Do the needful

People, mostly males of the brown variety, are very upset about this video, of gentle dommy mommy Ann Coulter explaining to poor little Vivek that she loves him dearly, but he is just too brown to ever be president. This of course is just a factual observation.

In reality of course, Ann Coulter likes little Vivek, so he gets for free what other brownoids have to pay for. That’s why the brownoids are really upset. They’re envious and heartbroken, because they always have to pay Ann for this.

We all know what happened after the camera turned off. Ann put on her strap-on, bent Vivek over, began spanking him and said in a mocking fake Indian accent: “Do the needful!”

And Vivek said: “No, you are racist! Racist settler colonizer white supremacist!”

Ann just ignored him, slapped him really hard again and said: “Say it!” Then she cupped his little brown balls and said again: “Say it!”

Vivek gasped for air and exclaimed: “Sorry for being brown!”

Ann pressed her dildo against his pucker and asked: “What did you say?”

Vivek then cried out: “Sorry for being a dirty brown smelly inside-trading pajeet!”

“That’s more like it” She said, as she pushed into him.

Look, I’m sorry but at some point, you just have to give these people what they want. We can’t ignore this forever, because it’s starting to fuck everything up.

You can open Twitter or TikTok and find endless streams of young overweight brown women in American cities (on occupied native land), insisting that those Israeli girls had it coming for dancing next to a concentration camp.

They occupy college campuses, where they spend their days being fat, noisy and annoying, waiting for young racist white boys to show up and humiliate them. One of them was asked by a young racist white boy, if she can do ONE pushup, he’d give her 200 dollars (spoiler: she can’t). I had a very annoying Turkish guy in my class back in high school, who was like this too, always insisting that I am a racist nazi, then when he got drunk on a class trip he confessed his love to me, it was very awkward.

This is just what People of Brown want. That’s why they misbehave, they yearn to be disciplined. Human beings are rarely honest about their motives and it generally freaks everyone out when you are. If you apply for a job, the interviewer asks you why you are applying and you say “I want to become a medium status white male”, you’re not getting the job.

I first realized this dynamic at the climate protests. Here I was, in my full autistic glory, thinking that these people really wish to stop ecosystems from being annihilated. And I thought blocking the road is a weird way to do it, I thought blocking coal plants or parliament makes more sense, but hey, at least someone’s now doing something. But no, I started realizing after a while, these are just women who want to be man-handled by the police.

The police are autistic too, because all native Dutch men are to some degree, it’s why we managed to conquer the Dutch indies, so they treated them with velvet gloves. So they moved onto something new: Palestine. If you just endorse the mass slaughter and rape of Jews, surely the police will man-handle you? Well, it worked! So now we have ugly women on every university in the country, being annoying.

The absolutely worst ones are these brown American women who manage to land themselves white boyfriends. Now they have inflated self-esteem, while still realizing in the back of their mind that they’re brown. The only real solution is for a tall big-breasted blonde aryan goddess to move in next to them and show them up front what their boyfriend really craves, what really makes him go from zero to full throttle in seconds.

Then, after eating the cream off the muffin, they’re finally cured. You’ll notice it immediately. No more marxism, no more pronouns in bio, no more opinions about “Zionism”, “White supremacy”, “settler colonialism”, “racism” andsoforth.

When society inflates people’s value beyond what they themselves consider their inherent value, they will start misbehaving in increasingly absurd ways, waiting for society to correct the error. You see it all the time with celebrities, if people hold them in too high esteem, they suffer a mental breakdown. But in our society that never happens, when those people in question are female, obese, homosexual or of non-European ethnic origin. Then you’re just endlessly coddled.

Our society is just characterized, by a total inversion of the natural order. It is like we were all playing a game of monopoly up until the latter half of the 20th century. Then at some point, a blonde guy named Bob began winning. Everyone kept landing on his properties, the game was basically over. So the losers said: “This is unfair! Bob, we’re now stuck with systematic structural disadvantages! Bob, you have to distribute your gains among us, or you are racist!” So that’s what Bob did. He gave everyone his stuff.

