe.

In West Virginia, Cleetus and Billy-Bob will start hunting deer, until they come to the realization there are 350 million freedom-loving patriots in the US of A and just 35 million deer, so this will last them a few weeks at most, until they become carrion for the crows themselves. That will be the end of the Sixpack dynasty, House Sixpack, or whatever you want to call them.

Sic transit gloria mundi.


  1. I “believe” – if that is the right word – in climate change: my home region of Northern Italy has run out of glaciers and is quite rapidly turning into a desert. I remember I used to hike in the Alps around one of those glaciers not longer than 20 years ago: now there is only a heap of rocks there. In the 1700s, horse sleighs would carry people around Turin in the winter and as much as 2m snow would fall each year: now it rarely snows.

    When I was little, 38C was considered very hot, and 39C unspeakably hot. Then 40C become normal. A few years ago, the Po Valley broke the 43C record. It was as high as 46C in Paris. The Netherlands, where I live, has just broken a drought record, and has been in drought on and off since 2018.

    When I have nothing better to do, I check out the sea ice graphs on or Keeling’s curve on I do not completely discount STHE and I suffered from climate anxiety in the past.

    So it is not like I am a denier or anything.

    But I do not quite understand where Radagast is getting at with his constant humiliating the LSWMs. Acknowledging a problem is not the same as supporting a solution and frankly, after 20+ years on the environmentalist side, I yet have to hear of a real solution. I doubt one exists.

    Choosing to consume less is a personal choice that has nothing to do with “saving the world” or whatever. If you consume less, you will just make more resources available to the next nonsensical splurge: crypto, AI, theme parks, low-cost airlines, escalating wars with nuclear powers… whatever. In the best case, if you do not consume, someone else will.

    In the worst case, if you consume less, you just run into Jevon’s paradox and cause total consumption to increase. So yes, EVs, great idea…

    The only reasons I can find to reduce consumption are a) religious, since most religions I know of mandate a certain level of ascetism and b) preparing for a future that will be more difficult than today. That’s it. All the rest is posturing.

    The underlying reasoning behind attacking right-wingers is as follows: “if you all knew what I know, and understood what I understand, and did as I told you, the problem would disappear”. Sorry, but that is just wrong. The thought that the sum of a large enough number of individual decisions can make a difference at a systemic level is ridicolous. Complex systems behave unpredictably. For example, if a continent decided to consume less and behave responsibly (like us Euro-morons), it would be simply taken over by other, more aggressive areas (the US, China, Africa,… ).

    Or the thought that one can lead the way towards salvation is deluded: our brain is just too small to understand the situation, let alone to decide on the correct action (yes, re-watch Life of Brian for a realistic take on leadership). Complex systems are generally too complex for us to understand or change, and the natural world is one of the most complex systems I can think of. The hypothetical leader of such a movement is likely to find himself hanging from a streetlight.

    While there is certainly a moral aspect to climate change and the devastation of the natural world, that morality should be directed towards yourself, not others: eat your veggies and shut the f*** up.

    From where I stand, we have a choice between a) a slow decline in living standards and reduction of the human population as we run out of resources and destroy the natural world or b) a quick decline in living standards and human population as a totalitarian state tries to mandate reduced consumption worldwide. Venezuela come to mind. I know which scenario I would pick.

    So again, Radagast, what is your point exactly? Do you like to insult your purported readership (really? What happened to “safe space for LSWM”?) to get more traffic for your site? Or do you have something to contribute to a debate that, as far as I am concerned, was settled in Rio in 1992 (yes, climate change is real. No, we have no idea what to do about it. Well, from now on we will act all self-righteous anyway)?

    • LSWMs constantly blockade any attempt to do something about the problem. Republicans who acknowledge the problem is real lose their reelection campaign.

      • In the same way I could declare winter and sommer to “problems” and demand to reduce Earth-axis tilt until seasons will vanish.

        We do not really debate about climate change, which always unevitable happens. We debate about the manmade share of climate change, which is gigantic for you and pointless for me.

        It’s all about guilt, priest Rintrah, right?

      • I am not sure it really matters. We are not like a democracy or something, where the will or the majority becomes public policy.

        We are a plutocracy, where propaganda creates consensus for what the elite wanted to do all along anyway. LSWMs are simply a propaganda target. Convincing them is pointless.

        And what is this “something” that can be done about the problem?

        I consider Trump the greatest environmentalist of our generation. He is the only one who took Jevon’s paradox seriously and relaxed car mileage standards. And he was elected by LSWMs.

        Instead, environmentalist ignoramuses keep on pushing for tighter standards that exacerbate the problem.

        If we are lucky in 2024, we will get minimum, rather than maximum, emission standards.

        Once the smallest thing you can drive on a road is a Lamborghini Urus and getting to the supermarket by car costs you 20% of the grocery bill in gasoline alone, we will have solved the traffic problem overnight.

  2. When things on land become unstable, the onboard employees of the rich yacht owners will toss their employers over the side. If they’re lucky; they might do worse things to them, like cut them up and use them for fishing bait.

  3. Rintrah, you missed the main problem they have on their super-yachts: The Crew.

    If this Rothschild guy gives order to the crew to flee from us LIQLSWM crowd, then why shouldn’t the crew rebell and take over all?

    What I have read the super rich have basically two strategies to counter this problem: robots and programmable humans. But both is not ready now for fulfilling the needs of super riches.

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