Come to the Hague on 9 September, shit is going down

It’s a general principle of life that God does not ask for our cooperation, but for our humility. And that’s the hardest thing for human beings to accept. Life on Earth is not an exercise in domination. Life on Earth is not a technological puzzle. It is a lesson in compassion, gratitude and humility.

And so my simple request is to all of you, to join me 9th September of this year in the Hague. The battle lines are being drawn and shit is about to go down. We are unironically just going to crash the whole system. Thousands of people from all over the world are coming to the Hague, to demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

And because most of us won’t carry IDs with us, it will be practically impossible to identify us. It would take the police days. And so they will have to do what they did with me before, which is to just throw us into a bus, drive us to the other side of the country and kick us out of the bus so we have to walk back to a train station.

But here’s the fun thing. We don’t stop after one day. We will just keep coming back, every single day. I have saved a lot of money through my investments. Sometimes I give some money to people who deserve it, but I also just need my money myself, to not be dependent on the system.

If they fine me 300 euro for blocking a road and not carrying an ID, I don’t give a shit, I’ll just be back the next day. And the next day. And the next day. They don’t even have enough jail space to throw us all into.

I have written about Jouissance before. It is the spontaneous joy you feel when you resist the machine. And trust me. I have tried just about every drug to end my severe depression. There’s nothing that fills the hole in my heart, the way resistance to the industrial machine does.

Low status white males who hear this will say something like “you are a hypocrite because you do X, Y and/or Z”. But that doesn’t really apply to me. I stopped flying years ago, stopped eating meat when I was 10, don’t have a car and don’t have any children. I got my leather shoes as a gift, because I was walking bare feet on the road after police destroyed my shoes when I blocked a police vehicle that was carrying arrested climate activists. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Although in all fairness, these low IQ morons are such simps for the billionaires that they’ll think of something. They photographed the founder of Extinction Rebellion buying oranges in the supermarket and criticized her for eating “tropical fruit”. Once you reach that point, you really just don’t want to understand the problem.

I don’t know why low status white males are so eager to simp for the fossil fuel billionaires who lied to us about what they were doing, perhaps Jordan Peterson told them that a real alpha male licks the anus of Rex Tillerson, but at some point I really don’t care to hear it anyway. I want to preserve a habitable planet and I don’t want animals to spend their whole lives being tortured in cages.

I don’t ask for too much for myself in this life, I want to have a healthy body, that’s my main request. If I have to sleep in the cold in a tent in winter, if I have to eat mud-cookies to preserve a habitable planet, it’s genuinely all fine with me. I have already given up on the main luxuries of the industrial lifestyle. They genuinely mean nothing to me.

Do I think the government will listen to our demands and abolish the fossil fuel subsidies? No. Do I think the problem would end when the fossil fuel subsidies are abolished? No.

But resistance to this machine, is the only thing that has any meaning left to me.

Unless I die young, then one day I will be an old man. And I will be surrounded by children who will have to live out their whole lives on a planet that is losing its ecosystems to severe heatwaves, causing those ecosystems to release more greenhouse gasses into the air. Those children will be well aware that they have no future. If you think suicidality among teenagers is high now, watch what it looks like twenty years from now.

I want to be able to say to them that I tried everything I could, to stop this when it was still possible. And I want to demonstrate my gratitude to this living world I inhabit, which offers us so many fruits from its soil.

And I hope you feel the same way. And I hope I will meet you there.


  1. why dont you see these protests at animal concentration camps where they belong? again the carbon bs that will be used as a lever of control to enslave. your ‘resistance’ is playing directly into their hands and you dont see it!

    • >why dont you see these protests at animal concentration camps where they belong?

      That also exists, it’s called Animal Rebellion.

      >again the carbon bs that will be used as a lever of control to enslave.

      “Hey can we dump some uranium waste in your backyard.”

      “Sure thing, no problem”

      “Hey, how come there’s uranium waste in your backyard?”


  2. I am reading this, wearing a breathe mask because the wildfire smoke is so bad, while driving a giant pickup for work, that doesn’t really require a giant pickup, and doesn’t really need to be done….perhaps I should take a day offa chain myself to something in solidarity

  3. The VaxKillers-Massmurderers don’t deserve a nice planet. They deserve a hellhole. Sorry, will not help you to make them a nice planet.

      • I changed my mind. I learned this from you, that judging and punishing is most important for a better world. I live in a world where 80% of the people chosed to be a Vaxkiller-Massmurderer. This world has to die, whichever way. Fate, the Universe, god or whomever will not let this happen that they can go unpunished.

  4. The system is lobbying itself here, giving you an acceptable outlet for your masculine urge to fight and destroy – acceptable to the machine. If you blockaded (or whatever) an immigration center you would not be fined 300 EUR.

    I’m glad it helps you tho, and it’s cheaper than therapy without the weird cult-like nature of giving someone a ton of kompromat.

    • >The system is lobbying itself here

      Yeah that must be why we have police infiltrants in our chat groups and spontaneous visits at home.

      > If you blockaded (or whatever) an immigration center you would not be fined 300 EUR.

      If low status white males want to set up their own protest group called LSWM rebellion and blockade immigration centers or whatever they have my blessing.

      But they don’t do that. They just complain on the Internet.

      • They did do that. Look up the English guy whi left bacon on the doorstep of a mosque (a considerably lesser thing than physically preventing access to the Mosque), sentenced to years in prison where he mysteriously died in his late 20s.

        Only pro-system activists get spun around and released the same day.

        • Yeah if you put bacon in front of a mosque by yourself, they will make an example out of you. If 10k LSWMs put bacon in front of a mosque, they wouldn’t have the jailspace to throw you in.

          How hard is that to get?