This was Bob’s only real crime. Now if they manage to win, it no longer feels like winning. It’s a pitiable victory. How can Claudine Gay ever be happy? What Bob should have done was to just win and rub it in everyone’s faces. Because that’s what they really want.


  1. I think if you look at this world and your thoughts are anything except, “I want to leave material reality forever. I never want to interact with another human being again, I will devote my entire life to escaping samsara,” you are a deranged animal.

  2. lol @ the pegging fictional story.

    Yeah I feel bad for Indians, it’s very strange how it’s completely socially acceptable to be openly racist towards Indians but not other POC. No one cares, it seems.

    Kind of like how it’s socially acceptable to mock short men for being short, but everyone loses their minds when you criticise a woman for being overweight/obese.

    Regarding Ann Coulter, here’s a throwback to June 2015, when she correctly predicted that Trump would win in November 2016:

    Look at and listen to the hilarious reaction from the panel guests and audience. They certainly weren’t laughing 17 months later when Daddy Trump destroyed crooked Killary.

    • Yeah it’s annoying how you’re only allowed to mock Indians.

      You can now hate Jews, if you insist you only hate them for being white.

      But every other race still seems off limits.

      This actually suggests there’s a racial hierarchy, with white people on top, closely followed by Indians, with everyone else beneath them.

      • All the envy simply proves whites have the highest status. The rest have to bark and cry constantly to get attention and demand extra favors. A blonde white woman towers over all other women, if she is thin. The others know it, and it galls them. I see this in my small american town where lower status women try to make miserable even the 60 YO wrinkled, but thin white women.

        If you are white, just accept your advantages. Never apologize or give anything away.

      • It’s morally wrong to ‘hate Jews’. Just as you are a moral imbecile for your goy-hatred. Evil, criminal, Jews need to face justice for their crimes, as should all wicked people (you ARE just a human being, I’m afraid). Good, human, Jews ought to be congratulated for overcoming Judaism’s indoctrination into unbounded xenophobic hatred and the worship of murder. There is hope for you.

    • Doesn’t it ever bother you on some level that you live in a reality where things that are gentle, innocent, peaceful have a tendency to be subdued or dominated by things that are none of those? Whether you’re on the ‘winning team’ or the ‘losing team,’ it’s a shitty paradigm within which to exist, don’t you think? You either have a boot on your face, or your boot is on somebody else’s, it seems, if you engage with the world and play by the rules you have been given. You’re either a slave or a ‘master’, but to be a master of worldly things typically takes the form of some sort of tyranny, and likewise the tyrant themselves is burdened by attachments, obligations, paranoid fears, the need to continue what they are doing without radically changing course, lest what they have built and are attached to collapses, whether you’re a king, president, CEO, or just have a high social status in general – the condition of being a puppeteer being pulled by his own marionette strings. I was born into relative privilege, in many ways, but I don’t think the ‘winners’ of this world are any more free than anyone else, and actually in many ways they are less so. The sexual dimension of it, which you mentioned in your post, is likewise repulsive. There’s really no concept of carefree play in this reality, nor of transcendental love or genuine freedom. I mean, sure these things exist, but you really have to look for them, because most things in this world exist in a state of this sort of sadomasochistic, hierarchical, zero-sum slop.

      I may have gone off on a slight tangent, but I’m high so that’s why.

        • Just kratom, nothing too crazy I’m just a bit chatty is all. I sometimes like to take psychedelics and MDMA though, I’m partial to 4-AcO-DMT the past few years and back in college I went really far down the psychedelics/other drugs rabbit hole (until most of the people in my friend group became heroin or meth addicts and went to prison or dropped off the face of the earth, but that’s a long story).

          • Kratom is fun, but you’ll need high doses of cannabis, to escape this delusion you have that the world is inherently bad.

            The Cannabis plant is a Taoist.

          • Oh I can assure you beyond any doubt that it is. I’ve seen beyond the veil – sober, I might add – in what must have been an extraordinarily rare or even completely unique sequence of events, and this place is something much different than what it appears to be on the surface. If you had seen and experienced what I have, your one and only remaining concern would be to leave as well.

