On the inside I look like this

I have an important announcement to make. Someone tried blackmailing me, so I have decided to come out of the closet. I am doubletrans. All the girls I follow on Tumblr later came out to say they are actually FtM. For me, identifying as a man became the most feminine thing I can imagine as a result. Nothing now turns me on more, than dressing up as a woman who identifies as a man. And no, that doesn’t mean it’s a fetish, that is perfectly valid.

Over time I found myself identifying as FtM, despite being born in a biologically male body. I have gender dysphoria: I now identify as a woman, who identifies as a man. I am doubletrans. Although I might look like just another low status white male to you, I am actually a woman who identifies as a man, trapped in the body of a low status white male.

Doubletransphobia is a real problem. It causes the doubletrans suicide rate to be even higher than the now conservative old-fashioned monotrans rate, most of whom vote Republican by now (ew). This high suicide rate proves we are not insane, but oppressed.

You can tell that I am doubletrans, by virtue of the fact that I have typically FtM interests. I don’t have regular (trigger warning) cisgender low status white male interests, like gambling with cryptocurrencies, being racist on the Internet or complaining about what the Federal Reserve is doing. That’s because although I might look like a regular low status white male to you, I am actually a woman who identifies as a man, born into the body of a low status white male.

Rather, I have the typical interests of a depressed girl with a Tumblr account and they/them pronouns: Sophia Coppola movies, photography, crotcheting, witchcraft, astrology and identifying as things. This is because inside of my LSWM body, is actually a woman who identifies as a man.

My plan now is to get a neovagina, so I can become a woman with gender dysphoria. To fully complete the transition I then want to have metoidoplasty, to turn the clitoris in my neovagina back into a penis. I also want to grow breasts, which I then want to start binding. Unfortunately surgeons don’t want to help people like me out, because the doubletrans community is still misunderstood.

Note: My pronouns are they/them. Not because I identify as non-binary, which I don’t. This is an unrelated issue. I am simultaneously possessed by the spirits of Asmodeus, Nero, Judas Iscariot and Beelzebub.


  1. Have you heard about the new “wellbeing art”, the only type of art that will soon be allowed under the WEF “wellbeing regime”? It will promote wellbeing, climate change and glorify WEF leadership. It is like socialist realism, but depicting mostly sexless individuals and will be AI generated.

    I wrote about it recently.

    I drew up an example of the future (AI generated) wellbeing art here:,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

    This is the type of thing that you, a talented artist, may consider getting into

  2. Doubleplus valid – just make sure to label yourself Mt(FtM) instead of MtFtM so that no one can confuse you for one of those filthy apostates whom the devil connived into thinking all of their problems do *not* stem from being born into the wrong body.

    May such girlies see the error of their ways and progress onto the MtFtMtF portion of their journey, before they suffer the tragic misfortune of being eternally misgendered in hell.

    • Thank you for this. If we can bring this conversation into more public spaces, my parents will finally affirm and celebrate my MtFtMtAnimePillowtFtM journey.

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