COVID-19 is a product of the anthropocene: The birth of the meatbug

If you wish to understand the COVID pandemic on a metaphysical level, then the only thing I really have to tell you is that it is a product of our relationship towards nature. It’s the only hint you need to get, if you take the hint then you should be perfectly capable of figuring out every other piece of the puzzle on your own. You’ll understand what makes it worse and you’ll understand how to get out of this mess. The answer is right in front of you, if you’re willing to accept it.

You’re not going to solve this problem through use of any sort of new technology. In fact, the mass vaccination campaign has temporarily suppressed the problem, at the cost of making it much worse in the long run. Other high tech attempts at solving it, like the use of Molnupiravir, will also end up making the problem worse, by encouraging the birth of new variants.

Take a look at this graph of Scotland, where 97% of the high risk demographic has been vaccinated, to see the problem unfold:

You’re not going to exterminate this virus through social distancing, as China continues to attempt. However, the problem is also not going to disappear out of itself. This is wishful thinking. The fact that previous coronavirus outbreaks in our species ended up waning away is no guarantee to assume that this virus will just end up behaving like those viruses did. Our population is now much bigger, older and internationally connected.

Most importantly however, if those previous viruses had in fact been agents of mass death, you would not have had the opportunity to sit here and read this article on your electronic device: Our observations are limited by the anthropic principle. And in addition to this, previous coronavirus outbreaks did not suffer exacerbation by a mass vaccination campaign that turned the human population into perfect hosts through homogenization of the immune response. As I have warned you many times now, the mass vaccination campaign would end up making the situation worse.

Rather, I wish to propose to you, a very simple principle: Look at the places and people who do not suffer under the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. There you will find your solution out of this crisis.

To start off this explanation, I wish to ask you: How do you think corona viruses manage to thrive in bats? The answer is that bat populations living in caves create a unique environment. High concentrations of bat feces lead to the buildup of ammonia in the air, where it gives rise to alkaline particles.

Bats have evolutionary adaptations that allow them to tolerate concentrations of ammonia in the air in their caves, that are dangerous for human beings. To compensate for the alkaline ammonia in their blood, the bats maintain higher concentrations of CO2 in their blood. In fact, the ammonia ends up being useful for them: It makes this unique and highly valuable rare niche environment inhospitable to other animals that might wish to seize their caves for themselves.

Part of the reason animals in factory farms often suffer disease outbreaks, is because these are animals raised in conditions of high population densities to which they are not used, in which they are constantly exposed to high concentrations of ammonia in the air. From another study we learn:

Ammonia is a well-known irritant and the most common noxious gas in animal quarters(8). As with studies of other processes, assessments of its influence in the gaseous environment on productive performance of animals have given variable results. Ammonia can modulate development of various respiratory disorders that are among the most economically important diseases for poultry, swine, and laboratory animals (160). The severity of mycoplasmal, viral, and secondary bacterial infections of the respiratory tract has been enhanced in simple-stomached species exposed to concentrations of ammonia that occur in usual environments (2, 10, 156, 159). It is not known whether this is due to immune suppression or local effects on tissue.

We can expect that SARS Corona viruses, which evolve in bats, are also well-adapted to the environment of a bat cave. In fact, it is believed that through these alkaline ammonia particles, the SARS corona viruses receive the assistance they need to bind to the ACE2 receptor.

Ask yourself: Where do human beings manage to replicate the conditions of a bat cave? The answer is: In an abattoir. It is in here, in these environments where many animals are stacked together and where bacteria consume animal waste, where ammonia concentrations reach high levels.

Throughout the United States, the SARS-COV-2 pandemic was seeded in abattoirs. During the first wave of the pandemic, cases of SARS-COV-2 were ten times higher in rural counties with meatpacking plants, than in counties without meatpacking plants. It is here, in these places where animals are killed, where many of the first major outbreaks of this virus took place. These places, which served as ground zero for the pandemic, then ended up seeding the virus in other parts of the country.

Take a look at this graph, where SARS-COV-2 deaths and cases are graphed during the first wave of the pandemic:

Look at these numbers for yourself. You can see that the wave begins in counties with livestock facilities. Only later on do other counties catch up with the counties with livestock facilities. You can find the numbers yourself here.

