Cover the world in darkness

One of those consequences of science and rationalism is that the world becomes deficient in mystery and the occult. Everything just becomes boring. This means that if you have anything mysterious going on, people are going to swarm around you as if they were mosquitoes and you’re the only warm-blooded animal in the forest.

So it is with Sunneklaas. The Dutch Wadden islands celebrate an old version of saint Nicholas, from before the birth of the “Black Peter” tradition in the 19th century. This version celebrated on the islands is darker and more similar to the version celebrated in other Germanic nations, with Krampuus type figures. Most Dutch people had never heard of it, until a shitty Dutch TV station, Powned, began reporting on it.

But it’s ultimately just not that special. Everyone has to turn off the lights, tourists are not welcome on the island and the men wander around outside in their creepy costumes after drinking a lot of beer. The festivities vary a little from one island to the next, but it’s generally just the same thing. They also poke fun at local government officials and other local events.

That’s basically it. There is no human sacrifice (sadly), no demonically possessed floating virgin, it’s surprisingly boring when you remove the aura around it. At its core it is a banality. What the islanders are protecting, is not its core. They are protecting the aura of mysticism around it.

The mainland Dutch version of Saint Nicholas is already dead, because a few years ago people decided that dressing up as black slaves is “racist”. To that I have just one thing to say: Yes, Dutch people are racist. Yes, we make fun of black people, by dressing up like them. If you can’t handle that, by all means, leave this country. Go live in some place where people are not racist. We have no desire to become part of the global American monoculture.

But a rationalist cosmopolitan society just can’t help but attack everything that is different. All darkness has to be exposed to the light, as it is such a great disinfectant. So we have the right wing shock journalists of Powned, who have to show up every year now, to harass the islanders holding their little old-fashioned mysterious version of the Saint Nicholas feast, where no outsiders are welcome.

And so what happens is that after numerous warnings not to come, they decide to come anyway and have their car pushed off the road, after being chased by a dozen dudes. And so then they try to press charges, but the local police aren’t going to help them and try to get them to press charges elsewhere.

These journalists seem to be convinced that they have some sort of noble duty to illuminate the whole world. There is exactly nothing that is sacred to these people, except of course their own “freedom of the press” and assorted 19th century classical liberal values. Or at least, that’s how they justify their own hunger for more attention.

There’s exactly nothing interesting going on on the island, just a dress-up party that is only fun as long as there are no outsiders who can see how you’re spanking the women who dare to leave their homes, or kicking out a kid who tries to blend in with the adults. It’s two days during which the animalistic drives that humans have to suppress throughout the year are given some release. and it works, because you know everyone who participates.

Ultimately, what you’re seeing is envy dressed up as journalism. It’s the banal envying the rare. And so people have this hunger to sully it. It has to be reduced to an unremarkable banality. We all have to spend our days as “product managers”, “social media specialists”, and “Agile SCRUM developers” for international corporations, while those islanders there get to celebrate their heathen traditions!

But the solution to that is not to send some curly-haired Moroccan kid off to an island to harass a bunch of Dutch hicks, penetrating the veil of darkness in search of some secret that can only ever disappoint when it is unveiled. The solution instead, is to cover the whole world in darkness.

Back in 1999, there was a Dutch municipal councilor, who was complaining about witches organizing satanic feasts during the Walpurgisnight. It’s a similar phenomenon, where people hunger for mysticism and darkness. Christianity is a religion of light, but it can’t survive without a darkness to illuminate. In this sense Christianity functions as a ponzi scheme, that collapses when there is nothing left to illuminate. As all historical witch hunts demonstrate, the demand for witches is generally greater than the supply.

The great mistake of Christianity, is its dualism. It calls the Apollonian good and it calls the Dionysian evil. But the greater problem today, is that there isn’t really mystery left for most people. Everything has been illuminated and all information can be found on the Internet. The world is rapidly moving towards a state of complete and utter banality.

Most people externalize their shadow. They see themselves as innocent victims, but the darkness is outside of them. The elite (ie, the opposite of the low status white males) are satanists, whereas they are themselves innocent Christians. The “elites” want to practice eugenics. The “elites” think the world is overpopulated. The “elites” have sex with children on Epstein’s island.

These thoughts occur to every low status white male, but they are ashamed of them. They’re ashamed they would rather fuck their daughter’s sixteen year old friends than their own overweight wife for the umpteenth time, so they’re really angry about Epstein. They’re ashamed about how they feel when they see a single mother with three children paying for her groceries with food stamps, while they have to sit in a cubicle somewhere to pay for everything. And rather than integrating these dark thoughts, they externalize them, projecting them onto the “global elite”.

