Depopulation through pig abuse

At this point, the people still worried about the continued circulation of a SARS virus are sufficiently fringe, that they’re beginning to sound like LSWMs:

It’s a fair question to ask. As I’ve mentioned before, the genetic fingerprints of natural selection by corona viruses suggests that these viruses can kill large swathes of the population, over a period of decades.

I would ask these people however, if they are serious about their theory of managed decline, whether they have ever considered the possibility that these vaccines peddled by the US defense apparatus (Pfizer and Moderna were just following orders), were part of the project.

The double-whammy would look as following: You release a new virus, then you use mRNA technology to break the population’s immune response against it. This technology has been used, to promote a tolerogenic immune response against the protein people are immunized against. The result is that you induce the sort of immune response that creates a population susceptible to constant reinfection. The body responds to the virus, but in such a poor manner that you remain forever susceptible.

And so far, the technology has worked quite well at breaking the population’s immune response:

The data from Japan is pretty straightforward: We’re now stuck with this virus forever.

The main reason I’m willing to consider the Managed Decline model of what has happened ever since the mysterious vegan Swedish girl promised you in late 2019 that “change is coming, whether you like it or not”, is that it should have just been obvious these vaccines were going to make things worse. The technology they use to produce these vaccines, is identical to the technology they use to induce immune tolerance.

It’s kind of hard to believe this would happen by accident: “Yeah sorry, the completely new technology we’re using against this vaccine turned out to make things worse. Yeah it’s the exact same technology we were using simultaneously for immune tolerance therapies, but hey, we didn’t see it coming. Enjoy the IgG4!”

Of course some people are eager to believe this virus is just like the flu. But there is no flu virus out there, that infects you twice a year. In a given year, about 10% of the population catches symptomatic influenza. SARS2 now infects you two or three times a year, because the vaccine has been such a success. This is going to exhaust your immune system.

I don’t think we’re ever going to get an answer in regards to whether this was all just the largest screw-up in history, or some sort of managed decline project to gradually turn us all into brain-damaged drooling zombies who continue to go through the motions in auto-pilot until we are replaced by AI.

Which reminds me of another problem I haven’t yet mentioned. We’re pretty sure that the Omicron variants began once a rodent population was infected. The virus would have been much deadlier in these animals, so it mutated to become more benign.

But right now, the virus is reverting to greater virulence, by prohibiting your infected cells from realizing they’re infected. And that matters. The reason pigs are not susceptible to SARS2, is because their cells just immediately kill themselves upon being infected, so the virus can’t spread.

Now the question you have to ask yourself is: What happens to pigs, once we give rise to viruses that are much better at preventing our cells from figuring out they’re infected? It’s possible that pigs will become susceptible to SARS2 as a result too. Rodents were originally not susceptible to SARS2. They only became susceptible to infection once the first variants evolved.

Of course it’s also possible that we create a bridge from human SARS2 to pig SARS2 ourselves. Like I just mentioned, pigs are right now immune to SARS2, because their cells very rapidly respond with apoptosis to infection. But to create organs for humans, pigs are having their genome edited, by introducing human genes that suppress apoptosis. So it’s perfectly thinkable that if these pigs were infected, their infected cells would not undergo apoptosis rapidly enough to stop the virus from spreading. There are all sorts of risks involved in these experiments, some of which we can predict in advance and others that we can’t.

And of course, some morons went ahead and made a pig with a human ACE2 receptor. This is meant to create a “model animal” for SARS-COV-2 infection. But if these morons succeed at their quest, to turn pigs into an animal they can test SARS2 on, what do you think will happen? The virus will adapt to pig cells. To adapt to pig cells, it will need to be very good at suppressing apoptosis. If such a virus then spills back into humans, it would be a very dangerous virus.

We could see a variant evolve that can infect pigs. And then you’re stuck with a situation where these animals all stuck together in a farm start breeding highly virulent variants, highly capable of suppressing their innate immune response. The same thing happened with bird flu. In the wild the bird flu virus is mild, because the host needs to be alive to spread it. In a poultry farm the virus does not need to be mild to spread, because the birds are all stuck together. That’s how it turns very deadly.

Putting a lot of genetically identical animals of the same species in a building together, is how you turn mild viruses into very lethal viruses. It takes a few years, but we did it with influenza. The mild influenza viruses from migrating birds invaded the chicken concentration camps, where these viruses became highly pathogenic. After all, they don’t need to keep their host alive: They’re in a competition with other variants of themselves, to spread through a poultry farm as rapidly as possible.

Unlike the rodent immune system, which is 10% similar to ours, the pig immune system is 80% similar to ours. What do you think happens, when SARS2 learns to infect pigs?