            My problem with eastern philosophy is the way that they teach a radical acceptance of everything. Ask any Buddhist the right sequence of questions, and you can trick him into saying that there is nothing wrong with rape. Just because they’re asian, and the language sounds flowery and the aesthetics seem exotic, doesn’t mean they’re any wiser on spiritual matters than any other region of the world.

  3. The only way there are going to be enough white men to sexually satisfy all the brown and yellow women on this planet is literal slavery. For the women, so that multiple women can be under each white man, and for the men, so that they can be prevented from complaining. Everyone is trying to avoid coming to this conclusion, but there are just not enough white men to avoid enslaving every last brown and yellow on the planet.

    • Honestly the big problem is that society expects white men to “work” (ie waste time on conference calls and filling numbers into spreadsheets).

      That’s really the main problem.

      Brown people show up in Europe in droves, Chinese people build entire fake European cities, but all the white men are stuck doing petty office labor, so they have no opportunity to give them what they want.

      It really just needs to be illegal for white men to have to work. Work is for women and brown people.

      Any time that white men don’t spend giving them what they want (oppression) should be spent in saunas and in the gym.

      It means everyone is better off.

    • So the flaw in the Handmaid’s Tale is that the Gileadans wasted resources by not focusing on brown-skinned women who wanted to be man-handled ?

  4. Ann Coulter is so interesting.
    She’s a a dedicated Deadhead who has traveled around to groove with the Grateful Dead. What? She had a fling with Bill Maher. She will tell you exactly what she thinks without a fuck given for your feelings.
    I hated her when I was a liberal Democrat and she talked about wanting to whomp us upside the head with a baseball bat. I still don’t understand her 1990s Republicanism but now I find her brilliant.
    Donald Trump is dead to her because he didn’t come through on building the Wall.

      • I don’t know how you’d go about making fun of ann coulter.

        The two main points you can make about her are that she’s racist and looks like a seropositive transgender prostitute.

        But they’re both too obvious.

        She just owns it.

        It’s like telling Bozo the clown he looks like a clown.

        Like Trump, she plays a character, but she has played it so long that it comes naturally to her.

        • This is the first I’ve ever listened to her. She is obviously playing a role. Be controversial and make people angry… for clicks and cash. It’s so obvious. That is the entire business model of cable TV news, which is not news but 100% opinion.

  5. @Tryptie you’re one of the genuine treasures of this blog mate and you seem like a very decent human being. Whatever it is you’re doing, you’re doing it right.

  6. Tryptie:

    > My problem with eastern philosophy is the way that they teach a radical acceptance of everything. Ask any Buddhist the right sequence of questions, and you can trick him into saying that there is nothing wrong with rape.

    Yes, as a former Randian dork/atheist/materialist who later had a transformation through psychedelics and made the leap into Eastern philosophy, it eventually became apparent to me that the fundamental distinction between Eastern spirituality and Western religion was the moral component. This should have been anticipated because the West believes in “free will” (and as a consequence, bloody-minded judgement and blame/hate) while the East recognizes that everything in this world — rocks, streams, mice AND HUMANS — are simply manifestations of some kind of grand “unfolding.” So while I think the East has the better of this particular issue, one consequence is that is essentially sociopathic in that it accepts with a forced equanimity that “it’s all the same thing, there is no hierarchy”.

    I’m oversimplifying but you get the gist.

    It leaves little room for the sensitive souls who acknowledge the fundamental reality of this world, yet contain something within them which rejects this state of affairs as “foreign” like an immune system rejecting a not-Self organ transplant.

    This is why I eventually graduated to various forms of neo-Gnosticism which I believe thread the needle better than either East or West.

