COVID brain damage: Thierry Baudet

Once you recognize the signs you start noticing it everywhere.

-The victim looks and acts drunk. This is the big giveaway. It’s typically especially bad early in the morning.

-Difficulty forming complete sentences. “I am a fan of Vladimir Putin. I think he is-he is our -he is the dark knight – he is the hero… we… we need.”

-He looks confused. He used to be a dandy who took really good care of his appearance, but you can tell he no longer does. His hair is a mess, he’s starting to look like a sleep deprived schizophrenic.

-A victim’s worldview turns into a kind of parody of the victim’s prior worldview. Everything new that happens has to be interpreted through a pre-existing cognitive framework that is in decay. He starts sounding like a parody of a low status white male.

He still does what he has done for years, which is to try to manifest a kind of consensus worldview of low status white males, but he has now become very bad at it. In the past it would mean pretending there are still enough fossil fuels, that climate change is a hoax, that fake Internet money ponzi schemes are going to make every low status white male rich, etc. Now he has lost all capacity for discrimination or subtlety, so now he just parrots the dumbest possible stuff he gets on his Twitter feed. He always had a high IQ, so although his cognitive capacity is eroding he can still function in society, but he can no longer say anything remotely intelligent.

Of course the low status white males who elected him face the same problem as Thierry himself. Their brains are also being damaged by their own immune system, so they also slowly become insane. Whereas first they might say that the war is stupid and the West should not get involved, now they venerate Putin. Whereas first they thought their particular fake money Ponzi scheme would make them millionaires, now they think these schemes will make them billionaires. Whereas first they were on the keto diet and would occasionally eat some broccoli or other vegetables, now they just eat nothing but beef and lard. Whereas first they thought global warming is caused by the sun, now they think we’re causing it but it’s actually good. Whereas first they thought the world is ruled by satan worshipping pedophiles, now they think the world is ruled by reptiles that drink children’s blood. You get my point.

If you wonder why everything is going to shit right now, why we’re stuck in this stupid war with Russia, why the global economy is collapsing, why every business is desperately trying to hire new employees, this is why. Cognitive capacity is being lost around the world. Upon being infected you start suffering brain inflammation which lasts for months, your own brain becomes collateral damage in the attempt to fight off this virus. Most of the decay happens long after your flu symptoms stop.

There can be recovery, the inflammation can decline once the immune system has gotten rid of all viral matter, which then allows the nervous system to repair itself, but I wouldn’t count on it if you’re constantly being reinfected, like most of the population in highly vaccinated Western nations is, as you can see here:

This is what we call vaccine failure: The lows keep getting higher. Will it ever revisit the September nadir? Probably not, as there are now numerous simultaneously circulating variants, affecting different tissues in the body, with ever higher ACE2 affinity, recalling poorly neutralizing antibodies.

Eventually even unvaccinated countries are probably going to get hit again, as immunity wanes, children grow up and the variants born in Western nations hit the developing world. The only way this mess can come to an end (if it ever will) is when the whole population has diversified immunity against Spike epitopes associated with virulence, which would then give a fitness advantage to more benign variants that don’t trigger an aggressive antibody response. The vaccines merely massively delayed that process.

There is stuff you can do to repair the damage. Psychedelics help reduce the inflammation, fibrinolytics reduce the fibrosis. But by the time someone is visibly dumber, there has already been a lot of damage, just as in Alzheimer’s, where you only notice the first symptoms of the disease once a lot of damage has already occurred. My advice is: Reduce inflammation, break down the fibrin that’s building up in your blood vessels and give your brain the tools it needs to repair itself. Otherwise you will end up losing your mind.


  1. >to what extent do you reckon the unvaccinated, vegan individual is shielded from the cumulative effects of this damage, based on your understanding of immunology?

    I don’t know. The link between plant based diets and reduced severe COVID risk has been well-documented by now.

    But it’s these otherwise mild infections, which characterize the majority of infections, where we would want to see what the link is.

    My recommendation would be to just keep the nervous system fit.

    Psilocybe mushrooms are very useful in this regard, as is DMT.

  2. Your losing me on this post.
    So any supporter of Christian Russia / Putin is brain damaged due to the vax??
    Sounds like conflation of vax insinuation and western propaganda.
    Im with Thierry. The west is run by a bunch of evil reptiles.

    • The main issue is trying to live a life as if God does not exist, which invariably leads one to believe that they are inherently smarter than anyone who holds religious believes. Pride goes before the fall. You need to go through the door to understand the viewpoint of those that have done so, to others going through the door is madness.

      Only one knows more than the other.

  3. “All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never-ending cycles all things and phenomena.”

  4. I guess Icke caught an extremely early strain?
    Sometimes things that seem crazy when we are within the mainstream education propaganda bubble, become a whole lot more sane when we see how crazy those mainstream beliefs are, eg, that *plant food* we evolved with will kill us…if we don’t pay taxes to psychopathic child raping pedophiles (and let bill gates block out the motherfucking sun!)…who are totally “not” lizards, but drink the blood of tortured murdered infants for the metatonin high, and totally “aren’t” demons.. but constantly worship moloch/baphomet/Satan in ritual occult practices, from the smallest things they do, to the global blood sacrifice and media occult ritual events they blatantly plan and carry out…to the parents and names used on their lab made bioweapon and GMO vaccine projects…

    At some point, making fun of us is just pointing out how brain damaged *you* are becoming, through cognitive dissonance Radagast.

    Are they actually lizards? How the fuck would I know, seems unlikely on the face of it, but with millennia of symobolic lizard worshipping, by a long existing blood drinking cult that has rarely not been behind the power elite in the world, that are now openly declaring their global takeover and seemingly facing almost no opposition, it seems it a bit of a moot point: they are fucking evil and need to be rooted out.

    Is rising CO2 really going to be harmless or beneficial to most as I believe? Well I can’t claim to know that for sure, but the fact it *was* at all time low levels in the past millennia, and that any lower WILL kill off plant, and then animal life, and the slight modern rise has regreened (or at least coincided with) the planet noticeably, and basically all life here evolved in higher levels, means it’s not scientifically sensible to assume, as you do, that it’s definitely going to be *worse*, so you would do well to stop acting intellectually superior for doing so.

    Is Putin a good guy? Well, he is opposing the giant globohomo octopus you and me both complain about the many disgusting tentacles of regularly (while you think you are talking about unrelated snake like beings, and can’t see the forest for the trees, while mocking those of us who clearly see the forest), and NATO did break all promises, and deliberately provoke this war by leaving him no real other option other than cede partial effective national millitary sovereignty, and he is freeing regions that have vigorously fought for their independence from the illegitimate CIA coup Ukrainian leadership…but he was also once KGB, part of the octopus, and could just be controlled opposition, false hope. I hope the former, but either way, it makes no sense to act intellectually superior and mock the more well informed just because you don’t know any of that…

    I can (obviously) go on, but your intelligence, which I respect, humour, which I enjoy, and insight into topics you have freed yourself from mainstream thought control on, which I value, is unfortunately matched by your arrogance, ignorance and hubris, on topics you have not.

    Try engaging without the ego. You might learn you have been mistaken about a whole lot more things (that’s a good thing, means you are become mistaken about less things), and I might learn I am mistaken about some too, if you start making actual logical arguments instead of ad homs and pileing on nonsequitur distractions in their place

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