The coronavirus that jumped from cattle into humans in the 19th century had to keep the cows alive, to jump from one cow into another. A pig-adapted version of SARS2 would have no need for that: All the pigs just live in the same building. It’s a situation very similar to what we’ve seen in bird flu. The difference being, that birds are genetically very different from us, whereas pigs are very similar to us.

The 2009 pandemic influenza, was called “swine flu”, because it came from pigs. It can happen again.

We were lucky, because in late 2021 a mouse-version of SARS2 suddenly jumped into our species. And so it had a level of virulence that is well adapted to mice, but pretty harmless in humans. It rapidly began to increase its virulence again with newer variants, but we really lucked out so far.

A SARS2 version that evolved in mink farms or in caged pigs, is unlikely to have the low virulence that the Omicron versions which evolved in wild rodents had.

And then in conclusion, I would ask you to take a look at this. What you see is a terrified pig screaming for help. The other pig rushes in and pushes his friend out of harm’s way. He then goes on to attack the man who was holding a knife.

And when you look at this, you treat this as just another interesting video. Instead of clear evidence, of a global atrocity. Systematic dehumanization, of intelligent compassionate animals.

The global holocaust against non-human animals, is an afterthought for you. But for me, it is a daily lived reality. And I expect the chickens will come home to roost in one way or another.


  1. I think your arguments on IGG4 and the virus are very accurate, and we’re doomed in one way or another.
    – As for the animals, I guess they’ll fare better than us, ’cause they don’t have the “wonder vax” to dig a hole in their immune system. The immune pressure will ease when the ugly humans are gone.
    Maybe the planet will have less sufferings at that time. Many humans are much worse than pigs these days really.
    – About ‘One Health’: well, when little humans try to play God, nothing good comes out.

  2. You’re on the bulls-eye question: Are our leaders morons or evil?

    You conclude we’ll probably never know for sure. I’m thinking to answer the question all we need to know is whether our political and health leaders injected themselves with the same substance they strongarmed citizens to accept.

  3. Another very interesting and insightful blog post, Mr. Adams. I’ve been searching online for rebuttals to the predictions made by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. Apart from a few “fact check” articles from early 2021, there seems to be a lack of debunking, which worries me. However, I did come across a published paper (link below) for which I would really appreciate your thoughts on the following argument made by its author:

    “The crux of Vanden Bossche’s and his disciples’ anti‐vaccination argument is essentially a resurrection of Lamarck’s theories of adaptive evolution. Jean Baptiste Lamarck (1744–1829), rightly or wrongly, is most remembered for advocating the “inheritance of acquired characteristics”, which was discredited in modern biology almost 80 years ago. With respect to SARS‐CoV‐2 and vaccination, the argument goes that when the virus infects a vaccinated person, it acquires the ability to evade the immunity conferred by the vaccine, thereby becoming capable of infecting and growing in vaccinated hosts and immune individuals who recovered from COVID‐19. From their point of view, vaccination is thus fuelling the generation of immune‐resistant variants, which could ultimately become an existential danger to humanity. Thus, they claim, it is the vaccinated who threaten the unvaccinated, the opposite of what I argued in my letter in the Proceedings.

    What is wrong with this argument is that modern biology has demonstrated that mutation is random, not directed by the environment. The classic fluctuation test experiments of Salvador Edward Luria and Max Delbrück, published in 1943, showed that a bacterial cell’s resistance to a virus is not induced by the virus, but results from random mutations that allow the cell to resist the virus. In other words, mutations occur without selective pressure, not the other way around. Thus, the evolution and inheritance of new characteristics is not subject to Lamarckism even if epigenetics and hypermutation provide some important modifiers to the underlying mutation‐selection process.

    Luria and Delbruck, who were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1969 for this work, grew individual populations of the same bacteria in parallel cultures and exposed these cultures to a bacteriophage. They then counted the number of surviving bacteria – those that had acquired a mutation that enabled them to resist the virus – in each parallel culture. Some cultures exhibited a relatively large number of survivors, while other cultures showed very few, if any survivors with many between these extremes. This “fluctuation” was the result of random mutations at different times during the growth of the bacteria prior to exposure to the virus. If a mutation that conferred resistance to the virus occurred early in the growth of a particular culture, there was more time for that variant to reproduce, thus generating larger numbers of resistant cells. By contrast, if a random mutation that conferred resistance to the virus occurred late in the growth of a particular culture, there was little time for that variant to reproduce, generating fewer resistant progeny cells. Exposure of cells to the virus clearly did not induce mutations to resistance; it only selected for pre-existing mutants that conferred resistance.

    Similarly, infection of a vaccinated individual with SARS-CoV-2 does not induce mutations in the viral genome to resist or evade immunity. However, if a pre-existing variant exhibits resistance to immunity, that variant will be capable of growing in the vaccinated host. This is the basis of the breakthrough infections we are witnessing with the latest variants.”