In my own country, the Netherlands, we also witness this pattern. The first wave hit those parts of the country, that harbor our animal agriculture facilities. You can find a study that looks at the correlation here. Take a look at hospitalizations and deaths during the first wave, then compare it to ammonia emissions of these counties:

Now compare it to ammonia emissions in these municipalities:

You can see that the ammonia hotspot in the southeast, is also the COVID hotspot. Now we will take a look at ammonia concentrations in the European ground zero of the first wave. Here’s a study done on Italy’s COVID wave:

Abstract: Background: the Lombardy region in Italy was the first area in Europe to record an outbreak
of COVID-19 and one of the most affected worldwide. As this territory is strongly polluted, it was
hypothesized that pollution had a role in facilitating the diffusion of the epidemic, but results are

Aim: the paper explores the effect of air pollutants in the first spread of COVID-19
in Lombardy, with a novel geomatics approach addressing the possible confounding factors, the
reliability of data, the measurement of diffusion speed, and the biasing effect of the lockdown

Methods and results: all municipalities were assigned to one of five possible territorial
classes (TC) according to land-use and socio-economic status, and they were grouped into districts
of 100,000 residents. For each district, the speed of COVID-19 diffusion was estimated from the
ambulance dispatches and related to indicators of mean concentration of air pollutants over 1, 6, and
12 months, grouping districts in the same TC. Significant exponential correlations were found for
ammonia (NH3) in both prevalently agricultural (R2 = 0.565) and mildly urbanized (R2 = 0.688) areas.

Conclusions: this is the first study relating COVID-19 estimated speed of diffusion with indicators of
exposure to NH3. As NH3 could induce oxidative stress, its role in creating a pre-existing fragility
that could have facilitated SARS-CoV-2 replication and worsening of patient conditions could be

They found that ammonia in the atmosphere can explain most of the difference in the speed of COVID-19 diffusion.

If you look at a map of Europe, you find that the Netherlands and Lombardy have the highest rate of nitrogen compound deposition:

Lombardy has seen a massive wave of deaths from SARS-COV-2, they were the first place to get hit and responded with lockdowns that were soon copied elsewhere. This massive wave of deaths was linked to the massive air pollution in this region. When we replicate the conditions of a bat cave, with massive numbers of animals living together and inhaling the manure they themselves produce, we replicate the conditions in which SARS coronaviruses happen to thrive.

On the other hand, there are also nutrients which prohibit the replication cycle of SARS-COV-2. What is Paxlovid? It is a protease inhibitor. It prevents the enzyme (C30 endopeptidase) that is supposed to cut up the coronavirus polyprotein from doing its job.

The seeds of plants also generally contain protease inhibitors. To turn into big plants, plants must store a lot of proteins in their seeds. To prevent those seeds from being consumed by other organisms, like bacteria and insects, legumes and other seeds contain high concentrations of protease inhibitors. These protease inhibitors have been shown to work against bacterial proteases.

An article by two Indian scientists on plant protease inhibitors states:

“Plant PIs can inhibit the main protease (Mpro or 3CL) of SARS-CoV-2 essential for processing of the polyproteins of the virus into functional proteins.”

Plants themselves are also constantly having to deal with viruses that infect them and replicate in their tissues. In fact, if you look at our human sewage, the most common virus you will find in our poop is not a human virus: It is the pepper mild mottle virus! To deal with all the viruses that affect them, plants are constantly evolving as part of an evolutionary arms race.

Humans have mobile immune cells. Plants don’t have mobile immune cells, nor to they have an adaptive immune system. To avoid falling victim to viruses, plants constantly need to produce proteins and other compounds that interfere with viral replication. When we ingest plants, our bodies gain the ability to make use of the properties of these compounds.

In Africa, the traditional diet is low in meat, but high in plants. These plants are typically cooked at low temperatures, on simple fires, allowing more of the protease inhibitors to survive. It’s thought that the low death toll in Africa is caused by this diet, high in plant food and low in meat.

When people consume mainly animal foods, this results in gut dysbiosis. Through gut dysbiosis, we become more susceptible to severe COVID.

We have seen a number of studies, where people looked at the correlation between diet and risk of COVID-19. They consistently find that plant based diets lead to reduced severity and risk of infection, as can be seen here and here.

In fact, one study even reported:

A balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruit, including nuts, wholegrain cereal products, and legumes, covers the need for vitamins and minerals. Such a diet can be an effective measure to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in nonobese healthy physically active young people with normal immune function. People with balanced diet and an average daily consumption of >500 g of vegetables and fruit and >10 g of nuts had an 86% lower risk of COVID-19 compared with those whose diet was not balanced and who consumed lower amounts of these products.

