Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah

Jai Shree Krishna

I will admit: The Netherlands kind of deserved to lose control over the Dutch East Indies. Not because we were mean to brown people, far from it.

But rather, because we were given the seed, we were given the soil, yet we never grew trees.

This is the seed:

This is the soil:

Hinduism is alive and well today in Bali. It was alive and well in Bali when we took over. And it was once alive throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Not enough people realize this: Java was once a predominantly Hindu island. Unlike in Bharat, in the Indonesian archipelago there was generally no hard distinction between Buddhism and Hinduism. They overlapped and people could be both Buddhist and Hindu, just like many Japanese are both Buddhist and Shintoist.

But eventually, darkness descended upon the archipelago. Muslim traders showed up and introduced Islam. The mighty Hindu-Buddhist Majapahit empire which once dominated the archipelago was forced into retreat, their stronghold became Bali, where Hinduism survives to this day. But Hinduism never truly went extinct on Java. Even today, the widely popular traditional Wayang puppet theater on Java depicts episodes from the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Ramayama and the Mahabharata.

Many Javanese, like the Abangan, became only really Muslim in name, in practice they were more animist and Hindu. The Abangan seem to be more marginalized on Java and mostly became communists after independence, resulting in harsh suppression. They were then generally forced to convert to either Hinduism or Christianity, as they clearly did not take Islam seriously and the Indonesian government didn’t really care what religion you adhered to, as long as you were not a communist. Can’t say I blame them for that.

But more importantly, there are about a hundred thousand Tenggerese, who claim descent from the old princes of Majapahit. They are still Hindu too.

Here you can see Tenggerese worshippers preparing to offer vegetables to the deities of Mount Bromo. The Tenggerese worship the traditional Hindu trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva), but also worship Lord Buddha, in addition to other deities inherited from animist traditions.

Aceh, the most Western part of Sumatra, is today a strict Islamic theocracy. This is where Islam first arrived around 1250 AD. We only really know today what the area was like around that time, because of a man you will have heard of: Marco Polo. He passed by in 1292 and remarked that some towns were Muslim in Aceh, while others were not. He said the people of Lambri were “idolaters”, ruled by a Maharaja. This allows us to say they must have been either Hindu or Buddhist.

After the tsunami which hit Aceh in 2004 and killed 170,000 people in Indonesia, Islamic practice in Aceh only became stricter, as people interpreted it as a punishment from God. One has to wonder: Why does God slaughter the Islamic people of Aceh, but not the Hindu people of Bali? On Bali life is good. The people live off tourism and don’t have to work hard. My recommendation to Aceh would be to return to Hinduism and Buddhism. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah: The Dharma protects those who protect it.

I don’t apologize for being an Indophile, or an Islamophobe. To me, the images just speak for themselves. It’s also quite clear, that nobody really wants Islam. As the Wayang plays demonstrate, what people want are the old Hindu legends. Islam, in many ways, is similar to the Covid lockdowns. It’s something that most people don’t really want, except for a handful of religious fanatics. But most people are afraid of speaking out against it.

That’s something many people now tend to forget. The lockdowns were supposed to be a “new normal” and we were never told when it would end. It only ended because of the blessing of multiple coinciding embarrassing failures: Failure of the vaccines, which triggered the massive spread of less virulent Omicron variants.

As you can see on Java today, if people have a drop of Hindu heritage they will flock to it when allowed to do so. For Islam the opposite is true. You can tell what this religion has to offer, by virtue of the fact that it always has to be shoved down people’s throats. The people who seek out Islam almost universally tend to have a two digit IQ (and often red hair). Islam has nothing to offer to a mature soul.

In a better world, the Dutch would have restored the old temples and statues to their former glory, with the Tenggerese restored to their rightful place. I would have been living on Java today, married to a Tenggerese wife. But alas, that brief period of global European hegemony was wasted.