    I only have a basic understanding of evolutionary biology from reading some books written by Professor Richard Dawkins, as well as your blog posts and articles and videos from Dr. Vanden Bossche. But nowhere near your level of intellect on the subject. So I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this apparent “rebuttal” and whether or not it holds any merit.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Insane LSWM who literally has worms in his brain and is beyond salvation

    • The paper you quote is full of bullsh*t actually.
      1) I’ve never heard Dr. Bossche said anything about Lamarck. The whole thing seems to be made up to discredit Dr. Bossche.
      (btw, I think Lamarck was right on many things)
      2) The problem of pushing new variants is not new. An analog is: anti-biotic drugs that create anti-biotic resistant bacteria.
      3) “Natural selection by survival of the fittest” is the underlying cause of that phenomenon, and will drive immune-escape variants.
      4) Prof. Luc Montagnier also agreed with Dr. Bossche on this matter, even if he did not go full length

    • Dear insane LSWM,

      The whole paper you link to is nonsense written by one guy.

      He seems to think that vaccines would only generate variants under some Lamarckian mechanism.

      This is not true. All that is necessary, is narrow selective pressure that can easily be avoided through mutation. This allows the virus to survive in a host after mutation, simply because the immune response focuses on a very small part of the virus and can thus be easily escaped.

      It’s not that the vaccine “generates” mutations. Rather, it creates the sort of unique immunological conditions in which certain mutations can offer a fitness benefit that would not exist without vaccination.

    • GVB is not deploying Lamarckism.

      Goldman says: “With respect to SARS‐CoV‐2 and vaccination, the argument goes that when the virus infects a vaccinated *person*, it acquires the ability to evade the immunity conferred by the vaccine.”

      The virus does do this. It does acquire this ability (or rather, its descendants do). But not in *a vaccinated person*—as Goldman oddly seems to believe that GVB believes—but rather it occurs in *the jabbed population*.

      Rather, GVB is saying, in paraphrase:
      (1) Random mutations are occurring (as always).
      (2) The suboptimal immune selection pressure in the jabbed population, acting upon these random mutations, leads to the *selection/promotion/dominant propagation* of immune‐resistant variants.

      Thus GVB’s view of the evolution of the virus amounts to: *random mutation with non-random selection*. Which is the standard Darwinian view.

      PS: Is Emanuel Goldman in fact Emmanuel Goldstein? 🙂

      PPS: For some reason my post is not getting through 🙂

  4. “Putting a lot of genetically identical animals of the same species in a building together, is how you turn mild viruses into very lethal viruses.” The same can be said for packing humans into overcrowded cities. We also aren’t meant to be treated that way.

  5. Japan seems to be a unique case in having higher wave peaks in 2022. Everyone else seems to be getting _lower_ wave peaks in 2022:

    Japan is ethnically more homogeneous than other countries. Could they be so unlucky as to have some kind of unique susceptibility to the famous virus? Or are they simply more honest in their reporting, and other countries removed the incentives for “health care” providers to correctly classify cases?

    In the meanwhile here in the high desert of the US Southwest birds keep dropping dead, some while flying. I have seen it with my own eyes in the last few weeks. From hummingbirds to hawks. No idea what this is about. Temperature and humidity here are normal for this time of the year, and there is no wildfire smoke or other exceptional pollution.

    I am not trying to make any point. Just collecting data to try to create a coherent model of reality that honors all data points and has some predictive power.

  6. This is a really good angle. I do not think that the elites are in control of this dumpster fire we call civilization. Being suicidal sociopaths, you would not let the cat out of the bag and make everyone aware that it is hopeless. Otherwise, everyone would stop doing whatever they are doing and the party stops for them. Better to string everyone along.

    Just need to look here:
    Daily 2-meter Air Temperature
    Daily 2-meter Air Temperature
    Daily Sea Ice Extent

    September should be interesting to see if we have an Artic free of ice. Civilization covers the whole globe, so we equate it to our species. Can we farm at the scale we do now? I am not even sure we can survive a power grid failure for an extended time, much less the complete collapse of the biosphere. What will happen to the over 450 nuclear plants with all those pools of stored spent rods?

  7. Genesis 1:29 gives the creators original plan for diet. The further we deviate his ideals the worse the suffering will be, in all aspects.

  8. “Scientists believe that a Covid variant detected in Indonesia could be the most mutated version of the virus ever recorded. Collected from a patient swab in Jakarta, this morphed version of Delta exhibits 113 unique mutations, with 37 of them affecting the spike protein used by the virus to attach to human cells. To put it into perspective, the infamous Omicron variant carries around 50 mutations.” Source:

  9. Hey RR… Found an interesting live-updated dataset that you may find useful: . Breaks down the evolution of various variants. Has data table for previous years too. Since being tested is voluntary, and I would imagine most purebloods would avoid having their nose s(ch)wabbed, this is a measure of the variants circulating among the jabbed… Good luck, and take care

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