The nice thing about heathenism is that it can give a place to both the Dionysian and the Apollonian elements of man. The Apollonian element, seen as good in Christian culture, is rational and believes in progress, technology, human domination of nature. It orients towards the sky above. The Dionysian element, is mystical. It is emotional, it believes in the senses, in nature, submission to passion and desires. This is what the Christians know only as “Satanic”. It orients towards the Earth below.

Our culture has completely failed to find a place for the Dionysian element of man and instead wages a ruthless war of extermination against it. But this cycle of illumination is nearing its end and soon the world will descend into darkness again. What that will look like, is a topic for a next post.


  1. Excellent post, Radagast. A good example of heathen duality when it comes to the Apollonian and Dionysian is Odin. Odin is the patriarchal creator, the being that created natural order out of the chaotic crawling void that existed under Ymir’s gaze. The only reason why the universe can be qualified at all is because Odin imposed order onto it, represented by him creating the realms from Ymir’s corpse (The natural state of the universe is incomprehensible, order is something we enslave ourselves to in order to protect ourselves. This is just as true for the mind as it is for the body. Rationalism is civilization of the mind.)

    In many ways, Odin could be considered the first rationalist. When men create civilizations and impose order onto chaos, they are following Odin’s footsteps. When men try to understand everything they can, even sacrificing themselves to uncover truth, this too is Odinic (As shown by Odin sacrificing himself to himself in-front of Yggdrasil for knowledge, and drinking from Mimir’s well.). This is the Apollonian aspect of Odin.

    Yet Odin is not solely this rational and orderly being. Odin is also the champion of the the berserker, of religious ecstasy, of sorcery, poetry, madness and rage. Odin leads the wild hunt, practices sorcery, creates poetry, and is a war leader without parallel. Odin creates order, but he also destroys it through war. Odin demands men sacrifice their enemies in his name; so he may steal their souls so they may serve him in his court in Valhalla. Odin tells men to wear the skins of beasts, to lose themselves in primal ecstasy as they allow the spirits of predators to posses them.

    Odin too is often overwhelmed by this same madness. When Odin practice poetry, takes his liberties with women, or when he eternally tortures Loki for murdering his son Baldur, Odin is showcasing virility and passion. Domineering irrational emotion, his Dionysian half.

    There is nothing contradictory here, men are not entirely dissimilar to our Gods. Our ancestors believed that the best of us literally descend from them after-all. (Perhaps this is the difference between PCs and NPCs?) All people have a Dionysian and Apollonian half, rejecting one or the other is stupidity. Odin exemplifies these qualities far more than any other being, but that is only appropriate as the King of the Gods.

    Also yes I consider myself a Heathen, and no I don’t wear ponytails or other cringe shit like that.


    To Lie Is Human,
    Not Getting Caught Is Divine.
    Learn To Be A Question Mark?

    “While we desperately yearn for the exotic and wondrous
    our first act on meeting it is to turn it into ourselves.”
    — Hyatt

    “To have neither great desire nor great despair —
    This — this is the goal of all ‘great’ civilizations.”
    — Hyatt

    “When the world was made binary
    man began to live in paradox.
    With paradox came the priest,
    the politician and the psychologist.
    These three thieves of the soul
    became the maker and solver of riddles,
    making the poet and artist seem profound.”
    — Hyatt

    “Before this binary world—
    the fearful was also sacred,
    now the fearful is only fearful.”
    — Hyatt

    “You use names for things as though
    they rigidly, persistently endured;
    yet even the stream into which you
    step a second time
    is not the one you stepped into before.”
    — Heraclitus

    “To Lie is Human
    Man is the only being
    who can overcome himself.
    His method is the Lie.
    What makes one man
    different from another
    are the glorious possibilities
    his lies contain.”
    — Hyatt


    We have reached a point where most of us would destroy
    the world in order to keep our “POINT” of view. Weak
    men must destroy, not for the joy of renewal, but for the
    catechisms of their tradition.
    Humanistic and scientific definitions that saved man from
    blind faith and dependence have placed him in the hands of
    a “devil” more horrifying than the God he murdered. God is
    dead —- but what has taken his place?

    We are now seeing the children of transition. A new
    walking wounded, more vengeful, and hateful than lustful.
    A new race of Zombies — not the living dead, but the *dead
    living.* These creatures are the offspring of our dead God
    and his tradition. In this sense their presence is a hopeful
    sign. Something new is about to be born. But first we must
    live through an ugliness -— a world of rotting corpses.

    Unless our modern attitude is tempered by the irrational,
    man may become the servant of a new and even more horrible God — a binary scientific bureaucracy — whose primary purpose is the *illusion* of control and order. This new
    God can be likened to a piece of fruit that has a skin of
    proper shape but when squeezed, collapses — empty of juice.