          • They will wait until everyone goes home and then destroy the ringleaders, leaving the 10k org rudderless (which is why there is no 10k org).

            They won’t do that to the climate people because the climate protest organizers *are* the people who control political life destructions.

  5. You’re a better man than most Radaghat. Despite the fact it’s pretty much hopeless the fact you’re willing to fight and sacrifice your own comfort and safety for what’s right (And what you advocate for is fundamentally right, even if I disagree with a few scant details) is commendable. If most men were like you we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. The unfortunate thing however is that most men are slaves. Most men just want to eat shit food, work shit jobs, and then die, this is the world they want. The sad fact is we’re on this road in the first place because the vast majority of humanity is worthless and spineless, including white humanity. I’d believe most humans didn’t have a soul if I didn’t know better and understood that even the lowest forms of life have souls. Anyway, I wish you luck on September 9th.

    • “most men just want to eat shit food, work in shit jobs, and then die, this is the world they want”

      That is too harsh. There is a reason for this. Over the millennia, the men who have kept their heads down and their mouths shut did so out of love for their children, so that their children could eat. That has been selected for. When their kid was born, they suddenly realized that another person was utterly dependent on them. So they didn’t tell their boss to go to hell, or wander off on some exploit. The few who did leave or rebel did often ended up with kids who starved and froze. Men in this generation from rich Western countries don’t have any memory of this, but I know people who grew up in the U.S. in the 1960s who went hungry after their dad deserted their family; they are still traumatized by that. My father put up with my insane mother since he knew that if he didn’t and he left that my brother and I would be destitute; he had seen terrible instances. There has not been a nanny state for most of human history; the world isn’t the Netherlands. In the 1970s and 1980s my mom would bring in food for kids in her classroom since they were actually hungry and very skinny; there wasn’t enough food at home. It was a “rich” state so social workers existed, but they were in the cities, not in the small towns, and there were no food banks in those days, and certainly not any nearby, and charity was humiliating. I secretly brought money to a friend’s minister so that he could convey it to her family; I was kind of oblivious but even I could see things were very bad when her father was sick and unemployed. And if you think historically the men in power wouldn’t kill the children of a man who rebels, well, yes they would. Children are a man’s hostages to fate. So that is what those “cowardly” men are acting on, by instinct, whether they have kids yet or not. It seems it is very hard to picture being in that situation if you are not in it, but it has been the situation of men for most of human existence. It is a real luxury and a historical anomaly to be able to go out and take a stand and not have beloved ones risk hunger or death as a result, and it goes against instincts which it is uncharitable to describe as cowardice.

  6. I’m going to set up a new protest movement for all of you LSWMs because clearly you don’t care whether the global elite make the planet uninhabitable with their subsidized fossil fuel companies or not.


    Our demands are:

    -All brown people must go back to their own country.

    -A ban on the sale of dildos bigger than 5 inches in circumference.

    -New subsidies for meat, because it’s becoming too expensive.

    -Eva Vlaardingerbroek must be forced at gunpoint to respond to our DMs.

    -A ban on all Insect based food.

    -A ban on married women visiting Gambia.

    -The coal mines of Appalachia must be reopened! Doesn’t matter whether it’s economically viable or not, because low status white males enjoy nothing more than sitting underground while their wives are getting “yoga lessons” from their “yoga instructor”.

    -They need to change the colors on the maps at the weather report so that we never have to see those scary red and black colors again! 馃檨 Don’t confront us with reality!

    Edit: Sorry guys, I forgot the most important demand of the low status white male rebellion:

    -Elon Musk needs to tweet about Dogecoin again, so the price goes x10 and every low status white male can quit his day job!

    • I do not care that the planet will hit 7 degrees by 2100 and that all humans will become extinct. All that I want to do is have Eva on Only Fans.

  7. > Life on Earth is not an exercise in domination. Life on Earth is not a technological puzzle. It is a lesson in compassion, gratitude and humility.

    Very beautiful!

  8. Watch this video. It is over ten years old. Look at the sadness in her eyes.

    Your solution is pathetic. Extinction Rebellion solutions are pathetic. That ship sailed a long time ago.

    There is nothing that can stop the tipping points from being triggered if they are not triggered already (loss of Arctic sea ice, methane hydrate release).

    So go to the Hauge and protest. Make sure you take videos so we can all enjoy the cringe-fest.

    My advice to the LSWMs is to get your gun license and go shopping.

    • >Watch this video. It is over ten years old. Look at the sadness in her eyes.

      Bro, that’s just called being Russian.

      Every single Russian woman I ever met has that look in her eyes.

  9. Can you Rin-splain to me why it鈥檚 always the Gambia? I get the gist of it being LSWM insecurity about WABM sexual prowess, but is there something about the Gambia in particular?

    • Gambia is where middle-aged British white women go for sex tourism.

      It’s just hilarious to me that old white women go to Africa for sex tourism, while old white men go to Asia.

  10. P.S. 1) that video of yours is really good… You have many talents. I hope you do music with acoustic instruments. The song choice is excellent (I only got that the intro is in Russian). If you could share the name to check the lyrics.
    2) The date (Sep.9) reminded me of a monastery in Asten, which I visited a couple of times.
    3) Which then reminded me of a very special Dutch ‘hermit’. His name is Jozef van den Berg. He is a former playwright, puppeteer, actor. He’s still very artistic. He genuinely loves people, he is just ascetic. He lives near Neerijnen. Very interesting person. I wish I had visited him more than once when I lived in Belgium.
    …Both of you are the opposite of what people think about the Dutch 馃榾
    I wonder if asceticism could save the Earth… In the East, the lay are encouraged to become vegans (to fast) for almost half the year! Part of being ascetic I guess.
    4) I wish all the best in your resistance! Take care over there

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