These are better results than we ever saw for the vaccine. I want to remind you again, that bats have evolved to tolerate the conditions of their caves, with high concentrations of ammonia in their blood. When the human body consumes meat, we produce ammonia as a byproduct. Excess meat consumption and liver damage cause the buildup of ammonia in the blood. In fact, if you look at the carnivore diet enthusiasts, you will find they often complain that their sweat smells of ammonia. You are replicating the kind of conditions in your blood, that SARS corona viruses encounter in their native hosts: Bats.

We know that blood urea nitrogen, is one of the main risk factors for severe COVID-19. This is what you encounter in your blood, when your liver metabolizes protein. There are various diseases that can lead to high blood urea nitrogen, however, there are also factors that we normally associate with health, that can lead to high blood urea nitrogen: A diet high in protein and high amounts of physical exercise.

And if you understand this, then you understand why we also find a strange excess of deaths and severe COVID cases, among young otherwise healthy bodybuilders. By consuming unusually high amounts of animal protein, in an effort to build up a lot of muscle mass, they also seem to be creating the kind of conditions in their blood in which SARS-COV-2 happens to thrive.

The solution for humans out of this crisis, is to abandon animal agriculture. It is in the bodies of our animals, where the virus can easily give rise to new variants because they have ACE2 receptors that subtly differ from ours, serving as stepping stones in the birth of new variants.

It is through the ammonia that animals produce when they defecate and urinate, that we create the local atmospheric conditions that encourage this virus to infect our cells.

Finally, it is through the effect of animal foods on our own individual health, from the insulin resistance, to the increase in body fat, to the increase in oxidative stress, that this virus becomes a threat to our health.

On the other hand, whereas the mistreatment of animal causes this virus to spread and decimate our population, it is through plants that our bodies are protected from this virus. Plants constantly spread volatile organic compounds like terpenes. They mainly do this during the summer.

Human beings have known about this for generations. It is why we engage in forest bathing. In Southern Italy, the lowest COVID mortality is found in those places with the most trees. Similarly, everyone has seen the unusually low mortality found in Scandinavian countries and Finland. People here live surrounded by the protective volatile organic compounds from trees.

Louis Pasteur is reported to have said on his deathbed: “Le terrain est tout, le microbe n’est rien” or “the terrain is everything, the microbe is nothing”. And I would concur.

Imagine if we abandoned this practice, of herding animals together and slaughtering them. Imagine if we abandoned this practice of eating them. Imagine if we lived surrounded by trees, if we ate a plant-based diet, of proteins that are designed to ward off viruses. What would be left of this virus named SARS-COV-2?

A laboratory in Wuhan struck a match. But we, we laid down the tinder everywhere around us.

SARS-COV-2 my friends, is the meatbug.

It is the cosmic punishment, for this:

This is what human beings have done: They killed all the wild animals and made this world inhospitable to them. And in exchange, we filled the whole world with one kind of animal: Cattle. Every Hindu will tell you that you are not supposed to kill cows. The first Hindus started out by sacrificing them, but soon moved to worshipping them. I blame a certain mushroom that grows on their dung.

You may not like it. You may be in denial, but what humans have done, is to create an entirely unnatural environment. And this unnatural environment, is the perfect breeding ground for the meatbug. We humans, now weigh more than all the wild terrestrial vertebrates did 10,000 years ago. and yet, in contrast to most wild terrestrial vertebrates, we live as omnivores, the wealthiest among us, the Americans, live as practical carnivores.

“Our hunter-gatherer ancestors constantly ate meat!” The Americans will say. But do the Americans realize, that there were not 300 million hunter-gatherers on this planet? There is no justification. What they are doing, can not be reconciled with a biosphere in which non-human wild animals can survive.

But it ultimately does not matter whether the Americans wish to coexist with other lifeforms or not. If they wish to coexist with the non-human world, then they will survive. If they have no desire to coexist, then the meatbug, the batsoupflu from Wuhan, will just deal with them.

I am going to show you something you may have seen before.

A mysterious autistic girl appeared on the world stage, with an angry message and an ominous warning: “Change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

And the girl was ridiculed. This is what always happens to prophets, they are ridiculed and ignored. In the Bible, in 2 Chronicles 36:16, we find:

“Again and again the LORD, the God of their fathers, sent word to His people through His messengers because He had compassion on them and on His dwelling place.