    (Incidentally, Thomas Ligotti’s opus of nihilism/pessimism “The Conspiracy Against The Human Race” does a good job of contemplating Buddhism and the like, since it recognizes —along with Ligotti — that life is suffering as a central component of existence. But he turns it around and examines its shortcomings in providing any sort of “solution.” In particular I would draw your attention to a book he reviews, “Collision With The Infinite” by Suzanne Segal. It tells the tale of an early adherent of the Trancedental Movement in the 60s/70s who had some sort of neurological “pop” or explosion in her psyche which left her quite depersonalized from her usual egoic existence, yet at the same time deeply connected to the so-called “Source” or “Tao” of this universe, which Segal called “The Expanse.” Ligotti draws his reader’s attention to the Epilogue of her memoire, which is quite sobering should you choose to read it)

    • Eventhough you don’t seem to enjoy the company of Christians (partly, I am to blame for not making any nice comment about Gnosticism), I would like to know more about the things you say… Especially since you can make comments like this, which show that you have done serious research.
      I have an instictive disagreement with Gnosticism, bc the Christian faith is the best remedy to heal my sociability… but I want to understand why it is enticing. As I read more about ancient Greece and the Middle East, I understand more about the connections, e.g. between Plato, Pythagoras, and the East, Egypt, Phoenicia, Persia (and India indirectly). This makes me see the historical presence of Gnosticism as more natural. Thus, more acceptable.
      These debates here of course are not balanced because, unfortunately, ye don’t know much about Christianity.
      BTW, there are some people who have gone from atheist, to Eastern religion/philosophy, to (Orthodox) Christians. I am not a specialist, but it is interesting and hopeful (for me).
      Off topic: if u r still interested about coding, you can look for Raku (Perl 6). The person who invented it, Larry Wall, is also a linguist, and I just learnt that he’s also a Christian, one might call him a “Christian philosopher”. He’s interesting:

      • Thanks for the coding recommendations. Unfortunately I’ve had to put those plans on hold temporarily as my life in the past few weeks has been a whirlwind due to my father’s ventricular tachycardia becoming serious enough to require numerous pacemaker upgrades. He only developed V-Tach after his initial 2-series Covid vaccines. Possible connection? I suspect I will never get a definitive answer to that.

        >Even though you don’t seem to enjoy the company of Christians

        I both enjoy and am irritated in equal measure by every human I encounter. As a schizoid, I play no favorites. Fear not.

        (Although, people who attempt to manipulate me through passive-aggressive guilt-tripping for something I had no control over will feel my ire. Just a pet peeve of mine. Nothing to do with you, just saying)

        >I have an instinctive disagreement with Gnosticism, bc the Christian faith is the best remedy to heal my sociability

        Well, I thought I put it plainly in another thread — Christianity and Gnosticism (as the First Heresy) are diametrically opposed to each other. The entire metaphysical cosmology is inverted. But please don’t assume I’m some expert on all the theological minutiae which might fascinate someone like yourself.

        You say your Christian faith has healed your sociability, and that’s great, but it is no doubt a factor in your adherence to this particular faith irrespective of your chosen religion’s truth value.

        I often flirt with the idea of conforming to some particular tribe or ideology in order to save me from my existential loneliness, but as a schizoid, I know I would never quite “fit in”, so I am left doing what I have always done: acting as a “forward observer” attempting to discern what is on the horizon, whatever is just outside the view of my fellow man.

        >but I want to understand why it [Gnosticism] is enticing

        Don’t bother. Don’t worry about it. If you’re content, that is all that matters.

        Me attempting to convince you of the reality of my beliefs would be like telling a True Believer that their dearly departed loved ones are not actually in Heaven, but being eaten by worms. Why would I do such a thing, unless I were a sadist…

        This world is cruel, and I sometimes envy those who manage to carve out a bubble of solace. No such luck for me!

        >As I read more about ancient Greece and the Middle East, I understand more about the connections, e.g. between Plato, Pythagoras, and the East, Egypt, Phoenicia, Persia (and India indirectly). This makes me see the historical presence of Gnosticism as more natural. Thus, more acceptable.

