Don’t be a slave to your desires


They rubs the lotion on their skin or else they gets the hose again.

We live in an era in which it’s more important than ever before to have conscious control over your mind. If you don’t gain conscious control over your mind, then you become a passive recipient of impulses from your external environment. This causes a number of problems. To start with, you’ll lose your attention span. How many of you can sit down for two hours and read literature, without getting distracted?

That’s difficult for most people, because their brain is like an untrained muscle. They have poor dopaminergic tone. They can’t focus on a task that carries a delayed reward. Tiktok is now a platform where more people are simultaneously watching videos than Youtube is. The generation that grew up with digital technology has an even shorter attention span than my generation.

They’re also far more desensitized to healthy normal stimuli than previous generations. Consider for example, the epidemic of sexual perversions you see, like “femboys” and the “omegaverse” and other stuff zoomers came up with. I hate to break it to you, but if you’re a woman who gets off on the thought of men with tails who impregnate each other, that’s going to interfere with building up healthy stable fulfilling functional relationships with guys of your own age.

“Christians and Muslims are so stupid LOL, they think it’s a sin to watch pornography. It’s the current year, who needs that sort of dark age superstition?” Alternative: These lesbians were totally born with a rare congenital anomaly in their brain, where some tiny part somewhere has the female shape instead of the regular male shape. It’s not a fetish or anything.

It’s the same with guys of course. When I was a boy in the 90’s, we used to have talkshows where transvestites would show up and women would complain that they walked in on their middle-aged husbands dressed up in their clothing. And we laughed about them, these shows were comic relief.

“If I had known this I wouldn’t have married him.” The wives would say. Sure, but there’s the thing. He wasn’t like that yet when you married him. That’s just one of those things the human brain eventually does if you don’t keep control over your impulses: You’ll end up identifying with what you’re attracted to. Add to this the fact that testosterone declines and estrogen increases as men age and boom, your husband, the father of your children, becomes a pervert.

Until the 21st century, it used to be OK to be creeped out by these people. We had Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs for a reason. These days, we’re supposed to celebrate and glorify sexual perversion. I’ll be very honest. I’m creeped out by women who amputate their breasts and inject testosterone and I’m creeped out by males who dress up like women. And I’m not ashamed of being creeped out by them. On the other hand, I’m angry at the people who introduce their own perversions among children.

You start out attracted to normal impulses as a teenage boy, like a topless woman. Over time however, constant passive exposure to the same impulse makes the brain seek out novelty and discard the old impulse. One of the symptoms you see of this is all these middle-aged men who now seek out dominatrices. That’s a far bigger thing than it was in the past.

Part of the problem is the personality trait openness to experience. Intelligent people have higher openness to experience, so their brain’s goal seeking behavior drifts off further from where it originally was. It’s not some construction worker or ghetto dwelling gang banger (make my day, cancel me, I genuinely don’t care) who ends up paying a dominatrix 500 bucks an hour to apply electric shocks to his prostate. It’s the people who are intelligent enough to adjust to novelty and too prosocial to dominate other people.

Yes, I know, all of this is kink-shaming, transphobia, heteronormativity, perhaps you can figure out a way to link it to sexism and racism and other modern buzzwords too. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. You have poor self-control, so you allow your brain’s goal seeking behavior to drift off, as you get your fix of dopamine from impulses that are increasingly far away from where you used to get your dopamine.

There’s a number of things you can do. To start with, don’t satiate unhealthy desires. Control your thoughts consciously and force them to stick to things you want to enjoy. This is how you resensitize yourself to healthy impulses. You can apply this to sexual impulses of course, but you can also perfectly apply this to activities like reading literature. You can increase your conscious mind’s self-control with a microdose of psilocybe mushrooms.



I’ll make it very simple and clear. If we in Europe can’t restore our own civilization, then I wish the Muslims all the best in inheriting this once great continent. Islam is superior to secular hedonism. You can look at the Muslims in Europe, to see what I mean. European Muslims marry young and they remain together, so that almost all Muslim children grow up with a father and a mother. Muslim girls don’t have to grow up with a stepfather in the house.

Most of the Muslim boys exercise daily. The daughters learn to treat themselves with respect, they don’t reduce themselves to drunken toys for frat boys to abuse. They don’t glorify sexual perversions and promiscuity, nor do they allow this to be propagated among their children.

It’s pretty clear to me that reason and empathy alone are just not enough to prevent dysfunctional behavior from spreading like a virus. J. K. Rowling tried this, many other feminists have tried it too, but it just leads to the end of your career when you try to take the rational and compassionate route. As Joseph de Maistre explained long ago, power needs to be based on religious beliefs, because it is ultimately the only absolute that people can’t challenge.

The Muslims are brave and stoic, they accept that there are things in life that human beings don’t control. Most Muslims in the Netherlands refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Many of the young guys actually rioted when the curfews were imposed. Liberals will tell you that Islam should be respected because it is actually a tolerant religion. The reality is however, that it should be respected precisely because it is not a tolerant religion.


  1. I think the only way to prove a point is to be a successful example of it. I personally think that sexual arousal can be a powerful motivator and as I have previously stated, I practice semen retention and edging. I believe it works. Porn may be problematic in an evolutionary perspective but maybe it is possible to use it in a positive way(sexual energy)?

    It is true that western civilization is unable to deal with a lot of stuff and is falling apart. At the moment there is a loss of faith in science due to the pandemic and one can see more and more similarities between the scientists and politicians of today and the priesthood of past and crumbling civilizations. However I don’t think Islam is a solution since it is itself a leftover of a past and failed civilization. Moreover there is still no proof that God exists.

  2. Good stuff.

    “Control your thoughts consciously and force them to stick to things you want to enjoy.”

    What I’ve found to work well is when an impulse arises, take a moment to stop and think about what I *really* want; what the deepest, best part of me truly wants. Also, since your mind will always give you an endless list of reasons to give in to the impulse, to downplay its negative effects, etc., it’s best to move on to something else as soon as you discover/re-affirm what you really want, and not dwell on this internal dialog. Engaging in this internal dialog mean possibly convincing yourself to give in to the impulse; better not to even start.

    I think this “what I really want” approach is better than using external reasons (what others think, what’s socially acceptable, what science says is good, what a religious authority tells you to do), because when there is an external reason for doing something, then the blame for negative feelings (not giving in to the impulse) can be transferred to the external, and that can be a source of resentment and bitterness, and can lead to self-destructiveness and despair.

    Positive motivations are stronger (or at least are overall more beneficial), so keeping in mind the good that you’ll get from not acting on the impulse will probably be more effective than trying to shame or hate yourself (myself/oneself) having given in, or for just having had the impulse.

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