    The universal compulsion to gather and exchange “information” has led to a short-hand, a technical language, which has all but exterminated the object that it has attempted to describe. We now live more in image and form than in the complex realities we claim we “understand.”

    We have begun to mistake our fictions and labels for life
    and are taking these conveniences as truths, rather than
    living within our complexity and insecurity. If this process
    continues we will soon de-mystify ourselves — and create a
    de-humanization that will make the years of Hitler look like
    a rehearsal for a bad play. If God is *not* dead, man’s refusal
    to live in his plenitude (insecurity) will drive Him to
    commit suicide.

    “I challenge the reader to discern if anything Hyatt
    has said, or for that matter anyone else has said, took
    place while they were standing on their head.”
    — Hyatt


    The foundation of all pathology is nihilism as a general
    psychological state of experience.

    Nihilism occurs when all ideological systems collapse—
    and this includes the cereal meanings generated by culture.

    The normal person avoids the extreme feelings of nihilism
    by desperately clinging to those meanings and values implanted by culture, childhood and a weak biology, regardless of how irrational, painful and dull these meaning systems seem to be.

    Healing occurs when the person regains his feelings of
    power and reinstates his ability to create meaning structures. This theory is based on Friedrich Nietzsche’s observation that the world is a work of art, created by the self.

    The “pathological” person is a failed artist, while the
    “normal” person has accepted consensual art and, in this
    sense, does not own the concept of personhood. In this context it is important to constantly keep in mind that the person himself is the work of art.

    Healing occurs in the will to create and form the world
    and self as one’s own creation. The feeling of power, and
    the rational application of it to the ends of ones own creation, is the primary reflection of health.


    The greatest danger of rationality and logic is not in the
    method but in substituting the method for life. To apply
    rational and logical processes to solve a problem is one
    thing — but to try to live within a rational model is not living. Life, with all its hells and joys, *must* be an adventure in order to remain human.

    Life inherently is a-rational. It is whole and chaotic. It can
    only be “taken apart” for a peek. What we see is only a
    dislodged part — how we live is whole. The attempt to make
    life safe for breeding and for the meager indulgences of
    housewives has created this new race of Zombies.

    Division is simply a convenience for fulfilling the desire
    to control — to have more for less. But it is this “less” that is
    the lie, the ultimate illusion. This “less” is a lie greater than
    any lie ever told. There is no way to have “more” for
    “less.” Even God gave up his solitude for “more.” The
    earth and the sky and the heaven are One. To divide them
    for convenience is one thing — to act as if this division were
    truth is another.

    The facts are that with all this “more” we have “less.” We
    have become so rational, so logical, so full of self-satisfaction that we are empty.

    Yet, in this search for more individuality — more form —
    we find even less and less of life. People are as empty in
    their individuality as they are in their collectivity.

    People feel an absence to the point that they must drown
    themselves in a world of addictions. An interesting quality
    about addiction, however, is that it offers the person a
    chance to have the experience of re-birth. It allows him to
    change — with justification. Recovery from an addiction
    allows a person to change and “gives” him permission to do
    things which would ordinarily disrupt his relations to those
    around him. (Keep in mind that most people do not want
    anyone to change.)

    He has hit bottom. He must learn to say
    *NO*. Much like a transpersonal crisis, recovery makes a person special and unique. He has *overcome.* He has done something *special.*

    Addictions are created in order to be cured. People need
    to feel and not to feel — desperately they want “more” in order
    to pay for their debts of the past. The addiction I am referring to is called — form.

    The process of substituting form for essence can only
    continue for so long — ten years, twenty or one-hundred
    years. Sooner, rather than later, the machine collapses and,
    with the collapse, comes the potential for recovery.
    We see the emptiness of dogma, the emptiness of ritual,
    the true Pharisee — the middle class — lost in form and circumstances, clutching desperately to symbols.

    We begin to realize that form cannot replace substance. We begin to
    realize that grand ideals, assertions and “acting-out” are not
    enough. We begin to realize that the Zombie is not just
    within but also without.

    Still, we do not yet fully appreciate the depths of this
    depression — this emptiness — waiting not so silently behind
    us and in front of us. Yes, there is a new force on the horizon — a new cry for life.

    There is a strong desire to put an end to this non-living — this powerlessness — this non-purpose. The Zombie is waiting for a great thunderstorm -— to be reborn.

    However, neither crying nor waiting will help -—

    It is the time to be bold — to dance on the edge of the abyss — to fly again —

    — where?



    – ca. 1994

    • >Radagast, have you read “My big TOE” by Thomas Campbell?