But they mocked the messengers of God, despising His words and scoffing at His prophets, until the wrath of the LORD against His people was stirred up beyond remedy.”

This mysterious speech was given on the 23rd of September, 2019. The meatbug was born not much later, the first cases can be dated to November 2019.

Mankind has angered the heavens. Man was given one last warning, the prophetess was ridiculed and so the curse was born: The meatbug came into existence, in a lab in Wuhan.

How do you think the other non-human animals feel about the meatbug? Once a genetically manipulated mouse in Wuhan bit Shi-Zhengli in her finger and the meatbug was born, if you listened carefully, you could hear the voices of a billion animals worldwide, sigh in relief.

It’s not coincidence that if you wish to solve global warming, you need to be doing the same things you need to be doing if you want to solve the meatbug. Solve it voluntarily, or the meatbug solves it for you.

The meatbug replicates itself in your own white blood cells. What’s going to happen is pretty simple: If you constantly get reinfected, it’s going to kill off your immune system faster than it can regenerate itself. On the other hand, if we make the correct changes, then we should be able to reduce infectious pressure.

You should already know what needs to be done, but I’ll just spell it our for you very clearly, just to be sure:

-The global airline industry needs to be shut down. It is because of the global airline industry that omicron could spread from South Africa around the world in days.

-Animal agriculture needs to end. The places where these animals now graze need to be reforested, so that plants can clean the air for us.

-Humans need to transition to a plant based diet, high in fruit and vegetables, low in animal protein.

-Air pollution needs to come to an end, it turns our lungs into the perfect breeding ground for the meatbug.

-Mankind needs to disassemble the dominator culture.

And I know what some of you are going to say:

“Fuck you this is not what I come here for you’re a soyboy beta cuck disinfo agent post physique do you even lift”

And if so, then I leave you with one last message:

This is the song that all of the world’s birds were singing, once they heard the joyous news that the meatbug was born in Wuhan.


  1. “The solution for humans out of this crisis, is to abandon animal agriculture.”

    Well, leaving aside the actual merits of this argument, I give it credit for being a solution you probably won’t hear from the CDC.

    Plus additional kudos for introducing “forest bathing”, which appears to be a fancy term for “going for a hike”…?

  2. “Throughout the United States, the SARS-COV-2 pandemic was seeded in abattoirs. During the first wave of the pandemic, cases of SARS-COV-2 were ten times higher in rural counties with meatpacking plants,”

    Because covid is fake and the tests are fake and return what the government wants for what they want to shut down. And since the government are Hindu pieces of shit who don’t want people eating meat they eanted meat processing plants shit down so had the fake test return more fake positives there because they are Hindu filthstains from hell.

  3. Only an extremely dishonest and motivated pussy like you would say that meat was the reason of a bioweapon hurt humanity. You’re beneath contempt

  4. “Today meat is bad because… [rolls dice] … it causes covid! Please set aside all memory of me insisting on the general harmlessness of covid, or you might not draw the right conclusion”

    • See it’s complex. I remain of the opinion that everything we have done in an attempt to squash the meatbug has ultimately made it worse.

      The places that haven’t done everything possible to make it worse, are doing fine.

      It’s comparable to how the pharaoh had his heart hardened by the lord, only for the lord to keep sending worse punishments his way.

  5. That UK deaths chart is people dying with covid, not of covid.

    “However, the problem is also not going to disappear out of itself. This is wishful thinking.”

    I posit that this has already happened. Covid has already “disappeared”. It is already endemic, just like the other coronas. It is already all over the world, *and doing sweet fuck all* . People aren’t dying of covid. They are being screened apon death with a highly sensitive RNA fragment detector. People are always going to die. And X% of them are going to test positive. Covid is already over.

    However, what isn’t over is the politics, the fear and the agendas. The virus is now a nothing burger. So it’s now only a pandemic of positive tests and power using that fear to push agendas.

    Is there the possibility that the mass vax and other interventions by said experts and bureaucrats could make your personal immune reaction worse? Of course. Could they spur the evolution of more deadly new strains. Sure.

    But as it stands right now, there is no real pandemic. For whatever reasons, the problem disappeared out of itself.

