Coronadoom: The Final Verdict

Warning: This is a catharsis and you’re not going to like it. It’s the only way I’m going to manage to move on from this.

Since the demise of the Muʿtazilites, most Sunni Muslims believe that the Quran was not created. It has simply always existed, co-eternal with Allah. Few people realize however that there is another fundamental aspect of existence that is uncreated and co-eternal with Allah. That aspect is the simple fact that I am right and coronadoomers are wrong. This is hard-coded into the laws of physics and if you carefully observe classical architecture or read ancient scripture, you’ll find the evidence you’re looking for everywhere.

“Two weeks behind Italy”

“It’s just the flu bro! LOL”

“Trump wants to kill as many people as he can!”

“If you deny corona you’re just like the climate deniers!”

I want you to take a deep breath, and to focus for a moment on how wrong you were. Become one with the pain. Feel that demolition ball of reality as it eradicates the shaky foundations of your mental model of the world, bit by bit, day after day. You didn’t split off into another consensus reality where COVID-19 genuinely started killing healthy young people, scarred everyone’s lungs, continually keeps reinfecting us, made us infertile, mutated into airborne AIDS or caused our organs to fail. No, you’re still here, with me. And you were wrong. Boy you were wrong.

“Yeah but unlike you, I’m not a narcissist” Yeah that’s true. Coronadoomers are something worse. You’re the dumb herd. You’re the kind of mob that killed Hypatia. It doesn’t hurt you that you were wrong, because you don’t have an ego. “Of course I was wrong, but who cares, everyone else was wrong too!” Is your mentality. You’re like a group of lemmings that runs off a cliff. The lemmings don’t panic when they realize they jumped off the cliff, the fact that they’re right there in the middle of the herd is enough to keep the endorphins flowing through their brains, even as they’re committing collective suicide.

But enough of that. Let us look at the simple facts, shall we? The Americans have the most advanced model that is used to project what it going to happen. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation published a model that is continually updated. In their latest model, they are projecting that up to August the 4th, the United States will witness 60,308 deaths, down from 68,841 in their previous update. It’s over, you’re done.

Read that again, slowly. 60,308 deaths. That’s fewer deaths than the 2017-2018 flu season. That’s what you issued death threats over. That’s what you hurled insults for, called for me to be locked inside my house. That’s what you destroyed the global economy for. Ruined the cognitive development of teenagers and children. Caused PTSD in numerous people. Prevented people from maintaining their exercise routines. Separated families from each other. Reversed decades of European integration. Made people lose their jobs. Bankrupted small businesses that people spent their whole lives building up. You joined a dumb mob. By joining that mob, you killed people and ruined other people’s lives. Your actions have consequences.

If you said “this hysteria is more dangerous than the disease”, like I did to my colleagues, you were met with hostility. Laughed at, insulted, ostracized. I got it from everyone. Colleagues, friends, the Internet. Do I seem bitter? That’s what happens when you’re treated like I was. The thing is, I’m just not a lemming. I’d rather be hated and right, than wrong and loved. Do you know why I’m a misanthrope? It’s because 30 million people now face starvation. And why do they face starvation? Because grandma got the flu, dumb people panicked, then governments gave the dumb people what they asked for.

You have no excuses left. “The model sucks!” It’s not perfect, but it’s continually improved and most improvements revise the death toll further downwards. This was made by some of the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced epidemiologists. If you have a better model, the world would love to know.

“The reason the death toll is so low is because the lockdowns worked!” Sweden has no lockdown, just a series of modest measures meant primarily to protect the elderly in nursing homes. Sweden’s death toll doesn’t look different from the other nations. The model I referred you to, assumes that the lockdown measures will come to an end within the next few days. And despite coming to an end, the death toll doesn’t suddenly jump up again. They expect just 46 deaths in June.

“B-b-b-but the precautionary principle justifies locking you up inside your home!” No it doesn’t. There might have been a small risk of this being a very deadly virus, but you can’t base policy on such tail risks, because such tail risks are everywhere. There’s an island that could collapse into the ocean and cause a megatsunami. Melting permafrost can unleash deadly epidemics. Nuclear meltdowns could be far deadlier than we think. Bioterrorism can kill billions. The price we pay for freedom is that we accept such tail risks in our lives, instead of devoting all our resources towards addressing them. Your excuse for your mass hysteria is not justifiable.