      I’m not Radagast, and I haven’t read Campbell’s “My Big TOE” but I am familiar with him and have been following his material on YouTube.

      My take: my gut feeling is that he is definitely on to something in a general sense. His program has a distinct Gnostic/Adviata Vedanta vibe (which he has acknowledged when a questioner brought it up with him), he has simply updated the ancient concepts with “modern” and “scientific” jargon having to do with computational information, entropy, virtual reality/simulation theory and suchlike.

      He is at his best when he uses his physics background to explain quantum paradoxes and how his theory accounts for the bare-bones mechanics of how this virtual world we call “reality” is created. If our existence in this reality could be analogized to a computer, I would say his strength is in explaining the hardware and machine language which constitutes the rock bottom foundation of the whole mess

      But when he then steps out of his domain speciality to pronounce on what we as individuals should *DO* with ourselves in this simulation, he falls flat. All the tricky ethical and existential issues (problem of evil, free will/determinism, individualism vs collectivism) which had already been tackled by intellectual giants greater than himself, leave him stumbling and fumbling like a Boomer-tier New-Ager spouting platitudes about “love.”

      I may be overly cynical but that’s my honest take.

  3. All the islanders need to do us to shut down the ferry for a couple of days. That’s the advantage of an island. And get their unesco status to protect their indigionous customs.

  4. The reason LSWM is ashamed is because precisely what you say is in their view and in mainstream societies view. Evil. And if such a thing leads to accusing the “Elites” then it is what it is.

    Evil must be destroyed. Law is an expression of the War against Evil.

  5. People love villains. There are no heroes without villains, after all. People love Sauron, people love Darth Vader, Sephiroth, Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, George Soros, Satan himself. Without something to rally and fight against, we grow complacent, and complacency leads to stagnation leads to extinction. You owe the existence of your favorite work of fiction to its antagonist and you owe the greatest story, the story of your life, to those you hate the most (unless, of course, you’ve already given up and resorted to placating yourself with distractions).

    “Nor should we show any excess of severity towards the scoundrels
    I can hardly tell you that they are the
    Salt of the earth, but they are its brine
    We can, at a pinch, turn them into something
    And so long as we hang a few of them from time to time
    The rest can be employed, if not honestly, then at least usefully
    Moreover, we have to admit that our planet
    Produces them naturally and without excessive effort
    In spite of itself
    The world could never either get rid
    Of them or even perhaps do without them”

    • As long as I’m posting the wisdom of Mr. Rice:

      Who plays a videogame out of concern for the world’s inhabitants, hating the slog of playing it solely to see the realm saved, then rests easy knowing it’s now in peace? No, the player eagerly starts the next one, anxious to be placed in another world of strife wherein somebody is threatening evil again. One of the programmers of DOOM stated that he felt there was no friction with his faith since it was about KILLING demons rather than glorifying them–not wholly off the mark, but come now. Does anyone play the game simply because they need to exterminate these monsters, just because they disgust them? Everyone who plays DOOM thinks that the demons and hellish imagery is cool–cool enough to murder en masse in a blind, righteous rage.

  6. I usually want to say a lot in this kind of debates.
    FIRST, you have to research something in its origins (home).
    You can’t study capitalism in China or Russia. You can do it in the Netherlands and across in England.
    To study Christianity you have to do it in the East.
    Since you like the Jews, you should be aware that the Eastern Mediterranean is filled with similar customs (Jewish-pagans), but the Jewish were more “kind”. E.g. no human or big mammal sacrifices.
    Also, no orgies.
    (Why do I always think “Dionysian” is an euphemism for orgies?)
    If the Jews are Apollonian, why do you like them so much?
    WHY does every Culture that loves books (Mesopotamia, Jews, Grecoroman, Christians, Muslims) end up being good in Mathematics too? Even Tolkien makes arithmetic games in the Fellowship of the Rings.
    PROBABLY because of Sets… (e.g. Genealogies)
    Accounting (and other words) mean both storytelling and counting.
    Orgies were only for the (alpha male) dickheads.
    You can’t expect to be a descendant of them, right?
    Or anyone else who reads you, for that matter.
    SO, Christianity gave an evolutionary chance to you and other people of higher than average IQ.
    THIRD, study Eastern Christianity and you will see that it’s even more “pagan” than the Jewish religion.
    We still share similar music, and we even honour the Sabbath (no other Christians do that, as far as I know).
    But we have iconography, paintings, something that Jews, Muslims, and Protestants consider pagan.
    I think that’s enough for now.
    OH! You should check your fellow Dutchman Josef Van den Berg.. (the ex actor and puppeteer). A person of high individual IQ who discovered a tradition of high collective IQ.

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