We lost everything, because the British insisted on fighting the vegetarian wannabe Hindu with the funny moustache until the bitter end as the Jews fell victim to his escalating meth psychosis, until the rapist Bolshevik horde knocked on the doors of Berlin. Such is life. At least we got some spices out of it.


  1. “In a better world, the Dutch would have restored the old temples and statues to their former glory, with the Tenggerese restored to their rightful place. I would have been living on Java today, married to a Tenggerese wife. But alas, that brief period of global European hegemony was wasted.”

    You want a Little Brown Fucking Machine to sit on your face – you can. Just go there today lmao. You’re independently wealthy aren’t you?

      • I’ve never found non-whites sexually attractive. I acknowledge they can be aesthetically beautiful, but only in the same way I acknowledge a lion is beautiful. To any wignats reading this comment, I know most of you have yellow fever; and if you fuck an asian I’m taking away your racism card. You’re not allowed to sperg about muh white race and larp as a nazi if you’d prefer yellow pussy.

  2. Fascinating ending paragraph.
    I don’t know what to make of it.
    At least you guys got tulips from the Muslims that were once worth more than their weight in gold.
    Ancient history persists in odd ways.

    • Have look at “Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin” by Timothy Snyder (Basic Books, 2010).

      “When the show trials began in 1936, the heights of the NKVD [= The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs] were dominated by men whose own origins were within the Soviet national minorities, Jews above all. About forty percent of high-ranking NKVD officers had Jewish nationality recorded in their identity documents, as did more than half of the NKVD generals.” p. 93

      “The representation of Jews in summer 1936 was still higher at the rank of general (fifty-four percent) and in the central apparatus of the NKVD in Moscow (sixty-four percent) and among ranking officers in Soviet Ukraine (sixty-seven percent).” p. 474

      Kevin B. MacDonald has indicated that the famous Great October Socialist Revolution has been, essentially, a Jewish revolution.

  3. I never understood why Sinead O’Connor decided to convert to Islam. There was that infamous incident when she tore up a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live as a protest against sexual abuse in the Catholic church. Then she converts to Islam, a religion that condones paedophilia. I just don’t get it. Also, as a lesbian, she would be persecuted under Sharia law. But she definitely had a troubled life, with many long stays in psychiatric hospitals. After her son killed himself, it seems she sadly couldn’t take the pain any longer. Rest in peace. Perhaps Changa could have helped her.

    Speaking of seeds and soil, would you say that both Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis are easier to grow than Salvia divinorum?

  4. The Abrahamic religions were proto-globohomo, and it hurts to think about all the beautiful traditions and cultures they’re snuffed out over the years. Islam is how Arabs express their nationalism today; but even they have had their traditions and history stolen from them. Arabs are victims of Islam too at the end of the day. All people, no matter how low they are; are capable of beauty. Take the Maasai people for instance.


    The Maasai may be simple, yet their clothing is still aesthetically pleasing and you can tell it was created by people who love life. The Maasai’s faith is similar to their dress. The Maasai worship Ngai, a creator deity who expresses emotion through color, light, and natural phenomenon. As the myth goes, Ngai gave stewardship of all cattle to the Maasai’s ancestors; and so the holy act of cattle rustling is just them reclaiming their lost and stolen property. The Maasai worship a God that brings color to their lives, tells them to enjoy life, and to steal as much cattle from rival ethnic groups as possible. The Maasai’s faith is life-affirming, and you can tell they’re happier for it. Now look at these Arabs.


    Arabs are a simple people relative to us, yet they still tend to form more complex societies than Africans, but it doesn’t matter. Arabs wear colorless rags, they hate life and walk around trying to hide themselves from all of life’s joys. It’s like they’re all attending their own funeral, walking to their own coffins for a live burial. Arabs worship a God that tells them that this world is sinful and imperfect, and that they need to die to get to the good world. The Arab’s religion is life-denying, and you can tell they’re all miserable for it. No wonder they’re all so enthusiastic about blowing themselves up, functionally, they’re already dead.