Most people were wrong. Socialists were wrong. Liberals were wrong. Even the Slate Star Codex/Less Wrong brand of rationalist libertarians who I normally appreciate were wrong. There’s a small group of smart successful libertarians who got it right and conservatives have a healthy gut instinct that sometimes allows them to be right when most people are wrong, but other than that, most of you transformed into totalitarian fascists overnight. The epidemiologists were split between those who have a soul (most of whom are Swedish) and those who loved the media attention they were suddenly getting.

I don’t have to prove it to you anymore, because the evidence is now everywhere. If you haven’t figured it out yet at this point, you’re just in denial. You can look up the antibody tests that are now being released yourself. For every confirmed case of COVID-19, dozens of people got the virus and had merely mild symptoms. The fatality rate is around 0.1%. Most of those who die from the virus were very old and would have died within months from other health conditions.

What upsets me isn’t just the hate and abuse I got. It’s the fact that your panic ruined the lives of good, creative, intelligent and entrepreneurial people. People who are competent and interesting enough to be able to take care of themselves, instead of drawing a salary, pension or a welfare check from a giant corporation, university or government department. You have a restaurant that earns you an income? That means you’re a talented person, capable of using your skills to provide for yourself. You’re an artist who goes on tours and makes a living that way? You enrich our lives.

Now what about the people who wanted this lockdown? The simple fact of the matter is, that they’re just not very capable of anything substantial. Clearly they don’t have critical thinking faculties. But in addition to that, they don’t really do anything interesting with their lives. They have boring office jobs that simply continue when they work from home. Like Alex Berenson said, the people who say we are all in this together, are the ones still receiving a paycheck.

We have seen this dynamic play out throughout history. The Nazi’s and the Leninists were a bunch of mediocre human beings, not capable of anything substantial, who decided to form a mob and ruin the lives of people who were capable of enriching existence. Mystic Orthodox priests who lived as hermits would have their eyes gouged out before being murdered.

We all know what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. These were people like Otto Frank, Anne’s father, who had a small business and were capable of providing for themselves and delivering a contribution to society. People who are not capable of anything interesting, look at those who have a gift and feel envy. They look and they think: “I need to see that destroyed.”

I’ve seen thousands of attempts to explain the virulent anti-Semitism of the Weimar republic, but all of them fail, especially the ones that try to blame the Jews themselves. There were patriotic Jewish German World War I veterans, they got the same abuse as the other Jews. Every attempt at justifying it all serves to distracts from the real reason: Mediocre people dislike those who dare to stand out from the crowd.

During times of crisis we reveal our true selves. #staythefuckinside? Yeah, I think I know what kind of person you are. I went around, donating my money to people who got fines, simply for being outside. I want my name to be associated with that, forever. I can’t legitimately claim to be a generous person, I spent far more on cheap stocks than I donated, but I’d like to be on the right side of history.

The thing to understand is that normal people don’t really have redeeming value. They seem nice and kind most of the time, sure, but that’s merely because that’s what’s normal in their cultural context. Read Hannah Arendt. Normal boring people commit genocide. Normal boring people call the cops when they notice you left your house twice on the same day. The only reason Mother Nature hasn’t wiped us all out yet is because of the 1% or so of people who don’t fit in, the freaks. If you haven’t noticed it yet, Nature really doesn’t like normies. In the absence of humans, every animal is weird. Eusocial blind rats, mammals that lay eggs, beasts that carry their kids in a bag of skin, fish with lights hanging off their heads in the depths of the ocean. Nature shows zero signs of sympathy towards normies. But hey, at least you people have each other.

Future generations of children will learn in school that there was a time, when 3.5 billion people were locked up inside their homes by their government. If you left your house without a valid reason, you would be fined, or thrown in jail. They wanted to continue this for two years. We can never approach the strength of those who stormed the beaches of Normandy and were met by machine guns, but we can at least struggle to defend what they gave us. Did you, my dear reader, do that? I hope that you did, because you’re going to hear a tough question one day: “What did you do dad?”


  1. Your reference to the question of the co-eternity of the Qur’an is timely. I was in Oman when this whole debacle really started to kick off (Saudi had, the day I flew, just cancelled all incoming flights) and I’d just learned about that particular doctrinal quirk of Ibadi Islam while doing some background reading. This was in between reading COVID-related papers, etc. and establishing to myself that this virus did not appear to be a serious threat; it was fairly easy to see this at the point the lockdowns and other restrictions started to roll in, I think.