        I’m probably not your equal on the details and historicism of these various lines of religious thought. But your comment reminded me of something. When I made the comment you are responding to, I had drawn upon my memory of an old essay by Robert Anton Wilson, which was the introduction to the book “Undoing Yourself” by Christopher S. Hyatt (a writer I have quoted here often):

        This is an explication of the free will/determinsm debate, and is quite insightful, but I bring it up now because Wilson & Hyatt seems to think SUFISM (the mystical branch of Islam) had some important lessons to teach (Idries Shah, Rumi, etc.) And I tend to agree with him.

        >These debates here of course are not balanced because, unfortunately, ye don’t know much about Christianity.

        Perhaps. But it was I, in my teenage years, who managed to “deprogram” a high-school friend who was raised as an Evangelical Protestant, into atheism. I got a firehose of Christianity from his family in the ensuing debates, even though I’m sure you would insist that was not the TRUE Christianity. Fair enough.

        >BTW, there are some people who have gone from atheist, to Eastern religion/philosophy, to (Orthodox) Christians. I am not a specialist, but it is interesting and hopeful (for me).

        Oh, I was quite intrigued with Orthodox Christianity during the pandemic. It was during that time that I saw how much EVIL and CORRUPTION was occurring in the world, far in excess of anything I had imagined even in my own cynical mind. I was struggling to make sense of the chaos and was very close to converting to Orthodox Christianity.

        Eventually I levelled out and became more Neo-Gnostic, but I enjoyed the writings of people like Fr. Serpahim Rose as I sought to make sense of the reality of DMT entities (are they demons or what??)

        I still keep tabs on the Orthos by following Jay Dyer and David Patrick Harry on JewTube.

        Just in case I ever get the itch to submit.

        • i hope ur dad gets well soon! i remember when my mom got sick with covid, the agony was a nightmare..
          thank u so much for sharing some of ur personal history.. it really helps me reconcile when i learn more about someone.
          (partly, i am also interested about the well being of my fellow lswm’s, the english speaking ones–and the greek ones, and i get a LOT back.. the element of surprise again)
          oh! i’ve also heard of Fr.Seraphim Rose!
          i think it’s a miracle when natives (of the West) appreciate Orthodoxy because there isn’t (weren’t) many sources in English..
          growing in faith is as difficult as learning a language… and also rewarding. i still grow there as i still learn English.. Some people are lucky and faith grows natural in them like their native tongues. I’ve seen that in quite a few Greeks around me, and that was a great inspiration (and blessing) for me.
          about history and religion, honestly, i am not an expert (i am not an expert in anything..)
          but i like a quote by a Father of the Church (i think more than a thousand years ago) which goes something like this:
          “to find God is to constantly seek for Him”.
          and i see that in everyone here: blessed are ye who seek God..
          (may Fr.Seraphim Rose, and our brother Jozef van den Berg pray for us here.)
          + + +
          (one of the most interesting (and my favourite) authors is Dostoevsky, and maybe you know the part from “Karamazov Brothers” where Ivan is in a feverish condition, chatting with a vision in the form of a public servant (if i remember well)… amazing stuff)
          (more about coding and game development when you have the time and mood)

    • Larry Wall (author of Perl/Raku programming languages):
      “A great deal of my theological thinking has been driven by the notion of trying to see truth from God’s viewpoint… I consider the theory of evolution to be by and large proven. And if that’s the case, then from God’s viewpoint, that has to be desirable. Why would God want to do it that way? Why would God want to use a seemingly random process to come up with more complex organisms? Well, it’s a way of being creative. If you look at almost any game that people play, they are sitting there throwing dice. It’s also how artists work, particularly fiction writers. A good artist blends random-seeming factors with intentional factors into a pleasing pattern. To me that’s the mark of a better artist than somebody who can simply crank out a perfect picture of something you can see. Cameras can do that. But that’s still the view people have of how God has to operate. They still think there’s only one right way to make the universe, so this has to be it. Essentially that’s depriving God of free will — not to mention us!”

