Deus Ex Machina

I just think this is worth emphasizing again for me: There are not really any plausible scenarios left by now that result in our society fixing its problems on its own through voluntary means.

I’m not referring to any specific problem here, I’m referring to what Guillaume Faye called the convergence of catastrophes. Just as you have to be pretty dense to look at the Hamas demonstration in every major American and Western European city and think “we’ll make it”, you have to be pretty dense to look at the Canadian forests dying in unprecedented forest fires and think “this will work itself out”.

There’s not some scenario where a bunch of people block the road and governments decide “well I guess you’re right, it’s kind of insane that it’s cheaper to fly from Holland to Portugal than to take a train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam” and subsequently solve the climate crisis.

They’re not going to solve it and the reason they’re not going to solve it is because you have perhaps 2 or 3% of the population who are willing to do what it takes to solve it. Forget about the whole China and India question for a moment. Imagine if every government on the planet agreed to these three conditions:

  1. Nobody is allowed to fly anymore.
  2. People under 65 are not allowed to heat their homes to more than 15 degree Celsius.
  3. Nobody is allowed to eat meat.

What would happen? The people would riot. Nobody genuinely wants any of this.

It doesn’t matter what China is doing, because if China subjected its citizens to some North Korean style regime and they were sitting in the dark and eating rats, you people would still reject doing what’s necessary to solve this crisis. So don’t give me the China story.

People want some technological fix to be implemented that doesn’t exist. So frankly, people deserve to die. And keep in mind, these are just three simple conditions. You could add that except for people in wheelchairs, nobody should be allowed to privately own a car, a ban on cryptocurrency mining, a ban on buying new clothing, a two child policy for sub-Saharan Africa, etc.

But what about nuclear? Well if you could snap your fingers and give every single country on the planet, including third world hellholes like Saudi Arabia and South Sudan, zero carbon nuclear power overnight, you would have solved 20% of the problem. Because 80% of our energy use is not even electric! It’s mostly thermal energy for stuff like melting aluminum and producing fertilizer.

See there’s the thing, for most of my life low status white males have denied this problem is even real. And now that the shit is hitting the fan, now that the ecosystems are dying and the farmland is becoming unworkable from the tropical storms, they’re saying: “Alright I guess it’s real, let’s implement $TECHNOFIX”. Sorry, that’s not how it works. You didn’t solve it, so you die. You’re like the idiot who wants to start exercising when his doctor tells him he has heart failure.

There’s also not some scenario where middle-class white people with petty office jobs suddenly vote for the low status white male party and reverse the demographic annihilation of our continent. There’s not some scenario where AfD in Germany gets 51% of the vote and begins kicking out the 92IQ newcomers who collectively endorse genocide against Israel.

There’s not some scenario where voting for Geert Wilders ensures that indigenous Dutch people inherit the land we have inhabited since our ancestors built the dolmen. There’s not some scenario where the British government suddenly makes a 180 degree turn and ensures the descendants of the tribes who built Stonehenge inherit the British island.

And my experience is that most people are just hopelessly naive, when it comes to problems that don’t fit neatly into their own biases about the world. The Europe of tomorrow is not going to be an LGBTQI+ utopia, even if you join Achmed in marching for Palestine. Nor is there going to be a civilization when the ecosystems that keep our planet habitable die.

Let me just give an example, of how childishly naive low status white males are:

“The warming is mostly at the poles”, this LSWM argues. Well I don’t know if you thought this through properly, but you’re a bit of an ethnomasochist, if you think it’s a good idea to bring the climate of the tropics to Europe and North America. You’re having malaria establish itself now in Arkansas, a place inhabited by the descendants of German migrants.

Have you ever considered that you have your high (not that high though) IQ because your ancestors had to survive through ruthless winters that they had to prepare themselves for? You people are turning your own homeland into a copy of Africa or the Middle East, the fauna from those places are now replacing your own native species, and then you’re shocked to discover that your people are replaced by people from those countries too! That’s what happens when you destroy your own niche. Retards.

And then I’m just talking about the long term game. In the short term, I’d say you’re better off not bringing the sort of hurricanes you get in the gulf of Mexico to the Mediterranean sea. The farmland in Greece is now useless for years to come. Our forests, our soils, have not evolved for these conditions.

You people are hopelessly naive and optimistic. Which is shown by the fact that you think voting for your local variety of the low status white male party is still going to reverse the demographic decline. You had four years of Trump, what did he accomplish for you exactly? You now have a record of 17 million illegal aliens in the US of A.

So if you sincerely want this to be solved, I have just one advice for you:

Ask nature to solve it.

In your heart, accept that you fucked up and ask mother nature to bail your low IQ low status white male ass out.

Will she listen? Perhaps not, but it’s better for your own mental well-being if you can accept how this will unfold.

You’re going to have the return of global pandemics that depopulate our planet, like we had throughout the history of civilization. We don’t even know the names of most of the germs that depopulated entire cities overnight. Was it Ebola that caused the Plague of Cyprian? Was it smallpox? Was it measles? We don’t know.

What I do know is that all these viruses are still out there. And they can spread themselves more easily than ever before, because of all the airplanes that bring you from Congo to Japan in a day. And they get to feast on a population of eight billion people, many of them old, obese and suffering damaged immune systems.

So this is what the Deus Ex Machina looks like. This is how you escape this slow-motion march towards death you morons are stuck in. You work your shitjobs to pay taxes to a government that uses you money to give social housing to refugees showing up in your country.