    Modern Arabs are ugly zombies, yet they weren’t always so. The few remnants that remain of the Arabian people’s ancestral religion show us they are capable of life-affirming beauty same as anyone else, it’s just been stolen from them, as it has from us.


    Life-deniers of all stripes want you to forget your history. In Arabia they destroy all remnants of pre-Islamic culture so that their people will never be able to remember joy and vibrancy again. The life-deniers will tell you this world is wrong and demonic, that it needs to burn, that only through shunning the world can you find salvation, but they’re wrong. This world is beautiful, the lives we have now are the best lives one can hope for, even the tragedy is beautiful and necessary.

    Life-denying religions only lead to nihilism, atheism, and destruction. The modern state evolved from Christianity, and look what it’s doing to our world. It destroys everything and then puts concrete blocks everywhere and calls that creation. Modern civilization is inherently destructive and life-denying; so any people who truly loves creation and life should seek its end, and the end of its spiritual forbears.

  5. Don’t let yellow fever get the best of you. Your kids are going to look and act half way between you and their mother. Do you really want short, sallow, dull, subservient children, just because you can’t man up enough to get the white wife you deserve?

    • >Do you really want short, sallow, dull, subservient children, just because you can’t man up enough to get the white wife you deserve?

      I’m 6’2, if I reproduced with an Asian woman, my children would still be tall.

      The reality is just that most Asians like how white people look.

      When they make cartoons for children, they don’t give the kids black hair.

      They give the kids brown hair.

      And white people who are not retarded, enjoy Asian philosophy, art and cuisine more than their own. America has Disney, the Japanese have Studio Ghibli.

      I think in general it’s probably best to abstain from having children, considering the number of humans already alive today. Eight billion is more than enough. We need more orangutans, elephants and bonobos, fewer humans.

      But in an ideal world, Chinese and Indian men would have children with African women and their children would become the African upper class.

      White men would have children with Asian women and their children would become actors and musicians in Asian nations.

      White women would sit at home and pet their cat.

      Dutch men married local concubines in Java. Sadly, their offspring had to flee back to the Netherlands. They look Asian but they are generally great patriots. Geert Wilders has Indonesian blood too, you can see it in his eyes.

      • You’ve been hurt by white women, I get it. If I was in your shoes I wouldn’t be into white girls either. However, rejecting your own people isn’t healthy in my eyes. White people in general are lost, the women are lost, but so are the men. You’ve said it yourself, resentment isn’t the way forward. Your rejection of white girls is based around resentment, you hate them for crushing your heart and being traitors; for holding up refugee’s welcome signs and being being cheating whores. Well, when you reject your own people all you’re doing is acting like a libshit white girl. You’re not setting a better example, you’re just lowering yourself to the traitor’s level out of spite and resentment. You’re no better than the blonde girl holding up the sign with the globohomo platitude. You’re part of the reason why white girls don’t care about being traitors, you’re part of the problem.

        You’ve been so hurt by western women so you think the grass just MUST be greener on the other side, but it isn’t. You think the Asian girls are just so trad and feminine so they must be better, but let you tell you, trad relationships are horrible, trad “romance” is horrible. “Trad women and trad men see their marriages as an economic transaction; there’s no love, no respect, it’s just give and take. Your hypothetical Asian waifu sees marrying you as an economic arrangement, you’re a tool to better her position in society, and something to lord over other Asian girls. A relationship like that that can’t have genuine connection, and a woman like that would leave you the first instance you can no longer provide, or otherwise show weakness. Only a slave would want an arrangement like that.

        You are however correct that modern Asian culture is generally better than White culture though, I’d rather read Berserk than Marvel comics.

        • You think deeper about this than I do.

          I honestly just think it would be more fun to live in an Asian nation than in the West.

          • I suppose that’s fair. Thinking about it, when I respect someone I tend to see a deeper meaning in everything they say and do, guess not everything’s that deep.

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