  6. This is spot on and love the direction this is going. The bible quotes are spot on as things will be getting ‘biblical’

  7. Aren’t you burning a strawman here a little bit? Most people I know who are really into eating animal protein are against factory farming and care a great deal about where the protein comes from. A fair few of them do the hunting themselves. It’s more those who don’t care either way that are happy to eat factory farmed animals, along with GMO crops and heavily processed grain based food. So I feel it’s more about just taking the time to care about where your food rather than a strict meat/vegan dichotomy that quickly drifts into inflexible ideology.

    Factory farming is a product of fossil fuel wealth, it’s a complete energy sink and will go away quickly once it can’t force feed inputs into the animals. So I wouldn’t worry about it too much, the clock on their shelf life is reaching midnight. An intensive chicken farm which was built nearby a few years ago has only managed to build one shed complex (out of a planned four) because it’s too expensive to even run one of them. Their input/output equation is insane and can only occur with a huge subsidy provided by cheap oil.

  8. Meatpacking plants: M. bovis outbreak

    Lombardy: M. tuberculosis (immigrants from China, previous known outbreaks in that region a few years back of M. tuberculosis)

    Iran: veterans from the Iran-Iraq war already had notable problems with the respiratory system

    No bats:

    https://www. preprints. org/manuscript/202008.0205/v3
    https://www. preprints. org/manuscript/202008.0595/v1

    Sars-Cov-2 contains the cobra genome:

    https://online library.wiley. com/doi/pdf/10.1002/jmv.25682

    (remove the two space which have been inserted in the three links above)

    “However,the possibility that cold-blooded animals like snakes can serve as a host cannot be ruled out. The flexible interacting loop identified in our study may allow the virus to adapt to both the cold-blooded and warm-blooded hosts.”

  9. Great article man, these are fascinating points. You’re my favorite blogger on the net right now, keep up the great work

  10. Really great article, Radagast! Thank you for bringing this holistic view of what is happening.
    The same goes also for the even worst plague – the technocratic tyrants that so openly claim they are in charge. This happened because we stopped following the natural principles of freedom and replaced those with a vague freedom for safety trade-off. ‘Give me freedom or give me death’ are not just words but a natural law. There is no central authority in the forest, nobody is telling the trees where and how to grow. The natural order in the forest emerges spontaneously from the collaboration and competition of the living things following the laws of the nature. We accepted false authorities and have given up our freedoms and we are seeing now the deaths. The control society that is emerging is doomed to fail but the question is will it fail because we as a species destroy ourselves or because we uphold our freedom and manage to push against the tyrants.

  11. Haha I have to admire the sheer IDGAF attitude here.

    The best quality of Dutch people is their honesty, so I give you credit on that score. Unfortunately, you lose points for the preposterous illogic and crude fanaticism that gets old quickly.

    But, I am assuredly entertained!

  12. Hey friend.

    Have you looked into the lab-origins oc this virus?
    Because it came from a lab. In Wuhan. Its either that or terrain theory is real. Which it isnt.

  13. “If you wish to understand the COVID pandemic on a metaphysical level, then the only thing I really have to tell you is that it is a product of our relationship towards nature.”

    Stopped reading this obfuscatory mystification right here. It’s a virus made in a government lab, created and funded for God knows what reasons (not that it matters). Government responses to it’s leak are a different thing entirely, and people’s responses to Govt responses yet another thing entirely.

    How you or this abstraction ‘we’ ‘relate to nature’ is immaterial to any of the above.

  14. A respiratory virus enhanced with gp120 HIV gene sequence which impedes T-cells is hardly a “meatbug”.
    Similarly nonsensical are your articles about climate change being the cause of the current clearly manufacured food & goods crisis.
    We haven’t had a real summer in Germany for quite some years, maybe it’s mysteriously different in NL. We didn’t have real winters, either, which probably would skew the average year temp, but that has nothing to do with growing foods in the proper seasons.

    “but the Chinese” can be a valid arument in the way that it seems unlikely they have stupid scientists who don’t get it. They indeed don’t care about climate and are currently building more coal power plants.

    Climate is a proxy to beat people to use fewer resources, so the “elites” can live 20th century lifestyle for longer with those resources, while the rest lives like in the UN-financed 2010 video “Planned-opolis and three other scenarios…”
    You pretend to be great at seeing the big picture, but somehow actually are confined looking through your tunnel that has a fixed direction.

  15. Plants don’t want to be eaten! Unlike animals, they have no defence mechanisms, apart from chemicals that make us all sick and fat.

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