      • (this seems entirely off topic bc my previous comment is awaiting moderation.. I was telling Mehen to look for “Perl/Raku” if still interested in coding. Larry Wall is the author/inventor of them, also a linguist, and a very interesting guy in general)

  7. The thing with the Jews is that they simply cannot control themselves if provoked. Lefties are good at provocation, but sending active IDF soldiers in response, without US entry visas, to turn up to the protests and bash leftist university protesters over the head with sections of framing lumber, with blood going absolutely everywhere, is in my view counter productive. This is on top of the police coming in and bashing them the night before.

    The leftists really hate the Jews now.

  8. “And I thought blocking the road is a weird way to do it, I thought blocking coal plants or parliament makes more sense, but hey, at least someone’s now doing something. But no, I started realizing after a while, these are just women who want to be man-handled by the police.”

    That’s because blocking a power plant or parliament is a sure fire way to get a truncheon in your face, or at the very least one of the group getting the shit kicked out of them in the back of the van. The police couldn’t care less about people being late for their work. Half the police force in my country are hiding down grassy embankments at rush hour trying to catch people going 1mph over the speed limit while the cities are literally exploding with crack and rape.

    • Either way seems good – although disrupting the power supply seems likely to be more effective than lying down in the road somewhere – provided it results in bringing out the violence in the system.

      Otherwise, you might as well not bother.

      And on that score, the local XR crowd here were useless.

      Hallam’s plan seemed solid to me, but they didn’t want to get arrested. Instead, they seemed ‘captured’, like a bunch of insiders.

      It wasn’t about getting arrested, bringing out the violence in the system, etc. Instead, it was some kind of virtue signaling thing by these creepy – I don’t really have the words to express it – maybe ‘game players’ showing off but lacking the courage of their convictions.

      I guess you could say virtue signaling.

      In any case, it felt as if they had been turned to the needs of the system to me – almost certainly infiltrated by the Australian Secret Intelligence Organization.

      There was no rebellious spirit among them at all.

      It was disappointing. More about the theatre (red dresses etc.) and how long they had been dressing like that and whatever, and who was I to dare suggesting that we all just go and get arrested to them, they had been dressing up in red dresses for however long don’t you know.


      Not like Roger Hallam at all, with what I felt was a rather well thought out plan for change via radical civil disobedience.

      Instead, being generous, they were still where I was at least 10-15 years before them. Doing something within the confines of the system, and still believing (or wanting to believe and deceiving myself) that it would work.

      It seems extremely, extremely, unlikely to me that that is going to happen – and to any other honest and rational observer.

      Now I think it’s far more likely that change will come from outsiders – which is desperate, but hey, it’s all there is.

      And we all know it. All those little things, that you intuit are wrong, but you go along with to stay on the inside, they all add up, and they corrupt you.

      So, an honest, rational, uncorrupted drive for change has to come from the outside. But how to get by on the outside?

      Not an easy row to hoe.

      • I’ve just been reminded of something, my all-time favourite political party:

        The Party of Moderate Progress Within the Bounds of the Law

        Founded by Jaroslav Hašek, anarchist and satiric genius.

        • You know, it might be worth establishing the party here, just to point out how totally inadequate and hopeless all aspects of the insider system really is, particularly in the face of the scale and scope of the disasters ramping all around us.

          And it would be a joke, so clever people could do it and not take the blame when it all goes to fuck, which it will.

          • We are well past the point where voting can get us out of this mess. Other methods will be required.

          • Yes, but it could be funny.

            I agree though that there’s no stopping things from playing out – what is unsustainable cannot be sustained and all that.

            Something else is waiting to be born, bouncing its head against the birth canal, sooner or later it will happen – and I guess if it doesn’t, we will lose both mum and the baby unless we employ ‘surgical’ methods.

            I’m not genuinely expecting the policies of a satirical party operating within the confines of the law to change that, but when it comes to making decisions, as Assange would say “the truth is the best place to start”.

            Humour could be useful in that space, by taking something REAL and making it ridiculous, you can get a good laugh, plus draw attention to the terrible reality, while sidestepping all the modern barriers to speaking freely that festoon the place nowadays and are the harbinger of totalitarianism.

            And at the very least we all get a good laugh, which is good medicine.

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