The government in Utrecht spent six weeks giving all social housing to refugees, Dutch citizens had to wait until they finished housing all the refugees. Do you realize that this is what you’re stuck with? A system that is just designed to demographically replace you?

You’re like the guy who is digging a ditch and is really proud of himself for the job he did, when the ditch will be used by the guy with a gun standing behind you to bury you in.

Throughout history, people worked for some sort of collective project they participated in. But your collective project now results in your own replacement by other people. By people who look at children hiding in closets being murdered in their homes and celebrate it. Because those children are “Zionist settlers”.

And they don’t make a secret of it either:

Again, these are the people who are replacing you. This is what they are. And every single thing you do, is used by your government to facilitate your replacement. Your income taxes, the VAT taxes you pay in your supermarket. If you work as a doctor in a hospital, you’re treating patients who can look at children being murdered while hiding in closets from guys with guns and celebrate it. When you build a house, your government will give it to those people.

Again, I have to emphasize this:


These people don’t even bother disguising how they feel about it. Your government picks out the handful who are too honest and open about it, they arrest two black women who walk around in public wearing little parachute symbols on their clothing. But they don’t solve the problem, the fifth column living in your countries, birthing the majority of the children.

So forgive me, when I say that I’m impatiently waiting for Mother Nature to finish her job.

We live like chickens in factory farms, where the influenza viruses grow deadlier every year because they don’t have to keep their host alive, escape and start killing wild birds.

Well I will readily admit, I’m impatiently waiting for SARS-COV-2, to do the same thing to Homo Sapiens. The petri dish with eight billion people who constantly travel from one continent to another is the easiest way to turn this virus into a steadily more virulent plague.

And we know what corona viruses did thousands of years ago, upon entering our species. They left their genetic fingerprint in our genome. We can see that they must have killed droves of people.

And we know that the whole population shows signs of immune system damage, with elevated levels of exhausted T cells.

This is the Deus Ex Machina, the only chance you have of Europe still being Europe a hundred years from now. You are a product of Winter, so celebrate Winter.

So stop denying it. Stop downplaying it. Stop pretending it’s not happening. Stop trying to solve it.

Start celebrating it.

Start feeding my Egregore.


  1. Based autistic eco-fascist edgelords blissfully enjoy schadenfreude as normies die from #VAIDS because they wanted to get on an airplane and fly to Thailand to “find themselves” at the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party.

  2. That is the purpose of the Covid cDNA clone dispersal and the mass injection roll-out. Biological solutions do not require agreement or consensus. They only require distribution and dispersal. Unlike public opinion, Gibbs Free Energy can always be relied upon. Remember, every problem has its solution, if you throw ethics in the trash. Sometimes the most complex social, ecological and political problems have in fact a biological solution. Pro-tip: that DNA so called “contamination” is not contamination. That DNA is the active ingredient.

  3. Eh. The more cynical take is that the immigrants are here for cheap labor. As America goes through its economic crisis, there will not be enough wealth or unity to bring them in, and they will find themselves without social support in a collapsing country. In a hundred years, they won’t be here at all.
    Most of the right wing commentators don’t discuss the cheap labor aspect (paying them 2 dollars an hour, no benefits) because they prefer to jerk themselves off to doom porn about demographic replacement.

      • Yes they do, it’s what happens at the end of an empire. Who do you think works the massive Cali agriculture sector: Mexican berry-pickers or generously paid Americans? Or construction, or small business? Or landscaping in some Sun Belt state? It allows all kinds of crappy businesses to save money and flourish by not having to pay their workers.
        Same thing with the factories abroad. Who is building cars, sewing shirts, making electronic equipment? Again, not Americans. It’s the Vietnamese, or the Chinese, or the Guatemalans. If the job can be done there, they send it to them. If it can’t they bring them in.
        Newsflash: every large-scale society has relied on slave labor, from the Romans to the Turks to the American Empire.

  4. Really, a lot of the right wing crowd only rationalizes the selfish impulses of the elites— on this and on every other issue. If selling out their own people to make a buck is being implemented, then irresponsibility is BASED (as long as the powerful are doing it). Or if the establishment experts fuck up repeatedly, then it is the LSWM’s fault— rather than the people who have repeatedly shown themselves to be corrupt and incompetent. The reality is that if the people at the top withdraw from the social contract, the vast majority of the public will also.

  5. We need to try to live like poors, before we actually get poverty-stricken. Even in the EU poverty is on the rise, let alone Greece or even the US.
    Industrialised meat production is just wrong.
    We’ll need to adapt, as you have said before (e.g. with heat-resistant fruit-bearing trees).
    “If it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck”.
    I think people now accept the danger of tropical storms (from the hotter surface of the Mediterranean Sea), and the droughts.
    Hopefully, they will be more creative and heroic than our governments.
    As for terrorism, the horrific terror against civilians (or even soldiers) should be condemned even by the Arabs/Iranians/Turks… I am hoping the majority didn’t like it.

  6. I can’t see how there can be a peaceful/acceptable solution with the Israel/Gaza thing.

    What can the Israelis do? They can’t integrate these people, they can’t leave them as they are, and they can’t ship them off to anywhere else since no other governments will have them.

    What can the Gazans do? They can’t flee anywhere as nowhere will have them, and the life they have is deplorable. Should they just accept that the Israelis won and go die in a corner somewhere as a people?

    So either the Isrealis wipe the Gazans out, or the Gazans go into Israel and help the rest of the Arabs wipe out the Israelis.

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