    I also agree that at this point — perhaps with Bendavid/Ioannides/Bhattacharya et al’s initial serological testing preprint just symbolically marking “the end” of the fact-finding mission — that it’s absolutely clear that “we” were right and that everyone else just needs to catch up on the news already. And by chance, just today I happened upon a mention of the Mu’tazillites in a book I’m reading (Rémi Brague’s *La loi de Dieu*), and you’ve brought them up in this post, which is your COVID deal-sealer.

    So, bracketing my entire COVID debacle experience have been the only two times I’ve ever encountered the question of the co-eternity of the Qur’an. Hah.

    As for the mob: ‘Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do..’

    • >So, bracketing my entire COVID debacle experience have been the only two times I’ve ever encountered the question of the co-eternity of the Qur’an. Hah.

      It’s funny how that sort of stuff works out, isn’t it? Almost like the Matrix can’t handle too many concepts simultaneously.

  2. Oh come on, I guess they will find a way to save their face.
    I mean I am pro-vaccine person, I believe in science and international cooperation, but the more I read about WHO, the more I agree with Trump’s attitude towards them.
    They will just say that their saved the grandma by staying at home and now we have to brace for the second (then third) wave. Masks will be obligatory (as an amulet and symbol of our obedience), crowds will be banned and dictators will grab even more power.
    Did they change anything after whole War On Terror was proven bullshit? Can you flight a plane without taking off your shoes or splitting your shampoo into 100ml, transparent containers in one transparent bag (with 1 liter limit)?
    It is easy to give up some freedom but it is extremely difficult to get it back.
    By the way it is quite funny that almost all left-wing and liberal people cheer for more draconian measures and the only visible opposition are people with confederate flag or thin blue line t-shirts, which I find even more ridiculous if we consider police role in this madness.

  3. > By the way it is quite funny that almost all left-wing and liberal people cheer for more draconian measures

    There is a difference between “principled left,” as I would for example peg our host, and “woke left,” as I would peg the folks you describe. These latter people are simply victims of mimetic contagion & rivalry, in Girard’s sense; that they are left-associated just happens to be due to the fact that, for various reasons, woke ideology is high-status in the west at the moment. If this were the 30s in Germany, they would be right-associated.

    These same people would have lynched Hypatia (or condemned Jesus, or Socrates). “The problem is not that they have bad taste; it’s that they have no taste.”

  4. I am sorry you suffered abuse from the eternal normie.

    Cattle always abuse the thinkers. You should withhold your thinking from them.

    • >Cattle always abuse the thinkers. You should withhold your thinking from them.

      Honestly, I think the answer is esotericism. Instead of keeping information secret, you present it in a manner that leaves dumb people unable to comprehend what they’re looking at.

  5. thanks, this will be my fav copypasta for the best occasions and persons…

    Only one thing. All your arguments would stand even with a higher fatality rate. You´d better disentangle yourself from it. It will be used against you if it´s higher. But, would you change your mind if it was higher? How much higher? I wouldn´t mine.

    • Yeah, I dont agree with this post in general, but that is a matter of opinion.

      What is most important is that the 0,1% mortality is probably not true. I would bet 0,1-1.2% (Spain and Italy are having extremely high mortalities, and a x3 increase in deaths respect to normal), and if you are okay with many people getting it and dying, ok. Just be careful with the numbers.

  6. Sometimes the truth is in the middle.

    I am someone who draws a salary from a giant corporation, and my job is so boring that I can just do it at home. Truth is, if I did not do my job, no one would notice.

    I am definitely not a “good, creative, intelligent and entrepreneurial” person. As much as I would like to be exceptional, sometimes I am aghast at how mediocre I am.

    Still, I was very much aware of the minuscule coronavirus death rate since the very beginning. And more scared of the reaction than of the virus itself. References to Jonesco’s rhinos and Camus’ La peste and all.

    So, you see, you do not need to be a Galtian hero to defy conventions and see through the histeria.

    • sounds like me!

      …but my giant corporation is offshoring job next month (planned > 1 year ago).

      my plan: be cool. take care of family responsibilities. find psilocybin mushrooms. live new purpose.

    • Your only obvious mediocre trait is your lack of self-esteem. Clearly you have an indisputably useful trait: You’re cool-headed enough in situations of crisis, to rationally look at the facts. Spend some time thinking about how you’re going to optimally make use of that trait throughout the rest of your life.

      It’s clear that most people can’t do what you can do, they base their opinions on trending Twitter hashtags and videos of crying nurses.

  7. now looking back i REALLY don’t like this article, going through this blog it’s like history in history and it’s a living nightmare

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