Dismantle the racist settler colonialist project!

Here you can see the natural borders of the Byzantine empire, which was populated by Roman and Greek People of Color (their particular color: kind of olive-pinkish):

Since then, the white (they only look brown because they live in a desert) Turkish and Arab Muslim invaders have instituted racist apartheid settler colonialism against the indigenous Greek, Roman, Armenian and Assyrian People of Color.

There is only one solution to this: The white supremacist Arab-Turkish Islamic settler colonialist project has to be dismantled, allowing indigenous Christians to repopulate their countries of origin.

The white Arab invaders should return to their own homeland: The Arab peninsula. Only Coptic Christians can remain in Egypt, only Marionite Phoenicians can remain in Lebanon, only the Hebrews should remain in Palestine.

Just because all of this happened in the early medieval era, does not mean that indigenous Christians and Hebrews have lost their right to their homeland.


  1. Every Boomer with a retirement account breathes a sigh of relief as the war machine props up the economic Ponzi scheme for another year

  2. If we’re going to commit genocide, why have half measures? Give the Greeks, Italians, Armenians, Assyrians, and Jews their traditional homelands, and give the rest of the middle east to Northern Europeans. We could have a bunch of little South Africas (Except without the Apartheid, since the natives wouldn’t be around) Where we transform worthless shitholes into proper countries. Of-course Europe itself would be decolonized from the white supremacist Arabs too, it’ll be like Haiti! The Jews can have Israel if they support European colonization of the rest of the middle east. Every year Israel should be forced to give up a few of their soldiers to be sacrificed to Odin though, to make up for the USS Liberty.

  3. > only the Hebrews should remain in Palestine.

    dude, i got linked here once for well researched corona articles due to your subconscious but rightful fear (spike goes after what is defect), but apart from that this is an increasing sucking place of retarded misinformation about co2 (no commercial greenhouse ever boils up in the sun when being flooded with co2 to promote plant growth), autism (primitive brainstem dominance, NOT prefrontal superiority, sorry), woke/lgbtqp (again: “simple” primitive/UNBINARY brainstem dominance activating the according unbinary cloaka/identity & THEIR egglayer attitudes regarding swarm>socialism, cannibalism>vegan, retardation>KI etc), drugs (FAKE-illumination going down/backwards into the anaerobe abyss of the MATERialistic brainstem instead of upwards into the newest layers of the aerobe cortex for true omniscience), … , and now “Israelites & their homeland” (ALL 3 abrahamic variants* stem from Adam, who is made of (typically SOUTH equatorian) RED earth, their promised colony was full of annoying pig eating natives/gentiles according to their own scripts and they still celebrate “New Year/Cycle” in SEPTEMBER apart from writing rtl with their “southpaws”)

    it is a pity that an active cortex is needed for cognitive reflection, but as spike is very obviously taking “care” especially of brainstem morons (and my olfaction never betrayed me so far, just hard to interpret at times) i am looking forward for a brighter future in the long run…

    * lunar/dark original/muslim, solar/white albino/christ & luni-solar/reddish hybrid/hebrew (just go to a zoo housing primates with somebody who actually suffers from parosmia and can explain to you what is easily detectable for me when my enzyme defects get triggered – btw: NONE of the large primates belongs to the northern hemisphere)

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The patients in the mental ward have had their daily dose of xanax and calmed down it seems, so most of your comments should be automatically posted again. Try not to annoy me with your low IQ low status white male theories about the Nazi gas chambers being fake or CO2 being harmless plant food and we can all get along. Have fun!

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